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Some Recent Publications Relating to Norwegian-American Histroy (no. IV)
Compiled by Jacob Hodnefield (Volume VIII: Page 136)

ACER, WALDEMAR. Julius E. Olson. Nordmanns-forbundet, 25: 294-297 (September, 1932).

A tribute to Professor Olson, written upon his retirement from the chair of Scandinavian languages and literature at the University of Wisconsin.

---------- Siste kapitel. Norden, 4:11-12 (December, 1932).

A discussion of the use of the Norwegian Language among Norwegian immigrants and their descendants, emphasizing the first two generations. The author assumes that the second generation will see the end of the use of Norwegian and that fusion into American life will eliminate the original speech of the immigrants.

ANDERSON, JOHAN. Amerikabreve. Tromsø, Bjerrings bok- & aksidenstrykkeri, 1930. 290 p.

Letters dated October 29, 1920, to August 19, 1921, that give an account of a journey from Tromsø, Norway, to the United States and across the country, with descriptions and critical observations of American life.

ANDERSON, R. B. The discovery of America --- Leif Erikson day, October 9th. Skandinaven, October 4, 1932, p.9.

Anniversary recalls career of Viking churchman. Enthusiasm of Rev. B. J. Muus, founder of St. Olaf college, lays foundation for Minnesota faith. Southern Minnesotan, 2:9-10, 19 (July. 1932).

The centenary of the birth of B. J. Muus (1832-1900) was celebrated in the Holden Lutheran church at Kenyon, Minnesota, April 10, 1932.

ARMSTRONG, F. C. Erindringer fra mit pelsjægerliv i Ontario, Canada. Samband, 9:13-20 (March, 1933).

Recollections of the life of a trapper and hunter.

ASH, HANS. Et norsk strøk i Texas. Nordmanns-forbundet, 25:225-226 (July, 1932).

A brief historical account of the Norwegian settlement in Texas.

ASK, MRS. OLE. Glenwood menigheds historie, Decorah-posten, April 28, 1933, p. 3.

The Glenwood Norwegian Lutheran congregation, Winneshiek County, lowa, of which this article is a history, was organized in 1853.

ASKELAND, H. Carl G. O. Hansen. Nordmanns-forbundet, 26:49-50 (February, 1933).

Biographical sketch of the editor of Minneapolis tidende.

BAY, JULIANE S. Strømmen hjemover. Nordmanns-forbundet, 26:340-344 (November, 1933).

Re-migration to Norway, including that from the United States.

BERGS, G. O. Glimt fra nybyggerlivet; Gulbrand O. Berge fra Vang i Valdres fortæeller om sit liv i Amerika fra sin ankomst til Manitowoc i 1849. Decorah-posten, August 16, 1932, p. 3.

Berge emigrated in 1849 and settled in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. This article tells of his experiences in Valdres, Norway, and of his early life in America.

BIELAND, OLAF. Minder fra Fox River settlementet. Decorah- posten, May 29, 1934, p. 3.

Recollections of Olaf Bielland, who immigrated in 1880.

BLEGEN, THEODORE C. Starting a town in pioneer times; an America letter written by Frithjof Meidell at Springfield, Illinois, in 1855. With a foreword by Theodore C. Blegen. Norden, 4:9-11 (December, 1932).

The letter is printed in Norwegian; it describes humorously the typical method of starting new towns along the railways as they were building westward.

"BRAND, BERT." De første blade af den norske saga i Chicago. Skandinaven, June 27, July 4, 1933, p. 9 in both issues.

The title, "The first leaves of the Norwegian saga in Chicago," is indicative of the contents of this article, which is from the pen of a writer in Norway.

BRANDT, MRS. R. O. Social aspects of prairie pioneering; the reminiscences of a pioneer pastor's wife. Norwegian-American studies and records, 7:1-46 (1915:5).

BRUCE, G. M. Moder- og datterkirker og norsk-amerikansk brobygning. Nordmanns-forbundet, 27:113-118 (April, 1934).

A reply to Sigurd Folkestad and a rebuttal by the latter on the relation between the Norwegian Lutheran churches and synods in the United States and the state church of Norway. Pastor Folkestad considers the Norwegian state church a mother church and the American churches daughter churches, whereas Dr. Bruce gives the American churches a more independent standing.

---------- Norsk-amerikansk brobygning. Minneapolis tidende, May 3, 1934, p. 9-10.

A lecture on Norwegian-American relations, given before "Det norske nationalforbund," Minneapolis.

BUCH, L. B. Innvandringen til Chicago. Nordmanns,-forbundet, 27:75-78 (March, 1934).

A survey of Norwegian immigration to Chicago.

BUCK, S. J. Nelson, Knute (Feb. 2, 1843-Apr. 28, 1923). Dictionary of American biography, 13: 418-419 (1934).

BUCK, S. J. Nelson, Knute (Feb. 2, 1843-Apr. 28, 1923). Dictionary of American biography, 13: 418-419 (1934).

BUTLER, PIERCE. James Christian Meinich Hanson. Library quarterly, 4:127-130 (April, 1934).

CADBURY, H.J. Impressions of a Norwegian Quaker in 1838. Friends historical association, Bulletin, 18:33-37 (1929).

A letter of 1838 written by Martha Larson to Elias Tasta (Tastad), with notes and comments by Dr. Cadbury. The letter was written in English from Rochester, New York, by the wife of Lars Larson, Quaker, who came to America in the "Restauration" in 1825. Published previously in the American-Scandinavian review for June, 1925, and in Decorah-posten for December 5, 1925.

Childhood memories of a farm girl. The Friend, 11:2-6, 29-30 (January, 1934).

Typical pioneer farm life.

CLAUSEN, C. A., tr. and ed. The Fraser River gold rush; an immigrant letter of 1858. Norwegian-

American studies and records, 7: 47-52 (1933).

CLAUSEN, OTTO. Det norske Chicago. Nordmanns-forbundet, 26: 142,-146 (May, 1933).

Norwegian-Americans in Chicago, their activities, and an enumeration of institutions established by them.

---------- Vi i Cary. Nordmanns-forbundet, 27:10-12 (January, 1934).

A summer colony of Norwegian-Americans of Chicago at Cary, Illinois, on the Fox River.

DAHLY, E. J. Valdreser i Cass County, Minnesota. Samband, 8: 96-97 (September, 1932).

Biographical sketches of individuals in Cass County, Minnesota, who are of Valders origin; a series continued from earlier numbers.

DORFMAN, JOSEPH. The "satire" of Thorstein Veblen's "Theory of the leisure class." Political science quarterly, 47:363-409 (1932).

DORFMAN, JOSEPH. The "satire" of Thorstein Veblen's "Theory of the leisure class." Political science quarterly, 47:363-409 (1932).

DUDDY, E. A. Lawson, Victor Freemont (Sept. 9, 1850-Aug. 19, 1925). Dictionary of American Biography, 11:60-61 (1933).

Lawson, the publisher of the Chicago Daily News, was born in Chicago, the son of Iver and Melinda (Nordvig) Lawson.

EITREM, H. Bjørnson i Amerika (Utdrag aven artikkel i "Edda"). Nordmanns-forbundet, 25:363-370 (November, 1932).

Bjørnson's visit to America in 1880-81; an excerpt of an article that appeared earlier in Edda.

ELIOT, F. M. The community mourns the death of Dr. Amandus Norman. Mere lys, 18:99-103 (January, 1932).

A biographical sketch of the late Reverend Amandus Norman (1865-1931) of Hanska, Minnesota.

ENESTVEDT, O. O. Menighedshistorie; Vor Frelsers og Opdal menigheder i Renville County, Minnesota. Minneapolis tidende, September 21, 1933, p. 8.

The history of Our Saviour's and the Opdal Lutheran congregations of Renville County, Minnesota, which were organized in 1868.

---------- Nybyggerkaar; eller, i snestormen i 1873. Numedalstagets festskrift, 1908-1933, p. 13-18.

The great snowstorm of the winter of 1873 and the story of Ole and Anne Enestvedt, who lived in the Minnesota Valley. The same material appears in Samband, 8:106-111 (December, 1932).

En enquete om fremgangslinjer. Norden, 5:8-23 (May, 1933).

The future of Norwegians in America and their cultural interests.

Erindringer utgit til minde om 75-aars jubilæet for ankomsten av de første nybyggere og 70-aars jubilæet for Le Sueur River evangelisk-lutherske menighed, New Richland, Minnesota, 27de og 28de juni, 1931. Numedal, Kongsberg og omegn lag, Aarbok, no. 4, 1932, p.

The seventy-fifth anniversary jubilee commemorating the arrival of the first Norwegian immigrants from Wisconsin to Waseca and Steele counties, Minnesota, in 1856, and the seventieth anniversary of the establishment of the Le Sueur River Evangelical Lutheran church of New Richland, Minnesota, were celebrated June 27 and 28, 1931. Most of the article deals with church history.

EVJEN, J. O. Johnsen, Erik Kristian (Sept. 20, 1863-Jan. 21, 1923). Dictionary of American biography, 10:77-78 (1933).

Johnsen, who came to America in 1892, was professor of theology at Red Wing seminary, 1892-97, pastor until 1900, professor at the seminary of the United Norwegian Lutheran church, 1900-17, and professor at the Luther theological seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota, from 1917 until his death.

---------- Oftedal, Sven (Mar. 22, 1844-Mar. 30, 1911). Dictionary of American biography, 11:635-636 (1933).

Oftedal arrived in America in 1873 and throughout his active life was professor at Augsburg seminary in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He was a leader in church organization and a participant in some of the sharp controversies that characterized the formative period of Norwegian-American Lutheranism.

FEDDE, ELISABETH. Søster Elisabeths optegnelser. Nordisk tidende, February 28, March 7, 14, 21, 28, April 4, 11, 18, 25, May 2, 16, 1933.

FEDDE, ELISABETH. Søster Elisabeths optegnelser. Nordisk tidende, February 28, March 7, 14, 21, 28, April 4, 11, 18, 25, May 2, 16, 1933.

A record of the author's work as deaconess and in hospitals.

FOLKESTAD, SIGURD. Moder- og datterkirker. Nordmanns-forbundet, 26:369-371 (December, 1933).

See item under G. M. Bruce for comment on this article.

GADE, F. G. En nordmann i Texas. Nordmanns-forbundet, 2: 82-83 (March, 1933).

A sketch, with portrait, of Axel Arneson, Norwegian-American of Texas.

GJERSET, KNUT. Norwegian sailors in American waters; a study in the history of maritime activity on the eastern seaboard. Northfield, Minnesota, Norwegian-American historical association, 1933. 271p.

A Norwegian review appears in Nordmanns-forbundet, 26:177-179 (June, 1933).

The government of Canada honors the first Lutherans in America; the first Lutheran Christmas service in America in 1619. Lutheran almanac, 1933, p. 49-55.

An account of the Danish expedition made under Jens Munch to Hudson Bay in 1619. A memorial tablet has been placed at Churchill by the Canadian historical society.

En gren ay Kongsvoldssetten, sore hat hævdet sig utenbygds. Opdalslagets aarbok, 1933, p. 22-26.

Kongsvold family history, dealing with emigrants and their children.

GULLAUG, MAGGIE. Norske kvinner i Chicago. Nordmanns-forbundet, 27:38-40 (February, 1934).

Norwegian women in Chicago and various enterprises that they have sponsored.

GUNDERSEN, OSCAR. Av dagbogen. Norden, 4:15-17 (December, 1932).

A critical article on Jon Norstog.

HAIMAN, MIECISLAUS. Poland and the American revolutionary war. Chicago, Illinois, published by the Polish Roman Catholic union of America for the two hundredth anniversary of the birth of George Washington, 1932. 208 p.

Chapter 7 of this volume, p. 87-101, deals with Major Caesar Augustus George Elholm (or Augustus Christian George Elholm), a Norwegian who, the author contends, was born in Tysnes parish, Norway, in 1731, the son of Abraham Hansen Elholm. Major Elholm was a soldier in Prussia, a companion of Pulaski in both hemispheres, a co-founder and adjutant general of the state of Franklin, adjutant general in Georgia, and finally a lawyer in Augusta. He died at Augusta in 1799.

HAIN, O. A. Mrs. Carrie Lien Rood. Samband, 8:122-126 (December, 1932).

A pioneer's life and genealogy.

HANSEN, C. G. O. Da Bjørnson gjæstet Amerika. Minneapolis tidende, December 8, 1932, p. 3, 5.

Bjørnson's visit to America.

---------- Glimt fra livet i det norske Amerika. Minneapolis tidende, November 17, 1932-May 25, 1933.

The editor of Minneapolis tidende continues under this title his extensive and valuable series concerning the Norwegians in America. The Norwegian settlements in Story County, Iowa, are given special treatment. The author discusses the migration from the Fox River settlement in Illinois to Huxley, Sheldahl, and Roland, Iowa, in 1855 and 1856, early life and conditions on the prairies, church history, and social life, with names of the leaders and their family histories. Other Norwegian settlements, and stories of individuals and of travel, are included. There are accounts of Gustav Unonius and John Godfrey Gasmann as representatives of the Episcopal church among the Norwegian immigrants.

HANSON, J. C. M. Dr. Simon Gunnerus Gill. Nordmanns-forbundet, 26: 118-119 (April, 1933).

---------- Haakon Nyhuus i Amerika; nogle erindringer. Deichmansbladet, 1:8-10 (Oslo, Norway, 1932).

An account of the visit of a well-known Norwegian librarian to the United States. The article is reprinted in Decorah-posten for January 17, 1985.

HANSON, M. L. A century of Norwegian-American progress and the future. Norden, 4:9-11 (November, 1932).

A survey occasioned by the world's fair in Chicago in 1955.

HAUGEN, EINAR. Nyt lys over Bjørnsons Amerikatur; den rige skat af breve fra B. B. til hans impressario, Rasmus B. Anderson, gjennem tyve aar. Decorah-posten, December 2, 6, 9, 1932, p. 1-2, 3, 3, respectively.

An account of Bjørnson's visit to America in 1880-81 that utilizes the Bjørnson correspondence in the R. B. Anderson collection.

---------- O. E. RØLVAAG. Norwegian-American studies and records, 7:53-75 (1933).

An interpretation of the author of Giants in the earth.

HELLAND, ANDREAS. De sore drog ud. Fitjar, bygdeskipnad og bygdesoga. Sandane, Norway, 1933. 68 p.

Professor Helland writes about emigration from the district of Fitjar, Norway, and lists 877 emigrants.

History of the Spring Grove church organizations. Spring Grove, Minnesota, 1933. 71p.

Trinity Lutheran church of Spring Grove, Minnesota, was organized in 1855 by Norwegian immigrants. The first church building was erected in 1860. Nine church organizations, principally ladies' aids, are accounted for in this pamphlet. There are several authors. The chairman of the history committee is Mrs. Emil Trehus.

HJELMESETH, EILERT. Elling Eielsen, --- en norsk banebryder. Norsk ungdom, 2l:l-2 (March, 1933).

A biographical sketch of a noted pioneer churchman.

HJERMSTAD, H. A. L. Fra nybyggerdagene paa prærien i midtre Nord Dakota. Samband, 9:2-12 (March, 1933).

Recollections of a Lutheran pastor on the prairies of central North Dakota.

---------- Smaafortællinger fra nybyggerdagene paa prærien. Samband, 9:42-48 (June, 1933).

Frontier anecdotes from North Dakota.

HODNEFIELD, JACOB, comp. Some recent publications relating to Norwegian-American history, III. Norwegian-American studies and records, 7: 74-92 (1933).

HODNEFIELD, OLIVE. Autobiography. Gleanings, 10:10-13 (Hankow, China, April, 1933).

Olive Hodnefield came to America with her parents in 1873 when she was seven years old, lived in Iowa until 1892, went to Shanghai, China, in January, 1893, and has rounded out forty years as a Lutheran missionary, spending most of the time at Fancheng, Hupeh province.

HOFRENNING, B. M. Port Churchill --- Hudson Bay. First Lutheran churchman to North America, 1619. Rev. Rasmus Jenson Aarhus, the first Lutheran pastor, came to Churchill, 1619. Lutheran herald, 16:722-724, 734-735 (June 7, 1932).

Aarhus accompanied the Munch expedition. He died on February 20, 1620.

HOFSTEAD, J. A. Sunnhordlands laget --- en historisk oversigt. Skandinaven, August 15, 1933, p. 9.

The history of the Sunnhordland lag, which was organized in 1911 in Story City, Iowa.

HOLAND, H. R. A bit from the life of the early settlers; how some of our people experienced the hard times of 1873. Lutheran almanac, 1933, p. 17-26.

This information, which concerns the Norwegian settlement at Lake Park, Minnesota, was furnished Mr. Holand by Kristen Eriksen Bjørge, who came into the district in 1870 from Wisconsin. The trip from Wisconsin was made by ox team and took two months.

HOLST, H. B. Har den store utvandring fra Sørlandet været til landsdelens fordel? Nordisk tidende, January l2, 1933, p.

This discussion raises the question as to whether emigration from the southern part of Norway has been of benefit to the district. No definite conclusion is reached, but the weight of the argument seems to be in the affirmative.

INGSTAD, HELGE. En norsk viking i nord-Canadas ødemark. Nordmanns-forbundet, 26:10-12 (January, 1933).

The man here designated as a Viking is Hjalmar Dale, hunter, trapper, and farmer, who crossed alone from the Mackenzie Valley to Hudson Bay.

JACKSON, ANTON. Gamle minder; en Kristianiagut fortæller om sine oplevelser i Amerika de første aarene fra 1881 udover. Minneapolis tidende, May 24, 1934, p. 6.

Recollections of a boy who emigrated from Oslo, Norway, in 1881 and who tells of his experiences in Chicago, St. Paul, Superior, Wisconsin, Canada, and elsewhere.

JACOBSEN, ADOLPH. Nogle erindringer fra seilskibenes dage. Skandinaven, June 28, 1932-January 6, 1933.

A continuation of the series noted in the last list. The author discusses the activities of Norwegian sailors, particularly those who had been on the Great Lakes, after they had left sailing. There is much biography and genealogy, notably in relation to pioneers of Racine, Wisconsin, with some discussion of church affairs in Racine and its vicinity.

JACOBSEN, K. T. The reorganization of the library of a small college. Library quarterly, 4: 234-243 (April, 1934).

The story of the reorganization and administration of the library of Luther college, Decorah, Iowa, under the direction of Mr. Jacobsen during the decade beginning in 1920. Also issued as a reprint.

JOHNSEN, A. O. Et Amerikabrev fra 1845. Nordmanns-forbundet, 27:14-16 (January, 1934).

A letter written by Gulbrand Engebretsen at Muskego, December 5, 1845. The writer hailed from Tullien (Thulien), Ringebu, Norway. He tells about his trip across the ocean and inland to his destination in Wisconsin. The same letter appears in Nordisk tidende, March 14, 1934, p. 3, contributed by G. E. S. Thulien.

---------- Et Amerikabrev fra 1855. Nordmanns-forbundet, 27:50-53 (February, 1934).

This "America letter" was written by Frithjof Meidell to his mother from Springfield, Illinois, on August 7, 1855. It appeared in Norden for December, 1932, and is noted elsewhere in the present bibliography (see Theodore C. Blegen).

JOHNSON, EMIL. Erindringer fra 1881. Minneapolis tidende, November 10, 1932, p. 9.

The journey to America from Oslo, Norway, in 1881, and the author's early experiences in this country. He took a homestead at Erskine, Minnesota, in 1883.

JOHNSON, J. S. Pioner- og slegthistorier; Rock Prairies Numedals-pionerer. Numedal, Kongsberg og omegn lag, Aarbok, no. 4, 1932, pt. 2, p. 23-32.

One of a series in this lag yearbook. Most yearbooks of this class contain short biographical notes and family histories. This particular number contains Gravdal, Hallan, Odegaard, and Skavlem genealogies. The origin of the families is Numedal, Norway.

JOHNSON, O. S. En Amerikareise for 77 aar siden. Skandinaven, March 28, 1933, p. 9.

The story of Johannes H. Gordhammer, who was born in Norway in 1851 and came to America in 1856. His first home was Calmar, Iowa; he then went to St. Cloud, Minnesota, and to Norway Lake, Kandiyohi County, Minnesota.

---------- De første indvandrere; en Amerikareise i 1849, fortalt af Andrew L. Lien. Skandinaven, February 7, 1933, p. 6, 9.

Andrew L. Lien immigrated from Drammen, Norway, in 1849. The narrative describes the journey across the ocean to New York, via the Erie Canal to Buffalo, thence to Milwaukee and Chicago, and finally to Blue Mounds, Dane County, Wisconsin.

JORDAHL, D. C. Professor Peter Laurentius Larsen. Decorah-posten, August 8, 1933, p. 2, 6.

An article on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Laurentius Larsen, former president of Luther college, Decorah, Iowa.

JORGENSON, THEODORE. Fremtiden. Nordmanns-forbundet, 27:2-4 (January, 1934).

The future of Norwegian culture in America, as it may exhibit itself in churches, schools, associations, learned societies, the press, and books.

----------Kultursamband og aandsvokster. Minneapolis tidende, May 10, 1934, p. 6.

A lecture given before the Philosophical society of Oslo, Norway. The subject is Norwegian-American relations, emigration, spread of Norwegian settlements in the United States, schools, Norwegian-American literature, and historical writings.

K., MRS. H. O. Trøndere i Starbuck og omegn. Trønderlagets aarbok, 1930-31, p. 80-92.

Sara and Andreas Holtan and Mrs. Anna Gorder of Starbuck, Minnesota, with portraits.

KILDAL, ARNE. Arne Kildals tale; Nordmanns-forbundets generalsekretær overrakte en addresse til 100-aarsfesten. Decorah-posten, June 29, 1934, p. 3, 5.

An address delivered at the centennial celebration of the founding of the first permanent Norwegian settlement in America, at Norway, Illinois, June 22-24, 1934. The address also appears in Skandinaven for June 29, p. 4, and in Nordisk tidende for June 27, p. 1, 14. Another article by the same author, on Cleng Peerson and his dreams of a great inland granary on the prairies, appears in Nordisk tidende, June 27, p. 5.

----------Nordmenn Jorden rundt. Nordisk tidskrift, 8:441-453 (1932).

A general survey of Norwegian emigration to America, beginning with the earliest period. Brief mention is made of emigration to other parts of the world.

----------O. E. Rølvaag sore digter. Decorah-posten, December 20, 23, 1932, p. 3, 3; Minneapolis tidende, December 29, 1932, January 5, l2, 1933, p. 9, 5, 5, respectively.

Rølvaag as an author.

----------Verdensutstillingen og våre utfiyttede landsmenn. Nordmanns-forbundet, 26:140-143 (May, 1933).

The Century of progress exposition in Chicago and Norwegian-Americans.

KORSTAD, J. D. David Pederson Verlo. Nordfjordlagets aarbok, 1932 og 1933, p. 42-48.

David Pederson Verlo (1854-1931) came to America in 1875 and settled near Benson, Minnesota.

KVAMME, KRISTEN. Et kirkeligt dobbeltjubilæum: Stavanger menighed kan feire 80-aars jubilæum søndag, 3die September; kirkehusets 60-aars jubilæum. Decorah-posten, August 29, 1933, p. 3.

The Stavanger Lutheran church, Winneshiek and Fayette counties, Iowa, was organized in 1853 and is thus eighty years old. The church building which is still in use, was erected twenty years later. The congregation celebrated these events on September 3, 1933.

LANGBACH, PEDER. Trøndere i Milwaukee. Trønderlagets aarbok, 1930, p. 16-18.

People from Trønderlaget who settled in Milwaukee.

LARSEN, HANNA. The Scandinavian colleges; how are they facing a changing world? American-Scandinavian review, 22 9-20 (March, 1934).

LARSEN, HANNA. The Scandinavian colleges; how are they facing a changing world? American-Scandinavian review, 22 9-20 (March, 1934).

LARSON, HAROLD. Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson og Amerika. Nordisk tidende, December 8, 1932, p. 1, 3.

This article discusses Bjørnson's visit to America in 1880-81, largely in the light of letters from Bjørnson in the R. B. Anderson collection at Madison, Wisconsin.

----------Bjørnson and America; a critical review by Harold Larson and Einar Haugen. Scandinavian studies and notes, 13:1-12 (February, 1934).

LEE, J. J. In memoriam. Preface by John J. Lee, Jr. Lake Park, Minnesota, 1932. 62p.

A collection of poems by Johannes J. Lee, with some biographical material included in the preface. Lee was born in Lien, Ringebu, Gulbrandsdalen, Norway, in 1839, immigrated to America in 1872, and settled near Lake Park, Minnesota, where he was a farmer from 1872 to 1920. He died in 1926.

LEE, MARIE (Mrs. O. H. Lee). Memories of Koshkonong parsonage and jubilee meeting fifty-five years ago. Lutheran herald, 18:479-481 (May 22, 1934).

Recollections of the twenty-fifth anniversary celebration of the founding of the Norwegian synod of the Norwegian Lutheran church, which was held near Stoughton, Wisconsin, in 1878.

LUND, EINAR. Foreningen Symra i Decorah. Norden, 5:7 (May, 1933).

The Symra society was organized in Decorah, Iowa, in 1907, and celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary in 1932.

----------Knut Gjerset. Nordmanns-forbundet, 26:13-14 (January, 1933).

LYON, BESSIE L. Gunda's coffee pot. Palimpsest, 15:416-425 (October, 1932).

Olaf and Gunda Johnson and their six children emigrated from Christiania, Norway, to Princeton, Illinois, in 1854. In 1865 they removed to Hamilton County, Iowa.

M., S. G. Thorstein T. Risteigen. Numedal, Kongsberg og omegn lag, Aarbok, no. 4, 1932, pt. 2, p. 38- 42.

MAGELSSEN, KRISTIAN. A reminder of the "good old days." Levang's weekly, February 16, 1933, p. 1, 5.

This portion of a diary of Kristian Magelssen bears the dates January 29 to February 28, 1899, and affords some insight into the daily life of a country pastor in a Norwegian community in Fillmore County, Minnesota.

MALMIN, R. Dr. Ulric Vilhelm Koren. Lutheran herald, 17: 424 425 (May 9, 1933).

A biographical treatment of a churchman prominent in the Norwegian synod of the Lutheran church. See also Rohne, J. M.

MELLBY, C. A. St. Olaf college sixtieth anniversary. Lutheran herald, 18:525-527, 529 (June 5, 1934).

MODUM-EIKER LAGET. Aarbog for Modum-Eiker laget, n.p., 1933. 92 p.

This is the first yearbook of the Modum-Eiker lag. The organization was formed at the Norse-American centennial in St. Paul, Minnesota, in 1925. Ragna Christiansen writes the foreword to the volume, which contains a history of the lag, some narrative material, and a biographical section. There are portraits and illustrations.

MORGENSTIERNE, WILHELM. Et større Norge; fra Nordmanns-forbundets arbeidsmark, artikler og taler. Oslo, H. Aschehoug and co., 1932. 120p.

This book, "A greater Norway," is a collection of articles and speeches that have appeared in Nordmanns-forbundet during the years 1914 to 1932. The author is the present minister of Norway to the United States. Kristian Prestgard wrote the introduction.

NAESETH, CAROLINE K. Minder fra Little Iowa prestegaard. Folkekalender, 1933, p. 11-18.

Mrs. Naeseth presents reminiscences from the Little Iowa congregation, which later was known as the Washington Prairie congregation. It is located seven miles south of Decorah, Iowa. The author's father, the late Ulric Vilhelm Koren, was pastor of this church from 1856 to 1910.

NELSON, MARY L. Daniel Nelson, his life and work. Shanghai, China, The Mercury press, n.d. 165 p.

Daniel Nelson (1853-1926) came to America in 1882 and became a farmer near Eagle Grove, Iowa. In 1890 he left Iowa to become a missionary in China, where he remained until he was shot and killed in an uprising in 1926.

NELSON, OLEY. Brødrene Steen; lidt om de seks norske brødre Steen som deltog i borgerkrigen. Minneapolis tidende, May 31, 1935, p. 5.

The Steens came to America in the late fifties and settled near Decorah, Iowa. Each of six brothers served in the Civil war more than three years, and all became sergeants. They were Charles, Theodore, John, Henry, Martin, and Otto.

A new picture of an old pioneer. Lutheran almanac, 1934, p. 55-59.

A biographical sketch of Elling Eielsen (1804-83).

Nordfjordlagets aarbok, 1932 og 1933. Carl D. Kolset, ed. Sanborn, Minnesota, 1933. 70 p.

This yearbook of Nordfjordlaget contains a biography of David Pederson Verlo by J. D. Korstad, a number of shorter biographies, a narrative of a trip to Norway, reports, and other material.

NORLIE, O. M. The Norwegians are pioneers; we can not have too many of them. Norwegian contribution to progress of America reviewed. Nordisk tidende, February 28, 1933, p. 16.

An address delivered by Dr. Norlie before "Det norske selskab," Brooklyn, New York, February 21, 1933.

NORNBORG, JOHN. Gauldalskolonien ved Hendricks, Minnesota. Trønderlagets aarbok, 1933, p. 79-90.

Immigrants from Gauldal, Norway, who founded a colony at Hendricks, Minnesota.

----------Trønderlaget i America gjennem femogtyve aar. Trønderlagets aarbok, 1933, p. 31-71.

A history of Trønderlaget during the past twenty-five years.

NORWEGIAN-AMERICAN HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION. Norwegian-American studies and records, vol. 7. Northfield, Minnesota, 1933. 139p.

The contents of this volume are as follows: Social aspects of prairie pioneering --- the reminiscences of a pioneer pastor's wife, by Mrs. R. O. Brandt; The Fraser River gold rush, an immigrant letter of 1858, translated and edited by C. A. Clansen; O. E. Rølvaag, Norwegian-American, by Einar I. Haugen; Some recent publications relating to Norwegian-American history, III, compiled by Jacob Hodnefield; A hunt for Norwegian-American records, by Carlton C. Qualey; Ole Edvart Rølvaag, 1876-1931, in memoriam, by Julius E. Olson; Roll of members.

Norwegian aristocrat took Chippewa maid as mate. Ludwig Motzfeldt one of the most eccentric squawmen of this section; county treasurer. Antigo (Wis.) daily journal, April 4, 1933, p. 8.

Ludwig Motzfeldt (1847-1928) was born in Norway and emigrated to America as a young man, settling in Wisconsin. His widow has furnished the information that forms the basis of this article. Motzfeldt died at Odanah, Wisconsin, on the Bad River reservation.

NUMEDAL, KONGSBERG OG OMEGN LAG. Aarbok, no. 4, 1932. 72, 68 p.

This yearbook contains short historical and biographical sketches, with correspondence, news, and so forth. The last part is a Numedals-avdeling.

NUMEDALSLAGET. Numedalslagets festskrift, 1908-1933. Numedalslaget gjennem fem og tyve aar. n.p., n.d. 32 p.

This jubilee number celebrates the founding of Numedalslaget and tells its history during the twenty-five years of its existence. There are several contributors. Included is an account by O. O. Enestvedt of a snowstorm of 1873 in the Minnesota River valley.

OACE, O. H. Hauges synode (Refsede men ikke ihjelslagne); samt et joredrag aj H. H. Bergsland om forsoningen. St. Paul, Minnesota, The author, 1932. 99p.

OACE, O. H. Hauges synode (Refsede men ikke ihjelslagne); samt et joredrag aj H. H. Bergsland om forsoningen. St. Paul, Minnesota, The author, 1932. 99p.

The first 68 pages of this volume contain an historical essay on the hauge's Norwegian

Evangelical Lutheran church of America, with an introductory exposition of Haugeanism and some mention of backgrounds in the pietistic movement in Germany and Norway. There is special mention of Hans Nielsen Hauge in Norway and of Elling Eielsen in America, the latter being the founder of the synod in this country. With this are woven some controversial matter and personal reminiscences and reactions. ODDEN, A. C. See St. Paul's Lutheran church.

ODLAND, M. W. The new Canaan, in which Onon Bjornson tells the saga of the early Norse migration to America and the story of a great love. Minneapolis, Augsburg publishing house. 1933. 208 p.

The publication in book form of the story, noted in the last list, that ran in the St. Paul dispatch in serial form.

OLSON, GILBERT. Minder fra gamle dage; Gilbert Olson, 91 aar, fortæller om sin ungdom i Valdres og de første aar i Amerika. Decorah-posten, October 21, 1932, p. 3.

Gilbert Olson, ninety-one years old, of Manitowoc, Wisconsin, presents, with the assistance of the Reverend D. G. Ristad, these recollections of his youth in Norway and America. The journey to America was made in 1869.

OLSON, J. E. Ole Edvart Rø1vaag, 1876-1931; in memoriam. Norwegian-American studies and records, 7:121-130 (1933).

"An address delivered at Ottawa, Illinois, on November 14, 1932, at a meeting of the executive board of the Norwegian-American Historical Association.''

Opdalinger ved fortene langs Missourielven i 70-aarene. Opdalslagers aarbok, 1933, p. 11-21.

Immigrants from Opdal, Norway, employed at the forts along the Missouri River in the seventies. The article is accompanied by a portrait of Halvor Aune.

OPDALSLAGET. Opdalslagets aarbok, 1933. Skriftstyrer Kristine Haugen. [Decorah, Iowa, Posten press, 1933.] 88p.

This yearbook contains short biographical and genealogical articles and the longer article noted in the preceding entry.

OVREN, JOHN. Fra Eau Claire i gamle dage og nu. Decorah-posten, March 14-April 25, 1933.

There are six installments of this series. They present bits of information about the Norwegian settlement at Eau Claire, Wisconsin, and major consideration is given to church history. Congregations and pastors are named, and dates of the founding of churches are given.

OYEN, J. J. Watson community pioneers. Watson, Minnesota, Watson voice, n.d. 48p.

The Watson community contained a considerable percentage of Norwegian immigrants.

PAULSON, OLE. Early history of nearby vicinity. Chaska weekly valley herald, February 16, 23, March 9, 23, 30, April 15, 20, 27, 1933.

These reminiscences were written by a pioneer pastor and are now translated from the Norwegian by A. G. W. Anderson. Paulson describes his removal from Lansing, Iowa, to Carver, Carver County, Minnesota, in 1854, subsequent pioneer experiences, enlistment in the Civil war in 1862, the service of his regiment in the Indian uprising of that year, and the transfer of the soldiers to Glencoe and from there to Mankato to assist at the execution of the Indians.

PEDERSEN, J. M. En nykommerhistorie fra 1893. Nord-Norge, no. 66: 5-6 (December, 1932).

The author's own story from the time he left Melø Parish, Norway, until he achieved a permanent abode at Newmarket, Minnesota.

QUALEY, C. C. The Fox River Norwegian settlement. Illinois state historical society, Journal, 27:135-177 (July, 1934).

This article, which is also issued as a separate, was written in connection with the centennial of the settlement of the Norwegian colony in La Salle County, Illinois, in 1834. It gives an account of the first Norwegian group immigration in 1825, the settlement in Orleans County, New York, migration westward and the settlement in Illinois, the function of the Fox River settlement as a mother colony, church matters, and the leadership of Cleng Peerson. Appendices contain four "America letters," written in 1837, 1838, 1839, and 1842; an account of Wossingen, which was published from December, 1857, to February, 1860; and a discussion of "What became of Cleng Peerson."

----------A hunt for Norwegian-American records. Norwegian- American studies and records, 7:95-120 (1933).

REISHUS, MARTHA, comp. The builders; chapters in the history of the pioneer Lutheran church at Minot, North Dakota. [1933]. 82p.

In this pamphlet are included two very interesting documents: a travelogue of a journey from Mayville to Mouse River in 1881, written by B. Harstad, and a diary of the Reverend T. S. Reishus for the period June 19 to October 18, 1886. Both documents are important as sources for the history of pioneer settlement in North Dakota.

RENE, K. A. Vosselaget er 25 aar; mange af de bedst kjendte Vossinger i Amerika var blandt stifterne; værdifulde tiltag for en række gode formaal: et historisk rids. Skandinaven, June 5, 1934, p. 1, 2.

The Vosselag has a record of twenty-five years, and this article tells its history, mentions many of its prominent members, and lists some of the causes it has supported.

RISTAD, D. G. Norske bygder i Manitowoc County og deromkring. Jul i vesterheimen, 1932, p. 15-19.

Norwegian settlements in and about Manitowoc County, Wisconsin. There is an illustration of Manitowoc in 1855, one of the Gjerpen church in Manitowoc County, one of the First church in Valders, Wisconsin, and a portrait of Steffen Olsen Helle, pioneer.

----------Ole Rynning. Trønderlagets aarbok, 1930-31, p. 58-62.

A brief biographical treatment of Ole Rynning (1809-38).

----------Pastor Severin Gunderson. Nordmanns-forbundet, 26:14-15 (January, 1933).

----------Svein Nilsson. Trønderlagets aarbok, 1930-31, p. 63-70.

A biography of Svein Nilsson (1826-1908), one of the most prominent and influential of early Norwegian-American journalists.

RISTEIGEN, H. T. Halvor T. Risteigens selvbiografi. Numedal, Kongsberg og omegn lag, Aarbok, no. 4, 1932, p. 42-47.

An autobiography of H. T. Risteigen of Oslo, Minnesota.

ROCK VALLE CONGREGATION, REDWOOD AND YELLOW MEDICINE COUNTIES, MINNESOTA. Seksti-aarsfest for Rock Valle menighed, 1873-1933. n.p., [1933]. 11 p.

A pamphlet issued on the sixtieth anniversary of the founding of the Rock Valle Lutheran church. There are illustrations and portraits.

ROCKSTAD, A. A. Andrew A. Rockstad. Numedal, Kongsberg og omegn lag, Aarbok, no. 4, 1932, p. 35-38.

Rockstad immigrated in 1876. He went to Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, and later to Blooming Prairie, Minnesota. Still later he lived at Yellow River, Wisconsin, and finally in San Diego, California.

ROHNE, J. M. Kildahl, Johan Nathan (Jan. 4, 1857-Sept. 25, 1920). Dictionary of American biography, 10:373 (1933).

A leader among Norwegian-American churchmen and president of St. Olaf college from 1899 to 1914.

---------- The pit whence we were digged. Lutheran herald, 18:523-524, 537 (June 5, 1934).

An historical survey of Norwegian Lutheran church organizations in this country.

---------- Koren, Ulrik Vilhelm (Dec. 22, 1826-Dec. 20, 1910). Dictionary of American biography, 10: 495-496 (1933),

A leader in the organization of the Norwegian synod and also in the founding of Luther college, Decorah, Iowa. His life-long pastorate was at Washington Prairie, Iowa. He was president of the Norwegian synod from 1894 to the time of his death.

---------- Larsen, Peter Laurentius (Aug. 10, 1833-Mar. 1, 1915). Dictionary of American biography, 11:9-10 (1933).

A biography of the famous first president of Luther college, Decorah, Iowa.

---------- Veil of uncertainty shrouds Orrock Lutheran church. Sherburne County (Minnesota) star news, November 9, 1933, p.3.

The Orrock Lutheran church of Sherburne County, Minnesota, celebrated its sixtieth anniversary in 1933. Church work was begun in that locality by O. A. Normann in 1873.

ROLLAG, A. K. 1883-1933 Golden anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Rollag, Friday, February 3, 1933. n.p., n.d. 10 p.

The home of Mr. and Mrs. Rollag is at Booge, South Dakota.

RØNNING, N. N. The boy from Telemark. Minneapolis, The Friend, publishers, 1933. 150 p.

An autobiographical narrative re-written from the Norwegian edition, which bore the title Gutten fra Telemarken.

---------- Pastor Østen Hanson, høvdingen i Hauges synode. Folkekalender, 1934, p. 11-25.

Østen Hanson, pioneer pastor and for a time president of the Hauge's synod of the Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran church.

RØRVIK, JOHN. Utvandrede Viknaværingers saga. In Viknalaget, Viknaværinger i Amerika, p. 84-155.

Individual and family histories, and settlements established by emigrants from Vikna, Norway.

RYGG, A. N. Der norske hospital i Brooklyn. Nordmanns-forbundet, 26:106-108 (April, 1933).

The Norwegian hospital in Brooklyn, New York, with illustrations and a portrait of Sister Elisabeth.

ST. PAUL'S LUTHERAN CHURCH. Eightieth anniversary, St. Paul's Lutheran congregation, at Long Prairie, Deerfield, Wisconsin, August 2, 1931. h.p., n.d. 20p.

The pamphlet includes an historical sketch by A. C. Odden, p. 5-15, with portraits and illustrations, and this sketch in turn incorporates an "America letter" written by Lars Neels Vele from Dane County, Koshkonong Prairie, on November 27, 1844, to Gulbrand Nels Gjerald, Voss Prestegjæld, Norway.

SANDRO, G. O. Pionererne ved Lake Hendricks. Trønderlagets aarbok, 1932, p. 31-37.

C. N. Troøien is co-author with Mr. Sandro of this article about the pioneers at Lake Hendricks, Minnesota. The immigration began in 1873. Names of pioneers are given and considerable space is devoted to church affairs.

SAVEREIDE, C. F. Henrik Ibsen's brother. Norden, 5:4-5 (May, 1933.)

Nicolai Alexander Ibsen was the youngest of six children in the Ibsen household. He came to America about 1870. He owned forty acres of land near Estherville, Iowa, and herded cattle in that region.

SAXE, LUDVIG. En merkesmann, Magnus Swenson. Nordmanns-forbundet, 27:86-87 (March, 1934).

SAXE, LUDVIG. En merkesmann, Magnus Swenson. Nordmanns-forbundet, 27:86-87 (March, 1934).

SCHAFER, JOSEPH. Hans Christian Heg. Wisconsin blue book, 1933, p. 37-41.

In one of a series of sketches under the general heading: Five Wisconsin pioneers, Dr. Schafer tells the story of Hans Christian Heg, colonel of the Fifteenth Wisconsin regiment in the Civil war. The article is based in part upon the unpublished Civil war letters of Heg.

SELLIN, THORSTEN. Koren, John (March 3, 1801-Nov. 9, 1923. Dictionary of American biography, 10:494-495 (1933).

Biography of a noted statistician and student of liquor control and criminology.

SIGDALSLAGET. Sigdalslaget (4de bog): oplysninger om Sigdøler, Eggedøler og Kryllinger i Amerika. Samlet ved Martin T. Braatelien, sagaskriver. [Decorah, Iowa, Anundsen publishing company], 1932. 150p.

An historical survey of the lag, short biographies and historical sketches, portraits, and illustrations.

Skandinavens almanak-kalender for 1933, 1934. Chicago, John Anderson publishing company, 1932,

1933. 2 vols.

John Hjellum is editor of both of these volumes, which are similar to previous issues. In the volume for 1935 is an article entitled: Norsk-amerikanernes dag paa verdensudstillingen, by R. R. Haugan, p.3-13, describing Norwegian-American day at the Century of progress exposition in Chicago in 1933.

SKAVLAN, GUNNAR. Vinlandsreisene. Nordisk tidende, October 6, 15, 1932, p. 1, 3.

A survey of sources of information on the Vinland journeys of Leif Erikson and others, the place of Leif Erikson in history, alleged relics of Norsemen in America, the Kensington rune stone, and so forth.

Sønner af Norge, 1932, 1933. Minneapolis, Minnesota, Sons of Norway, 2 vols.

These volumes are similar to preceding volumes of this official organ of the Sons of Norway. They contain news, letters from members, necrology, lists of lodges and officers, reports, and the like.

SØYLAND, CARL,. Langs landeveien. Oslo, Gyldendal norsk forlag, 1929. 200p.

An account of a recent journey by a Norwegian in America.

SPRINGER, G. T., comp. Yumpin' yiminy; Skandinavian dialect collections. Long Prairie, Minnesota, The Mart publications, 1932. 118p.

Short anecdotes in mixed dialect.

STENE, GABRIEL. Guri Endresens daad. Minneapolis tidende, January 19, 1933, p. 11.

Guri Endresen's part in the Indian massacre in Kandiyohi County, Minnesota, in 1862.

---------- Pioneer minder. Minneapolis tidende, February 23, 1933-May 3, 1934.

Pioneer conditions and Norwegian pioneers in the vicinity of Norway Lake in Kandiyohi County, Minnesota. Much of the material is anecdotal in character. The subjects are of wide range and include biographies and family histories, the Indian outbreak of 1862, missionary work among the Indians, Norwegian Lutheran church history, events touching the Civil war, social life, snowstorms, and farming methods.

---------- Pionerer og nybyggerliv. Decorah-posten, December 27, 1932, January 3, 1933.

Mads Knudsen Omli and other pioneers of the neighborhood of Norway Lake, Kandiyohi County, Minnesota.

---------- Pioneer-tragedie; Gabriel Stene beretter om to menneskers død og manges lidelser i den svære snestorm in 1874. Minneapolis tidende, November 17, 1932, p. 11.

---------- Pioneer-tragedie; Gabriel Stene beretter om to menneskers død og manges lidelser i den svære snestorm in 1874. Minneapolis tidende, November 17, 1932, p. 11.

Tragedies in a snowstorm of 1874 in the vicinity of Willmar, Minnesota.

STEPHENS, G. W. Nelson, Nelson Olsen (Sept. 11, 1844-Oct. 5, 1922). Dictionary of American Biography, 13:419-420 (1934).

The founder of the N. O. Nelson manufacturing company of St. Louis, Missouri, was born in Lillesand, Norway, and immigrated in 1847.

STEPHENSON, H. N. A. Christmas in western Wisconsin forty years ago. The Friend, 9:20-22, 24 (December, 1932).

STEPHENSON, H. N. A. Christmas in western Wisconsin forty years ago. The Friend, 9:20-22, 24 (December, 1932).

A child of the pioneers idealizes a Christmas season of his boyhood at Halfway Creek, north of La Crosse, Wisconsin. Stølandslegten i Amerika. Opdalslagets aarbok, 1933, p. 40-46. Støland genealogy.

SUNDHEIM, A. M. To dages samvær med Bjørnson i Amerika. Samband, 9:98-107 (December, 1933).

The author spent two days with Bjønstjerne Bjørnson in Racine, Wisconsin, in April, 1881.

TEGGART, R. V. Thorstein Veblen; a chapter in American economic thought. Berkeley, California, University of California press, 1932. 126 p. (University of California publications in economics, vol. 11, no. 1).

THOMSEN, GEORGE. Matias Johannesen Fjeldhaugens saga. Minneapolis tidende, June 29, July 15, 20, 27, 1933, p. 3 in each instance.

Matias J. Fjeldhaugen (1818-93) came to America in 1856 and eventually settled in Kandiyohi County, Minnesota. He was a member of Sibley's cavalry during the Indian troubles of the early sixties.

THORSON, P. E. Some facts regarding the early history of Norwegians and the church in central Texas. Lutheran almanac, 1934, p. 45-54.

The author gives some account of Nordboe, Reiersen, and Peerson; and he deals especially with the Four Mile Prairie settlement and the church history of the Texas Norwegians. An early pastor was St. S. Reque, who served the settlements in 1866-67.

TJERNAGEL, P. G. and H. M. Who was Nagelsen? Palimpsest, 13: 261-273 (July, 1932.

Nils Reinhardt Nagelsen, itinerant peddler of Bibles, hymn books, prayer books, and other Christian literature to the Norwegian settlements in Iowa, was born in Denmark about a hundred years ago. He was educated as a clergyman and had a great store of learning. For a time he was in the consular service in Christiania, Norway; then he was an editor in Copenhagen, Denmark, where his opinions brought about his imprisonment. Thereafter he emigrated to America. He died in 1891.

TRANVlK, ISAK. Hitterværinger i Amerika. Trønderlagets aarbok, 1933, p. 91-94.

An article on immigrants from Hitra, Norway.

TRØNDERLAGET. Trønderlagets aarbok, 1930-31, 1932, 1933. Minneapolis, 1931-33. 3 vols.

The editor of this yearbook is John Nornborg. The volume for 1955 is a twenty-fifth anniversary edition, with a history of the society by the editor, p. 31-71. There is also an article on the Gauldal colony at Hendricks, Minnesota, p. 79-90, and one on the immigrants from Hitra, Norway, by Isak Tranvik, p. 91-94. Each of the volumes contains short biographies and historical sketches, necrology, list of members, and reports.

TROØIEN, C. N. Et blad av vor pionerhistorie; Trønder-settlementet ved Lake Hendricks. Trønderlagets aarbok, 1930-31, p. 71-79.

TROØIEN, C. N. Et blad av vor pionerhistorie; Trønder-settlementet ved Lake Hendricks. Trønderlagets aarbok, 1930-31, p. 71-79.

A page from the pioneer history of Lake Hendricks, Minnesota.

ULLTANG, KRISTIAN. To Sunnfjordgrender. Nordmanns-forbundet, 27:9-10 (January, 1934).

The story of two farms, the one the author left behind in Norway and the one he occupied later in Minnesota.

UNSTAD, LYDER. Thorstein Veblen, the man and his socioeconomic ideas. Nordisk tidende, January 31, February 7, 14, 21, 1933.

UNSTAD, LYDER. Thorstein Veblen, the man and his socioeconomic ideas. Nordisk tidende, January 31, February 7, 14, 21, 1933.

VEBLEN, A. A. Norsving-ætten. Northfield, Minnesota, Mohn printing co., 1933. Chart.

A genealogical chart of the Norsving family. Reviewed in Minneapolis tidende, September 14, 1933, p. 3, by H. Chr. Hjortaas.

VIKNALAGET. Viknaværinger i Amerika; historiske og biografiske skildringer, av John Rørvik og Paul Woxeng. Minneapolis, Minnesota, Viknalaget, 1933. 224 p.

Viknalagets saga, p. 12-21, tells the story of Viknalaget. Fra utvandrer-nes saga, by Paul Woxeng, p. 35-36, and Utvandringen til Amerika, by Paul Woxeng, p. 37-80, constitute a general account of Norwegian emigration to America. Utvandrede Viknaværingers saga, by John Rørvik, p. 84-155, tells the story of the emigration from each of the districts of Vikna, Norway, with dates and names, and tells where the immigrants settled in America. A detailed contribution to the history of Norwegian emigration to America.

Vossebrev, 39-46. Skandinaven, June 28 --- August 23, 1932.

A continuation of the letters noted in the last list. The letters were sent from pioneers of Chicago and its vicinity to their relatives and friends in Voss, Norway. Some of the letters were sent from the region northwest of Chicago in Wisconsin.

WALEN, G. J. M. Den hovedsagelige aarsak for den norske utvandring til Amerika i 1825. Mere lys, 19:14-18, 45-49; 20: 16-21, 41-45 (October, 1932, January, April, July, 1933).

A searching analysis of the causes of the Norwegian emigration to America in 1825. Religious strictures are given prominence, but economic and political causes are included. The uncomfortable position of the Quakers in Stavanger in 1825 and their relation to the venture of the "Restauration" are explained.

---------- Norge og Amerika. Mere lys, 20:9-15 (April, 1933).

A general survey of Norwegian immigration and its significance.

WHITEHALL, WISCONSIN. Our Saviour's Lutheran church; reconstruction festival. . . October 30, 1932. n.p., n.d. 20 p.

WHITEHALL, WISCONSIN. Our Saviour's Lutheran church; reconstruction festival. . . October 30, 1932. n.p., n.d. 20 p.

A brief historical sketch of the church. The pastor is O. G. Birkeland.

WISCONSIN MAGAZINE or HISTORY. A Norwegian pioneer letter. Wisconsin magazine of history, 16:449-450 (June, 1933).

This letter was written by Nils Sjurson Gilderhus of Dane County, Wisconsin, and was addressed to Sjur Anderson Gilderhus, Voss, Bergen, Norway.

WOXENG, PAUL. Utvandringen til Amerika. In Viknalaget, Viknaværinger i Amerika, p. 37-80 (1933).

Emigration to America. See entry under Viknalaget.

YLVlSAKER, ERLING. Eminent pioneers; Norwegian-American pioneer sketches. Minneapolis, Augsburg publishing house [1934]. 162p.

Chapters are included on Thomas and Karl Veblen, West Koshkonong church, Rasmus B. Anderson, Anna Ellestad, Nils O. Brandt, Snowshoe Thompson (John A. Thompson), the Fifteenth Wisconsin infantry, T. G. Mandt, John Hosaas, Knute Reindahl, and J. C. M. Hanson. Reviewed in Minneapolis tidende for March 29, 1934, and in Skandinaven for May 18, 1934.


An article in Trønderlagets aarbok for 1932, entitled "Foregangs kvinder," includes accounts, with portraits, of Mrs. H. O. Kirkwold, Mrs. Ellen Hammer, and Mrs. Bertha Buan.

The Lutheran almanac, 1933, issued by the Augsburg publishing house, Minneapolis, contains portraits of the following early pastors: B. J. Muus, Ole Paulson, David Lysnes, Laurentius Larsen, Elling Eielsen, J. W. C. Dietrichson, and C. L. Clausen. Decorah-posten for December 2, 1932, is a Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson number with an editorial, portrait, and several articles on Bjørnson, including Dr. Einar Haugen's "Nyt lys over Bjørnsons Amerikatur." In an article entitled, "Kom Bjørnson ikke til Decorah i 1881?" Harold Larson affirms that Bjørnson arrived in that city on March 15, 1881. Minneapolis tidende for December 8, 1932, is a Bjørnson number, with biography, portrait, and other material, and a special article by the editor, Carl G. O. Hansen, "Da Bjørnson gjæstet Amerika," relating to Bjørnson's visit to the United States. John Ovren records "Minder om Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson" on page 9 of the December 6, 1932, issue of Skandinaven, which is a special Bjørnson issue to commemorate the centenary of his birth. There is in the same issue an editorial on Bjørnson and a Bjørnson letter, which was continued in the issue of December 13.

The Norwegian-American historical association is the subject of a article in Skandinaven of November 20, 1932, by Theodore C. Blegen.

Samband, 8:74-76 (September, 1932 contains an editorial on the late Andrew A. Veblen (1848-1932) accompanied by a portrait.

The Minneota mascot for October 14, 1832, p. 1, 8, contains an article on the Hemnes Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran church of Lyon County, Minnesota, which celebrated its sixtieth anniversary on October 9, 1932.

The Mabel (Minnesota) record for October 7, 1932, p. 1, contains an article regarding the seventy-fifth anniversary of the First Lutheran church of Newburg, Minnesota, which was celebrated October 2, 1932. Extracts from a paper on the history of the church, compiled by Bernt Jacobson, are given. There is a list of pastors, early pioneers, and so forth.

In Allen H. Eaton's book, Immigrant gifts to American life, p. 91-92, is a section that bears the title: "Norse-American centennial, Minneapolis."

Norden, Chicago, discontinued publication with the issue of May, 1933, vol. 5, no. 1. Financial support was inadequate, according to an editorial. In the last number, p. 25, is a short sketch of the first president of Luther college, Decorah, Iowa, Peter Laurentius Larsen. A portrait accompanies the article. The Lutheran herald for October 3, 1933, is a Larsen commemorative number, with portrait and illustrations.

Chapter 16, p. 116-122, of Ralph A. Kimble's Commemorative postage stamps of the United States (New York, Grosset and Dunlap, 1938) carries the title: "The Norse-American issue of 1925." The chapter describes and illustrates the stamps.

The Annals of Iowa for October, 1933, 19:157-158, contains a short biography of Gilbert N. Haugen (1859-1955), late representative in Congress from the fourth Iowa district.

A number of Norwegian names occur in the biographical section, p.252-296, of C. A. Rasmussen's A history of the city of Red Wing, Minnesota, published in 1933. The main body of the book is made up largely of material gathered from newspapers and is arranged chronologically by years.

In the Northfield (Minnesota) news for May 19, 1932, p. 3-4, appears an article by Arthur J. Larsen entitled: "Various nations contributed to early settlement of Rice County; typical 'melting pot' process revealed in story of local frontier." Thc Norwegian group is included in this analysis of a typical settlement in Rice County, Minnesota.

Nordmanns-forbundet runs a series of short biographies of Norwegian expatriates, including Norwegian-Americans. Thus the issue of September, 1933, contains articles on Knud Wefald, Einar Hoidale, and Andreas Ueland, and the one of July, 1933, on G. M. Bruce.

Samband continues from time to time a series called "Prester av Valdreseet," in which pastors whose point of origin was Valdres, Norway, are given short biographical treatment. Portraits accompany the articles.

Nordisk tidende, Brooklyn, in its issue of March 21, 1934, announces the inception of a Norwegian-American archives collection in the New York public library.

The Lutheran messenger (Grand Meadow, Minnesota), for June 1, 1981, is a diamond jubilee number, 1856-1981, dedicated to the Bear Creek Lutheran church. It contains historical narratives, short biographies, portraits, illustrations, and so on.

The Illinois Central railroad and its colonization work is the title of a new book by Paul Wallace Gates, in which he takes up "Competition for foreign immigrants" in the tenth chapter. The efforts made to secure immigrants from Norway are included. Some of the material is the same as that used in his article in Studies and records of the Norwegian-American historical association, 6:66-88 (1931), as noted in our last list.

The Library quarterly for April, 1934, vol. 4, no. 2, is a special James Christian Meinich Hanson number. Besides containing a number of articles on technical library subjects it has the following: James Christian Meinich Hanson, by Pierce Butler, p. 127-130, with portrait as frontispiece; bibliography of James C. M. Hanson, p. 131-135; J. C. M. Hanson and international cataloging, by William Warner Bishop, p. 165-168; The University of Chicago libraries, a historical note, p. 185-197, which relates especially to Mr. Hanson's administration; and Mr. Hanson and his friends, by Helen K. Starr, p. 329-333. In the same number is an historical article on the Luther college library, Decorah, Iowa, by Karl T. Jacobsen, librarian. The number is reviewed in Decorah-posten for May 8 and in Nordisk tidende for May 14, 1934.

In the letters of Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson that are edited by Professor Halvdan Koht of the University of Oslo, Norway, are included a number written from the United States in 1880 and 1881. These are included in the first volume of 3. Samling: Kamp-liv; Brev fra aarene 1879-1884, p. 198-252. Professor Koht discusses these letters in the introduction, beginning on page xxii. Most of the letters are written to Karoline Bjørnson, but a few are addressed to others, some to people in Norway, and a number to people in the United States; as, for instance, one to William Dean Howells from Minneapolis. The letters tell the story of Bjørnson's American visit, his invitation from Mrs. Ole Bull, his journey across the ocean, his arrival in Cambridge, Massachusetts, September 27, 1880, his struggles with thc English language, his visits to noted men --- Longfellow, Emerson, Whitman --- his lecture tour to Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Dakota, his discomfiture because of severe weather, his triumphs, and his contentions with the representatives of the church.

The Minnesota historical society has acquired, as a gift from the Veblen family, a vast collection of clippings and valuable manuscripts left by the late Professor Andrew A. Veblen. The latter include a typewritten account of 85 pages detailing the history of the Veblen family in America. In another manuscript of 44 pages Veblen tells the story of the four years, 1877-81, when he was a member of the faculty of Luther college at Decorah, Iowa. The clippings, carefully preserved and mounted, deal chiefly with the rise and progress of the lag movement. The collection as a whole is a notable source of information about Norwegian-American cultural activities.

In Lars P. Qualben's History of the Christian church (New York, Thoman Nelson and Sons, 1933) some mention is made of the Norwegians in the United States. Chapter 24 has the caption, "The Lutheran church in the national era, 1789-1953." The Norwegian Lutheran churches are discussed on pages 484-485, and the various synods organized by Norwegian immigrants are listed.

Emil Baensch has issued a fifteen-page pamphlet (1933) entitled, What Manitowocers read 80 years ago, (1854-57) listing two hundred periodicals read by residents of Manitowoc, Wisconsin, and that vicinity. In this list Emigranten, Norske Amerikaner, Kirkelig maanedstidende, and Frihed's venner testify to the presence of Norwegians in the settlement.

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