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The Norwegian-American Historical Association and its membership prides itself on producing historically accurate and academically rich publications. Part of this tradition is a dedication to maintaining the highest standards of selection, writing and

"...we are committed to telling the whole story of a transplanted people that is now deeply rooted in America... If we do this imaginatively, we will meet a special obligation to this great land... and we will contribute largely to the growth of its maturing culture."

- Dr. Kenneth O. Bjork

editing of contributions. As a result, the Association has become a model for other immigrant historical organizations, some of which are only presently beginning to record their history.

In support of our editorial policy, all people who are considering submitting their work to NAHA for potential inclusion in Norwegian-American Studies or other publications are asked to familiarize themselves with our Guidelines for the Preparation of Manuscripts, available below.

» Guidelines for the Preparation of Manuscripts (PDF, 45k)
» Guidelines for the Preparation of Manuscripts (HTML, Printable)


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