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Some Recent Publications Relating to Norwegian-American History (no. XII)
Compiled by Jacob Hodnefield (Volume XVI: Page 190)

AARON, D. Thorstein Veblen, Moralist and Rhetorician. Antioch Review, 7:381-390 (September, 1947).

ANDERSEN, ARLOW W. Lincoln and the Union; a Study of the Editorials of "Emigranten" and "Fædrelandet." Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 15:85-121 (1949).

---------- Venturing into Politics; the Norwegian-American Press of the 1850's. Wisconsin Magazine of History, 32:58-79 (September, 1948).

ANDERSON, ALBERT G., Jr. The Anderson Family History. Fargo, N.D., 1949. 44 p.

---------- Halgrimslekten i Amerika gjennem 100 aar, 1849-1949. Hallingen, 150:19-25 (March, 1950).

A genealogy of the Halgrim family in America for the past century.

ASHWANBENON, WISCONSIN. ST. JOHN'S LUTHERAN CHURCH. Seventy-fifth Anniversary and Dedication of St. John's Lutheran Church, Ashwanbenon, Sunday, July 17, 1949. n.p., 1949. 12 p.

BENSON, WILLIAM C. High on Manitou; a History of St. Olaf College, 1874-1949. Northfield, 1949. 366 p.

Reviewed in Minnesota History, 31:50 (March, 1950).

BJORK, KENNETH. Rear Admiral Peter C. Asserson. Nordisk tidende, March 23, 1944.

A sketch of Asserson (1889-1906), naval engineer, also appears in the author's Saga in Steel and Concrete, p. 385-338.

---------- Saga in Steel and Concrete; Norwegian Engineers in America. Northfield, 1947. 504 p.

Reviewed in Minnesota History, 29:156-158 (June, 1948)

---------- Thorstein Veblen and St. Olaf College; a Group of Letters by Thorbjørn N. Mohn. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 15:122-150 (1949).

BLEGEN, THEODORE C. Grass Roots History. Minneapolis, 1947. 266 p.

A collection of essays and addresses, including such subjects as singing immigrants, folkways, Norwegian-American newspapers, the language of the immigrants, "Immigrant Marthas," and "Halfway House." Reviewed in Minnesota History, 29:57 (March, 1948)

---------- The Saga of Saga Hill. Minnesota History, 29:289-299 (December, 1948).

A sketch of a summer colony on Lake Minnetonka that was established in the 1880's.

BONHUS, EMMA QUIE. From Lantern to Yardlight. Minneapolis, 1948. 54 p.

The story of a Norwegian family in Rice County, Minnesota.

BUETOW, AILEEN BERGER. Our Vanguard; a Pioneer Play in Three Acts, with Prologue and Epilogue. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 15:20-76 (1949).

CASSIDY, FREDRICK G. The Place-Names of Dane County, Wisconsin. Greensboro, N.C., 1947. 251 p.

CHRISTENSEN, OSCAR A. The Man behind the Plow; a Short History of a Clay County Pioneer, O. A. Christensen of Moorhead, Minnesota. Cross Lake, Minnesota, 1949. 14 p.

CHRISTENSON, O. K. Erindringer og oplevelser. Hallingen, 148:14-19 (September, 1949).

Recollections of an immigrant of 1883 of Detroit Lakes, Minnesota.

CLAUSEN, CLARENCE A., trans, and ed. An Immigrant's Advice on America: Some Letters of Søren Bache. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 15:77-84 (1949).

CREESE, JAMES. Hanna Astrup Larsen. American-Scandinavian Review, 36:111-118 (June, 1948).

DEEN, TILLA REGINA DAHL,. Chronicles of a Minnesota Pioneer Minneapolis, 1949. 16 p.

This sketch also appeared in the Cottonwood Current (Windom, Minnesota), August 19, 1949, and following issues; it comprises the recollections of a frontier teacher of the seventies.

DELL RAPIDS, S.D. DELL RAPIDS LUTHERAN CHURCH. Diamond Jubilee, Dell Rapids Lutheran Church, Dell Rapids, S.D., September 22 and 25, 1874-1949. n.p., 1949. 9 p.

DOLVEN, O. E. First Lutheran Church in North Dakota. The Friend, 25:6 f. (April, 1948).

DUUS, OLAUS FREDRIK. Frontier Parsonage; the Letters of Olaus Fredrik Duus, Norwegian Pastor in Wisconsin, 1855-1858. Translated by the Verdandi Study Club of Minneapolis and edited by Theodore C. Blegen. Northfield, 1947. 120 p.

Reviewed in Minnesota History, 29:160 (June, 1948).

ELKINS, FRANK. Norwegian Influence on American Skiing. American-Scandinavian Review, 35:335-341 (December, 1947).

ERICKSON, ALFRED O. Scandinavia, Wisconsin. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 15:185-209 (1949).

EVJUE, WILLIAM T. Albert O. Barton. Wisconsin Magazine of History, 31:410 (June, 1948).

FITE, GILBERT COURTLAND. Peter Norbeck, Prairie Statesman. Columbia, Missouri, 1948. 217 p. (University of Missouri Studies, 22, no. 2.)

Reviewed in Minnesota History, 30:60 (March, 1949).

FRANZEN, GØSTA. Scandinavian Courses Offered in Institutions of Learning in the United States, by Gøsta Franzen and Hedin Bronner. Scandinavian Studies, 19:239-260 (August, 1947).

GRAND MARAIS, MINNESOTA. BETHLEHEM LUTHERAN CHURCH. The First Fifty Years, Bethlehem Lutheran Church. n.p., 1949. 25 p.

GRIMLEY, O. B. Sluppefolket. Nordmanns-forbundet, 41:203-205 (August, 1948).

The Norwegians who came in the sloop, "Restauration," in 1825.

GROTTE, BRITA. Optegnelser om min slekt. Hallingen, 150:5-9 (March, 1950).

Genealogy of the author's family.

HADLER, MABEL JACQUES. Pioneer Lutherans of Bisbee, Towner County, North Dakota. n.p., 1946. 279 p.

HANSEN, CARL G. O. First 19th Century Immigration to U.S. Sons of Norway, 45:338-340 (December, 1948).

---------- Leif Erikson Coming info His Own. [Minneapolis], 1949. 8 p.

---------- Norwegian Societies in America. Sons of Norway, 46:46-50 (February, 1949).

---------- The Story of Marcus Thane. Sons of Norway, 46:17-19 (January, 1949).

HANSON, ROBERT P. From Whence We Came; a Genealogy for the Five Hansoms Who Grew Up Together on a North Wisconsin Farm. n.p., 1945. 39 p.

HARTVIGSEN, R. G. Norsk-amerikansk presse i 100 år. Nordmanns-forbundet, 40:216-220 (July, 1947).

Norwegian-American newspapers and editors during the century just past.

HAUGE, OSBORNE. Lutherans Working Together; a History of the National Lutheran Council, 1918-1943. Supplementary chapter, 1943-1945, by Dr. Ralph H. Long. New York, [1946]. 126 p.

HAUGEN, EINAR. Nordmenn og svensker i Amerika. Nordisk tidskrift før veteskap, konst och industri, 23:330-337 (1947).

A discussion of Norwegian and Swedish settlements in the United States, with statistics.

---------- A Norwegian-American Pioneer Ballad. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 15:1-19 (1949).

---------- A Norwegian Calendar Stick in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Magazine of History, 31:145-167 December, 1947).

---------- Norwegian Dialect Studies since 1930. Journal of English and Germanic Philology, 47:68-79 (January, 1948).

HEITMANN, JOHN. Julius B. Baumann; a Biographical Sketch. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 15:140-175 (1949).

HENRY, THOMAS R. The Riddle of the Kensington Stone. Reader's Digest, 27:33-37 (November, 1948).

HENRYSON, HENRY T. Family Tree of Hans and Karen Olson, November 3, 1839-November 11, 1948. St. Paul [1948]. 92+92 p.

HETLE, ERIK. Lars Wilhelm Boe; a Biography. Minneapolis, 1949. 2O3 p.

This biography of the former president of St. Olaf College is reviewed in Minnesota History, 30:377 (December, 1949).

HODNEFIELD, JACOB. Erik L. Petersen. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 15:176-184 (1949).

---------- Some Recent Publications relating to Norwegian-American History, XI. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 15:210--218 (1949).

HOLAND, HJALMAR RUED. A Fourteenth-Century Runic Inscription from Martha's Vineyard. Scandinavian Studies, 21:79-88 (May, 1949).

---------- Hjalmar Rued Holand Presents New Evidence That Famous Newport Tower Was Built by Norsemen. Nordisk tidende, August 19, 1948.

---------- The Newport Tower, Norse or English: The Measurements Give the Answer. American-Scandinavian Review, 87:280-286 (September, 1949).

---------- Vinland Visited 1050. American-Scandinavian Review, 37:18-25 (March, 1949).

JANSSON, SVEN B. F. "Runstenen" från Kensington i Minnesota. Nordisk tidskrift før vetenskap, konst och industri, 25:377-405 (1949).

JONASSEN, C. T. Cultural Variables in the Ecology of an Ethnic Group. American Sociological Review, 14:32-41 (February, 1949).

A study of the Norwegian community in New York.

KJØLÅS, GERHARD. Gull; kampen om gullet i Alaska. Bergen, Norway, 1947. 142 p.

The struggle for gold in Alaska, in which the Norwegians took a prominent part.

KOHT, HALVDAN. The American Spirit in Europe; a Survey of Transatlantic Influences. Philadelphia, 1949. 289 p.

Reviewed in Scandinavian Studies, 21:201-205 (November, 1949), and in Wisconsin Magazine of History, 33:282 (December, 1949).

LOKKE, CARL L. From Minneapolis to the Klondike in 1898. Minnesota History, 29:800-815 December, 1948).

MITCHELL, P. M. Skandinaviske studier i de Forenede Stater. Nordisk tidskrift før vetenskap, konst och industri, 24:254-260 (1948).

Scandinavian studies in American institutions.

MODERN VIKINGS IN NEW JERSEY. Christian Science Monitor, magazine section, February 4, 1950.

MONSON, CHRISTIE. Erick Slen Ellefson. n.p., 1946. 14 p.

Biography of an immigrant of 1846, a resident of California, Iowa, and Minnesota.

---------- Hvorledes en sogne-bygd i midtre Iowa ble til. Jul I vesterheimen, 1947, p. 53-55.

Immigrants from Sogn, Norway, founded this settlement near Stan hope and Webster City, Iowa, in 1869.

MUNCH, PETER A. Social Adjustment among Wisconsin Norwegians. American Sociological Review, 14:780-787 (December, 1949).

NAESETH, HENRIETTE C. K. Kristian Prestgard, an Appreciation. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 15:131-139 (1949).

NELSON, PEDER H. Andres Nelson Bakken. Hallingen, 143:3-10 (June, 1948).

Bakken (1850-1944) immigrated in 1869 and sealed in Northwood, N. D.

---------- Burtness-slekten i Amerika. Hallingen, 149:17-22 (December, 1949).

A Burtness genealogy.

---------- Hertsgaardslekten i Amerika. Hallingen, 147:6-16 (June, 1949).

A Hertsgaard genealogy.

NORLIE, OLAF MORGAN. Norlie-Bonhus Family Tree. 1949. 4 vol.

NORMAN CARL. Hanna Astrup Larsen. Urd, April 27, 1949.

NORWEGIAN-AMERICAN HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, vol. 15. Northfield, 1949. 258 p.

The contents of this volume are as follows: A Norwegian-American Pioneer Ballad, by Einar Haugen; Our Vanguard, a Pioneer Play in Three Acts, with Prologue and Epilogue, by Arleen Berger Buetow; An Immigrant's Advice on America, Some Letters of Soren Bache, trans-fated and edited by C. A. Clausen; Lincoln and the Union, a Study the Editorials of Emigranten and Fædrelandet, by Arlow W. Andersen; Thorstein Veblen and St. Olaf College, a Croup of Letters by Thorbjørn N. Mohn, edited by Kenneth Bjork; Kristian Prestgard, an Appreciation, by Henriette C. K. Naeseth; Julius B. Baumann, a Biographical Sketch, by John Heitmann; Erik L. Petersen, by Jacob Hodnefield; Scandinavia, Wisconsin, by Alfred O. Erickson; Some Recent Publications relating to Norwegian-American History, XI, compiled by Jacob Hodnefield; Notes and Documents: Norway, Maine, by Walter W. Wright.

OFTEDAL, CHR. S. Amerikanske inntrykk. Kirke og kultur, 52:258-267 (May, 1947).

Impressions of America, dealing largely with church conditions in the Norwegian settlements.

---------- Tvers over Atlanteren, en reportasje fra U.S.A. [Oslo], 1947. 286 p.

A 1947 travel report.

OFTEDAL, MAGNE. Norsk talemål i Amerika. Syn og segn, 55:195-203 (1949).

Norwegian speech in the United States.

OLESON, JOHN Y. The Norsemen and the Early Discoveries of America by Leif Erikson, n.p., 1945. 84 p.

OPJORDEN, GUDRUN. History of Kviteseid Lutheran Congregation, 1872-1947. n.p., 1947. 24 p.

OSBORNE, LITHGOW. Mission to Norway. Auburn, N.Y., 1946. 46 p.

Reprinted from the Citizen-Advertiser. The man who was American ambassador to Norway during a part of the war period reports on his experiences.

OSLO, NORWAY. UNIVERSITY OF OSLO. Norwegian Books in American Libraries. American-Scandinavian Review, 35:55-57 (March, 1947).

PERRY, GEORGE. SESSIONS. The Offerdahls. Saturday Evening Post, 221:26, 164-166 (October 9, 1948).

A story from Dane County, Wisconsin.

PETERSON, C. STEWART. American-Scandinavian Diplomatic Relations, 1776-1876. n.p., 1948. 92 p.

POHL, FREDRICK J. Leif Ericsson's Visit to America. American-Scandinavian Review, 36:17-29 (March, 1948).

RAIN, AAGOT. Ben Bakkens livssaga. Hallingen, 147:17-22 (June, 1949).

---------- Clara Olson Elswick. Hallingen, 149:13-16 (December, 1949).

---------- Knut Thorsgaard og Thorsgaard Slekten. Hallingen, 146:4-9 (March, 1949).

---------- Nysetlingshistorie fra Goose River. Hallingen, vol. 141 (December, 1947, and following issues).

REISHUS, SONDRE. Historical Facts anent the Reishus Clan. Cottonwood Current, June 9,7, 1949, and following issues.

REMAN, EDWARD. The Norse Discoveries and Explorations in America. With editor's preface by Arthur G. Brodeur. Berkeley, California, 1949. 201 p.

RØNNING, NILS N. Pioneer Sketches from Webster, Rice County, Minnesota. n.p., 1947. 28 p.

---------- Select Sketches. Faribault, Minnesota, 1949. 88 p.

These sketches include considerable autobiographical material

ROSDAIL, J. HART. The IkdaI Family History; the American Branches of the Ikdal Family, with an Account of Their Origins in Western Norway and Information concerning Norwegian Relatives. Chicago, 1947. 301 p.

ROSHOLT, MALCOLM. Town 25 North; a Short History of Alban Township and Village of Rosholt, Portage County, Wisconsin. Rosholt, Wisconsin, 1948. 283 p.

ROTHSAY, MINNESOTA. SOUTH IMMANUEL LUTHERAN South Immanuel Lutheran Church of Rothsay, 75th Anniversary, 1872-1947. hop., 1948. 48 p.

RYGG, A. N. American Relief for Norway; a Survey of American Relief for Norway during and after the Second World War. Chicago, 1947. 320 p.

SAWYER, WISCONSIN. TANUM EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH. Seventy-fifth Anniversary of the Tanum Evangelical Lutheran Church, Sunday, June 22, 1947. n.p., 1947. 10 p.

SAXE, LUDVIG. Nordmanns-forbundet i 40 år. Nordmanns-forbundet, 40:147-179. (May, 1947).

Forty years of Nordmanns-forbundet, including its publication in the United States during the war period.

SCHMIDT, NIELSEN S. E. A. Cappelen Smith; minnetale i felles-møtet, 6te Oktober, 1949. Kongelige norske videnskabers selskabs forhandlinger, 22:88-95. (Trondheim, Norway, 1950).

Elias Anthon Cappelen Smith, metallurgical engineer, was born in 1873, and immigrated in 1893. See also Bjork, Saga in Steel and Concrete, 244-264.

SEVRE, INGEBREGT. Hallinglaget gjennem 40 aar. Hallingen, 139:19-28 (June, 1947).

A history of this lag organization.

SHELLY, MINNESOTA. MARSH RIVER LUTHERAN CHURCH. Seventy-fifth Anniversary, 1872-1947, June 19-22, 1947. n.p,. 1947. 35p.

SHERWIN, REIDER T. The Old Norse Origin of the Algonquin Language (The Viking and the Red Man, vol. 4). New York, 1946. 220 p.

SIOUX AGENCY TOWNSHIP, YELLOW MEDICINE COUNTY, MINNESOTA. ROCK VALLE LUTHERAN CHURCH. Sixtieth Anniversary, Rock Valle Ladies' Aid, 1887-1947. Minneapolis, 1948. 127 p.

SKARD, SIGMUND. Studiet av amerikansk litteratur. Samtiden, 57:225-242 (1948).

American literature in Norway; a lecture at the University of Oslo.

SKOUEN, ARNE. Sigrid Undset i Amerika. Samtiden, 56:323-332 (1947).

An account of Sigrid Undset's visit to America, 1940-45.

SOLSTAD, ALFRED. Bygland through Seventy-five Years, 1874-1949. n.p., 1949. 68 p.

The story of the Bygland Lutheran Church and of early churches from which it was formed, Polk County, Minnesota.

SØRENSEN, ARNE. Amerika er ældre. Kirke og kultur, 54:562-572 (1949).

"America is older .... The reason we often do not understand the Americans is that they represent an older culture period than we do."

SPOT NEWS FROM VINLAND THE GOOD; an Editorial. American-Scandinavian Review, 36:327-329 (December, 1948).

A review of contemporary investigations relating to Norse discoveries of America.

STEEN, RAGNA. Pioneer Days in Bardo, Alberta, including Sketches of Early Surrounding Settlements, by Ragna Steen and Magda Hendrickson. Tofield, Alberta, 1944. 228 p.

The colony was established in 1894 by settlers from Crookston, Minnesota.

STEFANSSON, VILHJALMUR. Great Adventures and Explorations from the Earliest Times to the Present. New York, 1947. 788 p.

STRANWOLD, OLAF. Norse Inscriptions on American Stones, Collected and Deciphered. Weehauken, New Jersey, 1948. 69 p.

SWANSEN, H. FRED. The Founder of St. Ansgar; the Life Story of Claus Laurits Clausen. Blair, Nebraska, 1949. 230 p.

St. Ansgar, Iowa, was founded by Clausen in 1855. Although Clausen (1820--1892), was born in Denmark, his story is part of the story of Norwegian Lutheranism in the United States.

Symposium on Andrew Furuseth. New Bedford, Massachusetts, 1948. 233 p.

Andrew Furuseth (1854-1938), was a sailor, agitator, and labor leader.

VEBLEN, THORSTEIN. The Portable Veblen. Edited, with an introduction, by Max Lerner. New York, 1948. 632 p.

WIDEN, ALBIN. Scandinavian Folklore and Immigrant Ballads. Bulletin of the American Institute of Swedish Arts, Literature and Science, new series, 2:2-44 (January-March, 1944).

WILKINSON, NORMAN B. New Norway --- a Contemporary Account. Pennsylvania History, 15:120-132 (April, 1948).

This is a review of the Ole Bull venture, with a contemporary ac count of the establishment of the Ole Bull colony taken from the Clinton Democrat, November 2, 1852.

WRIGHT, WALTER W. Notes and Documents, Norway, Maine. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 15:219-222 (1949).

WROOLIE, Mrs. T. S. V. An Immigrant's Memories. Wisconsin Magazine of History, 30:433-440 (June, 1947).

Mrs. Wroolie immigrated in 1861, coming to Wisconsin and later to Houston County, Minnesota. This account was also published in La Crosse County Historical Sketches, series 7 (La Crosse, Wisconsin, 1945 ).

YORK, NORTH DAKOTA. ST. PETRI LUTHERAN CHURCH. Golden Anniversary, 1899-1949. n.p., 1949. 30 p.


An American-Scandinavian bibliography for 1947 and 1948 appeared in Scandinavian Studies, 20:229-238 and 21:101-119 (November, 1948, and May, 1949).

Norsk biografisk leksikon, volume 10 (1949), contains short biographies of the following Norwegian Americans: Aamund Aslaksson Nestestog (1797-187?), a farmer who immigrated in 1843 and settled in Koshkonong, Wisconsin; Kristoffer Sverre Norborg (1902----), theologian and teacher, who immigrated in 1936; Sondre Nordheim (1825-97) a ski runner and ski maker, who immigrated in 1884; Haakon Nyhuus (1866-1913), librarian, who was head cataloguer of the Chicago Public Library during the eighties and later returned to Norway; and Pascal Paoli (Pascal Paoli Essendrop, 1770-1828), dentist and druggist, who immigrated early in the nineteenth century.

Carlton C. Qualey gives an interesting summary on Scandinavians in Minnesota in his article, "Some National Groups in Minnesota," in Minnesota History, 31:26-28 (March, 1950).

Dr. Karen Larsen of St. Olaf College mentions emigration to America in several instances in her History of Norway (Princeton, New Jersey, 1948. 591 p.).

Spring Grove posten was a Norwegian newspaper, published in Spring Grove, Minnesota, 1880-82, and edited by Sven H. Ellestad, according to an article in the St. Paul Pioneer Press, August 17, 1947, which also reproduces the title page of the issue of October 21, 1880.

Recent fiction dealing with Norwegian-American subjects includes: Karen, by Borghild Dahl (New York, 1947); Song of the Pines: a Story of Norwegian Lumbering in Wisconsin, by Walter and Marion Havighurst (Philadelphia, 1949); They Sought a Country, by Norman Eugene Nygaard (New York, 1950); Det hendte i New York, by Juliana Solbraa Bay (Oslo, [1948] ); Cleng Peerson og Nils med luggen, by Kåre Holt (Oslo, 1948); John og Jerry i Amerika, by Anders Eje (Oslo, 1947); Liten mann i dollarland, by Johe Wiers-Jenssen (Oslo, 1948).



DR. KENNETH BJORK, professor of history and chairman of the social science division in St. Olaf College, is the editor of the present volume. He is the author of Saga in Steel and Concrete: Norwegian Engineers in America and of a forthcoming book on the story of Norwegians on the west coast.

MISS NORA O. SOLUM, associate professor of English at St. Olaf College, was co-translator with O. E. Rø1vaag of his Peder Victorious, translator of Rø1vaag's Boat of Longing, and author, with Theodore Jorgenson, of O. E. Rølvaag, a Biography. For volume XI of this series she wrote, "The Sources of the Rølvaag Biography."

DR. SVERRE ARESTAD, of the University of Washington, an associate professor of Scandinavian languages and executive officer of his department, has published several studies relating to the Norwegian element on the Pacific coast. One of these, dealing with Norwegians in the Pacific coast fisheries, appeared in the Pacific Northwest Quarterly for January, 1948, and in the same periodical for July of that year he published a very useful list of Scandinavian language newspapers on the Pacific coast.

DR. C. A. CLAUSEN is professor of history at St. Olaf College. He has contributed several articles and translations to previous issues of STUDIES AND RECORDS. In collaboration with Professor Andreas Elviken he translated and edited the diary of Søren Bache, which has been accepted for publication by the Norwegian-American Historical Association.

DR. CARL L. LOKKE is chief of the foreign affairs section in the National Archives at Washington, D. C. He is the author of France and the Colonial Question; a Study of Contemporary French Opinion, 1763-1801 (New York, 1932) and has published a number of articles on historical and archival topics, including several relating to Alaska. He is associate editor of The American Archivist. Although he was born in Minneapolis, most of his boyhood was spent in Alaska.

MR. JACOB HODNEFIELD here contributes the twelfth bibliography in the series that he has written for STUDIES AND RECORDS. Mr. Hodnefield was for many years associated with the Minnesota Historical Society and the Hill Reference Library in St. Paul.




Olaf Halvorson, Huntington Park, California, President
Lionel G. Thorsness, Chicago, Illinois, Vice-president
Soren Roinestad, Oakland, California, Vice-president
J. Jørgen Thompson, Northfield, Minnesota, Secretary
Birger Osland, Chicago, Illinois, Treasurer
S. J. Arnesen, Brooklyn, New York
Frederic Schaefer, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
A. N. Rygg, Brooklyn, New York
David T. Nelson, Decorah, Iowa


Thorsten Y. Olsen, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Egil E. Krogh, Winnetka, Illinois


Theodore C. Blegen, St. Paul, Minnesota, Managing Editor
Kenneth Bjork, Northfield, Minnesota
Clarence A. Clausen, Northfield, Minnesota
Einar Haugen, Madison, Wisconsin
Carlton C. Qualey, Northfield, Minnesota


Jacob Hodnefield, St. Paul, Minnesota, Chairman
Agnes Larson, Northfield, Minnesota
Karen Larsen, Northfield, Minnesota
O. M. Norlie, Northfield, Minnesota
John Frohlin, Bayonne, New Jersey


Helmet Blegen, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
Magnus Bjørndal, Jersey City, New Jersey
J. N. Brown, Moorhead, Minnesota
G. M. Bruce, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Carl Moe, Seattle, Washington
O. I. Hertsgaard, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Frida Bue-Homnes, Crosby, North Dakota
Carl E. Abrahamson, Chicago, Illinois
Peter Myrvold, San Francisco, California
Carl Søyland, Brooklyn, New York
Arne E. Williamson, Chicago, Illinois

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