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Some Recent Publications Relating to Norwegian-American History (no. V)
Compiled by Jacob Hodenfield (Volume IX: Page 106)

AGERSBORG, H. P. VON W. KJERSCHOW. A future American, or a biographical sketch of Hans Peter of Gjersvik. London, The Mitre press, n.d. 177p.

"This book is a historical-sociological novel." An immigrant's story, apparently based on real experience.

AWES, ASTRID DAHLE. As I remember it; a few pensketches of Rev. Ole Dahle, sky pilot and circuit rider in northern Minnesota when the land was yet new. The Friend, 9:6-9, 8-11, (August, September, 1934).

Covers approximately the period 1895-1905.

BARTON, ALBERT O. See Erickson, K. E.

BLEGEN, T. C., ed. The Civil war letters of Colonel Hans Christian Heg. Northfield, Minnesota, Norwegian-American historical association, 1936. 260 p.

This volume consists of letters of the colonel of the Fifteenth Wisconsin regiment, with a biographical essay on Heg by the editor. Reviewed by C. J. H[ambro] in Morgenbladet (Oslo) for April 11, 1936; by O. J. Falnes in the summer, 1936, issue of the American-Scandinavian review; and by Dr. Louise Phelps Kellogg in the Wisconsin magazine of history for June, 1936.

---------- Peerson, Cleng (1783-Dec. 16, 1865). Dictionary of American biography, 14:390 (1934).

---------- Reiersen, Johan Reinert (Apr. 17, 1810-Sept. 6, 1864). Dictionary of American biography, 15:487-488 (1935).

-----------Rynning, Ole (Apr. 4, 1809-September, 1838). Dictionary of American biography, 16:273-274 (1935).

---------- The seventeenth of May in mid-Atlantic: Ole Rynning's emigrant song, translated and edited by Theodore C. Blegen and Martin B. Ruud. Norwegian-American studies and records, 8: 18-22 (1934).

BONDEUNGDOMSLAGET, INC., New York. Tiårsskrift November 1935. [Brooklyn, N. Y., Knudsen printing and publishing co., inc.], 1935. 64 p.

A decennial history of this organization composed of immigrants from the rural districts of Norway, written principally by Gunnar Skavlan.

BUCH, LEAF B. Chicago-midvesten og Norge. Nordmanns-forbundet, 27:327-329 (October, 1934).

Concerns trade relations and commercial intercourse between Norway and the Middle West, especially Chicago.

CHRISTOPHERSEN, H. O. Fra fremmed tankeliv: Thorstein Veblen, en tenker i utlendighet. Nordisk tidskrift för vetenskap, konst och industri (Stockholm), 12: 21-34 (1936).

A foreigner's view of Thorstein Veblen.

DENNIS, CHARLES H. Victor Lawson, his time and work. Chicago, Illinois, The University of Chicago press, [1935]. 471 p.

A scholarly biography of Victor F. Lawson (1850-1925), proprietor of the Chicago daily news. Lawson was the son of Iver and Melinda Lawson (Larson), his father having been born in Norway and his mother in Illinois. The elder Lawson was au influential citizen in Chicago, a real-estate dealer, and for a time part owner of Skandinaven.

DORFMAN, JOSESH. Thorstein Veblen and his America. New York, The Viking press, 1934. 556 p.

Chapters 1 and 2 of this important volume give the backgrounds of the Veblen family, its Norwegian setting, the emigration to America in 1847, early pioneering in Wisconsin, and later pioneering in Rice County, Minnesota, and more in detail Thorstein Veblen's education and his reaction to his environment.

ERICKSON, KARL E. The emigrant journey in the fifties; edited by Albert O. Barton. Norwegian-American studies and records, 8:65-91 (1934).

EVJEN, J. O. Preus, Christian Keyser (Oct. 13, 1852-May 28, 1921). Dictionary of American biography, 15:208-209 (1935).

---------- Stromme, Peer Olsen (Sept. 15, 1856-Sept. 15, 1921). Dictionary of American biography, 18:141-142 (1936).

---------- Stub, Hans Gerhard (Feb. 23, 1849-Aug. 1, 1931). Dictionary of American biography, 18:178 (1936).

---------- Sverdrup, Georg (Dec. 16, 1848-May 3, 1907). Dictionary of American biography, 18:229 (1936).

---------- Tou, Erik Hansen (Oct. 11, 1857-Nov. 14, 1917). Dictionary of American biography, 18:599-600 (1936).

FALNES, O. J. Thorstein Veblen, a significant Norwegian-American contribution to the social sciences. American-Scandinavian review, 23:24-33 (March, 1935).

Fiftieth anniversary program and history of Our Saviour's Lutheran church, Warren, Minnesota, 1885-1955. [Warren, Minnesota, Sheaf print], 1935. 24 p.

Contains "Historical reminiscences of Our Saviour's Lutheran church" written by the late Judge A. Grindeland on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of the church, and edited and revised by the Reverend L. E. Brynestad, its present pastor, p. 10-2l.

FØNHUS, MIKKJEL. Ontarioskogen. Oslo, H. Aschehoug and Co. (W. Nygaard), 1954. 165 p.

"Life and struggles of Norwegian lumberers in the immense forest districts of Canada." Fiction.

FOUGNER, I. Blandt Indianere og Nordmenn i Canada. Nordmanns-forbundet, 27:284-286 (September, 1934).

The Bella Coola district in British Columbia where Indians and Norsemen meet.

GIMMESTAD, L. M. Albert Mathiason. Nordfjordlagets aarbok, 1934, 45-50.

A biographical treatment of a man from Nordfjord who emigrated to America in 1892.

---------- Hundreaarsfesten i Minneapolis, Minn., i 1925; et historisk rids. Nordfjordlagets aarbok, 1936, 5-29.

The Norse-American centennial celebration in 1925. The celebration, however, was held at the Minnesota state fair grounds in St. Paul and not in Minneapolis.

GRIMLEY, O. B. En høvding blandt nybyggere. Nordmanns-forbundet, 28:159-161 (May, 1935).

The story of Peter Myhre Henricks of Norway, Minnesota, and Saskatchewan, Canada.

---------- Nybyggerliv. Nordmanns-forbundet, 27:211-213, 265-267 (July, August, 1934).

Pioneering in the Nut Lake settlement of Saskatchewan, Canada.

---------- Den store folkevandring i vesterled. Norrøna, (Winnipeg), October 4, 10, 1935.

A general review of Norwegian immigration to America in the nineteenth century.

GROSE, I. F. En pionergutts oplevelser i et hjørne av Goodhue County. Samband, 10:50-64 (September, 1934).

Reminiscences of childhood days in Goodhue County, Minnesota.

GROTH, ANTON C. Groth family record, including Houg, Gulbransgaard, Nasby, Halstenson, and Finnesgaard branches, 1724-1934. [h.p., n.d.] 66 p.

A list of names preceded by a historical introduction. The author writes from St. Ansgar, Iowa.

HADDELAND, KNUTE. Norsk settlementshistorie. Norrøna (Winnipeg), August 9, 16, 23, 1934.

A series of articles forming an outline history of Norwegian discoveries and settlements in America, especially in Canada, from the Vinland voyages to the present time.

HAMBRO, C. J. Amerikaferd; av emigrasjonens historie. Til den Norske Amerikalinjes 25-års jubileum. Oslo (Norway), Johan Grundt Tanum, 1935. 96 p.

An introductory section sketches in broad outlines the history of Norwegian emigration to America. The author, a distinguished Norwegian writer and political leader, then traces the story of the Norwegian-America line. The volume was occasioned by the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of that company.

HANSEN, C. G. O. Tvillingbyernes norske saga. Skandinaven, April 16, 1935-September 18, 1936.

This very valuable and detailed history of the Norwegians in the Twin Cities was initiated under the title, "Sagaen om tvillingbyernes første norske." The articles deal with all manner of activities, political, social, religious, and artistic.

HANSON, GERTRUDE. Signe Mydland Steinarson, a Norwegian-American poetess. Sønner af Norge, 31:108-109 (1934).

HAUGEN, EINAR I. Ibsen in America; a forgotten performance and an unpublished letter. Journal of English and Germanic philology, 33:396-420 (July, 1934).

The account of a performance of Ibsen's Et Dukkehjem in English translation, with the title, "The Child wife," in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, June 2 and 3, 1882. The play was translated and arranged for the stage by William M. Lawrence, who also directed the performance. The author claims that this was the first performance of Ibsen in this country. The article is also issued as a reprint.

---------- Rølvaag, Ole Edvart (Apr. 22, 1876-Nov. 5, 1931). Dictionary of American biography, 16:124-125 (1935).

HAUGEN, KRISTINE. Norsk luthersk ungdom i Amerika. Nordmanns-forbundet, 27:179-183 (June, 1934).

Norwegian Lutheran youth in America. A discussion of certain movements and organizations of Lutheran young people.

HAUGEN, KRISTINE. En pioners saga. Opdalslagets aarbok, 1934-1935, 24-30.

The story of Ole K. Gorseth.

HELLENSNES, LARS. I onkel Sams land; en utvandrers ungdomssaga. Kragerø, Vestmars forlag, 1934. 181 p.

HJELMESETH, EILERT. Vinlands gaaten; historisk roman. Chicago, John Anderson publishing company, 1934. 206 p.

Fiction. The Vinland riddle. The action takes place in Norway, Greenland, and America in the years 1354-1364, and the Kensington rune stone figures in the story.

HODNEFIELD, J., comp. Some recent publications relating to Norwegian-American history, IV. Norwegian-American studies and records, 8:136-161 (1934).

HOVDE, B. J. Notes on the effects of emigration upon Scandinavia. Journal of modern history, 6:253-279 (September, 1934).

HØVRSTAD, H. En tur til Valders, Wisconsin. Samband, 10: 93-97 (December, 1934).

A portrayal of the Norwegian settlement at Valders, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin, with an illustration of the first church and a portrait of Stefan Olson Helle, pioneer.

HOWARD, J. T. Tapper, Bertha Feiring (Jan. 25, 1859-Sept. 1915). Dictionary of American biography, 18:305-306 (1936).

JOHNSEN, A. O., ed. Johannes Nordboe and Norwegian immigration; an "America letter" of 1837. Norwegian-American studies and records, 8:23-38 (1934).

An account of the same letter appeared in Heimen (Oslo, Norway), 3:285-303 (1934). This article from Heimen was also issued as a separate.

---------- Tvo Amerikabrev. Årbok for Dølaringen (Lillehammer, Norway), 1934, p. 111-120.

The first of the two America letters here presented was written by Christian Evenvold from Watertown, Wisconsin, on November 2l, 1850, and the second by Ole Wiborg from Door County, Wisconsin, on December l2, 1875.

JORDAL,, SAMSON. Hardangerfolks liv og virke i Amerika i 100 aar. Jol i Hardanger 1934 (Nordheimsund, Hardanger, Norway), 1:17-32, 48-49.

The life and accomplishment of emigrants from Hardanger, Norway, during the past century.

JORGENSON, THEODORE. Kultursamband og åndsvokster. Nordmanns-forbundet, 27: 139-142 (May, 1934).

Cultural connections between Norway and America, with special mention of literature.

KEILHAU, WILHELM. Der norske folks liv og historie gjennenm tidene; tidsrummet fra omkring 1875 til omkring 1920. Oslo,

Forlagt av H. Aschehoug and Co. (W. Nygaard), 1935. 536 p.

Pages 350 to 367 of this volume are devoted to a rapid sketch of emigration and the Norwegian-Americans, beginning with the first group emigration in 1825 and the activities of Cleng Peerson, and describing the building-up of the principal early Norwegian settlements in this country.

KIERAN, JOHN. Rockne, Knute Kenneth (Mar. 4, 1888-Mar. 31, 1931). Dictionary of American biography, 16:67-68 (1935).

KILDAL, ARNE. Hundreårsfesten i Norway, Ill. Nordmanns-forbundet, 27:248-251 (August, 1934).

The centennial celebration of the first Norwegian settlement in Illinois and its import.

KNUTSEN, ALFRED. Haringer i Amerika gjennem 100 år. Hardanger (Odda, Hardanger, Norway), December, 1935-April, 1936.

Fifty-one installments, containing principally personal and family histories of emigrants from Hardanger, Norway, to America during the hundred years beginning in 1825.

KOHT, HALVDAN. Hjelm-Hansen, Paul, 1810-1881. Norsk biografisk leksikon, 6:131-133 (1934).

Paul Hjelm-Hansen was a well-known editor, publisher, and immigration agent.

KOPAS, C. R. Norse Canadians. Maclean's magazine (Toronto), 48:26, 54 (April, 1935).

The Bella Coola Valley in British Columbia was settled in 1894 by Norwegians from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North and South Dakota, under the leadership of the Reverend C. Saugstad and A. Stortroen.

LANSON, KAREN. Laur. Larsen, pioneer college president. Northfield, Minnesota, Norwegian-American historical association, 1936. 358 p.

Reviewed by D. G. Ristad in Skandinaven, August 21, 1936; by Einar Lund in Decorah-posten, September 22, 1936; and by Carl G. O. Hansen in the Minneapolis journal for October 18, 1936.

LARSON, AGNES M. The editorial policy of Skandinaven, 1900-1903. Norwegian-American studies and records, 8:112-135 (1934).

LARSON, LARENCE M. Af et foredrag om kildeskrifter, om indsamling og bevaring af alslags kildemateriale til vor historie her i landet. Decorah-posten, November 1, 1935, p. 2, 4.

In an editorial in the same issue, Decorah-posten discusses the importance of collecting and preserving historical source material, which is the subject matter of the lecture given in part in this issue.

---------- Norwegian element in the Northwest. American historical review, 40:69-91 (October, 1934). Also issued as a separate.

---------- Teller Grundysen and the beginnings of Norwegian-American fiction. Norwegian-American studies and records, 8:1-17 (1934).

LEE, MARIE. Memories of Koshkonong parsonage; jubilee meeting fifty-six years ago. Lutheran almanac, 1936, p. 41-48.

LERNER, MAX. Veblen, Thorstein Bunde (July 30, 1857-Aug. 3, 1929). Dictionary of American biography, 19:241-244 (1936).

LIE, FINN. Fellesreisen. Nordmanns-forbundet, 27:259-263 (August, 1934).

A trip from Norway to the Century of progress exposition in Chicago and to several Norwegian centers in the United States.

The Life of Albert E. Flagstad. Minneapolis, Minnesota, Published by Albert's friends and the "R" club of Riverside chapel, 1934. 71 p.

Dr. Albert Edward Flagstad (1891-1932) was a surgeon and orthopedic specialist of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

LINDELIE, A. H. Nogle erindringer og betragtninger. Decorah-posten, January 11-June 28, 1935.

Lindelie was the editor of Afholds-basunen, temperance paper of Minneapolis, Minnesota; Normanden; and the Hillsboro (N. D.) herald. The article is reminiscent in character. Also issued as a separate.

MELAND, R. J. Knute Anderson Brekke. Nordfjordlagets aarbok, 1934, 51-55.

The subject of this article was for a long time resident of Faribault County, Minnesota, but removed to Tennessee in 1896. He died in 1899.

MIDTTUN, OLAV. Janson, Kristofer Nagel, 1841-1917. Norsk biografisk leksikon, 6:593-598 (1934).

Janson is here designated as "diktar og forkynnar," author and expounder.

Minnesota Left Erikson monument association. Minnesota Leif Erikson monument association. [n.p., 1933]. 16 p.

The story of Leif Erikson; the purpose and bylaws of the association.

MONSON, A. M. Monson-familien. Nordfjordlagets aarbok, 1934, 36-43.

A genealogical treatment of the Monson family, which came to Redwood County, Minnesota, in 1879.

NORWEGIAN-AMERICAN HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION. Norwegian-American studies and records, vol. 8. Northfield, Minnesota, 1934. 176 p.

The contents of this volume are as follows: Teller Grundysen and the beginnings of Norwegian-American fiction, by Laurence M. Larson; The Seventeenth of May in mid-Atlantic: Ole Rynning's emigrant song, translated and edited by Theodore C. Blegen and Martin B. Ruud; Johannes Nordboe and Norwegian immigration, an "America letter" of 1857, edited by Arne Odd Johnsen; The First migration into Texas: four "America letters," translated and edited by Lyder L. Unstad; Norwegian-Americans and Wisconsin politics in the forties, by Bayrd Still; The Emigrant journey in the fifties, by Karl E. Erickson, edited by Albert O. Barton; The Political position of Emigranten in the election of 1852, a documentary article by Harold M. Tolo; The Editorial policy of Skandinaven, 1900-1908, by Agnes M. Larson; Some recent publications relating to Norwegian-American history, IV, compiled by Jacob Hodnefield; Fort Thompson in the eighties, a communication by P. J. Reinertsen.

ØDEGAARD, ØBNULF. Emigration and insanity; a study of mental disease among the Norwegianborn population of Minnesota. (Acta psychiatrica et neurologica, Supplementum, IV.) Oslo (Norway), Copenhagen (Denmark), Levin and Munksgaards, 1932. 206 p.

Ødegaard finds that there is a higher rate of insanity among the Norwegian immigrants in Minnesota than there is among the inhabitants of Norway, and higher than among the native-born Americans, although the difference in either case is not considerable.

OLAV, HANS AND SUNDBY-HANSEN, H. Leiv Eiriksson review. Brooklyn, New York, Norwegian news co., 1935. 20 p.

"In commemoration of President Roosevelt's official designation of a National Leiv Eiriksson Day."

OSLAND, BIRGER. Paa de æeldste norsk-amerikanske tomter. Skandinaven, October 5, 1934, p. 4.

A present-day view of Kendall Township, Orleans County, New York. where the first Norwegian-American settlement was made.

REINERTSEN, P. J. Fort Thompson in the eighties; a communication. Norwegian-American studies and records, 8: 162-163 (1934).

RINDE, OLAUS. Forandringen paa Stone Hill. Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1934. 209 p.

A novel, the scene of which is laid principally in a Norwegian settlement in Minnesota.

RING, FREDERICK. Reiser og oplevelser. Chicago, Author, [n.d.]. 92 p.

Largely autobiographical and not a connected narrative. The author immigrated in 1882.

RØLVAAG, ELLA VALBORG. My father. American prefaces, l:105-108 (April, 1936).

This article appears in a special Rølvaag number, accompanied by extracts from the writings of the late O. E. Rølvaag. The extracts are: The Romance of life, selections from his autobiography; When snow drifts down at Christmastide; A Letter home; and Country and fatherland. The cover bears a poem on Rølvaag by Paul Engle.

RØNNEVIK, H. Et blad fra Kleng Persons saga; tale holdt . . . ved 100-aarsfesten i Ottawa, Ill. Visegutten, August 9, 1934, p. l, 6.

An address on Cleng Peerson given at the centennial celebration of the first Norwegian settlement in Illinois, at Ottawa, Illinois, June 22-23, 1934. RUUD, MARTIN B. See Blegen, T. C.

SAERVOLD, OLA JOHANN. Are there more Norwegians than Swedes in Minnesota? Nordisk tidende, September 5, 1934, p. 3.

Saervold maintains that 26.2 per cent of the state's population are of Norwegian ancestry and answers his question in the affrmative.

Seventy-fifth anniversary, 1859-1934, the Red Oak Lutheran church. [Blooming Prairie, Minnesota, 1934.] 32 p.

This church, which is located near Blooming Prairie, Minnesota, celebrated its seventy-fifth anniversary November 4, 1934. There are a number of authors; B. M. Christianson writes a general history of the church, p. 5-15.

SEVRE, INGEBREGT. De første Hallinger i Meeker County, Minn. Hallingen, no. 94, March, 1936, p. 4-9.

Norwegian residents of Meeker County, Minnesota, who originated in Hallingdal, Norway.

SKAVLAN, J. Snaasinger i Amerika; optegnelser. Trønderlagets aarbok, 1934, 42-55.

Mostly short, biographical notes concerning immigrants from a particular district in Norway.

SLETTEDAHL, E. B. Vidunderlige oplevelser. [Tacoma, Washington, Author, 1934.] 199 p.

Reminiscences and anecdotes of a Lutheran minister, covering the period 1887-1954, dealing mostly with pastoral experiences at Fertile, Duluth, and Two Harbors, Minnesota; San Francisco, California; and Tacoma and Seattle, Washington.

STANDY, R. O. Fra Valdres til Amerika; en skildring av pionerliver på Nordvestens prerier. Samband, 10:100-104 (December, 1935).

Standy depicts pioneer life as he found it in the Dakotas and Minnesota from the time he immigrated in 1882 to the present time.

STILL, BAYRD. Norwegian-Americans and Wisconsin politics in the forties. Norwegian-American studies and records, 8:58-64 (1934).

STORTROEN, A. J. Et nybyggerbrev. Nordmanns-forbundet, 28:52-54 (February, 1935).

A letter of Stortroen written September, 1857, to Norway, telling of his trip across the ocean and journey inland to Wisconsin.

SWENSON, D. F. Dean Alfred Owre, the man. Minnesota chats, 17:4 (April 29, 1955).

An address given at the memorial exercises for the late Alfred Owre, dean of the College of dentistry of the University of Minnesota from 1905 to 1927.

THOMPSON, GEORGE. Matias J. Fjeldhaugens sage. Decorah-posten, October 16, $0, November 6, 1954.

Fjeldhaugen came to America in 1856 and eventually settled at Norway Lake, Kandiyohi County, Minnesota. These articles tell of his part in the Civil and Indian wars.

THORSRUD, O. En bygdekunstner. Samband, 10:97-100 (December, 1935).

The story of Aslak Olsen Lie (1798-1886), immigrant of the year 1848. an artist in the building trade in Wisconsin.

THVEDT, N. B. Brobygning. Nordmanns-forbundet, 27:174-176 (June, 1934).

A contribution to the discussion of the relationship between the state church of Norway and the Lutheran churches established by the Norwegian immigrants in America and now maintained by their descendants.

TOLO, HAROLD M. The political position of Emigranten in the election of 1852; a documentary article. Norwegian-American studies and records, 8:92-111 (1934).

ULSAKER, S. E. Amerikafeberen og pioneerlivet. Hallingen, no. 94, March, 1936, p. 12-24.

The "America fever" in Norway and the pioneer life that resulted from it in southern Minnesota and in the Red River Valley.

UNSTAD, LYDER L., trans, and ed. The first Norwegian migration into Texas; four "America letters. "Norwegian-American studies and records, 8:39-57 (1934).

---------- Marcus Thrane og Norsk-Amerikanerne; et fragment fra den norske immigrationshistorie. Nordisk tidende, February 28, 1935, p. 3.

A discussion of the well-known labor agitator and religious revolutionary, Marcus Thrane. VOSSEBREVENE. Skandinaven, December 31, 1935-June 30, 1936. During the years 1842 to 1849

Norwegian immigrants in Wisconsin and Illinois, who had come from Voss, Norway, wrote these letters to relatives and friends in the homeland. Twenty-seven letters were copied by Lars Nielssen Nesheim and bound into book form in 1858 by Peder Gulleichsen, also of Voss. These letters tell a very intimate story of the experiences of these early pioneers and constitute a body of source material of first importance.

WALEN, GEORG J. M. Norwegian Unitarians in America. Mere lys, 23:26-32 (April, 1936).


The Dial, Minneapolis, Minnesota, published by the Augsburg college writers club, reprints in its issue of winter 1954-35, p. 3-8, J. J. Skordalsvold's interview with Henrik Ibsen in 1890. The article is taken from The North (Minneapolis), issue of April 9, 1890.

In the Dictionary of American biography, vol. 16, p. 440-441, is a biography of Friedrich August Schmidt (1837-1928), who, although he was German by birth, held a prominent place in Norwegian Lutheran churches and schools in this country from 1861 to 1912.

In Theodore Christianson's Minnesota, the land of sky-tinted waters; a history of the state and its people, are described some of the Norwegian contributions to the making of the state in volume 1, pages 248, 271, and 358, and in volume 2, pages 102 and $96.

In a continued series of articles with the general caption, "Civilized or merely clever," which is current in Nordisk tidende, Harry Sundby-Hansen comments in a journalistic fashion on many historical and social events and problems and occasionally on subjects within the field of Norwegian-American history. Thus in the issues of August I and 29, 1934, he discusses Bjørnson and America, and in the issues of September 5, 12, 19, and October 4 and 18, 1934, other matters of historical interest to the Norwegian group.

The Trønder-American is a new quarterly magazine published by the National Trønderlag of America, of which the first issue is dated June, 1935. John Nornborg is editor.

In its issue of October 11, 1935, Skandinaven gives an extensive account of the meeting of the Norwegian-American historical association at St. Olaf college, Northfield, Minnesota, celebrating the tenth anniversary of the founding of the association, with some account of its history and an outline of plans for thc future.

Ten studies in church history, by Dr. Gustav M. Bruce, published in Minneapolis by the Augsburg publishing house, 1935, has a chapter on the Lutheran church in America of which pages 111-122 are given to "Scandinavian Lutheranism."

Theodore Huggenvik writes of "The Norwegian Lutherans" on pages 261-263 of his book, An Outline of church history, published in 1935.

The Wiota Norwegian Lutheran church of Lafayette County, Wisconsin, founded in 1844 by C. L. Clausen, celebrated its ninetieth anniversary on September 9, 1934. H. O. Daehlin read a history of the church. Some of the history is reported in Decorah-posten of August 13, 1935, and in Skandinaven of April 16, 1935.

Gabriel Stene has continued a series of articles in the nature of anecdotes, bearing the titles, "Pioneer-minder," and "Minder fra pioneerdagene," in Minneapolis tidende and Visergutten intermittently during the last two years, dealing with pioneer life in the vicinity of Norway Lake, Kandiyohi County, Minnesota.

Skandinaven celebrated the seventieth anniversary of its founding in its issue of May 1, 1936; and Decorah-posten celebrated its sixtieth anniversary on September 7, 1934.

Minneapolis tidende ceased publication with its issue of March 2l, 1935, and merged with Decorah-posten of Decorah, Iowa.

Femogtyve aars jubileum is the sub-title of Nordfjordlagets aarbok for 1935, in celebration of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of the organization.

Mrs. M. A. Ytterler and Mrs. J. Mathisen contribute a biographical sketch of Mikkelborg Mikkelson (1841-1934), North Dakota pioneer farmer, to Nord-Norge for June, 1954.

J. A. Fagereng discusses the causes and effects of emigration and the psychology and adjustments of the immigrants in "Vi emigranter," an article which appeared in Nord-Norge in the June and September, 1955, issues.

Mention is made of the Kensington rune stone and the Norse discoveries of America in T. P. Christensen's The Discovery and Re-discovery of America (Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Laurance Press Company, 1934).

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