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Some Recent Publications Relating to Norwegian-American History (no. VIII)
Compiled by Jacob Hodnefield  (Volume XII: Page 178)

ANONSEN, ANDREW E. Autobiographical Sketches. Windom, Minnesota, Stanley H. Anonsen, [1939?]. 23 p. Mimeographed.

BARNESVILLE, MINNESOTA. OUR SAVIOUR'S LUTHERAN CHURCH. Golden Anniversary of Our Saviour's Lutheran Church. Barnesville, Minnesota, 1939. 32 p.

Pastors, church buildings, and church organizations are subjects of separate sections.

BARTON, A. O. Hans Alfred Anderson. Wisconsin Magazine of History, 23: 259-263 (March, 1940).

Anderson (1855-1939) immigrated from Norway in 1867, was a prominent lawyer, judge, legislator, and historian in Wisconsin.

BENSON, ADOLPH B. Scandinavian Influences in the Writings of Thoreau. Scandinavian Studies, 16: 201-211, 241-256 (May, August, 1941).

BJONERUD, EDNA (FALNES), ed. The Flaskerud Family History. [Decorah, Iowa, Posten Press, 1939.] 205 p.

Charts, folded in an envelope, accompany this genealogy.

BJØRK, KENNETH. The Unknown Rølvaag: Secretary in the Norwegian-American Historical Association. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, II: 114-149 (1940).

BLEGEN, THEODORE C. John Quincy Adams and the Sloop "Restoration." Northfield, Minnesota, Norwegian-American Historical Association, [1940]. 29 p.

Issued as a preprint to the author's Norwegian Migration to America: The American Transition.

----------Norwegian Migration to America: The American Transition. Northfield, Minnesota, Norwegian-American Historical Association, 1940. 655 p.

This is volume 2 of a series begun in 1931, the first volume bearing the title, Norwegian Migration to America, 1825-1860.

BLUE EARTH, MINNESOTA. TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH. Fiftieth Anniversary, Trinity Lutheran Church, Blue Earth, Minnesota; A Brief History of the Congregation and Its Auxiliary Organization. N.p., 1941. 22 p.

The anniversary celebration took place Sunday, September 21, 1941.

BOGSTAD, RASMUS. The Early History of Concordia College, a Record of the School from 1891 to 1910. N.p., [1941?]. 141p.

Bogstad was a former teacher and also a former president of Concordia College, Moorhead, Minnesota, an institution of the Norwegian Lutheran Church of America.

BOWES, L. M. A History of the Norwegian Old People's Home, Norwood Park, Chicago, Ill. [Chicago, 1940.] 128 p.

BRODERSEN, ARVlD. Thorstein Veblen, Norsk-Amerikaneren som vart vegbrøytar i moderne samfunns-gransking. Syn og segn (Oslo), 46:251-260 (1940).

A biographical and critical study.

BROOKINGS, SOUTH DAKOTA. FIRST LUTHERAN CHURCH. First Lutheran Church, Brookings, South Dakota, Sixtieth Anniversary, 1880-1940, October 3, 4, 5 & 6, 1940. N.p., 1940. p.

Pages 6-8 contain "A Brief History of First Lutheran Church, 1880-1940," by A. O. Bortnem.

CADBURY, HENRY J. Christopher Meidel and the First Norwegian Contacts with Quakerism. Harvard Theological Review, 34: 7-23 (1941).

Most of this story dates before the emigration to America; nevertheless, it concerns the background of some of those who emigrated in 1825.

COLBO, ELLA STRATTON, comp. Historic Heg Memorial Park; Photographic Views and Brief Historical Sketches of the Outstanding Points of Interest in and about Heg Memorial Park, Racine County, Wisconsin. [Waterford, Wisconsin, printed by M. J. Chapman, the Waterford Post, 1940.] 85 p.

EIDE, B.M. Reminiscences of Early Days. Windom Reporter, May 23, 30, June 6, 1941.

ENESTVEDT, O.O. Norske pionerslekter. Decorah-posten, 1989-41.

A series of sketches of pioneers and their families, the twenty-first installment appearing in the issue of August 26, 1941.

EVJEN, HENRY O. Scandinavian Students at Illinois State University. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 11:17-29 (1940).

EVJEN, JOHN O. The Ordination of Paul Anderson and Ole Andrewson. The Friend, 18:12 (September, 1941).

The author examines the records concerning the ordination of two pioneer pastors and concludes that Andrewson was licensed by the Franckean Synod on August 7, 1847, that he was ordained by the Evangelical Synod of Northern Illinois in September, l851, and that Anderson was ordained on June 10, 1849.

FELLAND, CARL MARTIN. A History and Genealogical Record of the Felland and Reindahl Families, with a Supplementary Chart of the Mandt Family. Northfield, Minnesota, Mohn Printing Company, 1940. 94 p.

FLANAGAN, JOHN T. Knut Hamsun's Early Years in the Northwest. Minnesota History, 20:397-412 (December, 1939).

This record includes the years 1882-88.

FOUGNER, IVER. Aven norsk kolonis saga; Bells Coola settlementet i British Columbia. Decorah-posten, December 29, 1959, January 12, 1940.

The Bella Cools colony was founded in 1894 by a group of Norwegians, most of whom came from northern Norway.

FRYXELL, FRITIOF. A Painter of Yosemite. American-Scandinavian Review, 27:329-333 (December, 1939).

The story of Chris Jorgensen (1860-1955), an immigrant of 1870.

GIMMESTAD, L. M. Nordfjordingernes historie i Amerika. Minneapolis, The Lutheran Free Church Publishing Company, [1940].

The story of many new Americans whose place of origin was Nordfjord, Norway. Reviewed in Skandinaven (Chicago), August 20, 1940.

GLASOE, PAUL M. Ernest Orlando Lawrence. American-Scandinavian Review, 28:60 (March, 1940).

This is Lawrence of electron fame.

GOODWIN, WILLIAM B. The Truth about Leif Ericsson and the Greenland Voyages. Boston, Meador Publishing Company, 1941. 445 p.

GRIMLEY, O. B. Bygdelagene i Amerika. Nordmanns-forbundet, 34:74-77 (April, 1941).

A brief history of the bygdelags in this country, whose members find enjoyment in association with those who hail from the same place in Norway.

----------Norsk-Amerikaneren med der største navn. Nordmanns-forbundet, 33: 16, 49-51 (January, February, 1940).

The Norwegian American with the distinguished name here considered is Thorstein Veblen.

HANSEN, CARL, G. O. History of Sons of Norway, an American Fraternal Organization of Men and Women of Norwegian Birth or Extraction. Sønner af Norge, vol. 37 ff. (January, 1940 ff.).

The series is issued in installments and will continue in 1942 issues.

HAUGEN, EINAR. Intonation Patterns in American Norwegian. Language, 17:40-47 (January, 1941).

----------Reading Norwegian. New York, F. S. Crofts & Co., 1940.199 p.

HAUGEN, NILS P. Pioneer and Political Reminiscences. [Evansville, Wisconsin, The Antes Press ], n.d. 198 p.

Publications of the State Historical Society of Wisconsin; reprinted from the Wisconsin Magazine of History, volumes 11-13.

HEG, E. BIDDLE. Stephen O. Himoe, Civil War Physician. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 11:30-56 (1940).

HEITMANN, JOHN. Omkring Ole Edvart Rølvaag. Decorah-posten, August 15, 22, 29, 1941.

HENIE, SONJA. Wings on My Feet. New York, Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1940. 177 p.

HODNEFIELD, JACOB, comp. Some Recent Publications relating to Norwegian-American History, VII. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 11:160-168 (1940).

HOLAND, HJALMAR R. Westward from Vinland; An Account of the Norse Discoveries and Explorations in America, 982-1362. New York, Duell, Sloan and Pearce, 1940. 354 p.

Reviewed in Minnesota History, 21:302-304 (September, 1940).

HVEM ER HVEM I DET NORSKE AMERIKA. Skandinaven, December 26, 1940-July 3, 1941.

An irregular series of who's who among Norwegian Americans.

IMMIGRANT CONTRIBUTIONS TO AMERICAN LIFE. Los Angeles,Los Angeles County, Superintendent of Schools, 1940. 80 p.

Among other contributions are enumerated the Norwegian, with special mention of Jacob Fjelde, Olive Fremstad, Martha Ostenso, and O. E. Rølvaag.

IN MEMORIAM TORE E. HAUGEN, JANUARY 15, 1860-DECEMBER 31, 1940. N.p., [1941]. 18 p.

The subject of this sketch immigrated in 1862 and lived in Minnesota and South Dakota.

JOHNSON, ARNE ODD. Ein heidel sore dro til Amerika: Kristian Prestgard. rbok for Dølaringen, 1957, p. 77-82.

The story of Kristian Prestgard, author of a number of books and former editor of Decorah-posten.

----------En Norsk-Amerikansk historiker, Laurence M. Larson. Heimen, 5:165-176 (1939).

Much of the information assembled in this biographical sketch is taken from Larson's The Log Book of a Young Immigrant.

JOHNSON, E. Veblen, Man from Mars. New Republic, 105:121-123 (July 28, 1941).

JORDAN, EMIL L. Americans; A New History of the Peoples Who Settled the Americas. New York, W. W. Norton & Company,Inc., [ 1989]. 459 p.

"The Scandinavian -- the Viking Returns" is the title of chapter 19 of this work.

KULBERG, MARTHA. Norsk-Amerikansk misjon i China. Nordmanns-forbundet, 34:33-35 (February, 1941).

MAGNUS, VILHELM, 1871-1929. Norsk biografisk leksikon, 9:11 (1940).

Magnus was born near Arendahl, Fillmore County, Minnesota, became a physician in Norway, and died in Oslo, June 27, 1929.

MIDTTUN, OLAV. Kristofer Janson. Syn og segn (Oslo), 47:193-206 (1941).

A discussion of Janson's standing in literature and theology.

MYRVANG, J.H. Vort folk ved havet. Decorah-posten, October 13, 1929-July 25, 1941.

Persons and events connected with the settlement in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, are portrayed, special mention being made in the second article of Anton Martinsen, a prominent leader of the colony.

NELSON, HELGE. Minnesotas bebyggande, med sŠrskild hŠnsyn till svenskars, norrmŠnns och tyskars andel i densamma. Svensk geografisk Œrsbok (Lund), 1937, p. 164-190.

The part taken by Swedes, Norwegians, and Germans in the settlement of Minnesota.

NELSON, PEDER. Tufte-Dahle slekten og Nissedal. Hallingen, no. 109, p. 19-23 (December, 1939).

A Tufte and Dahle genealogy.

NILSEN, KARL GUSTAV. Østerdølenes saga. [Duluth, Minnesota, Fuhr Publishing & Printing Co., 1938.] 517 p.

NORWEGIAN-AMERICAN HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, vol. 11. Northfield, Minnesota, 1940. 183 p.

The contents of this volume are as follows: A Doll's House on the Prairie, the First Ibsen Controversy in America, by Arthur C. Paulson and Kenneth Bjørk; Scandinavian Students at Illinois State University, by Henry O. Evjen; Stephen O. Himoe, Civil War Physician, by E. Biddle Heg; A Pioneer Church Library, by H. F. Swansen; Norwegian Emigration to America during the Nineteenth Century, by Ingrid Gaustad Semmingsen; Jørgen Gjerdrum's Letters from America, 1874-75, by Carlton C. Qualey; The Introduction of Domesticated Reindeer into Alaska, by Arthur S. Peterson; The Unknown Rølvaag, Secretary in the Norwegian-American Historical Association, by Kenneth Bjørk; The Sources of the Rølvaag Biography, by Nora O. Solum; Some Recent Publications relating to Norwegian-American History, VII, compiled by Jacob Hodnefield.

NORWEGIAN GROVE TOWNSHIP, OTTER TAIL COUNTY, MINNESOTA. NORTH IMMANUEL LUTHERAN CHURCH. The Seventieth Anniversary of North Immanuel Lutheran Church, Norwegian Grove Township, Otter Tail County, Minn., and the Sixtieth Anniversary of Grove Lake Lutheran Church, Scambler Township, Otter Tail County, Minn.; Published on the Occasion of the Seventieth Anniversary of North Immanuel, June 15-17, 1941, and the Sixtieth Anniversary of Grove Lake, June 19-22, 1941. N.p., 1941. p.

The historical sketch is written by the Reverend E. O. Stenson.

PAULSON, ARTHUR C., and KENNETH BJØRK. A Doll's House on the Prairie, the First Ibsen Controversy in America. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 11:1-16 (1940).

PETERSON, ARTHUR S. The Introduction of Domesticated Reindeer into Alaska. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 11:98-113 (1940).

QUALEY, CARLTON C. Jørgen Gjerdrum's Letters from America, 1874--75. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 11:82-97 (1940).

----------Pioneer Scandinavian Settlement in Michigan. Michigan History Magazine, 24:435-450 (autumn, 1940).

RØNNING, N. N. Professor David Lysnes. Lutheran Herald, 24:336 (March 26, 1940).

Lysnes (1832-90) was a former pastor and professor in the Lutheran church.

ROSS, MARTIN. Shipstead of Minnesota. Chicago, Packard and Company, 1940. 140 p.

SCHAFER, JOSEPH. Scandinavian Moravians in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Magazine of History, 24:25--38 (September, 1940).

SCHIVE, JENS, and HANS OLAV. Med kronprinsparet-- for Norge. Oslo, Aschehoug & Co. (W. Nygaard), 1939. 35 p.

An account of the visit of the Norwegian crown prince and crown princess to the United States in 1989.

SEMMINGSEN, INGRID GAUSTAD. Norwegian Emigration to America during the Nineteenth Century. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 11:66-81 (1940).

The same material appeared in Norwegian under the title, "Norsk utvandring til Amerika i der 19de Œrhundrede," in Nordisk tidskrift (Stockholm), 15:451-465 (1959).

---------- Utvandringen, Amerika-brevene og norsk samfundsut-vikling i det 19. Œrhundre. Samtiden (Oslo), 52:335-345 (1941).

The author considers the emigrant folk, difficulties in America, the defense of America on the part of recent settlers, the reaction on conditions in Norway, with a tendency to greater democracy.

SEVRE, INGEBREGT. Ole Nilsen Jodock. Hallingen, no. 109, p. 3-8 (December, 1989).

"Jodocksleegten," a genealogy of the Jodock family, follows on page 9-14.

SHELL ROCK TOWNSHIP, FREEBORN COUNTY, MINNESOTA. ROUND PRAIRIE LUTHERAN CHURCH. Round Prairie Lutheran Church, Diamond Jubilee, 1865-1940, Sunday, September 22, 1940, Glenville, Minnesota. [Frederick, Maryland], n.d. 61 p.

The historical sketch, pages 13-29, was written by Dr. Ignatius Bjorlee. The sketch also appeared in the Albert Lea Evening Tribune, September 20, 1940.

SHERWIN, REIDAR T. The Viking and the Red Man; The Old Norse Origin of the Algonquin Language. New York and London, Funk & Wagna]ls Company, 1940. 840 p.

SKAUG, ANNE. Memorandum on Fluctuations in Migration from Norway since 1900, Compared with Other Countries, and Causes of These Fluctuations. Paris, 1937. 194 p.

SOLUM, NORA O. The Sources of the Rølvaag Biography. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 11:150-159 (1940). SOUTH SACRED HEART, MINNESOTA. OPDAL NORWEGIAN LUTHERAN CHURCH. Opdal Norw. Luth. Church, 50th Anniversary, June 8, 1941, 1891-1941. N.p., 1941. p.

STIANSEN, PEDER. History of the Norwegian Baptists in America. Wheaton, Illinois, The Norwegian Baptist Conference of America and the American Baptist Publication Society, 1989. 844 p.

STORSTEEN, E. Utvandringen fra Norge. Social hŒndbok for Norge, 703-719.

STRANDWOLD, OLAF. Runic Rock Inscriptions along the American Atlantic Seaboard. [Prosser, Washington, 1939.] 107 p.

SWANSEN, H. F. A Pioneer Church Library. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 11:57-65 (1940).

TWO HARBORS, MINNESOTA. BETHLEHEM LUTHERAN CHURCH. Fiftieth Anniversary, 1889-1939; October 8 to 15, 1939, Two Harbors, Minnesota. N.p., 1939. 31 p.

UNSTAD, LYDER L. Norwegian Migration to Texas; A Historic Resume with Four "America Letters." Southwestern Historical Quarterly, 43:176-195 (October, 1939).

Settlements are those at Brownsboro, Dallas, and Waco, and in Bosque County; special mention is made of the Johan Nordboe and Johan Reiemen families; letters are from J. Grimseth, J. Brunstad, Elise Wærenskjold, and Johan Reiersen, all dated 1852.

VINING, RUTLEDGE. Suggestions of Keynes in the Writings of Veblen. Journal of Political Economy, 47:692-704 (October, 1939).

WILLEY, NORMAN L. Wergeland and Emigration to America. Scandinavian Studies and Notes, 16:121-127 (November, 1940).

The author discusses especially propaganda against emigration.

WINCHESTER, WISCONSIN. UNITED LUTHERAN CHURCH United Lutheran Church of Winchester, Wisconsin, Ninetieth Anniversary, October 25th, 1850-1940. N.p., 1940. 66 p.

Pages 6-37 contain "A Condensed History of the Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church of Winchester, Winnebago County, Wisconsin," which is followed by sketches of auxiliary organizations of the church.

WITTKE, CARL. We Who Built America; The Saga of the Immigrant. New York, Prentice-Hall, Inc., 1939. 547 p.

On pages 284-293 the author reviews Norwegian immigration: total immigration, conditions of life, the press, the church, schools, the bygdelag movement, lodges, Norwegians in the Civil War, and Norwegians in polities.


Considerable attention was given in the Norwegian-American press, to the visit of the crown prince and the crown princess of Norway to the United States in 1939. Besides the stories in the newspapers, there appeared an article in Nordmanns-forbundet, 32:239-243 (August, 1939), and the Skandinaven almanak og kalender for 1940 gives a comprehensive account covering pages 3-59. Schive's story is listed in the regular bibliography.

Bernt Støylen ran a series of articles, under the title "Norske døbenavne," in Decorah-posten, beginning December 22, 1939, explaining the meaning of Norwegian baptismal names.

Skandinaven (Chicago) published a translation, January -- September, 1941, of Walter Havighurst's Upper Mississippi, under the title, "0vre Mississippi." The book was listed in volume 10 of this series.

In an article on "Ole Bull og Norge," by Francis Bull, in Samtiden (Oslo), 51:449-468 (1940), some mention is made of Bull's American experiences.

Skandinaven, in an editorial on May 1, 1941, discusses the problems of the Norwegian Lutheran church, under the caption, "Av den norske kirkes saga her i lander fra kravets første opgave."

Waldemar Ager, lifetime editor of Reform of Eau Claire, Wisconsin, died on August 1, 1941, after a residence in this country since 1885. The paper discontinued publication with the issue of September 18.

A special number of Skandinaven was issued on May 1, 1941, to commemorate the seventy-fifth anniversary of the founding of the newspaper on May 2, 1866, by John Anderson.

Nordmanns-forbundet, 83:118 (April, 1940), contains a short biographical sketch of Nicolai Grevstad, long editor of Skandinaven and former United States ambassador to Uruguay, giving his dates as June 2, 1851-February 20, 1940. The same number also gives a sketch of O. E. Brandt, pastor and former professor at the Luther Theological Seminary of St. Paul, who also passed away in 1940.

Skandinaven announced its discontinuance in its issue of October 30, 1941. Those who would have grieved most for Skandinaven have long since left the American scene, but we cannot fail to regret the passing of so distinguished a journal that performed such outstanding service to the generations that came after the Civil War and even into the twentieth century, but that now have mostly given way to a new population.

To supply a medium for news and for announcements of Norwegian-American organizations, Minneapolis posten began publication on December 6, 1940, under the editorship of P. A. Hovland. The paper was removed to Duluth with the fourth issue and is being published there at the present time.

The Northman, which was published in Seattle, Washington, from about 1938 to November, 1940, announced its discontinuance in that city and removal to Minneapolis, where it is being published under the title, The American Viking. The first Minneapolis issue is dated April, 1941. The editor is Earle Frederick-son.

The American Scandinavian Good-Will Magazine is announced from New York.

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