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Some Recent Publications relating
To Norwegian-American History   

Compiled By Jacob Hodnefield

ANDERSSON, INGVAR. Kring Kensingtonstenen. Nordisk tidskrift før vetenskap, konst och industri, 26:133 (1950).
BERGMANN, LEOLA NELSON. Americans from Norway. Philadelphia, 1950. 324 p.
Reviewed in Minnesota History, 32:51 (March, 1951).
BILDEN, LENORE. Bildenslekten i Amerika. Brua, vol. 25, no. 85,p. 14-18 (1951).
A Bilden genealogy.
BJORK, KENNETH. Hvistendahi's Mission to San Francisco, 1870-75. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 16:1-63 (1950).
CARLSON, LAWRENCE 0. Something New in Wisconsin. American-Scandinavian Review, 38:234-239 (September, 1950).
Scandinavian area studies at the University of Wisconsin.
CHICAGO NORSKE KLUB. Chicago Norske Klub, 1890-1950. Chicago, Illinois, 1950. 69 p.
The Norwegian Club of Chicago presents this history of its organization.
CLAUSEN, C. A. Life in the Klondike and Alaska Gold Fields; Letters Translated and Edited by C. A. Clausen. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 16:120-160 (1950).
DIESON-HEGLAND, GEORGINA. As It Was in the Beginning. Northfield, Minnesota, 1950. 163 p.
St. Olaf College in early days.
DROTNING, PHIL. Norway in Wisconsin. American-Scandinavian Review, 38:149--154 (June, 1950).
Reprinted with special permission of the Saturday Evening Post, where it appeared, 217:26 (May 12, 1945) as "Valley of the Elves." The location is Dane County.
EIDEM, PAUL LORCK. En annen verden, gyldne Florida. Oslo, 1950. 224 p.
Travel and description.
EIDSÆTHER, I. Norwegian Students in the United States; a Helen Atwater Fellow Reports on Her Year in U. S. Journal of Home Economics, 42:817 (December, 1950).
FEDDE, B. A. Trinity through the Years; an Outline History of Trinity Lutheran Church on the Occasion of Its Sixtieth Anniversary, 1890-1950. Brooklyn, 1950. 56 p.
FINDAHL, THEODOR. Moskva og New York tyve år etter. Oslo, 1949. 127 p.
Moscow and New York after an interval of twenty years.
GANDRUD, EBENHARD S. Seventy-fifth Anniversary, 1947; History of Richwood Evangelical Lutheran Church, Richwood Township, Becker County, Minnesota. n. p., 1947. 30 p.
HAGEN, S. N. The Kensington Runic Inscription. Speculum, a Journal of Medieval Studies, 25:321-356 (July, 1950).
This author believes the inscription to be genuine.
HANSON, HJALMAR F. Dedication Services, Granite Falls Lutheran Church, Granite Falls, Minnesota, May 25, 26, 27, 1951. Granite Falls, Minnesota, 1951. 16 p.
Historical information is included.
HAUGEN, EINAR. The Analysis of Linguistic Borrowing. Language, 26:210-231 (April-June, 1950).
American "Norsk" is included in this study.
---------- From Army Camp to Classroom; the Story of an Elementary Language Text. Scandinavian Studies, 23:138-151 (August, 1951).
---------- Wisconsin Pioneers in Scandinavian Studies, Anderson and Olson, 1875-1931. Wisconsin Magazine of History, 34:28- 39 (Autumn, 1950).
Professors of Scandinavian languages and literatures at the University of Wisconsin during the period mentioned were Rasmus B. Anderson and Julius E. Olson.
HEADLAND, HELEN. Ole Bull, Norwegian Minstrel. Rock Island, Illinois, 1949. 154 p.
HODNEFIELD, JACOB, comp. Some Recent Publications relating to Norwegian-American History, XII. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 16:190-200 (1950).
HOLAND, HJALMAR R. Kensingtonsteinens mangfoldighet. Nor disk tidskrift før vetenskap, konst och industri, 26:121-129 (1950).
---------- The Origin of the Kensington Inscription. Scandinavian Studies, 23:23-30 (February, 1951).
HOVDE, BRYN J. Scandinavia in a Divided World; Institute on the Marshall Plan, the North Atlantic Pact, and Related Problems as They Affect Particularly the Scandinavian Countries, January 9, 10, 11, and 12, 1950. Bryn J. Hovde and others. Under the auspices of the University of Minnesota's program in Scandinavian area studies. Minneapolis, 1950. 64 p.
HUNT, MORTON M. Secret of the Vanished Explorer. Saturday Evening Post, 223:40 (June 9, 1951).
Reprinted in abbreviated form as "Saga of Leif the Lucky and Mr. Pohl," in Reader's Digest, 59:10-14 (September, 1951).
IVERSON, O. B. From the Prairie to Puget Sound, by O. B. Iverson, Edited by Sverre Arestad. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 16:91-119 (1950).
KILDAL, ARNE. Utflytterfolkets poesi. Samtiden, 60:397-410 (1951).
The poetry of the emigrants.
KJELDSTADLI, SVERRE. Scandinavian Department, University of Wisconsin, 75 år. Samtiden, 60:215-222 (1951).
KLEVEN, O. M. Dedication Program, Viroqua Lutheran Church. Viroqua, Wisconsin, 1950. 24 p.
A history of the congregation is included.
KNIGHT, CLAYTON. Hitch Your Wagon; the Story of Bernt Batchen, by Clayton Knight and Robert C. Durham. Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania, 1950. 332 p.
LINDBÆK, LISE. F. N. Inntryk og oplevelser fra Lake Success og Paris. Oslo, 1949. 191 p.
United Nations; impressions and experiences at Lake Success and Paris.
LINDGREN, RAYMOND E. "A Divided World" in Minnesota. American-Scandinavian Review, 38:227-233 (September, 1950).
Scandinavian area studies at the University of Minnesota.
LOCKREM, ANDREW K. The Lockrem Family. Blue Earth, Minnesota, 1950. 61 p.
LØKEN, ROLF. 125 år; korte trekk av norsk utvandring i nyere tid. Nordmanns-forbundet, 43:117 (June, 1950).
Norwegian emigration during the last hundred and twenty-five years.
LOKKE, CARL L. From the Klondike to the Kougarok. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 16:161-189 (1950).
LUNDBERG, OLOF. A Chair for California. American-Scandinavian Review, 38:221-226 (September, 1950).
The establishment of a department of Scandinavian languages and literatures at the University of California, Berkeley.
MAYER, GEORGE H. The Political Career of Floyd B. Olson. Minneapolis, 1951. 329 p.
A biography of Floyd Bjørnstjerne Olson, former governor of Minnesota.
MONSON, CHRISTIE. The Thor Hermanson Family. Petersburg, North Dakota, 1950. 33 p.
NELSON, PEDER H. Mork-Opsahlslekten i Amerika. Hallingen, 155:8-14 (June, 1951).
A Mork-Opsahl genealogy.
NERSTRAND WOMEN'S CLUB, corn p. History of the Nerstrand Community. Nerstrand, Minnesota, [1950?]. 58 p.
NIELSEN, WALDEMAR. The History of Chicago Norwegian Technical Society. Norwegian American Technical Journal, 18:9- 25 (May, 1951).
NORWEGIAN-AMERICAN HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, vol. 16. Northfield, 1950. 218 p.
The contents of this volume are as follows: Hvistendahl's Mission to San Francisco, 1870-75, by Kenneth Bjork; Oregon and Washington Territory in the 1870's, as Seen through the Eyes of a Pioneer Pastor, by Nora O. Solum; From the Prairie to Puget Sound, by O. B. Iverson, edited by Sverre Arestad; Life in the Klondike and Alaska Gold Fields, letters translated and edited by C. A. Clausen; From the Klondike to the Kougarok, by Carl L. Lokke; Some Recent Publications relating to Norwegian-American History, XII, compiled by Jacob Hodnefleld.
NORWEGIAN ENGINEERS' SOCIETY OF NEW YORK, INC. Norwegian Engineers' Society of New York Silver Anniversary Dinner, January 28, 1950. New York, 1950. 59 p.
Included is material on the history of the society.
ØKSNEVAD, REIDAR. U. S. A. in Norwegian Literature. Oslo, 1950. 96 p.
PAULSON, ARNE. Nybyggerlivets gjænvordigheter. Hallingen, 154:13-18; 155:15-21; 156:19-21 (March, June, September, 1951).
The tribulations of pioneer life.
PETERSEN, CARL S. Wimmer og Kensingtonstenen. Nordisk tidskrift før vetenskap, konst och industri, 26:130 (1950).
RAAEN, AAGOT. Dagny Bernice Berg og Moberg-Berg slekten. Hallingen, 151:17-26 (June, 1950).
---------- Grass of the Earth; Immigrant Life in the Dakota Country. Northfield, Minnesota, 1950. 238 p.
Reviewed in Minnesota History, 35:52 (March, 1951).
---------- Gro Viken Mork. Hallingen, 152:14-19 (September, 1950).
Gro Viken Mork (1844-1887) immigrated in 1864.
RANDALL, HARRY. Rundt på jorden i åtti år. Oslo, 1946. 207 p.
Eighty years round about the world; the autobiography of a musician.
RASMUSSEN, WALTER E. A History of Five Related Families of St. Croix County: Jacobson, Rasmussen, Nelson, Brandt, Christopherson. Baldwin, Wisconsin, 1950. 68 p.
RØNNING, NILS N. Bethesda Children's Home, Beresford, South Dakota, Fiftieth Anniversary, 1896-1946. n. p., 1946. 32 p.
---------- Eightieth Anniversary of Solør Church, 1870-1950, Webster, Rice County, Minnesota. n. p., 1950. 16 p.
---------- Fiftieth Anniversary of the Lutheran Deaconess Home and Hospital, Chicago, Illinois, 1897-1947. Chicago, 1947. 46 p.
RYGG, A. N. Avisens historie. Nordisk tidende, May 10, 1951, p. 1, 60.
Sixty years of Nordisk tidende, Brooklyn.
SCOTT, FRANKLIN D. The United States and Scandinavia. Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1950. 359 p.
Reviewed in Minnesota History, 32:51 (March, 1951).
SELVIG, CONRAD G. Tale of Two Valleys; an Autobiography. Los Angeles, 1951. 144 p.
The two valleys are those of the Root River and the Red River of the North. Mr. Selvig was head of the Northwest School of Agriculture at Crookston, Minnesota, and a member of Congress.
SEMMINGSEN, INGRID. Veien mot vest; and en del: Utvandringen fra Norge, 1865-1915. Oslo, 1950. 590 p.
Reviewed in Minnesota History, 32:177-179 (September, 1951). The first volume, published in 1941, covering the period 1825-65, was noted in Studies and Records, 14: 241, the two volumes completing a study of emigration from Norway, 1825-1915.
SLINDE, LEIV. Knute Nelson fra fattiggutt til verdenskjent statsmann. Oslo, 1950. 16 p.
A short sketch of Knute Nelson for school use.
SOLUM, NORA O. Oregon and Washington Territory in the 1870's as Seen through the Eyes of a Pioneer Pastor. Norwegian American Studies and Records, 16:64-90 (1950).
SVENDSEN, GRO. Frontier Mother: The Letters of Gro Svendsen. Translated and edited by Pauline Farseth and Theodore C. Blegen. Northfield, 1950. 153 p.
THALBITZER, WILLIAM. Two Runic Stones, from Greenland and Minnesota. (Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collection, vol. 116, no. 3.) Washington, D. C., 1951. 71 p.
UELAND, BRENDA. The Uelands. American-Scandinavian Re view, 38:342-348 (December, 1950).
Prominent in the Ueland family were the Norwegian Ole Gabriel Ueland (1799-1870) and the Norwegian-American Judge Andreas Ueland (1852-1932).
VEE, STEINAR. Utvandringen fra Flaa i pionertiden. Hailingen, 156:11-16 (September, 1951).
Emigration from Flaa, Norway, in the pioneer period.
WOGEN, N. L. Kanawha Lutheran Church, Kanawha, Iowa, Fiftieth Anniversary, April 15, 1951. Kanawha, Iowa, 1951. 12 p.
A history of the church is included.
XAN, ERNA OLESON. Wisconsin My Home; as Told by Her Mother, Thurine Oleson. Madison, Wisconsin, 1950. 232 p.
Reviewed in Minnesota History, 32:54 (March, 1951).


An American-Scandinavian bibliography for 1950 appeared in Scandinavian Studies, 23:73-96 (May, 1951).
Two genealogical charts, Slekten Hoist, by D. Krohn Holm, and Slekten Randers i Norge, both published in Oslo, 1948, have been received by the Minnesota Historical Society.A special issue of Nordisk tidende, of Brooklyn, New York, for May 10, 1951, with the heading, "60 år, 1891-1951," reviewed the paper's history for the past sixty years. There were many articles in the field of Norwegian-American history, including the Norwegian settlement in Brooklyn, the press, religion, research and education, shipping, fishing, sport, Norwegian engineers in the United States, and other subjects. See earlier item under Rygg.
Recent books of fiction dealing with Norwegian-American subjects include: Door of the North, a Saga of Fourteenth Century America, by Elizabeth Coatsworth (Philadelphia, 1950); Barna fra Wisconsin, by George Victor Martin, translated by Randi Brun Mannsåker (Oslo, 1947); Challenge, a Saga of the North west, by Olga Overn (St. Louis, 1949); Gopher Tails for Papa, by Erling Nicolai Rolfsrud (Minneapolis, 1951).
The scene of Thor Heyerdahl's Kon-Tiki lies outside the United States; but plans were made at the Explorers Club on West Twenty-second Street, American money helped float the balsa logs, and the expedition wound up at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


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