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Contributors (Volume VIII: Page 164)

DR. LAURENCE M. LARSON, head of the history department in the University of Illinois and a member of the Board of Editors of the Norwegian-American Historical Association, contributed an article to volume 6 in this series. He is widely known as the author of A History of England, Canute the Great, and other historical works.

DR. MARTIN B. RUUD, professor of English in the University of Minnesota, has collaborated with Dr. Blegen in the editing of a volume, not yet published, of "Emigrant Songs and Ballads.''

MR. ARNE ODD JOHNSEN of Lysaker, Norway, a student in the University of Oslo, has interested himself in the collection of "America letters" and other immigrant source materials in Norway. He contributed to volume 6 an analysis of "Bjørnson's Reaction to Emigration."

MR. LYDER L. UNSTAD, an instructor in the social sciences at Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio, is well known among Norwegian-Americans for his contributions to Nordisk Tidende and other newspapers on historical and economic topics. He began his graduate work at the University of Minnesota, where he wrote a master's thesis on "The Movement towards Industrial Democracy in Norway," and he has continued his studies at Ohio State University, specializing in American economic history.

DR. BAYRD STILL is assistant professor of history in the State Teachers College of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His doctoral dissertation at the University of Wisconsin was a study of state constitutional movements in the United States.

MR. ALBERT O. BARTON, who supplies the paper by Karl E. Erickson on "The Emigrant Journey," has made contributions to several earlier volumes in this series. He is the author of La Follette's Winning of Wisconsin; in 1918-19 he was the director of the Wisconsin State War Commission; and for eight years he was associate editor of the Wisconsin Farmer.

DR. HAROLD M. TOLO is assistant professor of history and government at Elmhurst College, Elmhurst, Illinois. His doctoral dissertation, submitted at the University of Illinois in 1934, dealt with "Great Britain and the Zollverein."

MISS AGNES M. LARSON is associate professor of history at St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota. She is at present writing a treatise on the lumber industry in the Upper Mississippi Valley.

MR. JACOB HODNEFIELD of St. Paul continues in this volume his valuable series of bibliographical reports.

THE REVEREND P. J. Reinertsen was a pioneer pastor in the South Dakota country in the eighties and organized, in 1885, the first Lutheran congregation in Montana. He now resides at Onawa, Iowa.

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