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Crossings: Norwegian-American Lutheranism as a Transatlantic Tradition
Edited by Todd W. Nichol

ISBN 0-87732-094-2
180 pp. Copyright © 2003, The Norwegian-American Historical Association



The essays gathered here originated in lectures presented to a conference on the history of Norwegian-American Lutheranism held in April 2000 at Luther Seminary in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The theme of this gathering was Crossings: Norwegian-American Lutheranism as a Transatlantic Tradition. This conference was one of several observances throughout the United States marking the 175th anniversary of the beginning of large-scale Norwegian immigration to the United States.

The authors write with two goals in mind. Their first purpose is to discover what might be learned by studying comparatively the histories of two similar but distinct versions of the same religious traditon, Norwegian Lutheranism and Norwegian-American Lutheranism. Their second aim is to explore the history of the exchange of influences between the Church of Noway and the Norwgian-American Lutheran churches in the United States.

Each of these articles opens new perspectives on the story of Norwegian-American Lutheranism and as a whole the collection illustrates the wealth that awaits researchers who seek sources and adopt methods not tradtionally used by church historians.

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