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Contributors (Volume IX: Page 119)

PROFESSOR MARCUS L. HANSEN of the University of Illinois is widely known as an authority on the history of American immigration. In 1935 he delivered a series of lectures in this field at the University of London. Dr. Hansen is a member of the Board of Editors of the Norwegian-American Historical Association and is the author of several books, including Old Fort Snelling, 1819-1858.

DR. D. G. RISTAD of Manitowoc, Wisconsin, is the vice president of the Norwegian-American Historical Association. He is the author of Fradet ny Normandie and other volumes of verse, a frequent contributor of historical articles to newspapers and periodicals, and a leader in the Norwegian-American lag movement.

DR. H. F. SWANSEN, head of the history department in Dana College, Blair, Nebraska, was recently awarded thc degree of doctor of philosophy at the University of Iowa. His dissertation was a study of "The Norse in Iowa to 1870."

DR. CLARENCE A. CLAUSEN of Wittenburg College, Springfield, Ohio, will be remembered by readers of the Studies and Records series as the editor and translator of an interesting document relating to the Fraser River gold rush, published in volume VII.

MR. CARLTON C. QUALEY has recently been appointed lecturer and fellow in history on the faculty of Bard College, Columbia University, Annandale-on-Hudson, New York.

DR. WALDMAR C. WESTERGAARD is professor of history in the University of California at Los Angeles. His writings include a volume on the Danish West Indies, published in 1917.

Miss KATHERINE HUSTVEDT, who translates the narrative of her father Halvor B. Hustvedt, resides at Decorah, Iowa. She is a musician and teacher of music, and obtained her education at various conservatories in this country and in France.

PROFESSOR LAURENCE M. LARSON is the head of the history department in the University of Illinois and a member of thc Board of Editors of the Norwegian-American Historical Association. The association will publish a volume of historical essays by Dr. Larson in 1937.

MR. JACOB HODNEFIELD is the director of the WPA survey of federal archives in Minnesota. His present bibliographical contribution is the fifth in its series.

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