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Some Recent Publications Relating to Norwegian-American History (no. X)
Compiled by Jacob Hodnefield (Volume XIV: Page 235)

ANGERSBACH, A.L. Dr. John Olaf Evjen. The Friend, 20:7, 20 (February, 1943).

ARESTAD, SVERRE. The Norwegians in the Pacific Coast Fisheries. Pacific Northwest Quarterly, 34:3-17 (January, 1943).

------------ Scandinavian Language Newspapers. Pacific Northwest Quarterly, 34:305-308 (July, 1943).

A list of Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish newspapers published on the Pacific coast, with comments. Also issued as a reprint.

BAILEY, THOMAS A. The Policy of the United States towards the Neutrals, 1917-1918. Baltimore, The Johns Hopkins Press, 1942. 520 p.

Chapter 4 is entitled, "The Rationing Agreement with Norway."

BAKKEN, HENRY H, ed. Pioneers in Dakota Territory, 1879-89. Norwegian-American Studies and ,Records, 13:1-45 (1943).

The memoirs of Carl M. Grimstad.

BECK, RICHARD. Et amerikansk universitet sore står Norge nær. Nordmanns-forbundet, 36:196-198 (August, 1943).

Subjects: the University of North Dakota, Norwegian faculty members, and courses in Scandinavian studies.

BROCH, THEODOR The Mountains Wait. St. Paul, Webb Publishing Company, 1942. 325 p.

The last chapter treats of the author's journey to the United States.

CANNON, JENNIE AMELIA VENNERSTROM. Watershed Drama, Battle Lake, Minnesota. Berkeley, California, Privately printed, 1942. 117 p.

This work is partly autobiographical. Chapters have such headings as "Christopher Tangen and Norway," "Lutherans," "Scandinavians Quickly Transformed into Americans." The period covered is the 1860's and 1870's.

CARLSEN, CLARENCE J. The Years of Our Church. Minneapolis, Free Church Publishing Company, 1942. 221 p.

History of the Lutheran Free Church from 1897 to date.

CLAUSEN, C. A., trans. and ed. A Norwegian Schoolmaster Looks at America; an America Letter. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 13:75-91 (1943).

CONE, CARL B. Ole Bull and the Fire. Palimpsest, 2:154-160 (May, 1943).

The fire occurred at the Clinton House in Iowa City, Iowa, in 1872.

DAHL, BORGHILD. I Wanted to See. New York, The Macmillan Company, 1944. 210 p.

Autobiography of a Minneapolis resident.

DYBVIG, PHILIP, S., and HAUGEN, RANDOLPH E., eds. The Forward March of Faith; the Story of a Church. Minneapolis, Augsburg Publishing House, [1943]. 165 p.

"Prepared by the Board of Publication of the Norwegian Lutheran Church of America," in connection with the centennial celebration in 1943.

FORT DODGE, IOWA. ST. OLAF LUTHERAN CHURCH. The Golden Jubilee, 1891-1941. Fort Dodge, Iowa, 1941. 20 p.

GADE, JOHN A. The Question of Norwegian Relief. American-Scandinavian Review, 31:207-213 (September, 1943).

GILBERTSON, GENA LEE. Big Grove Lutheran Church 75th Anniversary, 1867-1942. Grand Forks, North Dakota, 1942. 98 p.

GLASOE, PAUL MAURICE. A Singing Church. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 13:92-107 (1943).

GLENVILLE, MINNESOTA. ROUND PRAIRIE LUTHERAN CHURCH. Round Prairie Lutheran Church Diamond Jubilee, 1865-1940, Sunday, September 22, 1940. n.p., n.d. 61 p.

GRUNT, OLAF PAUS. Norse Seamen in American Ports. American-Scandinavian Review, 30:348-851 (December,

Deals with libraries, missions, and educational and recreational facilities furnished the sailors.

HANSEN, C. FREDERICK. Marcus Lee Hansen, Historian of Immigration. Common Ground, 2: 73-76 (Summer 1942),

Also issued as a reprint.

HAUGEN, EINAR. Myten om Vinland. Nordmanns-forbundet, 86:67-69 (March, 1943).

The Vinland myth.

------------Norske timer for amerikanske soldater. Nordmanns-forbundet, 37:37-40 (February, 1944).

The teaching of Norwegian to soldiers.

HERRICK, JOHN P. Oley Nelson -- an Unforgettable Character. Annals of Iowa, 25:117-121 (October, 1943).

Oley Nelson, 1845-1938: farmer; representative in the Iowa General Assembly, 1886-88; state commander, G.A.R., 1927-28; national commander, G.A.R., 1935-36.

HODNEFIELD, JACOB, comp. Some Recent Publications relating to Norwegian-American History, IX. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 13:179-185 (1943).

HOLAND, HJALMAR RUED. The Runic Inscription on No Man's Land. New England Quarterly, 17:56-70 (March, 1944).

Also issued as a reprint.

HONG, EDNA HATLESTAD, and HONG, HOWARD. Muskego Boy. Minneapolis, Augsburg Publishing House, [1943]. 96 p.

Fiction; the setting is the Norwegian settlement and the time is a hundred years ago.

JARSTAD, ANTON. The Melting Pot in Northeastern Wisconsin. Wisconsin Magazine of History, 26: 426-432 (June, 1943).

There was a considerable Norwegian contingent in these settlements.

JORGENSON, THEODORE. Lars Wilhelm Boe. Nordmanns-forbundet, 36:60-64 (March, 1943).

A biography, with portrait, of the late president of St. Olaf College.

------------Leif Erickson and the Atlantic Tradition; an Address Rendered at the Annual Meeting of the Minnesota Leif Erickson Monument Association, October 8, 1943. [St. Paul, 1943.] 8p.

------------Men and Attitudes in the Early History of St. Olaf College. Faribault Daily News, May 17-20, 1943; Northfield Independent, June 17, 24, 1943.

JUVE, JØRGEN. Travers Island. Nordmanns-forbundet, 36:247-250 (October, 1943).

Sketch of a Norwegian rifle range and gunner training school.

KLAVNESS, EIVIND. Norske læger i Amerika, 1840-1942. St. Paul, Minnesota, 1943. 87 p.

Biographical notes on more than one hundred physicians of Norwegian extraction.

KOHT, HALVDAN. The Norwegians in America. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 13:171-178 (1943).

------------Norway, Maine. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 13:186-188 (1943).

LANGBACH, PEDER. Norsk menighed i Amerika 100 aar; Norway-Muskego menighed, den ældste norsk-lutherske menighed i Amerika, feier 100 aarsmindet om sin grundlæggelse. Decorah-posten, Oct. 7, 1943.

The centennial of the Norway-Muskego (Wisconsin) church.

LARSEN, HENNING, ed. Scandinavian Studies Presented to George T. Flora by Colleagues and Friends. Edited by Henning Larsen and C. A. Williams. Urbana, Illinois, University of Illinois Press, 1942. 150 p.

This book has been reviewed by Einar Haugen in Decorah-posten, January 7, 1943.

LEWENHAUPT, A. An Official Report on Norwegian and Swedish Immigration, 1870. With a foreword by Theodore C. Blegen. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 13:46-65 (1943).

LILLEHEI, INGEBREGT LARSEN. Mindernes bok; mit norgesbesøk, saint barndomsminder og senere oplevelser. Minneapolis, Privately printed, December, 1939. 126 p.


Little Norway in Pictures; with Supplement Norway Yesterday and Today. Toronto, S. J.Reginald Saunders, [1944]. 124 p. Camp Little Norway, Canada.

LUND, EINAR. Norsk og amerikansk. Nordmanns-forbundet, 35:274-276 (November, 1942).

A study of Americanization.

MADSON, NORMAN A. Dr. Walther and the Norsemen. Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly, 15:65-71 (October, 1942)

A discussion of the relation of the Synod of the Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church of America with Concordia Seminary of the Missouri Synod in St. Louis and a mention of some early instructors and students.

MALMIN, R. H. A. Preus. Lutheran Herald, 26:1398-1400 (December 29, 1942).

A biography of a pioneer Lutheran pastor.

MANNING, FLORENCE M. Carl G. Barth, 1860-1959; a Sketch. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 18:114-132 (1943).


MELLBY, C.A. Lars W. Boe, Educator and Legislator. Annals of Iowa, 2:242-245 (January, 1943).

MINNEAPOLIS. LUTHERAN TRINITY CHURCH. The Lutheran Trinity Congregation, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1868-1943; a Historical Sketch Prepared for Its Seventy-filth Anniversary, April 4 to 11, 1943. Edited by Andreas Helland. Minneapolis, 1943. 80 p.

NAESETH, CAROLINE MATHILDE KOREN. Memories from Little Iowa Parsonage; translated by Henriette C. K. Naeseth. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 13:66-74 (1943).

NELSON, FRANK G. When Two Cultures Meet. Common Ground, 4:26-31 (Winter, 1944).

Discusses "what elements in our national culture are peculiarly and uniquely Norwegian in origin."

NORDISK TIDENDE. Facts about the Norwegian American Colony in Brooklyn and Nordisk tidende. [Brooklyn, Arnesen Press, 1941]. 32 p.

NORLIE, O. M. Lars Lillehei. Minneapolis, Lutheran Free Church Publishing Co., 1943. [1944.] 24 p.

NORWEGIAN-AMERICAN HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, vol. 13. Northfield, 1943. 203 p.

The contents of this volume are as follows: Pioneers in Dakota Territory, 1879-89, edited by Henry H. Bakken; An Official Report on Norwegian and Swedish Immigration, 1870, by A. Lewenhaupt, with a foreword by Theodore C. Blegen; Memories from Little Iowa Parsonage, by Caroline Mathilde Koren Naeseth, translated and edited by Henriette C. K. Naeseth; A Norwegian Schoolmaster Looks at America, an America letter translated and edited by C. A. Clausen; A Singing Church, by Paul Maurice Glasoe; A Norwegian Settlement in Missouri, by A. N. Rygg; Carl G. Barth, 1869-1939, a sketch, by Florence M. Manning; Pioneering on the Pacific Coast, by John Storseth, with a foreword by Einar Haugen; Materials in the National Archives relating to the Scandinavian Countries; The Norwegians in America, by Halvdan Koht; Some Recent Publications relating to Norwegian-American History, IX, compiled by Jacob Hodnefield; Norway, Maine, by Halvdan Koht.

------------President's Report for the Triennium Ended December 31,1941. [Northfield, 1942.] 20p.

NORWEGIAN SYNOD OF THE AMERICAN EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH. Grace for Grace, Brief History of the Norwegian Synod, Published in Grateful Commemoration of the Ninetieth Anniversary of Its Founding in the Year Eighteen Hundred and Fifty-three and the Twenty-fifth Anniversary of Its Reorganization in Nineteen Hundred and Eighteen as the Norwegian Synod of the American Evangelical Lutheran Church. Mankato, Minnesota, Lutheran Synod Book Company, 1943. 211 p.

Foreword signed by S. C. Ylvisaker, chief editor, Chr. Anderson, and G. O. Lillegard.

OHNSTAD, KARSTEN. The World at My Fingertips. Indianapolis, The Bobbs-Merrill Company, [1942]. 348 p.

An autobiography.

OMRO TOWNSHIP, YELLOW MEDICINE COUNTY. ST. JOHN'S EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH. Anniversary of St. John's Ev. Lutheran Church, Omro Township, Yellow Medicine County, Minn.; Sixtieth Anniversary of the Congregation, Fiftieth Anniversary of the Dedication of the Church, Sunday, September 27, 1942. n.p., 1942. 24 p.

PETERSON, BERTHA, comp. The Record of Ole Oleson Hunstad and His Three Wives and Their Descendants. [Butterfield, Minnesota, C. W. Barnes, 1941.] 47 p.

Genealogy occupies a large part of this account of the Hunstad family of Watonwan County, Minnesota.

RIAN, JOHN P., comp. Dovre Lodge No. 3, Sons of Norway, through Forty Years, 1900-1940. Edited by Peter Thorhaug. Minneapolis, 1940. 81 p.

RØNNING, H. N. The Gospel at Work, by H. N. Rønning, in cooperation with N. N. Rønning. Minneapolis, [1943]. 127 p.

An account of missionary work in America and China.

RØNNING, N. N. The Saga of Old Muskego. Waterford, Wisconsin. Published by Old Muskego Memorial, [1943]. 73 p.

Reviewed in Minnesota History, 24:348 (December, 1943).

RYGG, A. N. Andrew Furuseth. Nordisk tidende, June 24, 1948.

------------ Sociale og kirkelige forhold i der norske Baltimore. Nordisk tidende, November 19, 1943.

------------ Nordmenns liv og virke i Philadelphia -- The City of Brotherly Love -- utgjør et interessant kapitel i norsk immi-granthistorie. Nordisk tidende, November 25, December 2, 1943.

Norwegians in Philadelphia.

------------ The Norwegian Sailors' Home of Brooklyn, N. Y.; a Condensed History of the Institution from Its Start in 1887 to the Present Time. [Brooklyn, Arnesen Press, Inc., 1939.] 380 p.

------------A Norwegian Settlement in Missouri. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 13:108-115 (1943).

ST. PAUL, MINNESOTA. CHRIST LUTHERAN CHURCH. Seventy-five Years with. Christ: Diamond Jubilee, 1868-1943. [St. Paul, 1943.] 32 p.

SEMMINGSEN, INGRID GAUSTAD. Veien mot vest; utvandringen fra Norge til Amerika, 1825-1865. Oslo, H. Aschehoug and Co., 1941. 528 p.

Norwegian emigration to America during the period 1825-65. Reviewed in Nordmanns-forbundet, 36:146-148 (June, 1943).

SEVRE, INGEBREGT. Eit minneord um diktaren Jon Norstog. Nordmanns-forbundet, 36:64-66 (March, 1943).

Biographical account of Jon Norstog (1877-1942).

------------ Nordre Mørk slegten i hol. Hallingen, March-September, 1943.

This genealogy, largely of residents of Norway, carries over into the United States and Canada.

SMITH, MORTIMER. The Life of Ole Bull. Princeton, N. J., Princeton University Press, for the American Scandinavian Foundation, 1943. 220 p.

Reviewed in Decorah-posten, November 18, 1943.

SONS OF NORWAY. Why Sons of Norway. Minneapolis, 1939. 16p.

Includes a historical outline of the Sons of Norway lodge.

SØYLAND, CARL. Ole Bull i Amerika. Nordisk tidende, September 16, 23, 30, 1943.

SPANDE, PAUL W. The Lutheran Church under American Influence; a Historico-philosophical Interpretation of the Church in Its Relation of Various Modifying Forces in the United States. Burlington, Iowa, The Lutheran Literary Board, 1943. 435 p.

The Norwegian group is included in this study.

STEENERSON, ELIAS. Memoirs of Pioneer Days. n.p., [1939]. [41 p.] Mimeo.

Reminiscences of a Minnesota resident, a brother of a former congressman from Minnesota, Halvor Steenerson.

STORSETH, JOAN. Pioneering on the Pacific Coast. With a foreword by Einar Haugen. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 15:133-162 (1943).

SUNDHEIM, A.M. Dr. Andrew A. Fossum; et biografisk omrids. Decorah-posten, November 11, 1943.

A biographical sketch of a late professor at St. Olaf College.

SUNNFJORDLAGET I AMERIKA. Sunnfjordlaget i Amerika gjennero tredive aar, 1912-1942. Denne bog er redigeret og udgit av Sunnfjordlagets sekretær, Nels Nydal. Milwaukee, 1942. 112 p.

The history of this bygdelag for the period indicated.

SUTTON'S BAY, MICHIGAN. IMMANUAL LUTHERAN CHURCH. Fiftieth Anniversary, 1890-1940; Immanual Lutheran Church, Sutton's Bay, Michigan; History and Program of Celebration, June 20, 21, 22 and 23, 1940. n. p., n. d. 20 p.

Tribute to Our Parents on Their Sixtieth Wedding Anniversary, 1882-1942. n. p., n. d. 24 p.

Ancestry, immigration, and life in Iowa and North Dakota of Mr. and Mrs. Edward Pederson of Hatton, North Dakota.

UNDSET, SIGRID. Norway and Norwegian Americans. Common Ground, 2: 73-76 (1942).

WHITEHALL, WISCONSIN. OUR SAVIOUR'S LUTHERAN CHURCH. Seventieth Anniversary of Our Saviour's Lutheran Church of Whitehall, Wisconsin, 1870-1940, October 11, 12, 13, 1940. n. p., n.d. 14p.

WICK, B.L. In the Footsteps of the Early Settlers in and about Le Grand, Iowa. Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 1943. 32 p.

A Norwegian community, as some of the names in the story signify: Ole T. Sawyer, 1843-1913; Anna Olson, 1832-1925; Christian Gimre, 1825-1918.


(Again writers of articles and books on Norwegian-American history are urged to send copies to the Norwegian-American Historical Association, Northfield, Minnesota.)

Carl G. O. Hansen continues in the 1943 issues of Sønner af Norge his history of the Sons of Norway lodge.

The genealogies entitled "Norske pionerslegter" which O. O. Enestvedt has been running in Decorah-posten at intervals come, with the later generations, into the American scene.

John Storseth's articles, "Fra gammel og ny rid i Norge og Amerika," were current in Decorah-posten during the past year.

The article entitled "The Founding of Jordan" in the Arlington Times, Arlington, Washington, for August 20, 1942, contains considerable Scandinavian material.

Nordmanns-forbundet for March, 1943, carries an announcement, p. 70, of the death of Leonhard Stejneger (1851-1943), chief curator of the biological division of the Smithsonian Institution of Washington, D. C., since 1911. Stejneger was born in Bergen, Norway, and immigrated in 1881.

The death of Hallvard Askeland is noted in Nodrmanns-forbundet's May, 1943, issue, 36:125. Askeland (1860-1943) was musician, poet, painter, librarian, and employee of the Minnesota Railroad and Warehouse Commission.

Thorstein Veblen appears as a character in a play in Duffus's autobiography, which he has given the title: The Innocents of Cedro; A Memoir of Thorstein Veblen and Some Others (New York, Macmillan Company, 1943. 163 p.) The story is more Duffus than Veblen.

For the purpose of collecting Scandinavian material for its library, the University of Washington at Seattle has set up a Scandinavian Historical Research Committee, under the general direction of the Scandinavian department. The chairman is Professor Edwin J. Vickner, head of the department, and other members of the committee are Sverre Arestad, Charles M. Gates, and Charles W. Smith.

Under the title: "Uncle Sam's Oles," the St. Olaf College Bulletin for February, 1943, p. 26-34, lists St. Olaf alumni in the armed services.

The St. Olaf College Bulletin Alumni Magazine, February,. 1943, no. 2, is a "President Boe Memorial Issue," of 48 pages. Included, p. 2-6, is a sketch of the life of the late president by C. A. Mellby.

Through the St. Olaf College Press has recently appeared, 1943, a 460-page Norwegian-English School Dictionary, by Theodore Jorgenson, professor of Norwegian at St. Olaf College.

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