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Some Recent Publications Relating to Norwegian-American History
Compiled by Jacob Hodnefield (Volume VI: Page 168)

This list is the second in the series begun in volume 5 of STUDIES AND RECORDS and includes for the most part publications issued during the year 1930. Exceptions have been made in favor of certain items, not mentioned last year, that were issued during 1929. A few items of early 1931 have been included so as to bring the list up to date as far as possible. Again a request is extended to the members of the association to send copies of new publications or information about them to the managing editor.

In preparing the list it has been the policy of the compiler to limit the titles strictly to the field indicated in the heading. Only articles of sufficient importance to justify their classification as contributions to the subject have been given space. In making these restrictions it is hoped that the list will prove most useful to seekers of information in the field of Norwegian-American history. A few fiction titles appear in this list, the scene being Norwegian-American. As readers will observe, the notes are explanatory, not critical. Critical reviews of books appear widely in newspapers and magazines and may be found readily by persons interested.

-- J. H.

Ager, Waldemar. En gammel kjæmpe. NORDMANDS-FORBUNDET, 23:408--411 (December, 1930).

Rasmus B. Anderson of Madison, Wisconsin, pioneer professor, editor, and author, is here presented as an old giant.

----------Hundeøine. Oslo, Forlagt av H. Aschehoug & Co. (W. Nygaard), 1929. 232 p.

"Dog Eyes" is the title of this story enacted within the American scene. As a boy the hero comes to Chicago from Norway but ultimately he finds his destiny in prairie wilderness. See also following title.

----------I sit alone. New York, Harper, 1931.

This is his Hundeøine, translated into English by Charles Wharton Stork. Reviewed in New York Times Book Review, 80, IV:24--25 (April 12, 1931), and in New York Herald Tribune Books, 7:23 (March 15, 1931).

----------Under forvandlingens tegn; fortellinger og saadant. Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Fremad publishing company, 1980. 87 p.

Mr. Ager entitles this volume, "Beneath the symbol of change; stories and such." It is a collection of nine stories and essays, the field of action of some of them being in the Northwest. The mood throughout is playful.

Anderson, L. O. Haandbok for Amerikareisende. Handbook for Scandinavian travelers in America, 1929-30. Brooklyn, New York, Federation of Norwegian Lutheran Young People's Societies in America. Brooklyn, Reverend L. O. Anderson, 1929. 272 p.

Anderson, Rasmus Bjørn. America not discovered by Columbus. Eighth edition. Madison, Wisconsin, Leif Erikson memorial association, 1930. 176 p.

A reprint edition.

Baalson, Herman E. Carl Benjamin Eielsen. LUTHERAN CHURCH HERALD, 14:1780--81 (December 16, 1930).

A biographical sketch of the noted flier, written by a relative. Baldwin, Charles C. Martha Ostenso, daughter of the Vikings.

New York, Dodd, Mead and company, 1930. p.

A pamphlet issued by her publishers. It is not extensively biographical. Criticism and comment are highly laudatory. There are summaries of Wild Geese, Dark Dawn, Mad Carews, Young May Moon, and Waters under the Earth.

Bangsberg, John. Louise Enerby; fortælling fra folkelivet. Minneapolis, Augsburg publishing house, 1929. 311 p.

The scene of this novel shifts from Norway to America. exhibiting, in particular, Chicago and the Dakota prairies.

Bergendahl, Erling. Jarlen fra Telemark! en dag med Shipstead. NORDISK TIDENDE, 40: 1, (August 14, 1930).

A characterization of Senator Shipstead.

Bergsagel, K. Bygdelagsbevægelsen i Canada. NORDMANDS-FORBUNDET, 23:184-185 (June, 1930).

An account of the growth and development of bygdelags in Canada.

Bjorlee, Ignatius. Iguatius Bjorlee, an autobiography. MARYLAND BULLETIN, 49:133--138 (June, 1929).

The autobiography of a deaf boy, recounting, in particular, his struggles for an education.

Blegen, Theodore C. California-gull og Brasiliansk kolonisasjon. NORDMANDS-FORBUNDET, 23:45-48 (December, 1930).

The story of a gold-seeking expedition that left Trondhjem, Norway, for California in 1850.

Blegen, Theodore C. An early Norwegian settlement in Canada. Canadian historical association, Annual report, 1930, p. 83-86.

The story of the unsuccessful Norwegian colony at Gaspe. Based in part upon the Closter Papers in the Quaker Archives at Stavanger, Norway.

----------Der norsk-amerikanske historielag. NORDMANDS-FORBUNDET, 24:10--12 (January, 1931).

An account of the Norwegian-American Historical Association.

----------transl. and ed. Immigrant women and the American frontier; three early "America letters."

Norwegian-American Historical Association, STUDIES AND RECORDS, 5:14-29 (1930).

Letters of Jannicke Sæhle, 1847, Henrietta Jessen, 1850, and Gurl Endreson, 1866. Guri Endreson relates her experiences in the Sioux massacre in 1862 in Minnesota.

Brown, Warren. Rockne. Chicago, Reilly and Lee, 1931. 234 p.

A biography of Knute Rockne. 

Eastvold, Carl Johan. Rev. C. J. Eastvold, D. D., 1863-1929, his life and work. Minneapolis, printed at Augsburg publishing house, 1930. 359 p.

The biography of a well-known clergyman in the Norwegian Lutheran church, former president of the Hauge Synod and later president of the southern Minnesota district of the Norwegian Lutheran church of America.

"It has been gathered, edited, and published by his ten children." -- Preface.

Eggen, Mrs. T. Mrs. Lena Dahl. THE FRIEND, 7:5-7 (August, 1930).

Eielsen, Elling. Eit brev frå Elling Eielsen. GRANNEN, 16:1-4 (Flekkefjord, Norway, March, 1930).

A letter written by Elling Eielsen from "Wisconsin County Nordamerica den 28 Februari 1845," almost entirely of religious content, bemoaning his own imperfections, deploring the unsatisfactory religious situation among the immigrants, and attacking rather pointedly Pastors Clausen and Dictrichson. The letter was found among papers belonging to Zacharias Torkildsen in Flekkefjord, Norway, and may have been written to Knud Torkildsen.

----------Elling Eielsens brev. LUTHERANEREN, 15:489, 548-9 (April 22, May 6, 1931).

The original of the first of these letters is in the possession of the Reverend S. Tverberg, and the second is taken from a letter book into which it had been copied, the letter book also being in possession of Mr. Tverberg. The first letter was written September 4, 1839, the day after Eielsen's arrival in America, and the second was written from New York, August 20, 1841.

Evjen, John O. Skandinaviske indvandrere i New York aarene 1630-74. MINNEAPOLIS TIDENDE, 44: July 10-September 4, 1930.

"Scandinavian immigrants in New York during the period 1680-74," is the subject of this essay, which appeared in weekly installments for the dates given above. Dr. Evjen has published a larger work on this subject.

Flom, George T, Eielsen, Elling (Sept. 9, 1804-Jan. 10, 1883). DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN BIOGRAPHY, 6:61--62.

By what strange turns of fortune has Eielsen come to keep company with the great! After tramping about many bygds of southwestern Norway for a number of years as a lay preacher, until he felt cramped, he came to America in 1859. The preaching continued on new soil. He preached the first Norwegian sermon on American soil in Chicago in October, 1839. In 1846 he organized the Evangelical Lutheran church of America and some years later the Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran church of America -- the "Eielsen Synod." Accepting the counsel of friends, he was ordained as a preacher in 1843.

Fox, R. M. Thorstein Veblen. NEW STATESMAN, 35:706--707 (September 13, 1930).

A consideration of Veblen as an economist.

Garborg-slegti i Amerika. JUL I VESTERLAND, 1930, p. 14--17.

An unsigned article on the genealogy of the Garborg family in America. Gasmann, Johan. See entry under Qualey, Carlton C. Giere, Arthur F. How to write the family history. Northfield, Minnesota, 1930. 23 p.

A booklet of instructions on how to write a genealogy, especially adapted to the Norwegian-American group.

Gimmestad, L. M. Bygdelagsbevægelsen i de Forenede Stater. NORDMANDS-FORBUNDET, 23: 181-184 (June, 1930).

A similar article on the bygdelag movement in the United States was noted last year as having appeared in Skandinaven almanak og kalender for 1929, and other articles of like content by the same author have appeared elsewhere.

Gjerset, Knut. The Norwegian-American historical museum. (Decorah, Iowa, 1929.) 16 p. The same title appears in LUTHERAN CHURCH HERALD, 14:1076--1081 (August 5, 1930).

Gray, Edward F. Leif Eriksson, discoverer of America, A. D. 1003. New York, Oxford University press, 1930. 188 p.

In this volume the author reexamines the evidence for Leif Eriksson's discovery of America. Mr. Gray is British consul general in the United States, stationed at Boston. Reviewed in Geographical journal, 77:380-382 (April, 1931), in American-Scandinavian review, 19:170-172 (March, 1931), and in Nordisk Tidende, 41:11 (June 11, 1931).

Grose, L. F. The beginnings of St. Olaf College. Norwegian-American historical association, STUDIES AND RECORDS, 5: 110-121 (1930).

A brief survey, with due credit to Pastor B. J. Muus as the real founder of the institution.

Haandbok for invandreren (til de Forenede Starer). Brooklyn, Norwegian news company, n. d. 154 p.

A guidebook for Norwegian immigrants to the United States.

Hakstad, Sigurd T. Der Norsk-amerikanske historielag. NORDEN, vol. 2, no. 8, 13--17 (December, 1930).

The Norwegian-American Historical Association is here given historical treatment. Portraits of the officers accompany the article.

Hall, J. O., ed. Mindeblade om Pastor L. P. Thorkveen; et udvalg af hans skrifter samt flere biografiske skisser. Udgiver af T. P. Laingen, Odin, Minnesota. Redigeret af Dr. J. O. Hall. Chicago, John Anderson publishing company, 1930. 192 p.

A memorial volume to the late Pastor Lars Paulsen Thorkveen, 1857-1923. Thorkveen was pastor of several Norwegian Lutheran churches at St. James, Minnesota, for a period of thirty-five years, 1888-1923. Besides holding a number of offices in his church he was president of Gudbrandsdal-slaget and secretary of Bygdelagenes Fællesraad. He has written articles, songs, and music. The book contains eulogies by friends, and articles, speeches, and verse by Thorkveen.

Hanson, Carl G. O. Glimt fra liver i der norske Amerika. MINNEAPOLIS TIDENDE, 1930--31.

This series of articles by the editor of Minneapolis Tidende on life among the Norwegians in America appeared in regular installments until May 1, when there was an interruption, and has appeared regularly since November 13, when it was resumed. Last year's list noted earlier installments. The story of Bjørnson's visit to America was concluded with the issue of April 3. The issues of April 10 and 17 dealt with J. H. Klovstad and those of April 24 and May 1 with the press. The installments of the last part of 1930 and early 1931 have dealt with Red Wing, Goodhue, Dakota, Carver, and McLeod counties, Minnesota.

Harron, Robert. Rockne, idol of American football. New York, Burr, 1931. 240 p.

Harstad, Bjug A. A brief history of Valle, Sætersdal, Norway, and of some families from there. Parkland, Washington, 1930. 64 p.

The author and his parents came to America in 1861 and established themselves at Seneca, Illinois. From there the family scattered, many of them settling in Fillmore County, Minnesota. Genealogical records, with portraits, are given of the ten brothers and sisters and their families.

Haugen, Gilbert N. Norwegian independence day: speech of Hon. Gilbert N. Haugen at the seventeenth May festival of the Norwegian National League, Second Naval Battalion Armory, Brooklyn, New York, Saturday, May 17, 1930. CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, 71 Congress, 2 session, vol. 72, no. 125, p. 9536-9538 (May 19, 1930).

The author discusses Norwegian immigration, the fortunes of the immigrants and their children, and the contributions of the Norwegians to American life.

Hazlitt, H. Thorstein B. Veblen. CENTURY, 119:8-10 (October, 1929).

Helland, Andreas. Den ældste norske presteskole i Amerika. NORDMANDS-FORBUNDET, 23:46--49 (February, 1930).

The story of Augsburg Seminary, Minneapolis, which was founded in 1869.

Hodnefield, Jacob, comp. Some recent publications relating to Norwegian-American history. Norwegian-American historical association, STUDIES AND RECORDS, 5:122--133 (1930).

An annotated list of books and articles published principally during 1929, with a few items from 1928 and 1930.

Hoidahl, Aagot D. Norwegian-American fiction since 1880. Norwegian-American historical association, STUDIES AND RECORDS, 5: 61-83 (1930).

A survey, with mention of the leading figures, such as Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen, Waldemar Ager, O. E. Rølvaag, Martha Ostenso, and others.

Holand, Hjalmar R. An early Norwegian fur trader of the Canadian Northwest. Norwegian-American historical association, STUDIES AND RECORDS, 5:1-13 (1930).

An account of the life of Willard Ferdinand Wentzel as clerk of the Northwest Company and as guide to Captain John Franklin on an exploring expedition beyond the Coppermine River in 1819.

Holand, Hjalmar R. En sagastub fra nybyggerlivet. NORDMANDS-FORBUNDET, 23:24--28 (December, 1930).

Kristen Eriksen Bjørge, immigrant from Gudbrandsdalen, Norway, has recounted to the author of this article his experiences as a pioneer, his trip in 1870 from his first halting place in Wisconsin to the Lake Park settlement in northwestern Minnesota, his construction of a log cabin, early tillage, muskrat hunting, his recollections of grasshopper plagues, Indian troubles, and the coming of the railroads.

----------Den sidste folkevandring; sagastubber fra nybyggerlivet i Amerika. Oslo, Forlagt av H. Aschehoug & Co. (W. Nygaard), 1930. 331 p.

In this volume the author deals with pioneer Norwegian settlements. The topics include: The Norwegian pioneer; Cleng Peerson; Muskego settlement; Ephraim, Wisconsin; Winneshiek County, Iowa; Goodhue County, Minnesota; Norway Lake, Minnesota; Indian war; Grasshopper plague; Land of ten thousand lakes; Grant County, Minnesota; Dakota County, Minnesota; and the Red River Valley. Reviewed by Arne Kildal in Nordmands-forbundet, 23:373 (November, 1930).

Johanson, O. S. En Amerikareise for 80 aar siden. SKANDINAVEN, 66:8, 11 (March 3, 1931).

The story of Ole Ellingson Strand who emigrated from Soknedalen, Ringerike, Norway, in 1851 and who, after numerous vicissitudes in Rock County and elsewhere in Wisconsin, finally settled in Rice County, Minnesota.

Jul i Vesterland, 1930. Utgit av Olaf Redal. Tacoma, Washington, 1930. 44 p.

This is volume 3 of Olay Redal's Christmas annual. It contains an article by John Storseth on Christmas in the pioneer period, an article on the Garborg family in America, a biographical sketch of Nils Rein, violinist of Tacoma, some notes regarding the genealogy of Bjug Harstad, pioneer preacher of Parkland, Washington, information about the Sons of Norway with portraits of prominent members, a list of officers and statement of the work of Bygdelagenes Fællesraad, and four short stories having Norwegian-American settings.

Kildal, Arne. Gjennem norske strøk i Nordamerika. NORDMANDS-FORBUNDET, 23:71--75, 104-- 107 (March, April, 1930).

Observations made on a lecture tour of the United States and Canada.

Kongsberglaget. Aarbok no. 6 for Kongsberglaget i Amerika. Oplysninger om folk fra Sandsvær, Øyre Eker, Kongsberg, Jondalen og Nedre Numedal, 1980. Kongsberglaget for udflytterfolket til U. S. A. og Canada. Albert Lea, Minnesota, Andrew Stenseth, 1930. 124 p.

A yearbook of this organization which contains news, biographies, and a list of members.

Kvale, Ole Juul, 1869-1929. Ole Juul Kvale, by Hon. Henrik Shipstead, Frank Clague, Harold Knutson,James H. Sinclair, John E. Rankin, August B. Andresen, Fiorello H. LaGuardia, Godfrey G. Goodwin, Melvin J. Maas, C. G. Selvlg, Victor Christgau, W. I. Nolan, and William A. Pittenger. CONGRESSIONAL RECORD, 71 Congress, 2 session, vol 72, no. 165, p. 13172--13178 (July, 1930).

Eulogies pronounced in the House of Representatives.

Larson, Laurence M. The rock whence we are hewn. ST. OLAF COLLEGE BULLETIN, 24:7-17 (January, 1929).

A survey of some of the achievements of the Norwegian people, given as a commencement address at St. Olaf College, June, 1928.

Lee, Olav. St. Olaf College. NORDEN, vol. 2: no. 5, p. 3-5, no. 6, 20-22, no. 7, 18-20; vol. 3: no. 1, 27-30 (May, October, November, 1930, January, 1931).

Installments of a history of the institution with emphasis on the pioneer founders and early conditions.

Lien, Abel E. A brief history of the Lien family, Norwegian pioneers of East Koshkonong, Dane County, Wisconsin. Portland, North Dakota, 1930. 71 p.

The Lien family immigrated in 1845 from Hallingdal, Norway. The volume contains portraits and special mention of the first immigrants and of prominent later members, with a genealogical chart.

Lovelace, Delos W. Rockne of Notre Dame. New York, Putnam, 1931. 242 p.

The story of the late football coach of Notre Dame University.

Luther College gjennem 70 aar. MINNEAPOLIS TIDENDE, 45: 6 (May 21, 1931).

Seventy years of Luther College depicted.

Madison, Wisconsin. Bethel Lutheran Church. Seventy-fifth anniversary of Bethel Lutheran Church, 1855-1930. Sunday, October 19, 1930. Madison, 1930. 23 p.

This pamphlet contains the program of the anniversary celebration, portraits of ten pioneers and of pastors and officers of the church, and an historical sketch (p. 9-23) by Henry H. Steensland.

Mellby, C. A. A champion of tradition and order. LUTHERAN CHURCH HERALD, 14:780, 797 (June, 1930).

The champion of tradition and order is Pastor J. W. K. Dietrichson, pioneer Norwegian Lutheran preacher who came to America in 1844 and served in the Muskego settlement until 1850, when he returned to Norway.

Mellby, C.A. A pioneer of our church. LUTHERAN CHURCH HERALD, 14:453, 478 (April 1, 1930).

An account of the career of Elling Eielsen.

Mjøsenlaget. Mjøsenlagets aarbog og julehilsen, 1929. Redigeret af Past. Olav A. Kvisgaard. Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Trykt i Reforms trykkeri, 1927. 147 p.

This is a yearbook of Mjøsenlaget containing news, anecdotes, and a list of members.

Nordfjordlaget. Nordfjordlagets aarbok, tyveaars jubilæumsutgaven, 1930. n.p., 1930. 83 p.

Besides containing a twentieth-anniversary history of Nordfjordlaget by Carl D. Kolset, this yearbook also contains an article by L. M. Gimmestad on bygdelagsbevægelsen, biographical sketches and portraits of prominent members, news items, and the like.

Nordisk Tidende, Brooklyn, N. Y. Hvem er hvem blandt norsk-amerikanerne.

Under this title Nordisk Tidende has published an irregular series of short biographies of prominent Norwegian-Americans constituting, to date, a "who's who" of some forty individuals. Numbers 36-38 appeared in the issue of January 15, 1931, and three biographies, not numbered, appeared in the issue of January 29th.

Norlie, O. M. Digtende trang. VISERGUTTEN, January 22, 29, 1931.

Professor Norlie employs the statistical method in evaluating current verse in the Norwegian-American press.

Norsk Biografisk Leksikon, vol. 4, 1929.

This volume contains the biographies of Fredrik Herman Gade (1871-), Norwegian diplomat and formerly a citizen of the United States, and of Nicolai Andreas Grevstad (1851-), Norwegian-American publicist, formerly editor of Nordvesten, St. Paul, Minnesota, and of Skandinaven, Chicago, which latter position he filled eminently for a long period: 1892-1911. Grevstad was for a time United States minister to Uruguay and Paraguay. He has recently resumed the editorship of Skandinaven.

Norwegian-American Historical Association. Studies and records, vol. 5. Northfield, Minnesota, 1930. 152 p.

The contents of this volume are as follows: An early Norwegian fur trader of the Canadian northwest, by Hjalmar R. Holand; Immigrant women and the American frontier: three early "America letters," translated and edited by Theodore C. Blegen; From New York to Wisconsin in 1844, by Johan Gasmann, translated and edited by Carlton C. Qualey; Social and economic aspects of pioneering as illustrated in Goodhue County, Minnesota, by Theodore Nydahl; Norwegian-American fiction, 1880-1928, by Aagot H. Hoidahl; Bjørnson and the Norwegian-Americans, 1880-81, by Arthur C. Paulson; The beginnings of St. Olaf College, by I. F. Grose; Some recent publications relating to Norwegian-American history, compiled by Jacob Hodnefield. The volume concludes with lists of officers, members, and publications of the association.

Norwegian-American Technical Journal, Chicago. The pioneers.

A series of short biographies of men of Norse origin who are prominent in the technical field. The series was begun in the issue of March, 1929, and has been continued at intervals, installment number five appearing in the issue of August, 1930. Portraits accompany the articles.

Numedal, Kongsberg og Omegn Lag. Aarbok no. 2 for 1930. [Decorah, Iowa] 1930. 75, 79 p.

The first half of this publication is a general yearbook of the organization, and the second half is a Numedals-afdeling. In both sections are biographies, genealogical information, portraits, anecdotes, and news.

Nydahl, Theodore L. Social and economic aspects of pioneering as illustrated in Goodhue County, Minnesota. Norwegian-American historical association, STUDIES AND RECORDS, 5:50-60 (1930).

Life among Norwegian immigrants in Goodhue County, principally during two decades following the first settlement in 1858.

Ødegaard, Oscar O. Kjærlighet og penger, en fortælling fra prærien. Andet oplag. Windmere, North Dakota, Oscar O. Ødegaard, 1930. 65 p.

"Love and money, a story from the prairie," is the title of this work of fiction, which is written in humorous vein.

Odegard, J. T. Erindringer. I. Lom, Long Lake, Fargo, Minneapolis. Oslo, Norway. 1930. 218 p.

In this volume of reminiscences the author tells the story of his childhood in Lorn, Norway, his emigration with his parents to America in 1867 and settlement at Long Lake, Watonwan County, Minnesota, the varied experiences of his youth with early business contacts, and his activities as agricultural implement merchant in Fargo and Minneapolis, bringing the story down to 1899. He returned to Norway in 1899, where he has since made his home. A second volume is promised which will complete the story. The book contains a large appendix of letters, portraits, and illustrations of points of interest.

Olsen, Ingvar. Nordmænd i Canada. 24:87-91 (March, 1931).

The story of some pioneer Norwegians in Canada, with illustrations of churches and farmsteads.

Opdalslaget. Opdalslagets aarbok, 1930. Decorah, Iowa, Lutheran publishing house, 1930. 88 p.

Kristine Haugen is the editor of this yearbook. A feature of the volume is a continuation of the genealogy of the bailiff family of Sneve, entitled: "Lendsmandsslegten par Sneve," by Inge Mull.

Ostenso, Martha. Einar Hoidale, en præriens pioneer, farmer, arbeider, skolelærer, bladutgiver, sakfører, og nu senatorkan-didat. Overskrevet til norsk av O. E. Rølvaag. MINNEAPOLIS TIDENDE, 44:6, 7 (August 2l, 1930). Also issued as a broadside of newspaper size.

An article, principally biographical, about Einar Hoidale, Democratic candidate for United States senator from Minnesota, translated into Norwegian by O. E. Rølvaag.

Paulson, Arthur C. Bjørnson and the Norwegian-Americans, 1880-81. Norwegian-American historical association, STUDIES AND RECORDS, 5:84-109 (1930).

An account of Bjørnson's visit to America in 1880-81, of his lecture tour in the west, and of the ill-feeling and controversy that arose among the immigrants, especially as regards Bjørnson's attitude to the church and his criticism of prevailing Christian theology.

Qualey, Carlton C. Pioneer Norwegian settlement in North Dakota. NORTH DAKOTA HISTORICAL QUARTERLY, 5:14--37 (October, 1930).

The author presents a general survey of Norwegian immigration to the Northwest, with emphasis on the fact that immigration to North Dakota was largely interstate and was part of the settlement of the Red River Valley. He tells the story of the leadership of Paul Hjelm-Hansen after 1869, the grouping of settlers about the territory of Mandan, the boom of 1879-86, and the increase of the Norwegian contingent until, in 1890, it reached thirty per cent of the population.

----------transl. and ed. From New York to Wisconsin in 1844, by Johan Gasmann. Norwegian-American historical association, STUDIES AND RECORDS, 5:30--49 (1930).

Fragments of Captain Johan Gasmann's record of a journey from New York to Wisconsin in the summer of 1844 are here translated and edited. The journals were printed originally in Bratsberg-Amts Correspondent, February 8, 10, 27, March 3, 6, 10, 1845, and in Christiansandsposten, February 7, 14, 28, March 13, 17, 1845.

Raubach de Lange, Trygve. The tiger of the Norsemen of America; a sketch of Rasmus B. Anderson. NORDISK TIDENDE, Dr, 41:1, 18 (March 12, 1931).

Reitan, Peter. Et 50 aars og et 35 aars minde; da Kristians-underen Fred. Norman drog over Atlanteren i dorybaad; Brødrene Karlsens mislykkede færd, MINNEAPOLIS 44: 1, 2 (August 7, 1930).

An account of the trip of Fred. Norman in the "Little Western," from New York to Cowes, England, in 1880, and of the attempted crossing of the Karlsen brothers in 1895 in the small boat, "Sosodont," which was lost off the coast of Ireland.

Rene, K. A. Historie om udvandringen fra Voss og Vossinger i Amerika. Decorah, Iowa, Anundsen publishing company, 1930. 880 p.

This volume is a comprehensive record of emigration from Voss, Norway, with statistics of Vossings in America. Genealogical information dates back to 950 A.D. More than twelve thousand names are given. There are seven charts and maps and seventy-nine photographic cuts.

Rholl, Arthur, ed. Red Wing Seminary; fifty years of service. Published on the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary, which was celebrated September 15 to 17, 1929. Editorial committee: G. M. Bruce, Arthur Rholl, N. N. Ronning, M. O. Wee, J. M. Wick. Editor-in-chief, Arthur Rholl. n.p., 1930. 145 p.

The volume contains material relating to the history of Red Wing Seminary, which was established in 1879 by the Hauge Synod, and functioned until 1917 as its theological seminary. Since the union in 1917 it has continued as academy, proseminary, and junior college of the Norwegian Lutheran church of America.

Richardson, T. C. When the Norsemen came to Texas; after eight centuries a mild-mannered carpenter leads his race to new homes in land discovered by Viking ancestors. NORDISK TIDENDE, 40:16 (May 22, 1930).

The story of the Norwegian settlement in Texas under the leadership of Cleng Peerson.

Ristad, D. G. Den norske innsats i amerikansk kulturliv.

A reprint from NORSK PEDAGOGISK ÅRBOK, 1927, p. 54-70.

The author considers the cultural contributions to American life of the Norwegian immigrants and their descendants.

----------Fra der norske Amerika: Kvad. Minneapolis, Augsburg publishing house, 1930. 90 p.

This collection of verse by Mr. Ristad includes material that deals with the significance of Norway's contribution to American life, the struggles and bewilderment of the transplanted individuals, and the trend of progress in the new communities of Norwegians. Titles of poems are evidence of their contents: Kleng Peerson, Historic, Mitt Folk, Nyland, Der nye Normandi,

Pioneerstuen, Oberst Hans Heg, Den døende pioneer, Brobyggere, Johannes B. Wist, O. E. Rølvaag, Rasmus B. Anderson, Den norsk-amerikanske presse. An earlier collection of verse by Mr. Ristad, with the title, Fra det nye Normandie: Kvad, was published in 1922.

----------Trønderlaget i Amerika. NORDMANDS-FORBUNDET, 23: 224--226 (July, 1950).

In this article the author gives an historical sketch of Trønderlaget.

Rockne, Knute K. From Norway to Notre Dame; autobiography. COLLIER'S, October 18-December 6, 1950.

The series is issued in installments, beginning with the issue of October 18, 1930, and ending with the issue of December 6, 1930.

Rohne, J. M. Dahl, Theodor Halvorson (Apr. 2, 1845-Jan. 18, 1923.) DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN BIOGRAPHY, 5:28.

Pastor T. H. Dahl was for a period of many years president of the United Norwegian Lutheran church.

----------Dietrichson, Johannes Wilhelm Christian (Apr. 4, or Aug. 23, 1815 -- Nov. 14, 1883.) DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN BIOGRAPHY, 5: 307.

----------Dietrichson, Johannes Wilhelm Christian (Apr. 4, or Aug. 23, 1815 -- Nov. 14, 1883.) DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN BIOGRAPHY, 5: 307.

See note under Mellby, C. A.: A champion of tradition and order.

Rønning, N. N. Senator Henrik Shipstead, his boyhood and youth. THE FRIEND, 7:12-13 (July, 1930).

St. Paul, Minn. Trinity Lutheran Church. Sixtieth anniversary, 1870-1930, Trinity Lutheran Congregation, Farrington and Sherburne, St. Paul, Minnesota, November 9, 1930. 24 p.

This anniversary booklet lists the officers and members of the congregation and contains an historical sketch by Harold E. Jensen. A number of portraits are included.

Saervold, Ola Johann. The discovery of America. Minneapolis, Minnesota, printed by Augsburg publishing house, 1931. 16 p.

A brief summary of known facts concerning the Norse discovery of America, published to promote the establishment of Leif Erikson day in Minnesota. Such a day was established by the Minnesota legislature, 1931.

Saxe, Ludv. Studentersangernes Amerikatur i 1905. NORDMANDS-FORBUNDET, 23:111--114 (April, 1930).

An account of the tour of the United States by the student chorus of the University of Oslo in 1905.

Simley, Anne. A study of Norwegian dialect in Minnesota. AMERICAN SPEECH, 5:469--474 (August, 1930).

A study of speech defects of 115 students of Norwegian parentage at the Northwest School of Agriculture, Crookston, Minnesota.

Skandinaven. Almanak-kalender for 1931, vol. 10. Chicago, John Anderson publication company, 1950. 190 p.

This volume includes a series of one-page biographies of prominent Norwegian-American writers of belles-lettres under the general title: Norsk amerikansk skjønliteratur. Portraits accompany the sketches. The writers given space are O. E. Rølvaag, Waldemar Ager, O. A. Buslett, Peer O. Strømme, Jon Norstog, Simon Johnson, Wilhelm Pettersen, Julius B. Baumann, Martha Ostenso, and Gustav Melby.

Skislet, Emil Johnson. En pioneers erindringer. MINNEAPOLIS TIDENDE, 45: 5 (February 26, 1931).

Reminiscences of a pioneer of Polk County, Minnesota, dating from about 1872, relating largely to settlements, towns, counties, churches, and railroads, with some biographical and genealogical information.

Smaalenslaget i Amerika. Smaalenslagets aarbok, 1930. Utgit ay O. H. Once. St. Paul, 1930. 32 p.

This number of the yearbook of Smaalenslaget contains sketches of several localities in Smaalenene, Norway, an article on Roald Amundsen, one regarding the first immigrants to America from Smaalenene, and a section of brief biographies.

Søyland, Carl. Nordmanden sore blev direktør ved Washington's naturhistoriske museum. NORDISK TIDENDE, 40:I, 16 (May 29, 1930).

The distinguished scientist and chief of the biological section of the United States Natural Museum, Dr. Leonhard Stejneger, receives appreciative treatment in this reportorial article.

Stene, Gabriel. Nybyggerlivet; Gabriel Stene fortæller om ny-byggerlivets trange kaar i pionerdagene ved Norway Lake. VISERGUTTEN, 37:7, 38:6 (December 25, 1930, January 1, 1931).

Reminiscences of early days in the vicinity of Norway Lake, Kandiyohi County, Minnesota.

Stomberg, A. A., ed. Letters of an early emigrant agent in the Scandinavian countries. SWEDISH-AMERICAN HISTORICAL BULLETIN, 3: 7--52 (June, 1930).

In this article documents are assembled pertaining to the activities o{ Oscar Malmborg in Sweden and Norway in 1861 as agent for the Illinois Central Railroad. Included are some interesting letters on the emigration question from Christiania, Skien, and Drammen, Norway.

Storseth, John. Jul i nybyggertiden. JUL I VESTERLAND, 1930:11-14.

Christmas festivities in pioneer homes in the state of Washington a half century ago are described in this article.

Swanson, H. F. The cradle of Luther College. LUTHERAN CHURCH HERALD, 15:330 (March 17, 1931).

----------The vision of the fathers. LUTHERAN CHURCH HERALD, 15:298 (March 10, 1931).

The material of the two preceding articles, which constitutes an historical sketch of Luther College, translated into Norwegian by Professor J. Dorrum, is published with the title: "Luther College, den ældste norske høiere læreanstalt i Amerika gjennem 70 aar," in Decorah-Posten, 57:8 (May 15, 1931).

Thordarson, Matthias. Vinland voyages. Translated by Thorstina Jackson Walters. New York, American geographical society, 1930. 76 p. (American geographical society. Research series, no. 18.)

The author is director of the National Museum of Iceland. The material appeared previously in Icelandic publications. Reviewed in New York Times Book Review, March 22, 1931, p. 28, 30, and in Geographical journal, 77: 380 (April, 1931).

Tjernagel, P. G. Erik Kjyten. PALIMPSEST, 12: 160--166 (April, 1931).

The author has recorded his recollections of Erik Magneson Kjyte, "itinerant tinsmith and general handy-man who served settlements in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota." Erik Kjyte died in Dane County, Wisconsin, in 1906.

Unstad, Lyder L. Hos Nordmsend i Texas. NORDMANDS-FORBUNDET, 23:254-256 (August, 1930).

Unstad, Lyder L. Hos Nordmsend i Texas. NORDMANDS-FORBUNDET, 23:254-256 (August, 1930).

The author relates the story of a visit to Clifton, Norse, and other Norwegian-American centers in Texas. Vikingen. Minneapolis, Minnesota, vol. 1, no. 1, January, 1931. The Norse Club of the Roosevelt high school, Minneapolis, under the editorship of Cyrus Myhre, has begun the publication of this periodical.

Wasboe, Aug. En fortselling om de første Smaaleninger som reiste til Amerika. SMAALENSLAGETS AARBOK, 1930: 17--20.

The story of the first immigrants from Smaalenene, Norway, to the Goodhue and Rice county settlements, Minnesota, especially the neighborhoods of Red Wing and Kenyon.

Wisconsin. Supreme Court. In memoriam. Chief Justice Aad John Vinje. Madison, Democrat printing company, 1980. 12 p.

And J. Vinje was born in Voss, Norway, in 1857. He became a member of the supreme court of Wisconsin in 1910 and served as chief justice from 1922 to 1929. The pamphlet contains memorial addresses by Mr. Burr W. Jones and Chief Justice Rosenberry.

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