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About the Rowberg Index

The online Rowberg Index contains a portion (cards A through letter J) of the Rowberg Files, a collection of over 250,000 clippings of biographical articles about Norwegian Americans from Norwegian-American newspapers, English-language county weeklies, and church and lodge magazines. These clippings are most frequently obituaries, but they also include notices of other special events such as Golden Anniversary celebrations.

The clippings are named for Andrew Rowberg (1887-1969), who initiated the collection during his tenure as publisher of the Northfield Independent. The original clippings are mounted on 3x5 inch index cards filed alphabetically. Women are often listed under the names of their husbands or male relatives, but they are sometimes listed under their own names. Some of the cards refer to longer articles which are mounted in one of 140 binders. Most of the clippings come from Minnesota, the Upper Midwest, the Pacific Northwest, and other states with pockets of Norwegian-American settlements. The primary time period covered is from the 1910s through the 1980s, but the collection does include some earlier and later records.

This online portion of the Rowberg Files was produced by the staff and volunteers of the Norwegian-American Historical Association (NAHA) and was made possible by a Cultural and Historical Heritage Grant from the Minnesota Historical Society.

The Rowberg Index is the property of NAHA. If you would like to see this online resource grow to include more of the Rowberg Files please consider a membership and a contribution to NAHA.