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Some Recent Publications Relating to Norwegian-American History (no. VII)
Compiled by Jacob Hodenfield (Volume XI: Page 160)


AMERIKABREVE FRA GAMLE TIDER. Decorah-posten, May 20-August 12, 1938.

Twelve letters, covering the period December, 1852-May, 1873, written from Wisconsin, Iowa, and Minnesota by Norwegian immigrants to relatives in Norway.

BAKKEN, AMELIA JOHNSON. Fra livet paa Washington Prairie I gamle dage. Decorah-posten, September 5-29, 1939.

The title in the last installment changes to: Minder fra liver i gamle dage. These are the author's reminiscences of pioneering in Winneshiek County, Iowa.

BECK, RICHARD. Our Cultural Heritage and Its Preservation. Trønder-American, 1:58-63 (June, 1938).

"An address delivered at the annual convention of the National Trønder-lag of America, at Duluth, Minnesota, June 25, 1937."

BJØRK, KENNETH, transl, and ed. See Paulson, Arthur C.

ET BLAD AV ÆTTETALET TIL PROFESSOR DR. U. G. STUBS SLEKTSHISTORIE. Nordfjordlagets aarbok, 1937 og 1938, 15-20.

A genealogy of the family of the late H. G. Stub.

BLIKSTAD, BERSVEND J. The Nelson-Moen Family of the Town of Tumuli, Otter Tail County, Minnesota. Fergus Falls, Ukeblad Publishing Co., [1938]. 24 p.

A narrative account of family connections.

BROWN, CHARLES E. Halvor Lars Skavlem. The Wisconsin Archeologist, 19:47-49 (January, 1939).

Halvor Lars Skavlem (1846-1939) was an amateur archaeologist and naturalist of Janesville, Wisconsin, who acquired a famous collection and came to be recognized as an authority in his field.

BRUCE, G. M. Bygdelagene. Nordmanns-forbundet, 32:7-10 (January, 1939).

A general statement and explanation of the bygdelag movement, including origins, objectives, and practice, and their co-operation in the general organization of Fællesraadet.

CARLSON, WILLIAM H. Scandinavian Collections in the Libraries of the United States. Scandinavian Studies and Notes, 15: 217-238 (August, 1939).

Collections in the eastern states include the Fiske Icelandic Collection, the Harvard Scandinavian

Collection, the one at Yale, the Marsh Library of the University of Vermont, the Schofield Memorial Library of the American-Scandinavian Foundation, and the Scandinavian books in the Library of Congress. Institutions in the Middle West having noteworthy Scandinavian collections are the University of Minnesota, the Minnesota Historical Society, the University of North Dakota, Luther College at Decorah, Iowa, Augustana College and Theological Seminary at Rock Island, Illinois, the University of Wisconsin, the University of Illinois, and the John Crerar Library, Chicago. In the Far South, we find one at the University of Texas, and there are some on the Pacific coast.

CHR. Lidt afholdsprat. Reform, November 10, 17, 1938.

A historical account of the prohibition movement, particularly among the Norwegians in this country.

CROW, WILLIAM L. Rasmus Bjørn Anderson. In William L. Crow, Wisconsin Lives of National Interest; Sketches of Some Prominent People Identified with the History of the Badger State, 158-160. Appleton, Wisconsin, C. C. Nelson Publishing Co., 1987. 199 p.

ERIKSON, J. A. Der forjættede land; fortælling. Decorah, Iowa, Trykt hos The Anundsen Publishing Co., [1938]. 430 p.

Fiction; a story of immigration and life in the United States, principally in Wisconsin.

Fiftieth Anniversary of the Riverside Lutheran Church, Dawson, Minnesota, 1885-1935, June 14-16. [Dawson, Minnesota, Dawson Sentinel print, 1935.] 55 p.

The pamphlet includes a historical account of the church and a program of the festivities.

FLATEN, NELS. Valdris-rispo; sannferdiga skrøno på Minnesota-Valdris, optegnet av Nils Flaten. Reprint of Maal og minne, March 9, 1939, p. 30-50.

Tales told in the Valdris dialect as spoken in Minnesota.

Fortieth Anniversary First Evangelical Lutheran Church, 1896-1936. Belview, Minnesota, [1936]. 10 p.

The history of the church was probably written by the pastor, the Reverend O. C. Harang.

GAUSTAD, INGRID. Utvandringen til Amerika 1866-73. Historisk tidsskrift (Oslo, Norway), 31:237-279 (1938).

This is largely a statistical study of emigration to America during the years covered, with emphasis on economic causes. Population in Norway was doubled during 1815-65. Emigration took out 63 per cent of the birth surplus during 1865-73; but, with the coming of hard times in the United States in 1873, emigration diminished.

GROSE, I. F. A Pioneer Boy's Experiences in a Corner of Goodhue County. Our Young People (Minneapolis), September 4, 11, 18, 1938.

A translation of an article which appeared in Samband, 10:50-64 (September, 1934), with the title, "En pionergutts oplevelser i et hjørne av Goodhue County," which was listed ante, 9:108.

HANSEN, CARL G. O. Av norsk støpning. Nordmanns-forbundet, 32: 278-281 (September, 1939).

Biographical sketches of Knute Nelson, Thorstein Veblen, Andrew Furnseth, and others.

---------- The Discovery and First Settlements of America. Nordisk tidende, October 5, 1939.

HAUGEN, EINAR. Der bygdenorske i Amerika. Decorah-posten, March 17, 1939.

A lecture given as a broadcast from Oslo, Norway, October 16, 1938, on Norwegian dialect usage in America.

---------- Language and Immigration. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 10:1-43 (1938).

---------- Norsk i Amerika. Oslo, J. W. Cappelens forlag, [1939]. 123 p.

The six essays in this volume were given as lectures at the University of Oslo during the fall semester, 1938. The chapter headings are: Der store land-nåm (Taking Possession of the Land); Bondemål og bygdefolk (Country Dialects and Immigrants from Local Communities); Fra bygdemål til verdens-sprog (From Local Dialects to a World Language); Navenskikk i nybygden (Name

Customs in the New Communities); Skrift og tale (The Written and the Spoken Language); Diktende trang (The Urge to Write). The volume closes with samples of mixed Norwegian and English speech.

---------- Norwegian Emigrant Songs and Ballads, with Norwegian Text and English Translation of Ein Stevleik. Journal of American Folk-Lore, 51:69-75 (January, 1938).

HAUGEN, KRISTINE. En aandens stormann -- Pastor Ristad. Norsk ungdom, 26:1-2 (November, 1938).

A eulogy of Ditlef Georgson Ristad (1863-1938).

---------- Omkring Trønder-pionerene i Sioux City, Iowa. Trønderlagets aarbok, 1939, p. 39-58.

The story of Trønder pioneers in Sioux City, Iowa, and biographies of some of them.

HENIE, SONJA. Mitt livs eventyr. Oslo, Gyldendal norsk forlag, 1938. 94 p.

Autobiography of the skating and motion-picture star.

HODNEFIELD, JACOB, comp. Some Recent Publications relating to Norwegian-American History, VI. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 10:176-188 (1938).

HOUGEN, OLAF. Magnus Swenson, Inventor and Chemical Engineer. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 10:152-175 (1938).

JOHNSON, SIMON. Skjønlitterære sysler blandt norsk-amerikanere; foredrag af Simon Johnson i Symra-foreningen, Decorah, 17. Feb. 1939. Decorah-posten, February 4-March 10, 1939.

The production of belles-lettres by Norwegian Americans, with special attention to the early period, with the mention of such writers as Boyesen, Askevold, and Grundysen.

JORGENSON, THEODORE. The Main Factors in Rølvaag's Authorship. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 10:135-151 (1938).

----------A Native Culture in the American Northwest. Mere lys, 26:15-25 (April, 1939).

The author considers the impact of the Norwegian culture, which had a renaissance in its native land in the nineteenth century, on the culture of the Northwest.

---------- Ole Edvart Rølvaag, by Theodore Jorgenson and Nora O. Solum. New York, Harper and Brothers, 1939. 446 p.

This book has been extensively reviewed in periodicals, including New York Herald Tribune Books for April 30, 1939.

KYNE, PETER B. Saint Andrew the Sailor; the Most Unforgettable Character I Ever Met. Reader's Digest, 35:9-14 (December, 1939).

A characterization of Andrew Furuseth, late president of the International Seamen's Union.

LARSEN, KAREN, transl, and ed. A Newcomer Looks at American Colleges. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 10: 107-126 (1938).

LARSON, LAURENCE M. The Log Book of a Young Immigrant. Northfield, Minnesota, Norwegian-American Historical Association, 1939. 318 p.

LUMHOLTZ, CARL SOFUS, 1851-1922. Norsk biografisk leksikon, 8: 465-468.

Lumholtz was a distinguished scientist, specializing in anthropology and ethnology.

LYCHE, HANS TAMBS, 1859-98. Norsk biografisk leksikon, 8: 540-542.

Lyche was a Unitarian minister who, after a residence in America, returned to Norway, where he died.

MYVOLD, PETER. Lidt om tidlig norsk indsats i utforskningen av Nord Amerika. Nord-Norge, no. 92, p. 28-32 (June, 1939).

The author considers the early Norwegian immigration, the beginnings, the Jens Munk expedition, Northmen in the fur trade, Northmen in the Selkirk settlement, and the inception of the new era of immigration.


NELSON, OLEY. The Early Norwegian Immigrant; an Interesting Centennial Article; Extract from an Address. Lutheran Almanac, 1939, p. 26-33.

NESJE, L. P. Amerikareise for 50 aar siden. Skandinaven, June 3, 1938, part 2, p. 9-11.

The story of six immigrants from Nesjestrand, Eid, and Voll, Norway, who came to America in 1888, went by way of New York and Buffalo to Ashland, Wisconsin, and later went to Duluth and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

NEUTSON, K. Memoirs of a Pioneer. [New Orleans, Peerless Printing Co., 1938.] 38 p.

Neutson was born in southern Norway in 1851, came to Minnesota before the Civil War, went to the Red River Valley in the early seventies and engaged in trapping and hunting, drove Red River carts, did flatboating on the river, saw Winnipeg in 1870 when dog teams were still common, returned to Faribault, Minnesota, and became a finisher of furniture, and then sold fire insurance for fifty years.

NILSEN K. G. Østerdølenes saga. [Duluth, Minnesota, Fuhr Publishing and Printing Co., 1938.] 517 p.

Part I of this volume contains a study of Østerdalen and its inhabitants. Part 2 is a study of emigration and conditions of life in America, with a long list of short biographies of immigrants. There is added a list of Østerdal soldiers in the European war.

NORLIE, O. M. Elling Eielsen Bibliography. Visergutten, February 23-April 13, 1939.

A valuable bibliography, listing books and articles bearing on the life and activity of Eielsen and on early Norwegian-American church history.

NORWEGIAN-AMERICAN HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, vol. 10. Northfield, Minnesota, 1938. 201 p.

The contents of this volume are as follows: Language and Immigration, by Einar Haugen; Two Early Norwegian Dramatic Societies in Chicago, by Napier Wilt and Henriette C. Koren Naeseth; A School and Language Controversy in 1858, a Documentary Study, translated and edited by Arthur C. Paulson and Kenneth Bjørk; A Newcomer Looks at American Colleges, translated and edited by Karen Larsen; The Norwegian Quakers of Marshall County, Iowa, by H. F. Swansen; The Main Factors in Rølvaag's Authorship, by Theodore Jorgenson; Magnus Swenson, Inventor and Chemical Engineer, by Olaf Hougen; Some Recent Publications relating to Norwegian-American History, VI, compiled by Jacob Hodnefield.

PAULSON, ARTHUR C., transl, and ed. A School and Language Controversy in 1858, a Documentary Study, translated and edited by Arthur C. Paulson and Kenneth Bjørk. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 10:76-106 (1938).

PEASE, THEODORE C. Laurence Marcellus Larson, 1868-1938. Journal of the Illinois State Historical Society, 31:245-261 (September, 1938).

PEDERSON, THOMAS. Some Recollections of Thomas Pederson. Wisconsin Magazine of History, 21:405-419; 22:46-73, 176-194 (June-December, 1938).

This is a continuation of the series listed ante, 10:183.

PETERSON, P. ALFRED. Interviews with Pioneers. Marantha (Alvarado, Minnesota), January-June, 1939.

PRESTEGARD, KRISTIAN. Streiftog; stemninger og skildringer. Minneapolis, Minnesota, Augsburg Publishing House, [1937]. 172 p.

Fiction. The title of the first chapter, p. 1-20, is: "Der første Amerika-brevet" (The First America Letter).

REBERG, OLE R. Seventy-fifth Anniversary of the Land Congregation, 1938, Minneola Township, Goodhue County, Minnesota. N.p., 1938. [16p.]

Settlement began in 1855, and the congregation was organized a few years later. The church is now affiliated with the Norwegian Lutheran Church of America.

REMAN, EDWARD Paul Knutson færden. Skandinaven, September 13, 1938.

This is Kensington rune stone lore, the article being a criticism of the accounts of Paul Knutson's trip.

REQUE, SIGURD S. Fra pionertiden og fremover. Decorah-posten, August 23-September 23, 1938.

Various topics are discussed in these installments, such as the oldest Norwegian settlement in northeastern Iowa and southeastern Minnesota, experiences of Pastors Brandt and Koren in the pioneer settlements, school matters, and the history of the Springfield Lutheran congregation.

---------- Koren Eighty-fifth Anniversary Festival, Sunday, September Fourth, Nineteen Hundred Thirty-eight, Luther College Campus, Decorah, Iowa. Decorah, Iowa, [Posten Press], 1938. 32 p.

In honor of Vilhelm Koren (1826-1910), pioneer pastor and church leader.

RODNING, S. S. Minder fra Norge og Amerika. Skandinaven, December 2, 1938-April 7, 1939.

Recollections of a pioneer.

RØNNING, NILS N. Fifty Years in America. Minneapolis, Minnesota, The Friend Publishing Co., [1938]. 243 p.

Besides being an autobiography, this is a record of impressions and an album of men and women who have greatly influenced the author's life.

RYGG, A. N. Andrew Furuseth. American-Scandinavian Review, 26:125-153 (June, 1938).

The story of a sailor who devoted his life to improving the condition of seamen and became president of the International Seamen's Union.

ST. CLOUD. BETHLEHEM ENGLISH LUTHERAN CHURCH. Twenty-fifth Anniversary of the Bethlehem English Lutheran Church, November 4-5, 1933. St. Cloud, Minnesota, 1933. 22 p.

SKAUG, ARNE. Der utflyttede Norge. Nordmanns-forbundet, 31:247-250 (August, 1938).

A statistical study from which the author concludes that $48,000 immigrants of Norwegian birth were resident in the United States in 1930. The article was republished in Skandinaven for November 29, 1938.

---------- Taller paa Nordmenn i utlandet; minst 422,000 norsk-fødte rundt omkring i verden. Nordmanns-forbundet, 31: 353-356 (November, 1938).

The total of Norwegian-born men and women who are residents of foreign countries is 422,000, according to this article.

SOLUM, NORA O. See Jorgenson, Theodore. Ole Edvart Rølvaag.

SONDRESEN, S. Norsk-Amerikanerne. (Bibliotheca norvegiae sacra, XV.) Bergen, A. S. Lunde & Co.'s Forlag, 1938. 179 p.

The book is intended for readers in Norway and takes up the conditions of life among the immigrants in America, especially as they were in the nineties, Norwegian church bodies as they exist in the United States, life and doctrine within the Lutheran church, cultural life among the Norwegian immigrants, including the press, societies, books, lodges, music, and politics, and, final]y, the relationships between the immigrants and their native Norway. Sondresen immigrated in 1890, studied theology, and served as a minister in Wells, Minnesota, for four years.

SPONLAND, INGEBORG. My Reasonable Service. Minneapolis, Minnesota, Augsburg Publishing House, 1938. 158 p.

Miss Mabel L. Thorstensen has recorded this story as it was told to her by Ingeborg Sponland, who from 1906 to 1936 was mother superior of the Lutheran Deaconess Home and Hospital in Chicago.

SWANSEN, H. F. The Norwegian Quakers of Marshall County, Iowa. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 10:127-134

SWENSON, S. O. Pioneers of Minneola Township. Wanamingo [Minnesota] Press, April 20, 1939; Zumbrota [Minnesota] News, April 14, 1939.

These reminiscences, which appeared in both papers given above, were translated from the Norwegian by Mrs. S. T. Swenson.

TEW, MARTIN E. The Autobiography of a Pioneer Editor. Clarkfield [Minnesota] Advocate, March 9, 1939, and succeeding issues.

TITUS, W. A. Nils Otto Tank, Norwegian Aristocrat and Philanthropist. Wisconsin Magazine of History, 22:385-395 (June, 1939).

Tank (1800-64) inherited wealth and acquired a good education. He joined the Moravians and went as a missionary to Surinam, Dutch Guiana, in 1842; came to America to do missionary work, first to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, and then to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He bought land on the Fox River and started a communist colony, the first Ephraim, which later was abandoned.


"The text is taken from Nordmanns forbundet's interesting exhibit in the Norwegian pavillion at the World's Fair."

UELAND, BRENDA. Me. New York, G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1939. 351 p.

The autobiography of a writer, the daughter of Judge Andreas Ueland.

WALEN, GEORG J. M. De første utvandrere fra Norge og deres efterkommere--i omrids. Mere lys, 25:29-39 (July, 1938).

This general view of the Norwegian immigrants and their descendants includes the period from 1825 to the present time.

---------- Der norsk-amerikanske folks historie i omrids: Amerikaniseringen. Mere lys, 25:57-64 (October, 1938).

Americanization is the subject of this article, which is a continuation of preceding articles on the same general subject.

WILT, NAPIER. Two Early Norwegian Dramatic Societies in Chicago, by Napier Wilt and Henriette C. Koren Naeseth. Norwegian-American Studies and Record, 10:44-75 (1938).


The Norwegian-American Historical Association has published In Memoriam tributes for Ditlef Georgson Ristad (18631938), Laurence Marcellus Larson (1868-1938), and Knut Gjerset (1865-1936).

A short biographical sketch of D. G. Ristad appears in Decorah-posten for September 23, 1938.

Obituaries of Laurence M. Larson appear in the Mississippi Valley Historical Review for June, 1938, in the Wisconsin Magazine of History for June, 1938, and in the American Historical Review for April, 1938.

Nordic Front is the title of a new monthly periodical issued in Chicago under the editorship of Aslaug Berger, the first number of which appeared in November, 1938. "To interpret the Scandinavians to themselves and others" is among the objectives.

Nybyggerliv paa prærien; en fortælling fra nybyggertiden i Nebraska, which was listed in vol. 10, reached the final installment in the issue of May 24, 1938, of Ved arnen.

The visit of the crown prince and crown princess of Norway was the occasion for the publication of numerous articles in newspapers and periodicals, many of these bearing to a considerable extent on immigration and other aspects of Norwegian-American history.

James W. Curran thinks that Vinland was located in the Great Lakes region and so contends in his book: America's Strangest Story; Here Was Vinland, the Great Lakes Region of America, Sault Ste. Marie, Canada, The Sault Daily Star, [1939], 359 p.

Historisk tidskrift, Oslo, Norway, issues in one of its numbers annually a Norwegian bibliography and includes items in the Norwegian-American historical field, many of them drawn from the lists in the present series.

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