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Some Recent Publications Relating to Norwegian-American History (no. XI)
Compiled by Jacob Hodnefield  (Volume XV: Page 210)

AARNESS, HANS. Den norske pressa i Amerika frå 1847-1925. Oslo, 1945. 15 p.

The Norwegian press in America, 1847-1925.

ABERTSON, DOROTHY EARLE. Mid-Night Sun (Norway) to Texas. Tyler, Texas, 1944. 70 p.

ADAMIC, Louis. A Nation of Nations. New York, 1944, 1945. 399 p.

Chapter 10, p. 249-266, is entitled "Americans from Norway."

ANDERSEN, ARLOW W. Knud Langeland, Pioneer Editor. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 14:122-138 (1944).

ANDERSON, A. J. When We Were Young; Reminiscences from Augsburg Publishing House. Lutheran Herald, 28:462, 468 (May 30, 1944).

BAIRD, AMALIA CAROLINE (OLSON). "Memories That Bless!" A Daughter's Appreciation. Minneapolis, 1939. 60 p.

BAKKEN, OLE H. Reminiscences, 1927. McIntosh, Minnesota. 1940. 16 p.

Ole H. Bakken (1859-1940) immigrated to Grand Forks, North Dakota, in 1880 and later removed to the vicinity of McIntosh. The reminiscences were translated from the Norwegian by Mrs. Melvin Petterson.

BERGH, BOLETTE MARIE (STUB). Erindringer fra nybyggerlivet i 70-aarene. Decorah-posten, May 18, 25, June 1, 1944.

Recollections of pioneer days in the 1870's in Sacred Heart, Minnesota, the pastoral charge of the Reverend J. E. Bergh.

BERGMANN, LEOLA NELSON. Music Master of the Middle West; the Story of F. Melius Christiansen and the St. Olaf Choir. Minneapolis, 1944. 230 p.

BJØRK, KENNETH. A Migration of Skills. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 14:1-40 (1944).

--------Pioneering on the Technical Front; a Story Told in America Letters. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 14:227-234 (1944).

BLEGEN, THEODORE C. The Ballad of Oleana. Common Ground, 5:73-77 (Autumn, 1944).

--------The Ballad of Oleana; a Verse Translation. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 14:117-121 (1944).

BRENNA, O. C. Ninetieth Anniversary, October Thirteenth, Nineteen Hundred Forty-six, 1856-1946, Greenfield Evangelical Lutheran Church, Harmony, Minnesota. 1946. 20 p.

BREVIG, TOLLEF LARSON. Apaurak in Alaska; Social Pioneering among the Eskimos. Translated and compiled from the records of the Reverend T. L. Brevig, pioneer missionary to the Eskimos of Alaska from 1894 to 1917, by Dr. Walter Johnshoy. Philadelphia, 1944. 325 p.

Brevig was a missionary for the Norwegian Lutheran Church of America.

BROCH, THEODOR. Sambandstatene og der norske Amerika. Samtiden, 55:562-570 (1946).

The American Union and the Norwegian Americans. A Norwegian soldier's impressions of the United States.

CLAUSEN, C. A. An Immigrant Shipload of 1840. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 14:54-77 (1944).

DROTNING, PHIL. Valley of the Elves. Saturday Evening Post, 217:26 f. (May 12, 1945).

GRANSKOU, CLEMENS M. St. Olaf College. American-Scandinavian Review, 32:205-215 (September, 1944).

A historical outline of the college. Also issued as a reprint in St. Olaf College Bulletin, 40:1-15 (November, 1944).

GULLIXSON, T.F. Centennial Address at Old Muskego. Minneapolis, 1943. 11 p.

Issued as no. 1 of a series of papers commemorating the hundredth anniversary of the Norwegian Lutheran Church of America. See also NORWEGIAN LUTHERAN CHURCH OF AMERICA.

HAGEN, ALBERT H. School Days of 1873, District No. 28, Yank-ton County, South Dakota. Sioux Falls, South Dakota, 1941. 27 p.

HANSEN, BLAINE. The Norwegians of Luther Valley. Wisconsin Magazine of History, 28:422-430 (June, 1945).

The location is north and west of Beloit, Wisconsin.

HANSEN, CARL G. O. History of Sons of Norway, an American Fraternal Organization of Men and Women of Norwegian Birth or Extraction. Minneapolis, 1944. 431 p.

Also published serially in Sønner af Norge (Sons of Norway), 1940-1944.

--------Sønner af Norges femti års jubileum. Nordmanns-forbundet, 37:168 171 (July-August, 1944).

A sketch of the history of the Sons of Norway Lodge and a report on the celebration in Minneapolis, August 10-12, 1944.

HANSEN, MAURICE B. Brief History of Normendenes Sangforening, Chicago, Illinois, 1870-1945, by Maurice B. Hansen and Norman Blessum. Chicago, 1945. 43 p.

HANSKA, MINNESOTA. Lake Hanska Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church. Lake Hanska kimer i klokker glädelig jul, 1869-1944. Hanska, Minnesota, 1944. 46 p.

A historical sketch of the church.

HAUGEN, EINAR. Amerikansk universitetsliv i dag. Nordisk tidskrift, 22:230-243 (1946).

University life in America today. The article includes such institutions as St. Olaf College.

-------- Pastor Dietriehson of Old Koshkonong. Wisconsin Magazine of History, 29:301-318 (March, 1946).

The story of the Reverend Johan Wilhelm Christian Dietrichson (1815-1885), pioneer Lutheran clergyman of Wisconsin.

HAVIGHURST, WALTER. High Prairie, by Walter and Marion Havighurst. New York, 1944. 29 p.

Fiction; the story of a Norwegian family, immigrants of the late 1860's. whose course led to Quebec, Buffalo, Milwaukee, Minnesota, and North Dakota.

--------Upper Mississippi, a Wilderness Saga. New York, 1944. 305 p.

A rambling narrative; chapter 9, p. 98-116, is the "Saga of Cleng Peerson." with additional related material on p. 212-217, 219-238.

HILL, DUDLEY TOLL. Genealogy of the Toll Family (of Daniel and Simon) Branches, with Allied Families of the Former, Together with a Brief History of the Founder, Karel Hansen Toll. Schenectady, New York, 1941. 47 p.

HODNEFIELD, JACOB, comp. Some Recent Publications relating to Norwegian-American History, X. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 14:235-243 (1944).

HOLAND, HJALMAR RUED). America, 1355-1364, a New Chapter in Pre-Columbian History. New York, 1946. 256 p.

HOLMES, FRED L. Old World Wisconsin; around Europe in the Badger State. Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 1944. 368 p.

Chapter 5, p. 91-108, is entitled "Festive Vikings Devour Lutefisk, -- Stoughton and Westby."

HOUKOM, JOHN A., ed. Pioneer Kjærkebøn Writes from Coon Prairie. Wisconsin Magazine of History, 27:439-445 (June, 1944).

Two letters written December 18, 1856, and October 23, 1858, to Sven-hung Olsen Houkom, at Kviteseld, Telemark, Norway. Kjærkebøn emigrated in 1851.

HOVDE, BRYNJOLF J. The Scandinavian Countries, 1720-1865; the Rise of the Middle Classes. Boston, 1943. 2 vols.

Chapter 27, vol. 2, p. 650-661, is entitled, "Emigration."

IMMIGRANT EXPLORATION OF THE MIDDLE WEST IN 1839; a Letter by Johannes Johansen and Søren Bache. Translated by the Verdandi Study Club. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 14:41-53 (1944).

JACOBSON, CLARA. Memories from Perry Parsonage. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 14:159-158 (1944).

JARSTAD, ANTON. After Seventy-five Years; the History of Den norske evangeliske lutherske menighed i Fort Howard, Wisconsin, Now the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Congregation of Green Bay and Associated Congregations--Z ion's Congregation in Glenmore and St. John's Congregation in Ashwaubenon, by Anton Jarstad, assisted by the committee on local church history--Olaf Olsen, Martin Onstad, Fred Lier --- on the Occasion of the Celebration of Our 75th Anniversary of the Founding of the Congregation, 1867-1942. Minneapolis, 1942. 135 p.

JENSENIUS, BERTRAM. Glimt fra en norsk sanger-skares innsats blant Chicago-nordmenn gjennem 75 begivenhetsrike år. Nordisk tidende, October 25, 1945, f.

The story of a singing society in Chicago.

JOHNSON, EMEROY. In Honor of "Grandma," Mrs. Helen Nelson on Her 100th Anniversary, November 11, 1944; Her Life Story; Her Family. 1944. 38 p.

KAVLI, OLAV. Med ost i kofferten. Bergen, 1946. 169 p.

Reminiscences; three trips to America, 1910, 1922, 1927. Kavli was a cheese salesman.

KILDAL, ANNE. De gjorde Norge større; en bok for ungdom. Oslo, 1945. 221 p.

A book for young people, featuring important Norwegians who have spread Norway's fame abroad, including Leif Erickson, Anneke Jans, Cleng Peerson, Ole Rynning, Paul Hjelm-Hansen, Ole Bull, and others.

KLAGSTAD, AUGUST. Klagstad-Halvorsen Family History. Minneapolis, 1946. 41 p.

KNUDSEN, ERIC A. Kanuka of Kauai, by Eric A. Knudsen and Gurre P. Noble. Honolulu, Hawaii, Tongg Publishing Co., 1945. 208 p.

"This is the saga of Kauai and of Kanuka, the tall, blond Norwegian who became a king," -- Valdemar Knudsen (1820-1898).

KOHT, HALVDAN. First Scandinavian Settlers in America. American-Scandinavian Review, 32:136-142 (June, 1944).

This article deals particularly with the colonial period of American history.

--------Norske høvdinger; livsskildringer. Brooklyn, 1943. 448 p.

Biographical sketches of famous Norwegians, written by various authors: Ole Bull, by O. M. Sandvik; Marcus Thrane, by Halvdan Koht; Roald Amundsen, by O. J. Skattum; Axel Heiberg, by Fridtjof Nansen, are some of them.

--------When America Called for Immigrants. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 14:159-183 (1944).

MAIN, ANGIE KUMLIEN. Thure Kumlien, Koshkonong Naturalist. Wisconsin Magazine of History, 27:17-39, 194-220, 321-343 (September, December, 1945, March, 1944).

Also issued as a separate, Milwaukee, 1944. 81 p.

MAPLE GROVE TOWNSHIP, DALLAS, WISCONSIN. NY SCANDINAVIA CHURCH. Ny Scandinavia Church, Maple Grove Township, Dallas, Wisconsin, 1875-1945, October 28-29-30, 1945. 1945. 12 p.

MELLBY, C. A. A Brief History of St. John's Lutheran Church, Northfield, Minnesota, on the Occasion of the Seventy-filth Anniversary, 1869-1944. 1944. 40 p.

MINNEAPOLIS. OUR SAVIOUR'S LUTHERAN CHURCH. Diamond Anniversary, Our Saviour's Lutheran Church in Minneapolis. Minneapolis, 1944. 92 p.

MINNEAPOLIS. OUR SAVIOUR'S LUTHERAN CHURCH. Diamond Jubilee, 1869-1944. Minneapolis, 1944. 16 p.

MOEN, ESTEN. A Story of the Old Town. Fosston, Minnesota, 1944. 40 p.

Third edition. Fosston was a Norwegian settlement.

MORRIS, MINNESOTA. FIRST LUTHERAN CHURCH. Sixty-fifth Anniversary and Debt Liquidation Festival, First Lutheran Church, Morris, Minn., November 26, 1944. 1944. 35 p.

NARVSON, B. H. The Norwegian Lutheran Academies. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 14:184-226 (1944).

NORD, SVERRE. A Logger's Odyssey. Caldwell, Idaho, 1943. 255 p.

Presented in the form of letters written in 1931-32, and covers "35 years in logging camps on the Columbia River and Puget Sound,- 25 years as logging superintendent."

NORLIE, OLAF MORGAN. After Supper; a List of the Published Writings. Northfield, 1944. 2 vols.

--------- He Made Good; a Centennial Sketch of Ole Halvorson Norlie, 1845-1896, A Norwegian-American Pioneer. Northfield, 1945. 87 p.

--------- Ho ga te me (She Gave to Me); a Centennial Sketch of Martha Karolina (Juel) Norlie, 1846-1918, a Norwegian-American Pioneer. Northfield, 1946. 201 p.

---------- Norwegian-Americana Papers, 1847-1946. Northfield, 1946.37 p.

NORWEGIAN-AMERICAN HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, vol. 14. Northfield, 1944. 263 p.

The contents of this volume are as follows: A Migration of Skills, by Kenneth Bjørk; An Immigrant Exploration of the Middle West in 1839, a Letter by Johannes Johansen and Søren Bache, translated by the Verdandi Study Club; An Immigrant Shipload of 1840, by C. A. Clausen; Behind the Scenes of Emigration, a Series of Letters from the 1840's, by Johan R. Reiersen, translated by Carl O. Paulson and the Verdandi Study Club, edited by Theodore C. Blegen; The Ballad of Oleana, a Verse Translation, by Theodore C. Blegen; Knud Langeland, Pioneer Editor, by Arlow W. Andersen; Memories from Perry Parsonage, by Clara Jacobson; When America Called for Immigrants, by Halvdan Koht; the Norwegian Lutheran Academies, by B. H. Narveson; Pioneering on the Technical Front, a Story Told in America Letters, by Kenneth Bjørk; Some Recent Publications relating to Norwegian-American History, X, compiled by Jacob Hodnefield; Notes and Documents: Karel Hansen Toll, by A. N. Rygg.

NORWEGIAN LUTHERAN CHURCH OF AMERICA. CENTENNIAL COMMISSION. The Centennial Commemoration; a Series of Papers Commemorating the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Norwegian Lutheran Church of America. Vol. 1, no. 1-3, August-September, 1943. Minneapolis, 1945. 37 p.

The first number is Gullixson, T. F.: "Centennial Address at Old Muskego." See also GULLIXSON.

OSLAND, BIRGER. A Long Pull from Stavanger; the Reminiscences of a Norwegian Immigrant. Northfield, 1945. 263 p.

OWATONNA, MINNESOTA. TRINITY LUTHERAN CHURCH. Twenty-fifth Anniversary Commemoration, February 6, 1944. 1944. 22 p.

A history of the p congregation by Thomas Beaty is found on p. 2-11.

PETERSON, CLARENCE STEWART. America's Rune Stone of A.D. 1362 Gains Favor. New York, 1946. 87 p.

RASMUSSEN, MATHILDE. A Brief History of the P. A. Rasmussen Family. Minneapolis, 1945. 45 p.

RAY, OLAF. Vora navne. Chicago, 1946. 400 p.

A study of Norwegian names as adapted to American usage.

REIERSEN, JOHAN R. Behind the Scenes of Emigration; a Series of Letters from the 1840's; translated by Carl O. Paulson and the Verdandi Study Club; edited by Thedore C. Blegen. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 14:78-116 (1944).

RUSTAD, ORWIN A., comp. Genealogies of the Rustad-Sparstad-Kvernbraaten Families. Minneapolis, 1945. 38 p.

RYGG, A. N. Der har væert nordmenn i New York og Brooklyn belt siden 1630-årene. Nordisk tidende, June 15, 20, 1946. 1946.

Norwegians in New York and Brooklyn since the 1680's.

---------Hundre års utvandring fra Norge til Amerika nå en avsluttet epoke. Nordisk tidende, April 5, 1945.

A century of immigration from Norway is a closed epoch.

--------Mange tusen nordmenn bar i tidens løp slått sig ned i staten Massachusetts. Nordisk tidende, August 10, 1944.

Norwegians in Massachusetts.

--------The Norwegian Club; A History of the Club, 1904-1944. New York, 1944. 96 p.

--------Notes and Documents: Karel Hansen Toll. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 14:244-248 (1944).

--------Sagaen om der norske hospital. Nordisk tidende, February 11, 18, 25, March 4, 11, 18, 25, 1943.

The first two installments of this story of the Norwegian Hospital are a general historical sketch of Norwegian immigration.

SEMMINGSEN, PER. Over Atlanteren 1866. Årbok for Glåmdalen, 1945, p. 134-136. Hamar, Norway.

An America letter dated July 2, 1866, written from Dakota County, near Hastings, Minnesota, describing an Atlantic crossing.

SEVAREID, ERIC. Not So Wild a Dream. New York, 1946. 516 p.

An autobiographical narrative.

SKARD, SIGMUND. Report on the Scandinavian Collection. Washington, Library of Congress, 1944. 96 p.

SKINRUD, ORLANDO M. One Hundred Years at Jefferson Prairie; the Jefferson Prairie Evangelical Lutheran Church, Clinton, Wisconsin. 1944. 36 p.

SKIRBEKK, HAVARD. Dei fyrste som drog. Årbok for Glåmdalen, 1942, p. 87-91. Hamar, Norway.

A brief account of early emigration from Glamdalen in Norway, with the full text of an emigrant ballad, a farewell song written by Lars Strand in 1852 to a group of emigrants departing for "Visconsin" in America.

SLACK, MARY LU, comp. Coon Valley in Pictures. Edited by M. N. Daffinrud. Viroqua, Wisconsin, 1945. 86 p.

Two hundred and fifty pictures from this Norwegian community, which was settled in 1848.

SMEDAL, ELAINE. Norwegian Design in Wisconsin; a Portfolio of Serigraphs by Elaine Smedal and Anne Tressler. Madison, Wisconsin, 1946.

20 plates.

STRANDVOLD, GEORG. Norwegian-American Pride of Ancestry. American-Scandinavian Review, 34:214-219 (September,

THORSETH, MATTHEA. Cradled in Thunder. Seattle, Washington, 1946. 351 p.

A novel with a Norwegian-American setting. Reviewed in Saturday Review of Literature, November 23, 1946.

USEEM, JOHN. Minority Group Pattern in Prairie Society, by J. Useem and R. H. Useem. American Journal of Sociology, 50:377-385 (March, 1945).

A study of "Norwegians living in a city in western Iowa and in a near-by South Dakota farm community." Also issued as a reprint.

WAGNILD, OLE J. History of the Norwegian Settlements in Jackson County, Minnesota. Windom, Minnesota. 59 p.

WEBSTER, SOUTH DAKOTA. ST. JOHN'S LUTHERAN CHURCH. Sixtieth Anniversary, 1884-1944, St. John's Lutheran Church, Webster, S. Dak. 1944. 32 p.

WEE, MORRIS, comp. 90 Years at Bethel; Anniversary Program, October 9 to 14, 1945. 1945. 36 p.

Bethel Lutheran Church, Madison, Wisconsin.


Nordfjordlagets aarbok, 1943-1944, is mainly a Lars M. Gimmestad memorial number, containing biographical sketches and eulogies by a number of writers. Dr. Lars M. Gimmestad (1867-1943) immigrated in 1878 and was a Norwegian Lutheran minister, 1894-1943. He was president of Gale College, Galesville, Wisconsin, 1901-1918.

The story of Hans Christian Heg is included (p. 60-62) in Mary Gates Muggah's Forty-seven Wisconsin Stories, published at Chippewa Falls by Paul H. Raihle, 1944, 158 p.

The Banner was a publication issued for about four years, to April, 1944, at Northfield, Minnesota, edited by Professor Theodore Jorgenson, and continued in October, 1944, under the title Frontier Banner, relating largely to St. Olaf College. The first numbers promoted the Rølvaag Memorial Library and advocated the use of the Rølvaag name in the memorial. Number 7, June 1948, includes an article: "Men and Attitudes in the Early History of St. Olaf College." Number 8 contains Jorgenson's memorial address on George Weida Spohn (1879-1943), professor at St. Olaf College. Number 10, April, 1944, contains Jorgenson's address on "Leif Erikson and the Atlantic Tradition."

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