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Some Recent Publications Relating to Norwegian-American History (no. IX)
Compiled by Jacob Hodnefield  (Volume XIII: Page 179)

ARNESON, AXEL, L. Norwegian Settlements in Texas. Southwestern Historical Quarterly, 45:125-135 (October, 1941).

A general survey of Norwegian immigration to Texas.

Barsness Lutheran Church; a Brief Review of the Activities of the Congregation, on the Occasion of the Celebration of the Seventy-fifth Anniversary of Its Organization, 1867-1942. Glenwood, Minnesota, 1942. 33 p.

A history of the church, p. 5-13, was "assembled and compiled by Edward E. Barsness." The church is located in Barsness Township, Pope County, Minnesota.

BJORK, KENNETH. Ole Evinrude and the Outboard Motor.

Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 12: 167-177 (1941).

----------R. A. Nestos. Norwegian-American Historical Association News Letter, no. 17: 3-4 (October, 1942).

A biographical sketch of the former governor of North Dakota.

BJØRNSON, H. A Brief History of Immanuel Congregations and Their Work in Seventy Years from 1871 to 1941. n.p., 1941. 8p.

The churches are located near Rothsay, Otter Tail County, :Minnesota.

BROSTE, OLE K. Coming to America in 1868 to Hanska, Brown Co., Minn., as Told by Ole K. Broste to Petra M. Lien. Our Young People, 20:1-1-2 (August 9); 1-2 (August 16); 1-2 (August 23, 1942).

Also published as a separate, 12 p. mimeo.

CARLSON, WILLIAM H. Some Further Notes on Scandinaviana in the Libraries of the United States. Scandinavian Studies, 16: 291-303 (November, 1941).

CLAUSEN, C. A., transl, and ed. Recollections of a Norwegian Pioneer in Texas. Norwegian-American Studies and Records l2: 91-104 (1941).

ESTREM, ANDREW. An Early Norse Settlement in Iowa. Iowa Journal of History and Politics, 39: 387-402 (October, 1941).

The settlement is that of southern Howard County and northern Chickasaw County.

GADE, John A. All My Born Days. New York, Scribner, 1942. 408 p.

GIMMESTAD, L. M. Bygdelagenes kulturbetydning; tale paa bygdelags fellesmøtet i Minneapolis i 1930. Hallingen, 118:28-32 (March, 1942); 119:12-16 (June, 192).

The cultural influences of the Norwegian-American bygdelags.

HALL, R. M. Den tradisjonsrike norske picnic i Blue Earth; dens tilblivelse og historic. Nordmanns-forbundet, 35: 223-225 (September, 1942).

This annual picnic in Blue Earth, Minnesota, brings together large numbers of southern Minnesota residents and erstwhile neighbors from Story, Hamilton, and Hardin counties, Iowa, as well as alumni of the former Jewell Lutheran College.

HANSEN, CARL, G. O. Den norske presse i Amerika. Nordmanns-forbundet, 35: 117-122 (May, 1942).

-------- Sønner af Norge. Nordmanns-forbundet, 35: 8-15 (January, 1942.

A historical account of the Sons of Norway lodge and its activities.

HASLUND, FREDRIK, comp. Social Welfare Work for Norwegian Seamen in America. n.p., 1941. 33 p. mimeo.

This appeared with a Norwegian title, "Sosiale tiltak for norske sjøfolk," in Nordmannns-forbundet, 35: 31-36 (February, 1942.)

The Hauge Movement in America. Published by the Hauge Inner Mission Federation. [Minneapolis, Minnesota], 1941. 512 p.

The foreword is signed by S. S. Gjerde and P. Ljostveit. A disconnected narrative with brief biographical sketches of men, mostly laymen, who have been active in the movement.

HAUGEN, EINAR. Phonological Shifting in American Norwegian. Language, 14: 112-120 (1938).

--------- Problems of Linguistic Research among Scandinavian Immigrants in America. American Council of Learned Societies Bulletin, no. 34:35-57 (March, 1942.

A paper presented at a conference on non-English speech to consider proposals for a linguistic atlas of the United States and Canada, held at Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1940.

--------- transl, and ed. Voyages to Vinland, the First American Saga. Chicago, Holiday Press, 1941. 127 p.

A special edition. The trade edition is published in New York by Alfred A. Knopf and dated 1942.

HEITMANN, John. Ole Edvart Rølvaag. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 12: 144-166 (1941).

HODNEFIELD, JACOB, comp. Some Recent Publications relating to Norwegian-American History, VIII. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 12: 178-187 (1941).

HOFRENNING, B. M. Captain Jens Munk's Septentrionalis; Norse Discovery of Churchill, Hudson Bay, Sept. 7, 1619. [Fergus Falls, Minnesota, 1942.] 71 p.

HOSTVEDT, ERLING. Camp Little Norway og den norske marine. Nordmanns-forbundet, 35:6-8 (January, 1942).

From this base in Canada the Norwegian fliers and the Norwegian marine co-operate.

JACOBSON, CLARA. A Journey to America in the Fifties. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 12: 60-78 (1941).

JENSENIUS, BERTRAM. Norsk teaterliv blusser pŚny i Chicago. Nordmanns-forbundet, 35:176-179 (July, 1942).

The "Chicago Norske Teater" was organized in January, 1938, and has revived Norwegian plays in Chicago. Some account is given of earlier theater groups.

JOHNSHON, M. CASPAR. Brief History of Fron Evangelical Lutheran Congregation. n.p., 1942. 29 p.

The congregation was organized in 1880, although Norwegian Lutheran activity in Pope County, Minnesota, dates to 1867.

JOHNSON, SYVERT H. Biographical Sketches of the Original Settlers in Rush Creek Valley, Winona County, Minnesota. Bellingham, Washington, 1941. 144 p.

JØRGENSON, HERMAN E. Minnet om den norsk lutherske kirke i Amerikas samling i 1917 feires. Nordmanns-forbundet, 35: 251-254 (October, 1942).

In addition to an account of a quarter-century celebration, the author reviews the history of the union of three Norwegian Lutheran synods in 1917.

KIMMERLE, MARJORIE M. Norwegian-American Surnames. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 12: 1-32 (1941).

----------Norwegian-American Surnames in Transition. American Speech, 17:158-165 (October, 1942).

KOHT, HALVDAN. Nordmennene i Amerika. Nordmanns-forbundet, 35:90-95 (April, 1942).

General comments on the subject of Norwegian immigration are included in this general review of Dr. Blegen's Norwegian Migration to America: The American Transition.

MOE, FINN. Paa eterens vinger til nordmenn verden over; norsk rikskringkastning i U.S.A. Nordmanns-forbundet, 35:180-184 (July, 1942).

An account of Norwegian government radio broadcasting, originating in the United States, to Norwegians wherever they are located.

NILSEN, EVELYN. Buslett's Editorship of Normannen from 1894 to 1896. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 12: 128-145 (1941).

NORBORG, SVERRE. Glimt fra der norske Alaska. Nordmanns-forbundet, 34: 201-202 (December, 1941).

The Norwegian contingent in Alaska, as glimpsed by the author.

NORLIE, O. M. Eielsen Was First; a Bibliography. Northfield, Minnesota, 1942. 118 p. Lithoprinted.

---------- Elling Eielsen, a Brief History, Written for the Elling Eielsen Centennial, 1839-1939, Held at Norway, Illinois, June 21 to 23, 1940. [Joliet, Illinois, C. H. Peterson Co.], 1940. 39 p.

---------- Prominent Personalities; WCAL Radio Talks. Northfield, Minnesota, Saint Olaf College School of the Air, 1942. 158 p. mimeo.

These are mainly men important in the Norwegian Lutheran church bodies in the United States.

NORSK SKIPSKAPTEIN FORTELLER. Nordmanns-forbundet, 35: 85-90 (April, 1942).

A trip from Norway to New York of a different sort from the days of the sailboats. This time a Norwegian captain tells the story, and the conditions are those of war. The trip covers the period January 10, 1940-August 16, 1941.

NORWAY--KGL. NORSK GENERALKONSULATS KO-ORDINASJONS OG REGISTERINGSKONTOR. Sirkulsere til norske institusjoner i U.S.A. Nordmanns-forbundet, 35: 204-205 (August, 1942).

Reprint of a circular from the Norwegian consulate and registration office to Norwegian institutions in the United States.

NORWEGIAN-AMERICAN HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, vol. 12. Northfield, Minnesota, 1941. 203 p.

The contents of this volume are as follows: Norwegian-American Surnames, by Marjorie M. Kimmerle; Norwegian Folk Narrative in America, by Ella Valborg Rølvaag; A Journey to America in the Fifties, by Clara Jacobson; James Denoon Reymert and the Norwegian Press, by Martin L. Reymert; Recollections of a Norwegian Pioneer in Texas, by Knudt Olson Hastvedt, translated and edited by C. A. Clausen; Norwegian Clubs in Chicago, by Birger Osland; Buslett's Editorship of Normannen from 1894 to 1896, by Evelyn Nilsen; Ole Edvart Rølvaag, by John Heitmann; Ole Evinrude and the Outboard Motor, by Kenneth Bjørk; Some Recent Publications relating to Norwegian-American History, VIII, compiled by Jacob Hodnefield.

NYDAL, NELS. Sunnfjordlaget i Amerika gjennem tredive aar, 1912-1942. [Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Privately printed, 112 p.

A history of this bygdelag for the period stated.

OSLAND, BIRGER. Norwegian Clubs in Chicago. Norwegian-American Studies and records, 12: 105-127 (1941).

REIGSTAD, OLE. Norge og norske fiyvere i kamp. Nordmanns-forbundet, 34:196-201 (December, 1941).

Little Norway in Canada and its trained fliers in combat.

REYMERT, MARTIN L. James Denoon Reymert and the Norwegian Press. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 12:79--90 (1941).

RØLVAAG, ELLA VALBORG. Norwegian Folk Narrative in America. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 12:33-59 (1941).

RYGG, A. N. Norwegians in New York, 1825-1925. Brooklyn, The Norwegian News Company, 1941. 296 p.

This book has been extensively reviewed in periodicals.

SAXE, LUDV. Nordmenn i Minnesota i 1362? Nordmanns-forbundet, 34: 97-98 (May, 1941).

Principally a statement about Hjalmar R. Holand's work on the subject of the Kensington rune stone, with special mention of Holand's book, Westward from Vinland. The author does not attempt to pass judgment on the authenticity of the rune stone.

Seventy-fifth Anniversary, 1867-1942, Crane Creek Lutheran Church, Chickasaw County, Iowa, Sunday, June 21, 1942. n.p., 1942. 23 p.

T. Orlin Torgeson writes the "History of the Crane Creek Lutheran Congregation,'' p. 3-10.

SMITH, MORTIMER. Ole Bull Conquers the New World, a Record of the Norwegian Violinist's First Tour of America. American Scandinavian Review, 29:338-348 (December, 1941).

--------Oleana; Story of Ole Bull's Colony in Pennsylvania. American Scandinavian Review, 30:139-148 (June, 1942).

SPARROW, CATHERINE GROTH. Little Norway-- Muskoka --Vesle Skaugum; Training Centers of the Royal Norwegian Air Force in Canada. American Scandinavian Review, 30: 203-215 (September, 1942).

VICKNER, EDWIN J. The History of the Department of the Scandinavian Languages and Literature at the University of Washington. Scandinavian Studies, 17:85-98 (August, 1942).

WESWIG, CARL, M. Markus Olaus B˘ckmann. Lutheran Herald, 26:827-828 (August 11, 1942).

A short biography of the former president of Luther Theological Seminary in St. Paul, Minnesota.

WHITE, GEORGE L., JR. H. H. Boyesen; a Note on Immigration. American Literature, 13:368-371 (January, 1942).

An essay discussing Boyesen's fiction and essays as contributing to an interpretation of Scandinavian immigration.


Decorah-posten reprints in its issues of September 25 and 29 and of October 2, 1942, an article by Paul Hjelm-Hansen on his impressions of America. It appeared originally in Nordisk folke-blad on November 4, 1869.

Carl G. O. Hansen continued in Sønner a[ Norge his history of the Sons of Norway lodge.

Professor Einar Haugen of the department of Scandinavian of the University of Wisconsin has been granted a Guggenheim fellowship for research on the linguistic transition of immigrants.

Nordfordlagets aarbok for 1941-42 has appeared under the editorship of R. J. Meland of Minneapolis.

Old Muskego Saga, although it is "published monthly by the Lutheran Brotherhoods of the Old Muskego Lutheran Parish," is more than a parish paper. It carries a number of historical articles concerning the old Muskego settlement. The paper is issued at Waterford, Wisconsin, and the editor is the Reverend It. C. M. Jahren, pastor of the congregation.

In the May, 1942, issue of the Norwegian-American Technical Journal are found a number of articles that give a fair idea of the contributions of engineers to the war effort. Two articles, one by Ole Reigstad and one by Magnus Bjørndal, concern Little Norway at Toronto.

Chicago has a Viking, published by the Viking Publishing Company under the editorship of Reidar Rye Haugan, which first appeared in 1941.

Nordmanns-forbundet has moved to the United States and the first editor in this country was none other than Carl J. Hambro. Dr. E. Hambro has been editor since March, 1942. The address is 65 Stockton Street, Princeton, New Jersey. The change is explained in the issue of December, 1941. Some numbers for the summer of 1941 will be missing in most American files of the periodical.

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