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Interpreting the Promise of America

Book CoverThe Promise Fulfilled: A Portrait of Norwegian-Americans Today
Odd S. Lovoll

ISBN 0-8166-2832-7
299 pp. Copyright © 1998, Regents of the University of Minnesota
Published in cooperation with The Norwegian-American Historical Association.

On October 9, 1825, the sloop Restauration sailed into New York harbor with the first fifty-three Norwegian immigrants to America. During the next hundred years, over 800,000 people would leave Norway to become members of a proud new community in the United States. Today, the Norwegian-American population numbers nearly 4 million—almost as many people as live in Norway.

" Odd Lovoll provides fascinating and important insights about the distinctive presence in American life of Norwegian immigrants and their ancestors.Then again, I might be biased. "

- Walter F. Mondale
Norwegian American and
former U.S. Vice President

The Promise Fulfilled is an elightening presentation of Norwegian-American history, continuing the story begun in the best-selling Promise of America. Prominent historian Odd S. Lovoll details where Norwegian Americans live, what kinds of jobs they hold, how their ethnic heritage is passed on, and to what extent their dreams and expectations of life in the United States have been achieved.

Lovoll researched historical documents, conducted an extensive survey with a detailed questionnaire, and performed hundreds of follow-up interviews. He talked with prominent Norwegian Americans, like Walter Mondale, and everyday people—factory workers, farmers, at-home mothers, small business owners, and teenagers. The Promise Fulfilled is unique in its consideration of the social history of all seven generations of Norwegian Americans.

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