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Contributors  (Volume XIII)

DR. HENRY H. BAKKEN, associate professor of agricultural Economics in the University of Wisconsin, is an authority on market research, the theory of distribution, and co-operation. He is the author of a number of works on specialized phases of marketing, including Cooperation to the Finnish, published in Madison in 1939.

DR. HENRIETTE C. KOREN NAESETH is professor and head of the department of English at Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois. With Professor Napier Wilt she contributed to volume 10 of STUDIES AND RECORDS an article on early Norwegian dramatic societies in Chicago, and for several years she has been working on a history of the Swedish drama in Chicago. She is the translator of Sigrid Undset's Return to the Future, published recently in New York.

DR. C. A. CLAUSEN, head of the department of history at Wittenberg College, Springfield, Ohio, served as visiting lecturer in Scandinavian at the University of Wisconsin during the first term of the present academic year. He has made contributions to several preceding volumes in this series.

DR. PAUL MAURICE GLASOE is vice-president and professor of chemistry at St. Olaf College, and has published several works in the field of chemistry. For many years he has been active in the field of choral singing and since 1911 has served as president of the Choral Union of the Norwegian Lutheran Church.

DR. A. N. RYGG was for eighteen years editor and part owner of Nordisk tidende in Brooklyn, New York. He is the author of a recently published volume on Norwegians in New York, 1825-1925. He holds the honorary degree of LL.D. from St. Olaf College.

MISS FLORENCE M. MANNING of Los Angeles, California knew Carl G. Barth personally and draws upon her acquaintance with him in the sketch that appears in the present volume. She is on the staff of the Los Angeles City College, but contributes her article from a hospital bed, where she has long been contending with handicaps and injuries following an attack of infantile paralysis.

DR. EINAR HAUGEN of the University of Wisconsin has recently held a Guggenheim fellowship in connection with his linguistic studies of the Norwegian immigrants in America. His most recent book is Voyages to Vinland, the First American Saga. A recent review by Sigrid Undset in the New York Times says of this important work that it "has succeeded in telling the story of the pioneer vividly and charmingly."

PROFESSOR HALVDAN KOHT, the distinguished Norwegian historian and former minister in the Norwegian government, now resides in Washington, D.C. His contributions to history have a wide range, from the sagas to modern political and social problems. He has written biographies of Sverdrup, Aasen, and Wergeland, and his authoritative study of Henrik Ibsen has appeared in a two-volume American edition. One of his recent publications is Norway, Neutral and Invaded (MacMillan, 1941).

MR. JACOB HODNEFIELD, formerly director of the historical records survey in Minnesota, is now the newspaper librarian of the Minnesota Historical Society in St. Paul. He contributes to this volume the ninth in his series of bibliographical reports.


Olaf Halvorson, Huntington Park, California, President
Arthur Andersen, Chicago, Illinois, Vice-President
J. Jørgen Thompson, Northfield, Minnesota, Secretary
Birger Osland, Chicago, Illinois
S. J. Arnesen, Brooklyn, New York
Frederic Schaefer, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
A. N. Rygg, Brooklyn, New York
David T. Nelson, Decorah, Iowa

Board of Finance

T. Stabo, Decorah, Iowa
O. M. Oleson, Fort Dodge, Iowa
Theodore Wold, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Thorsten Y. Olsen, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Board of Editors

Theodore C. Blegen, St. Paul, Minnesota, Managing Editor
Paul Knaplund, Madison, Wisconsin
Carlton C. Qualey, Annandale-on-Hudson, New York
Einar Haugen, Madison, Wisconsin
Kenneth Bjork, Northfield, Minnesota

Board or Archives

Agnes Larson, Northfield, Minnesota
Karen Larson, Northfield, Minnesota
Jacob Hodnefield, St. Paul, Minnesota
O. M. Norlie, Northfield, Minnesota
John Frohlin, Bayonne, New Jersey

Local Vice-Presidents

C. Martin Alsager, Chicago, Illinois
J. N. Brown, Moorhead, Minnesota
G. M. Bruce, St. Paul, Minnesota
O. I. Hertsgaard, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Gustav G. Martin, Pacific Palisades, California
Frida Bue-Homnes, Crosby, North Dakota
B. L. Wick, Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Charles E. Larsen, Brooklyn, New York
Helmer Blegen, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Kristine Haugen, Seattle, Washington
J. M. Johnson, Chicago, Illinois
Carl Søyland, Brooklyn, New York
Arne E. Williamson, Chicago, Illinois

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