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Recent Publications

The Norwegian-American Historical Association maintains a well-respected and thriving publication program. Please click on a title below for information. Here is a list of all our current works, ordered by date of publication.

From America to Norway: Norwegian-American Immigrant Letters
1838-1914, Volume Two, 1871-1892

Edited and translated by Orm Øverland (2014)

The second in a series of three volumes of immigrant letters written in the United States and mailed to friends and family in Norway.

Provisional Index to Vol. 1 and 2

From America to Norway: Norwegian-American Immigrant Letters
1838-1914, Volume One, 1838-1870

Edited and translated by Orm Øverland (2012)

The first in a series of three volumes of immigrant letters written in the United States and mailed to friends and family in Norway. The letters, donated to the Norwegian National Archives and originally published in their original form in Norwegian, illustrate the Norwegian immigrant experience in a highly personal manner.

Selected Plays of Marcus Thrane
Translation and Introduction by Terje I. Leiren (2007)

A collection of plays by Marcus Thrane, insightful and often radical Norwegian Immigrant to the United States.

The Rise of Jonas Olsen: A Norwegian Immigrant's Saga 

Johannes B. Wist (2006)

A historical novel telling the story of Norwegian immigrant Jonas Olsen. The author follows Olsen's path to success in America, while offering a broad view of the struggles and achievements of Scandinavian immigrant life in the Upper Midwest.


Norwegians on the Prairie: Ethnicity and the Development of the Country Town
Odd S. Lovoll (2006)

Author Odd Lovoll closely examines the development of three towns on the Minnesota prairie, revealing the strong ethnic centers created by the Norwegian-Americans who settled them.

Ethnic Leadership and Midwestern Politics: Scandinavian-Americans and the Progressive Movement in Wisconsin, 1890-1914
Jørn Brøndal (2004)

A study of Scandinavian-Americans in politics and the role of ethnic leaders in American politics, which also examines a larger field: the comparative study of Scandinavian ethnic groups in the United States.

Crossings: Norwegian-American Lutheranism as a Transatlantic Tradition
Edited by Todd W. Nichol (2003)

A collection of essays that aim to study the history and development of Norwegian Lutheranism and Norwegian-American Lutheranism, while examining the exchange of influence between the Church of Norway and the Norwegian-American Lutheran churches in the United States.

Norwegians in America Thumbnail

Norwegians in Minnesota
John Gjerde and Carlton C. Qualey (2002)

Focuses on the history of Norwegians in Minnesota, but is an able study of the whole Norwegian experience in the United States.

Interpreting the Promise of America: Essays in Honor of Odd Sverre Lovoll Thumbnail

Interpreting the Promise of America: Essays in Honor of Odd Sverre Lovoll
Todd W. Nichol (2002)

This diverse collection includes twelve essays by authors from the United States, Norway, and Sweden. This volume also presents an up-to-date bibliography of Odd Lovoll’s many publications.

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America-America Letters: A Norwegian-American Family Correspondence
Bjørn Gunnar Østgård (2001)

A study of letters exchanged among Norwegian-American immigrants and their descendants, this volume suggests a new genre for research and at the same times models an illuminating way to study the history of a family.

Colonel Heg and His Boys Thumbnails

Colonel Heg and His Boys
Waldemar Ager (2000)

Originally written in Norwegian in 1916, Colonel Heg and His Boys contains first-hand accounts by men and boys who fought in the Fifteenth Wisconsin Regiment. The preface and introduction provide you with background for the interesting first-hand accounts of battle and living conditions experienced by these Norwegian American soldiers. Out of print.

Painting by Minnesotans of Norwegian Background: 1870-1970
Marion John Nelson (2000)

A special NAHA publication released in connection with the conference, Vandringer: Norwegians in the American Mosaic, 1825-2000. This book is a study of Norwegians in the creative arts community of Minnesota.

Bernt Julius Muus: Founder of St. Olaf College
Joseph M. Shaw (1999)

Released in conjunction with St. Olaf's 125th birthday, this long-overdue biography of the college founder discusses his legacy in education, the Church, and the Norwegian-American community.

The Promise Fulfilled
Odd S. Lovoll (1998)

The Promise Fulfilled continues the story begun in Lovoll's best-selling work, The Promise of America. He presents a portrait of Norwegian-Americans today, how their heritage continues to be passed on, and how their ancestors' dreams are being fulfilled.

The Promise of America
Odd S. Lovoll (1999)

First published in 1984, The Promise of America is a masterful and exhaustive study in words and pictures of Norwegian immigrants, their reasons for migrating and their experience in their new home. This revised edition further investigates the impacts these people had on American culture over the past two centuries.

Material Culture and People's Art Among the Norwegians in America
Marion John Nelson (1994)

An essay collection that explores the material things made or chosen by Norwegian-Americans from practical and symbolic points of view. The essays consider the need for artistic expression, demands of daily life and challenges of conforming to the 'American' ideal.

In Their Own Words: Letters from Norwegian Immigrants
Solveig Zempel (1991)

Letters to home from Norwegian immigrants reveal everyday life in America, along with the blessings, struggles and homesickness the people experienced. They provide a valuable first-hand look into the immigrant experience and communication between America and the homeland.


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