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Some Recent Publications Relating to Norwegian-American History (no. III)
Compiled by Jacob Hodnefield (Volume VII: Page 74)

The publications listed below are approximately current, continuing the second list issued in STUDIES AND RECORDS, volume 6, and including the early part of the year 1932.

The same policy in regard to the listing of publications has been followed as in previous lists. A new feature has been added at the close by supplementing the list proper with a few paragraphs of comment on items that do not lend themselves readily to separate entry.

Criticism and suggestions are again invited, and members are requested to send copies of any publications in this field to the managing editor or to the archives of the Association at Northfield, Minnesota.

Aasgaard, J. A. Address at seventieth anniversary of Luther college. LUTHERAN HERALD, 15:1353--1355, 1357--1358 (October 27, 1931).

The history of Luther college is reviewed in this article.

Aasmund Olavson Vinje-etti. JUL I VESTERLAND, 1931, p. 14--16.

The genealogy of the Vinje family in Norway and America, principally in Minnesota. The article is signed "Hedleve."

Anderson, L. O. Norske pionæersteder. NORSK UNGDOM, 20:11-12 (February, 1932).

An article on places of interest, with illustrations of the house of Hellik Brække, where in 1844 the first Norwegian Lutheran services conducted by an ordained minister took place; the Luther Valley parsonage first occupied by Pastor C. L. Clausen in 1846; the bell hung in the church in Rock County, Wisconsin, in 1857; and the old printing shop of Nordlyset, which dates back to 1853.

Ash, Hans. Norge i Texas. NORDMANNS-FORBUNDET, 25:106-108 (April, 1932).

An account of a visit to the Norwegian settlement in and about Clifton, Texas, with some historical observations.

Bale, C. E. Fortieth anniversary, Concordia college; an historical sketch. LUTHERAN HERALD, 25:964--966, 987 (August 4, 193l).

Concordia college at Moorhead, Minnesota, is one of the schools of the Norwegian Lutheran church of America.

Barton, Albert O. Alexander Corstvet and Anthony M. Rud, Norwegian-American novelists. NORWEGIAN-AMERICIAN STUDIES AND RECORDS, 6:146--152 (1931).

Alexander Corstvet was the author of Elling (1901), and Anthony M. Rud was the author of The second generation (1923). The article contains outlines of the stories.

Bergesen, B. E. Hans Gerhard Stub. JUL I VESTERHEIMEN, 1931, p.[11-12].

A biographical sketch with full-page portrait.

Blegen, Theodore C. Leaders in American immigration. [Springfield, Illinois], Illinois state historical society, [1932] 14 p.

"Reprinted from the Transactions of the Illinois state historical society, Publication no. 38." (1931.) Various immigrant leaders are discussed, but the greater part of the paper is taken up with the Norwegian group. The material here used is incorporated in the author's Norwegian migration to America, 1825-1860.

-------- Norwegian migration to America, 1825-1860. Northfield, Minnesota, Norwegian- American historical association, 1931. 413 p.

This historical contribution has been reviewed in a number of periodicals, including Minnesota history, 12:304-306 (September, 193l), American economic review, 22:172-173 (March, 1932), and Norwegian-American studies and records, 6:162-167 (1931).

-------- A pioneer pastor on the Wisconsin frontier in the fifties, with a foreword by Theodore C. Blegen. NORDEN, 3:10-12 (December, 1931).

A letter from Pastor Olaus Fredric Duus to his father, Ole Irgens Duus, in Kragerø, Norway, dated January 8, 1856, at the Waupaca parsonage, Wisconsin.

Blilie, J. A. Nybyggerlivet i Syd Dakota. NORDEN, 3:6-7 (February, 1931).

Reminiscences of pioneer life in South Dakota.

Bøe, A. Sophie. Lars Davidson Reque, pioneer. NORWEGIAN-AMERICAN STUDIES AND RECORDS, 6:30-52 (1931).

The story of Lars Davidson Reque, 1818-1912, an immigrant from Voss, Norway, in 1889. The article is accompanied by a portrait.

[Boe, Lars O.] The Lutheran church in Minnesota and higher education. St. Olaf college bulletin, 27:1-11 (September, 193l).

In this bulletin the president of St. Olaf college analyzes the higher education situation among the Lutheran bodies in Minnesota, and, in part, outside of Minnesota, giving statistics of church membership, schools, attendance, and so forth, making suggestions in regard to the future and the course that the Lutheran church bodies in the state should pursue.

Boekmann, Egil. Eduard Boeckmann. SURGERY, GYNECOLOGY, AND OBSTETRICS, 53; 113--115 (July, 1931).

A biographical sketch of a well-known physician and surgeon of St. Paul, Minnesota, written by his son. It is also issued as a separate.

Christenson, Carroll L. Norsk indfiydelse i de Forenede Stater. NORDMANNS-FORBUNDET, 24: 274-276 (September, 1931).

Norwegian influence in the United States. The influence of Norwegian immigrants and their descendants in American politics, literature, and art, considering especially their contributions in thc Middle West, particularly in Chicago.

Dahly, E.J. Valdreser i Cass County, Minnesota. SAMBAND, 7:128--150; 8: 16-18, 59 (December, 1931, March, June, 1932).

A number of immigrants from Valders, Norway, are here given biographical treatment.

En efterklang fra kirkestridens dage. FOLKE-KALENDER, 1932, p.49-64.

An account of Pastor B. J. Muus and his controversies with the Norwegian synod.

Ellingson, Theodor. Fox Lake settlementet; minder og træk fra nybyggerdagene i Minnesota. SKANDINAVEN, July 24, 1931, p.4; July 28, 1931, p.11.

The Fox Lake settlement about which these recollections and sketches center is located in Rice County, Minnesota. The subject matter relates principally to church history.

Fisher, Albert Kendriek. Leonhard Stejneger. COPELIA, 1931, p.75-83 (October 30, 1931).

Mr. Fisher dwells principally on Dr. Stejneger's scientific work with the Smithsonian institution and the United States National museum.

Flugum, O.N. Historier og spredte minder fra pioneertiden I Winnebago. VISERGUTTEN, June 25, 1931, p.38.

Recollections and tales of pioneer days in Winnebago County, Iowa.

Gates, Paul W. The campaign of the Illinois central railroad for Norwegian and Swedish immigrants. NORWEGIAN-AMERI-CAN STUDIES AND RECORDS, 6:66--88 (1931).

This campaign took place during the fifties and sixties of the last century. Activities in Norway and Sweden are given extensive treatment, as are also resulting settlements in this country, with special mention of the colony at Paxton, Illinois.

Gimnes, Trygve. Norske ingeniører i New York. NORDMANNS-FORBUNDET, 25:38--39 (February, 1932).

Norwegian engineers in New York.

Gjerset, Knut. The historical background of Norwegian American Lutheranism. LUTHERAN HERALD, 16:615--616, 649--650, 682-683 (May 17, 24, 31, 1932).

A scholarly treatment and explanation of the forces that produced and determined the nature of the Lutheran organizations among the Norwegian groups in this country.

--------The Norwegian-American historical museum. NORWEGIAN-AMERICAN STUDIES AND RECORDS, 6:153--161 (1931).

A much more extensive and comprehensive statement regarding the history, status, and prospects of the Norwegian-American historical museum than has been published heretofore. The museum is located on the campus of Luther college at Decorah, Iowa. The article is accompanied by illustrations of cottages and interiors.

Gregor, Johan. Julius Berg Baumann. JUL I VESTERLAND, 1931, p.19--20.

Recollectious of Baumann, with biographical notes.

Gukild, Bjarne. Red. Nicolay A. Grevstad. NORDEN, 3: 11, 23 (July, 1931).

A report of an interview with Nicolay A. Grevstad, newspaper man and diplomat, editor of Skandinaven from 1892 to 1911, foreign representative of the United States, business man, and again editor of Skandinaven since 1930.

Hakstad, Sigrid T. Der Norsk-Amerikanske historiske museum. NORDEN, 3:9-10 (April-May, 1931).

This article describes the Norwegian-American historical museum at Decorah, Iowa. It is also issued as a separate with a short article on the Norwegian-American historical association.

Hanson, Carl G. O. Glimt fra liver i det norske Amerika. MINNEAPOLIS TIDENDE, November 19, 1931-April 7, 1932.

A continuation of the series noted in the list published in volume 6 of Studies and record,s. The articles were written by the editor of Minneapolis tidende and are intended to give a broad survey of conditions among the Norwegian immigrants and their descendants, with special treatment of their cultural interests. Some of the articles are biographies of prominent men, including Edmund Reupert, Knud Henderson, John Lindtner, Johan Wilhelm Colberg, Erik Oulie, and Professor John Dahle. Music among the Norwegian group in Minneapolis during the eighties and nineties is the subject of the articles appearing during the first two months of 1932. Articles numbers 159-179 appeared during the five months.

Haugan, Reidar Rye. Norsk kunst i Chicago. FORBUNDET, 24: 371--374 (December, 1931).

Prominent artists and exhibits of their work in Chicago.

Haugen, Einar. Norwegians at the Indian forts on the Missouri River during the seventies. NORWEGIAN-AMERICAN STUDIES AND RECORDS, 6:89--121 (1931).

The interesting story of Norwegian pioneers who were employed by the government at various forts, the types of men, their relations with the government, work, wages, conditions of living, and relations with the Indians. Forts Randall, Hale, Thompson, Sully, Bennett, and the Lower Brnle agency are included.

Haugen, Kristine. Dr. O. E. Rølvaag. NORSK UNGDOM, 3-4, 7-8, 9-11 (March, April, May, 1932).

This series of articles, begun in the March number, takes up various phases of Rølvaag's life, the article for May dealing with Rølvaag as an author. A full-page portrait accompanies the first article.

-------- Glimt fra Rølvaags liv; det billede digteren fra Northfield ubevidst tegner af sig selv i vennebreve gjennem mange aar. DECORAH-POSTEN, December 8, 1931, p.3.

Rølvaag as he has revealed himself in letters to friends over a period of years.

Hjelmeseth, Eilert. Norumbega-Norvega. Var der en norsk-grønlandsk koloni nær Boston ca. 500 aar--fra Leif Ericksons opdagelsesfærd til det sekstende aarhundrede? NORSK DOM, 20:13--14 (May, 1932).

From the name, Nornmbega, as a starting point, the author proceeds to ask whether there was a Norse-Greenland colony near Boston for a period of five hundred years from the discovery of America by Leif Eriksson to the sixteenth century, and he concludes that the evidence sustains the probability of such a colony.

Hjortaass H. Chr. Adrian Bcntzon; Bergensgutten som vandt Amerikas første "Dollars- prinsesse," John Jacob Astors darter. MINNEAPOLIS TIDENDE, February 11, 1932, p.10.

The story of Adrian Bentzon (1777-1827), of Bergen, Norway, who married Magdalene Astor, daughter of John Jacob Astor, in 1807.

Hodnefield, Jaeob, comp. Some recent publications relating to Norwegian-American history, II. STUDIES AND RECORDS, 6: 168--182 (1931).

A second installment of the bibliography begun in volume 5.

Hoff, Tina. Erindringer fra nybyggerdagene i Nord Dakota. SAMBAND, 7:130--133 (December, 1931).

Recollections of pioneer days in North Dakota.

Hofstead, John A. American educators of Norwegian origin; biographical dictionary. Minneapolis, Printed at Augsburg publishing house, 1931. 316 p.

Reviewed in a number of periodicals and papers, including Nordmanns-forbundet, 25:13-14 (January, 1932); Skandinaven, November 17, 1931, p. 4, and December 4, 1931, p. 4; Nordisk tidende, October 8, 1931, p. 18; and Visergutten, October 22, 1931, p. 1,6. The author gives an explanation and résumé in Minneapolis tidende for December 17, 1931, p. 10.

Holand, Hjalmar R. Gamle jæegere i Douglas Co.; en beret-ning om de første nybyggere i Douglas County, Minnesota. REFORM, June 25, 1931, p.2, July 2, 1931, p.2.

Pioneers and hunters in Douglas County, Minnesota, a Norwegian settlement.

---------- The Kensington stone; a study in pre-Columbian American history. Ephraim, Wisconsin, Author, 1932. 316 p.

A comprehensive treatment, summing up the evidence that the author has accumulated concerning the famous Kensington rune stone. Reviewed in Minnesota history, 115:182-184 (June, 1932); American-Scandinavian review, 22:224-230 (April, 19325); New York times book review, February 21, 1932, p. 14; Nordisk tidende, April 28, 1932, p. 1, 16; Reform, January 28, 1932, p. 2, and February 25, 1932, p. 4, 7; and elsewhere.

Hurt, H. W. Goals. New York, Murray book corporation, 1931. 272 p.

The story of Knute Rockne, written for boys, with emphasis on his athletic attainments.

Jacobsen, Adolph. Nogle erindringer fra seilskibenes dage. SKANDINAVEN, 1931--1932.

Some recollections from the days of the sailing vessels, is the title of this series, which began in 1931. In the installments of 1931 and early 1932 the series has dealt with foreign shipping and transportation. With the installments of June, 1932, the scene shifts to the United States, and the author begins his narrative of experiences in American waters, especially on the Great Lakes.

Jacobsen, Karl T. James Christian Meinich Hanson. SAMBAND, 7:78--82 (September, 1931).

The honorary degree of doctor of laws was granted to Mr. Hanson by Luther college at the commencement exercises, 19151. Dr. Hanson is an alumnus of Luther college, a former student of Concordia seminary of St. Louis, later head of the catalogue department of the University of Wisconsin library, head of the catalogue division of the Library of Congress, head of the libraries of the University of Chicago, professor in the graduate library school of the University of Chicago, and is at present consultant in cataloguing in the Library of Congress.

Jacobson, Abraham. A pioneer pastor's journey to Dakota in 1861. Translated by J. N. Jacobson. NORWEGIAN-AMERICAN STUDIES AND RECORDS, 6:53-65 (1931).

Abraham Jacobson came to America from Norway in 1848, when he was twelve years old. This article describes a journey on foot from Decorah, Iowa, to Vermillion and its vicinity, Dakota Territory in 1861, and the return journey on horseback to Decorah. The observer writes on many subjects, emphasizing church affairs and the Indians.

Johnsen, Arne Odd. Bjørnson's reaction to emigration. NORWEGIAN-AMERICAN STUDIES AND RECORDS, 6:155-145 (1931).

Bjørnson changed his position during the course of years from opposition to favorable support.

Johnson, J.K. Big Bend Township, Chippewa County, Minnesota, from the time of its first settlement in 1866 to the close of the year 1928. Milan, Minnesota. 66 p.

Most of the early settlers in this locality were of Norwegian extraction. Included is a history of the local Lutheran church and a sketch of its pastor, O. E. Solseth. The material appeared originally in the Milan standard, from which it was reprinted.

Jul i vesterland, 1931. Tacoma, Washington, Utgit av Olav Redal, 1931. 32 p.

This Christmas annual contains, besides a miscellany of fiction and verse, an article on the Aasmund Olavson Vinje genealogy, p. 14-16, one on Julius Berg Baumann, by Johan Gregor, p. 19-20, and one on Knute Rockne, by O. R., p. 27.

Kalmoe, Mrs. George. History of the Watson Lutheran congregation pioneer ladies aid society. WATSON VOICE (Watson, Minnesota), November 26, 1931, p.1.

Kildal, Arne. O. E. Rølvaag. NORDMANNS-FORBUNDET, 24:337-338 (November, 1931).

A brief biography and estimate of Rølvaag's standing in the literary world.

Knaplund, Paul. Norwegians in the Selkirk settlement, 1815-1870. NORWEGIAN-AMERICAN STUDIES AND RECORDS, 6:1-11 (1931).

A number of the Norwegian settlers are mentioned and their story is told.

Kofoed, J. H. En pioneers saga; trsek af Timan Børtnes's liv og virke. REFORM, May 7, 1931, p3, May 14, 1931, p.5.

The saga of a pioneer; the life of Timan Børtnes.

Larson, Laurence M. The convention riot at Benson Grove, Iowa, in 1876. NORWEGIANIAN-AMERICAN STUDIES AND RECORDS, 6: 122--132 (1931).

The conflict of nationalities and the assured political victory of the Norwegian majority, when they got their stride, at Benson Grove, near Forest City, Winnebago County, Iowa.

Lawrence, John. Bernt Balchen, Viking of the air. New York, Brewer, Warren, and Putnam, 1931. 165 p.

A book written for boys, depicting the life of the man who piloted Byrd's plane to the South Pole. Reviewed in Publisher's weekly, 120:862 (August 29, 1931).

Lerner, Max. Veblen and the waste land. NEW FREEMAN, 2:565-566 (February 25, 1931).

More Veblen criticism.

Lidt nybyggerhistorie; C. S. Martinson tog homestead paa Dane Prairie nær Fergus Falls, Minnesota, allerede vaaren 1870; hah er nu over 95 aar gammel. (Samlet af den gamle nybyggers datter.) DECORAH-POSTEN, August 7, 1931, p.3.

The story of C. S. Martinson, who took a homestead on Dane Prairie, near Fergus Falls, Minnesota, in 1870.

Luther college sytti aar. Den ældste norske høiere læreanstalt i Amerika blev grundlagt i 1861. Jubibæumsdagen er 14de oktober. En omrids af skolens virksomhed. DECORAH-POS-TEN, October 9, 1931, p.1, 3.

An historical article published in connection with the seventieth anniversary celebration of Luther college, October 14, 1931.

Lutheran almanac, 1932. Edited by John Peterson. Minneapolis, Minnesota, Augsburg publishing house, 1931. 120 p.

Includes "The immigrant boy who became state senator," p. 32-35 (the story of L. O. Thorpe of Willmar, Minnesota), and "Some memories of my father," by J. A. O. Stub, p. 65-72.

Memories published in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the coming of the first settlers and the 70th anniversary of the Le Sueur River Evangelical Lutheran congregation, June 27 and 28, 1931, New Richland, Minnesota. (Rev. J. C. Walledom, pastor.) [1931] p.

A number of portraits accompany the text and there is a list of early settlers of the period 1856-61.

Moore, Mrs. Ole. En Amerikareise med seilskude fra Norge til Quebec og hvad der videre hændte. DECORAH-POSTEN, December 11, 1931, p.3.

A journey in a sailing vessel from Oslo in 1867, and pioneer experiences in the new land. The family finally settled in Anoka County, Minnesota.

Mumford, Lewis. Thorstein Veblen. NEW REPUBLIC, 67:314-316 (August 5, 1931).

Nelson, David T. Seventy years; the story of Luther college. LUTHERAN HERALD, 15:1092--1097 (September 1, 1931).

Nordfjordlaget. Nordfjordlagets aarbok, 1931. Om Norges-færden og festligheterne i 1930. Redaktion Carl D. Kolset, Sanborn, Minn. Sanborn, Minnesota, [1931] 66 p.

This yearbook contains mainly accounts of the 1930 Norwegian tours and the festivities in Norway in connection therewith. There are biographical sketches of Dr. O. K. Winberg and of S. G. Hauge.

Nordlie, Herman C. Concordia's pioneers. LUTHERAN HERALD, 15:967 (August 4, 1931).

Pioneers of Concordia college, Moorhead, Minnesota.

Norlie, O. M. The Norwegian heritage. SKANDINAVENSD ALMANAK-KALENDER, 1932, p.72-79.

Norman, Amandus. Kristofer Janson: as man, poet, and religious reformer. Proceedings of the Unitarian historical society, vol. 2, pt. 2, p.2l-40 (1932).

Reprinted also as a separate, n.p. [1932] 20p. There is a foreword by Frederick M. Eliot. The article is a biographical treatment of Kristofer Janson, Norwegian author, founder and pastor of a Norwegian Unitarian congregation in Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the nineties, pastor of a similar church in Hanska, Minnesota, and editor and publisher of Saamanden, a liberal periodical of the same period, issued in Minneapolis. The author of the article is the late Amandus Norman, who succeeded Kristofer Janson as pastor of the Unitarian churches in Minneapolis and Hanska.

Norwegian.American historical association. Norwegian-American studies and records, vol. 6.

Northfield, Minnesota, Norwegian-American historical association, 1931. 191 p.

The contents of this volume are as follows: Norwegians in the Selkirk settlement, by Paul Knaplund; Claus L. Clausen, pioneer pastor and settlement promoter, illustrative documents translated and edited by Carlton C. Qualey; Lars Davidson Reque, pioneer, by A. Sophie Bøe; A pioneer pastor's journey to Dakota in 1861, by Abraham Jacobson, translated by J. N. Jacobson; The campaign of the Illinois central railroad for Norwegian and Swedish immigrants, by Paul W. Gates; Norwegians at the Indian forts on the Missouri River during the seventies, by Einar Haugen; The convention riot at Benson Grove, Iowa, in 1876, by Laurence M. Larson; Bjørnson's reaction to emigration, by Arne Odd Johnsen; Alexander Corstvet and Anthony M. Rud, Norwegian-American novelists, by Albert O. Barton; The Norwegian-American historical museum, by Knut Gjerset; Norwegian migration to America before the civil war, by Brynjolf J. Hovde; Some recent publications relating to Norwegian-American history, II, compiled by Jacob Hodnefield. The book contains illustrations and portraits and there are lists of officers and of the publications of the Association. Mr. Horde's article is a review of Mr. Blegen's book: Norwegian migration to America, 1825-1860. Reviewed by D. G. Ristad in Skandinaven, April 8, 1932, p. 4.

Norwegian immigrant letters. WISCONSIN MAGAZINE OF HISTORY, 15:356--369 (March, 1932).

Three letters written by Anders and Ole Jensen Stortroen from Pierce County, Wisconsin, from 1857 to 1862, and sent to Drammen, Norway, translated into English for publication by Paul B. Bjerkeng. Anders Stortroen immigrated in 1857, hence the letters follow immediately upon his arrival. Conditions are described as to work, wages, prices, weather, and so forth. In 1858 wheat was 50 cents, corn 25 cents, and oats 15 cents; butter was 10 cents. In 1862 A. J. Stortroen had bought 160 acres for $200 with a year to pay. The author's knowledge concerning the civil war is hazy.

Numedal, Kongsberg og omegn lag. Aarbok no. 3, 1931. Decorah, Iowa, Anundsen publishing company, 1931. 88, 78 p.

The first 88 pages constitute a Kongsberg section and the last 78 pages a Numedal section. Each part is made up of news, announcements, short historical sketches, biographies, genealogies, portraits, and so forth.

Odland, Martin W. The new Canaan.

A novel under this title was printed serially in the St. Paul dispatch, beginning with the issue of March 10, 1932, and ending with the issue of April 12, 1932. The "New Canaan" is the Norwegian settlement in America, more particularly in the Middle West, and the "Children of Israel" are the Norwegian immigrants. The hero of the story is Onon Burnson (Bjørnson), a stowaway on the sloop "Restaurationen" that left Stavanger, Norway, July 4, 1825. The story is told of the voyage across the Atlantic, the arrival in New York, the settlement at Kendall, New York, later migration to La Salle County, Illinois, and the dispersal from there. A secondary hero is Kleng Peerson, "father of Norwegian immigration.'' According to the author, historical facts have been closely followed. An explanation of the story is furnished by the author at the dose of the installments in the issue of April l2, 1932.

Oien, John G. Knute Rockne and his pals. THE FRIEND, 9:3-4 (February, 1932).

From Rockne's boyhood days in Chicago and his connections with the Immanuel Norwegian Lutheran church and its young members.

Olson, Paul A. Golden anniversary book of Story City, an album of pictures from early days down to the present. [Story City, Iowa], 1931. 199 p.

Story City is more or less the center of the large Norwegian settlement that includes parts of Story, Hamilton, and Hardin counties, Iowa. This volume, which embraces the countryside as well as the town, includes portraits of many of the Norwegian pioneers. The book opens with an historical introduction (pages 3-10) and notes of explanation accompany the illustrations. An index is furnished.

Opdalslaget. Opdalslagets aarbok, 1931. Redaktør: Kristine Haugen. n.p., [1931] 80 p.

This yearbook of Opdalslaget contains items about members, news from Norway, short articles, including biographies, and a list of members.

Paulson, Arthur C. Bjørnson and the Norwegian-Americans, 1855-75. NORDEN, 4: 23-25.

Bjørnson was a favorite with Norwegian-Americans, according to the author. They liked his books, and they liked the man for his strong Nor-wegianisra, his republican leanings, his support of universal manhood suffrage, and his opposition to Swedish influence.

Qualey, Carlton C., tr. and ed. Claus L. Clausen, pioneer pastor and settlement promoter: illustrative documents. NORWEGIAN-AMERICAN STUDIES AND RECORDS, 6:12--29 (1931).

The story of Claus L. Clausen, Danish-born member of a Norwegian group of immigrants who arrived in the United States in 1843; founder of churches, synods, settlements, editor of Emigranten and an associate in the publication of Luthersk maanedsticlende, pastor, farmer, politician, chaplain in the civil war. The documents include a letter of Clausen to Alexander Ramsey, governor of Minnesota, dated January 22, 1850, regarding Minnesota lands; an article from Emigranten of October 1, 1852; and a letter from Emigranten of April 29, 1853.

--------Pioneer Norwegian settlement in Minnesota. MINNESOTA HISTORY, 12:247--280 (September, 1931).

A general survey of early Norwegian migration into Minnesota. Subjects discussed include statistics of immigration, location of settlements, agents, with special mention of Paul Hjelm-Hansen, railroad immigration work, state immigration activities, and so forth. A map showing the distribution of Norwegians in Minnesota in 1875 accompanies the article.

Ray, Olaf. The historical setting of Leif Erikson and America's discovery at the close of the Viking age. Chicago, Illinois, Olaf Ray, 1931. p.

Ray, Olaf. The historical setting of Leif Erikson and America's discovery at the close of the Viking age. Chicago, Illinois, Olaf Ray, 1931. p.

Rockne, Knute Kenneth. The autobiography of Knute K. Rockne; edited by Bonnie Skiles Rockne. Indianapolis, Indiana, Bobbs-Merrill company, 1931. 296 p.

The book is reviewed in New York times book review, November 8, 1931, p. 11.

Rockne memorial associations inc. Rockne of Notre Dame. Notre Dame, Indiana, Rockne memorial association, inc., 1931. 35 p.

Rockne memorial associations inc. Rockne of Notre Dame. Notre Dame, Indiana, Rockne memorial association, inc., 1931. 35 p.

Rockne's career. Minneapolis, Modern magazines, inc., 1931. 64 p.

Rohne, J. Magnus. Den lutherske kirke og de høiiere skoler. DECORAH-POSTEN, September 18, 1931, p.3, 8.

Statistics and other material regarding higher institutions of learning maintained and supported by the Norwegian Lutheran churches in this country.

Rølvaag, Ole Edvart, Their fathers' God; a novel. Translated from the Norwegian by Trygve M. Ager. New York and London, Harper and brothers, 1931. 338 p.

This work has been extensively reviewed and advertised. The Norwegian edition was published in Oslo, Norway, by Aschehoug and company, under the title, Den signede dag.

Rønning, N. N. Augsburg publishing house through forty years. Norwegian Lutheran church of America. Official reports to the district conventions, 1931, p.447-452.

--------O. E. Rølvaag. THE FRIEND, 8:15 (December, 1931).

Rynning, Thomas H. Gun notches, the life story of a cowboy-soldier, by Thomas H. Rynning, as told to Al Cohn and Joe Chisholm. New York, Frederick A. Stokes company, 1931. 332 p.

Rynning was born in the Rock River settlement, Beloit, Wisconsin, in 1866. He was a cowboy, captain of a company of the Roosevelt Rough Riders, member and captain of the Arizona Rangers, warden of the Arizona penitentiary at Yuma, and builder of the new prison at Florence, Arizona. Reviewed extensively by Joe Chisholm in Arizona historical review, 4:35-49 (October, 1931).

Saervold, Ola Johann. The discovery of America; an historical sketch. LUTHERAN HERALD, 15:1380--1387 (November 3, 1931).

Printed earlier as a separate, as noted in the bibliography published in volume 6 of Studies and records.

St. Olaf Lutheran chior. Northfield, Minnesota, Twin City St. Olaf club, [1931] 23 p.

A statement of what the St. Olaf Lutheran choir is and does. A portrait of the director, F. Melius Christensen, appears as frontispiece.

Saxe, Ludv. Norsk ungdom i Minneapolis. NORDMANNS-FORBUNDET, 25:73--75 (March, 1932).

Relates principally to instruction in Norwegian language and literature in the high schools of Minneapolis, which was begun in 1910.

Seip, Didrik Arup. Et intervju med Henrik Ibsen, mars 1890. NORDISK TIDSKRIFT FØR VETENSKAP, KONST OCH INDUSTRI, 8, haft 1:30-39 (1932).

The story of an interview with Henrik Ibsen which was granted J. J. Skordalsvold of Minneapolis in March, 1890, and the account of it which was printed in The north (Minneapolis) in the issue of April 9, 1890. Ibsen resided in Munich, Germany, at the time of this interview.

In an article in Minneapolis tidende for February 11, 1932, p. 6, the editor discusses the article in Nordisk tidende and the interview under the title, "Et 42 aar gammelt interview; Da J. J. Skordalsvold in 1890 inter-viewet Henrik Ibsen i Miinchen for bladet ' The North,' som dengang udkom i Minneapolis."

In Reform for March 17, 1932, p. 4, J. J. Skordalsvold comments upon the publicity his interview has received on account of Dr. Seip's article, and he corrects the impression that he was in Germany in 1890 on a stipendium. There was no stipendinm.

Selnes, Johan. En telemarksgutt i California. NORDMANNS-FORBUNDET, 25:146--148 (May, 1932).

The biography of S. E. Sonnichsen, Los Angeles architect.

Simundsen, S. O. Rev. B. J. Muus, founder of St. Olaf college; address by Rev. S. O. Simundsen at St. Olaf homecoming. LUTHERAN HERALD, 15:1545--1546 (December 8, 1931).

This biographical material was also printed in Lutheraneren, 15: 1550-1552 (December 9, 1931).

Skagen, J. Rø1vaag, Nordland og "Nord-Norge," SKANDINAVEN, December 25, 1931, p.2; MINNEAPOLIS TIDENDE, December 31, 1931, p.6.

This article is largely biographical.

Skandinaven. Skandinavens almanak-kalender for 1932. lite aargang. Redigeret af John Hjellum. Chicago, Illinois, John Anderson publishing company, 1931. 159 p.

The following one-page articles, under the general heading, Norsk-Amerikansk skjønliteratur" (Norwegian-American belles-lettres) are of interest: D. G. Ristad, John Benson, Jobs. B. Wist, N. N. Rønning, Ulrikka Feldtman Bruun, Antonette Tovsen, Ruth L. Fjeldsaa, Dorthea Dahl, Olay Bøhmer, Johannes Olavsen Saeter, Gulbrand Sether, Sigurd Folkestad. The book also contains an article on "The Norwegian heritage," by O. M. Norlie, one entitled "Der norsk-amerikanske historielag," and other interesting bits of information.

Skordalsvold, J. J. Man of many minds. NORDEN, 3:6--10 (July, 1931).

An article on Waldemar Ager of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, editor of Reform. A portrait accompanies the article.

Smith, Guy-Harold. Notes on the distribution of the foreign-born Scandinavians in Wisconsin in 1905. WISCONSIN MAGAZINE OF HISTORY, 14:419--436 (June, 1931).

A map showing this distribution accompanies the article.

Søyland, Carl. En rydningsmand i norsk-amerikansk historie. NORDISK TIDENDE, September 24, 1931, p.1, 18.

A sketch of Professor O. M. Norlie with portrait.

Stene, Gabriel. Et blad fra pioneerernes saga. MINNEAPOLIS TIDENDE, June 23, 1932, p.13.

A narrative regarding Norwegian pioneers who settled in the vicinity of Norway Lake, Kandiyohi County, Minnesota.

--------En eiendommelig pioneer-saga; Gabriel Stene fortæller Edmund Olson Bjellands livshistorie og beretter om da han selv sore 13 aars gut drev et par oxer 60 mil ti] St. Cloud. MINNEAPOLIS TIDENDE, June 2, 1932, p.l2.

Edmund Olson Bjelland was born in 1843 and immigrated in 1847. He was a civil war veteran, farmer in Kandiyohi County, Minnesota, and later resident of Silverton, Oregon.

Stoylen, Sigvald. Vore settlementers historic; vigtigheden af at yore nybyggeres saga nedtegnes og opbevares, klargjøres ved interessant jubilaæumsskrift: Norman County, Minn., fra 1871 til 1896. DECOHAH-POSTEN, August 14, 1931, p.3.

The story of a "jubiheumsskrift" of 60 pages published in 1896 containing the history of Norman County, Minnesota, for the period 1871-96.

Stub, J. A. O. Some memories of my father. LUTHERAN ALMANAC, 1932, p.65--72.

The son of the ]ate ti. G. Stub writes concerning his father.

Stuhldreher, Harry A. Knute Rockne, man builder. Philadelphia, Macrae, Smith company, 1931.

335 p.

Reviewed in the New York times book review, November 8, 1931, p. 11.

Sundheim, A. M. Erik og Olava Torgrimson. SAMBAND, 7:133--136 (December, 1931).

Two pioneers of the Bear Creek settlement, Grand Meadow, Mower County, Minnesota.

--------En ferietur til Norway House i Canada. SAIVIBAND, 7: 110--128 (December, 1931).

A description, with illustrations, of the famous Norway IIouse on Hudson's Bay.

Svendsgaard, Signe. Tønseth kvindeforening. FEERUS FALLS UGEBLAD, December 2, 1930, p.2.

The Tønseth congregation, Erhard, Minnesota, was organized in 1888 and the ladies' aid, of which this article is a history, was organized the same year or the year following.

Tjernagel, N. The Riverside band. PALIMPSEST, 15:202-214 (May, 1932).

The river was the Skunk River; the "side" that portion of country of which Randall, Hamilton County, Iowa, is the center; the band one made up of boys of Norwegian pioneer stock; and the time the eighties and nineties of the last century. The band grew from small beginnings to one of importance and had a favorable reputation far from home.

--------The Sheldall school. PALIMPSEST, 12:359--369 (September, 1931).

The Sheldall school was so named for Lars Sheldall, pioneer Norwegian immigrant. It was built in 1860 and was located in Scott Township, Story County, Iowa. The builder was Lars IIenryson. The article depicts the school life of the pioneer children, their play, and general social activities. A picture of the schoolhouse accompanies the article.

Tollefson, Arne. The voyage of the Norden. NORDEN, 23 (December, 1931).

The voyage of the three-masted vessel, "Norden," in 1866, from Bodø, Norway, to Quebec -- a ten-week journey.

Tyson, F. D. Appreciation of Veblen; reply to L. Mumford. NEW REPUBLIC, 68; 129 (September, 1931).

Ueland, Andreas. A minor melting pot. SAMBAND, 7:13--22, 47-55 (March, June, 1931).

Also reprinted as a separate, Minneapolis, 1931. 22 p. The article discusses certain influences that retard Americanization, such as churches, language, literature, organizations, and so forth.

Veblen, Florence. Thorstein Veblen; reminiscences of his brother, Orson. SOCIAL FORCES, 10:187-195 (December, 1931).

Vossebrev. SKANDINAVEN, beginning with the issue of October 16, 1931.

A unique collection of fifty-one "America letters" written during the years 1838-44, most of them by Vossings in and about Chicago. The original letters were copied into a book by Lars Nielsen Nesbelm, of the vicinity of Bergen, Norway. This book found its way to America and in 1931 was given to St. Olaf college by Svein Tverberg. An introduction to the series appeared in Skandinaven in the issue of October 16, 1931, page 4, under the title, "En enestaaende samling med Amerlkabreve." The first Vosse-brev, written by Mons Knudsen Aadlund to Knud Langeland and dated at Illinois, January 2, 1838, appeared in the issue of October 20, 1931, page 9. Others have followed. As may be surmised, this collection contains much valuable material relating to the experiences of the early Norwegian pioneers.

Wee, Mons Olson, ed. Fra pioner-prestens saga; oplevelser og hendelser fra livers løb mellem menigmand gjennem pioner-tiden, skrevet af dem, sore levede reed .... Udgivet af M. O.

Wee, O. M. Norlie, R. J. Meland, A. G. Quammen, J. E. Løbeck, komite. Decorah, Iowa, Press of the Anundsen publishing company, 1931. 199 p.

A collection of reminiscences, short anecdotes, and sketches, from pioneer days by Norwegian Lutheran pastors and others.

Wick, B. L. Engelske lorder og norske farmere; et interessant kapitel fra nybyggerdagene i Iowa, lordene drev reed spekulation, væddemaal og sport og reiste tomhændet -- Nord-mæendene seirede ved forstandig farming, ærlig arbeide, spar-somhed. SKANDINAVEN, January 8, 1932, p.1, 4.

English lords and Norwegian farmers. This account relates principally to Crawford, Plymouth, and Marshall counties, Iowa, and carries the story into the eighties. The English lords gave their time to speculation, betting, and sports, and departed empty handed; the Norwegians conquered through sensible farming, honest labor, and saving.

--------Nordmænd sore ranchmænd. VISERGUTTEN, August 27, 1931, p.8.

The ranching activities of the Norwegians in the Northwest.

Wick, B.L. The pioneer memorial association of Norway; an address delivered at Norway, Iowa, August 9, 1931. h.p., Author, 1931. 11 p.

A number of early Norwegian pioneers are mentioned in this adddress, two of them being Osmund Turtle, who came to America in 1856, and Ove Rosdail, who was one of the sloopers," coming in 1825. Benton County, in which Norway is located, was organized in 1846.


A new Christmas annual similar to Jul i vesterheimen, but published in English, was inaugurated by the Augsburg publishing house for the Christmas season, 1931. The title is Christmas, and the 1931 issue is edited by Randolph E. Haugan. The size is 45 pages.

The issues of the Lutheran herald for October 18, 1931, and of Lutheraneren for October 14, 1931, are given largely to editorials and articles in memory of Dr. Hans Gerhard Stub, former head of the Norwegian Lutheran church of America, who died August 1, 1931.

According to an editorial in Lutheran herald for July 14, 1931, the Reverend Rasmus Jensen Aarhus was the first Lutheran pastor in North America. Aarhus came to Hudson Bay with the Jens Munk expedition, September 7, 1619. On Christmas Day, 1619, he conducted communion services at Churchill. His life in the community was short; he died February 20, 1620.

The Lutheran messenger, Grand Meadow, Minnesota, for June 1, 1931, is a diamond jubilee number commemorating the establishment of the Bear Creek Lutheran church, Mower County, Minnesota, in 1856. An article, "Pioneer days," is written by Pastor C. J. Thompson. According to this article, thirty-six immigrants (whose names are given) arrived in Frank-ford Township in 1854. They came from Dane County, Wisconsin. Their Norwegian home was Valders.

Nord-Norge for March, 1932, is a Rølvaag number with portrait and illustrations and short articles and verse by J. Skagen, John Heitmann, J. Jørgen Thompson, E. Hetle, L. II. Strauman, Johannes Høifjeld, and B. J. Rothnem.

The Minneapolis tidende for January 28, 1932, is an anniversary number commemorating the founding of Emigranten eighty years ago in 1852, in Rock County, Wisconsin. Minneapolis tidende is a direct descendant of Emigranten.

An entire page (page 6), of the Minneapolis tidende for January 28, 1932, is given to the subject of Norwegian instruction in the high schools of Minneapolis. This excellent survey appears under the title, "Norskundervisningen ved høiskolerne i Minneapolis." There are portraits of March Michelet, E. Pauline Farseth, A. C. Erdahl, and B. R. Eggan.

An editorial in Nordmanns-forbundet for January, 1932, with the title, "Norske dialekter i Amerika," discusses Professor Seip's investigations regarding Norwegian dialects in America during the year 1931-32.

Copeia; a journal of cold-blooded vertebrates, 1931, no. 3 (October) is a Leonhard Stejneger anniversary number. There are several portraits of Dr. Stejneger, a dedication by Thomas Bar-bour, a biography (pages 75-83) by Albert Kendrick Fisher of the National museum, a list of thirteen Stejneger species with pictures from photographs, and other related material.

The issue of Mere lys, Hanska, Minnesota, for October, 1931 (volume 13, number 3), is a fiftieth anniversary number of the Nora Unitarian church of Hanska. Included is a sketch of Kris-tofer Janson, first pastor of the church, 1881-1893, an article, "Our fiftieth anniversary," by Frederick M. Eliot, and one entitled "A half century of Hanska," by George F. Patterson. The second pastor of the church, Amandus Norman, who was also of Norwegian origin, died in November, 1931.

Norden, volume 3, number 7, December, 1931, contains an editorial, with portrait, of O. E. Rølvaag, and brief articles on the following: Bjørnson's visit to Elgin, Illinois, in 1881; Juul Dieserud, by J. C. M. Hanson; Leonhard Stejneger; A. M. Sundhelm, by Juul Dieserud; Johan Storjohan Egilsrud, by Ellen R. Hammer; and Luther college, Decorah, Iowa.

The Norwegian-American technical journal for January, 1932, contains an article on Norwegian technical men as pioneers in the engineering profession in the United States of America, a continuation of the series noted in the list of last year.

In the second installment of the present bibliographical series it was erroneously stated that Ignatius Bjorlee was deaf. For this error the compiler offers apologies to Mr. Bjorlee.

Saga is the title of a mimeographed news sheet issued from the Scandinavian department of the North high school in Minneapolis. Five numbers were issued from November, 1931, to April, 1932.

One of the recent notable books on immigration is George M. Stephenson's The religious aspects of Swedish immigration, Minneapolis, University of Minnesota press, 1932. 542 p. The book contains numerous references to Norwegian immigration and the church connections between the Norwegians and the Swedes.

Volume 9 of Dictionary of American biography (1932), contains three biographies of interest to Norwegian-American historians: Elling Hove (1863-1927), Lutheran pastor and theological professor; Gjermund Hoyme (1847-1902), Lutheran clergyman and president of the United Norwegian Lutheran church of America for the years 1890 to 1902; and Kristofer Janson (1841-1917), poet, novelist, and Unitarian clergyman. The first two were written by J. Magnus Rohne and the last was written by George T. Flom.

Theses dealing with Norwegian-American history are occasionally presented at colleges and universities of the country and especially in such institutions ia the Northwest. One entitled "Elling Eielsen, pioneer lay preacher and first Norwegian Lutheran pastor in America," was submitted as a master's thesis at the University of Minnesota by Clarence J. Carlsen in 1932. A typewritten copy is in the possession of the Minnesota historical society.

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