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From the Editor

The goal of the publication program of the Norwegian-American Historical Association is to publish historical scholarship that invites a broad readership. We have been at it for nearly a century and project a program of publication that reaches decades into the future. Our most recent publications cover a wide range of topics. Please visit our publications page for more information about each book.

Our next publication will be the third and final volume of From America to Norway: Norwegian-American Immigrant Letters 1838–1914. Plans and possibilities for the future include a history of small town life and a history of Norwegian-American life in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.

Members of the Norwegian-American Historical Association receive our publications in the mail as one benefit of membership. If you are interested in joining the Association and receiving our publications on a regular basis, visit our membership page for more information. To purchase an individual title, contact us at (507) 786-3221 or

If you are not already one of our readers or members, we cordially invite you join us in the enjoyment of the Norwegian-American past.

Sincerely yours,
Todd W. Nichol


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