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Some Recent Publications Relating to Norwegian-American History
    Compiled By Jacob Hodnefield (Volume 18: Page 215)

AAMLAND, TOLV. Agder og Amerika, en samling gamle Amerika-brev, med innledning av skulestyrar Tolv Aamland og dr. philos. Ingrid Semmingsen. Oslo, 1953. 84 p.
The old America letters in this collection cover the years 1850-89. The first introduction, by Mr. Aamland, is entitled "Ei ny verd veks fram" (A New World Grows Forth). The second introduction, by Dr. Semmingsen, is entitled "Nybyggere og brevskrivere" (Pioneers and Letter Writers).

AARON, DANIEL. Men of Good Hope: A Story of American Progressives. New York, 1951. 329 p.
Chapter 7 is entitled "Thorstein Veblen, Moralist and Rhetorician."

ANDERSEN, ARLOW WILLIAM. The Immigrant Takes His Stand: The Norwegian-American Press and Public Affairs, 1847-1872. Northfield, 1953. 176 p.
Reviewed in Minnesota History, 33:349 (Winter, 1953).

BACHE, SØREN. A Chronicle of Old Muskego: The Diary of Søren Bache, 1839-1847. Translated and edited by Clarence A. Clausen and Andreas Elviken. Northfield, 1951. 237 p.
Reviewed in Minnesota History, 33:85 (Summer, 1952).

BAKKE, CYRENE. Dear Besta. Grand Forks Herald, November 19, 1950-February 4, 1951.
Bakke genealogy and family history.

BAKKEN, AMELIA JOHNSON. I gamle dage; fra den første norske settling av Winneshiek County, Iowa. Hallingen, 157: 15-20 (December, 1951).
Pioneering in Winneshiek County, Iowa.

BENSON, ADOLPH BURNETT. American Scandinavian Studies. New York, 1952. 381 p.
A chapter entitled "Scandinavian Studies in the United States" is on pages 355-368. The book is reviewed in Scandinavian Studies, 24: 175-177 (November, 1952).

BJORK, KENNETH. Norwegian Gold Seekers in the Rockies. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 17:47-83 (1952).

BJORKLUND, ODDVAR. Marcus Thrane, en stridsmann for men neskerett og fri tanke. Oslo, 1951. 373 p.
Thrane, a labor leader and social reformer, came to the United States in 1863.

BLEGEN, THEODORE C. The Second Twenty-Five Years. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 17: 149-158 (1952).
Forecast of work before the Norwegian-American Historical Association.

BRØNSTED, JOHANNES. Problemet om nordboer i Nordamerika før Columbus: En bedømmelse av de amerikanske materiale. Aarbøger for nordisk oldkynclighed og historie. Copenhagen, 1951. 152 p.
This includes a discussion of the Kensington rune stone, whose authenticity the author doubts, basing his objection on the language. This article is also reprinted as a separate, with the title, "Norsemen in North America before Columbus."

D'AULAIRE, INGRI. Leif the Lucky, by Ingri and Edgar Parin D'Aulaire. New York, 1951. 54p.
A short, popular account.

DITTMANN, ERLING. The Immigrant Mind: A Study of Rølvaag. Christian Liberty, 1:7-47 (1952).

DITTMAN, REIDAR. Rølvaag Memorial Library-amerikansk bibliotek med beundringsverdig samling av norsk litteratur. Bok og bibliotek, 18:214-217 (October, 1951).

DRAKE, FRANCIS. Bernt Balchen, Viking of the Air, by Francis and Katherine Drake. Reader's Digest, 32:35-39 (January, 1953).

FINDAHL, THEO. Was Vinland near Chesapeake Bay? American-Scandinavian Review, 40:233-236 (September, 1952.)

FOLKEDAHL, BEULAH. The Kjorstad Clan in America. Blanchardville, Wisconsin, 1951. 47 p.

GADE, JOHN A. All My Born Days: Experiences of a Naval Intelligence Officer in Europe. New York, 1949. 408 p.

HANSEN, CARL. G. O. Our Early Music Masters. Sons of Norway, 50: 189-191 (October, 1953) and succeeding numbers.
The series begins with Ole Bull, Skougaard-Severini, and Edmund Neupert.

HANSEN, LESTER W. The Anderson-Krogh Genealogy, including Ancestral Lines. St. Paul, Minnesota, 1951. 193 p.

HATTON, NORTH DAKOTA, BETHEL LUTHERAN CHURCH. Golden Anniversary, 1901-1951. Hatton, North Dakota, 1951. 30 p.
A history of the church is included.

HAUGEN, EINAR. The Impact of English on American-Norwegian Letter Writing. (Reprinted from Studies in Honor of Albert Sturtevant, 76-102.) Lawrence, Kansas, 1952.
---------- The Norwegian Language in America: A Study in. Bilingual Behavior. Philadelphia, 1953. 2 vols.
Volume 1 has the subtitle, "The Bilingual Community"; volume 2, "American Dialects of Norwegian." Reviewed in Sons of Norway, 50: 160 (September, 1953), and Minnesota History, 33:349 (Winter, 1953).
---------- The Struggle over Norwegian. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 17: 1-35 (1952).

HENDERSON, A. M. My Years in Story County. Annals of Iowa, 30: 604-616 (April, 1951).

HODNEFIELD, JACOB, comp. Some Recent Publications relating to Norwegian-American History, XIII. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 17: 159-165 (1952).

HOLAND, HJALMAR R. A Review of the Kensington Stone Research. Wisconsin Magazine of History, 36:235-239, 273-276 (Summer, 1953).
Also issued as a reprint.
---------- Scandinavian Mementos of Medieval Visits to America. Aarboger for nordisk oldkyndighed og historie, 244-250 (1951).
Also issued as a reprint.
---------- Skandinaviske minnesmerker i Amerika fra det fjortende aarhundrede. Aarbøger for nordisk oldkyndighed og historie, 227-244 (1951).

HOPP, ZINKEN. Eventyret om Ole Bull. Bergen, 1945. 293 p.
Includes an account of Bull's American tours and experiences.

HOUKOM, MRS. A. Graphic Descriptions of Pioneer Days. Telesoga, series 2, no. 4, p. 12-17 (1952).
Wisconsin pioneering during the nineteenth century.

HOYME, GJERMUND. Fra Formann Hoymes barndom. Jul i vesterheimen, 19-22 (1958).
Autobiographical notes of Gjermund byrne (1848-1902), for a number of years president of the United Norwegian Lutheran Church in America.

JOHNSON, AMANDUS. Kensington Stone a Fake. American Swedish Monthly, 47:15, 18 (July, 1953).

KILDAL, ARNE. Knute Nelson-vår største emigrant. Nordmanns-forbundet, 46:70-74 (April, 1953).
Knute Nelson, our greatest emigrant.

KNUDSEN, PAUL. Chronology of the Discovery. Sons of Norway, 50:184 (October, 1953).
The discovery of America by Leif Erikson.

KOHT, HALVDAN. Dei fyrste skandinaviske innflyttarane i Amerika. Scandia, tidskrift for historisk forskning, 922: 109-117 (1950).
The first Scandinavian settlers in America.

LANGELAND, HAROLD S. Langeland Families of Sunnylven, Sunnmøre, Norway. Minneapolis, 1953. 13 p.

LJONE, ODDM. Nordmenn i den amerikanske hær og marine. Nordmanns-forbundet, 45:10 (January, 1952).
Norwegians in the American army and marine corps.
---------- Norske kvinner og menn i det aller første New York. Nordmanns-forbundet, 46:48-50 (March, 1953).
Norwegian women and men in early New York.

MALLERY, ARLINGTON H. Lost America: The Story of Iron-Age Civilization prior to Columbus. Columbus, Ohio, 1951. 238 p.
Chapter headings include: The Adventurous Vikings, Stepping Stones to America, Vitramannaland, Refuge of the Celts, New Horizons of the Norse, The Norse Discovery of the Continent, Leif the Lucky and Vinland the Good, Thorvald and Vitramannaland, The First Settlers in Vinland, The Second and Third Vinlands, The Kensington Rune Stone.

MEHUS, O. MYKING. To gamle Amerikabreve. Hallingen, 159:9-15; 160: 28 (June, July, 1952).
Dates of these America letters are 1882 and 1886.

MIMS, EDWIN, JR. American History and Immigration. Bronxville, New York, 1950. 59 p.
The concluding part is an appraisal of Theodore C. Blegen's Norwegian Migration to America.

MOKSNES, NILS. Reinsdyravlen i Alaska. Ymer, 161-188 (1948).
"Lomen Reinkompani" (Lomen Reindeer Company) is on pages 176-179. This material has also been issued as a separate.

MOLTKE, ERIK. The Ghost of the Kensington Stone. Translated by Erik Wahlgren. Scandinavian Studies, 25:1-14 (February, 1953).
The author believes the stone to be a hoax.

MYERS, J. ARTHUR. A Tribute to Olaf Jenson Hagen, Physician, Educator, and Guardian of the Public Health. Everybody's Health, 38:6, 15 (April, 1953).
The story of a Moorhead, Minnesota, physician.

MYKLEBUST, JOHAN. Den gang de dro: Barken "Ægir's" Amerikareise i 1837. Nordmanns-forbundet, 44:304-306 (December, 1951).
The trip of the "Ægir" to America in 1837.

NARVESON, BERT H. Luther Academy Memorial History, 1888- 1928. Northfield, Minnesota, 1951. 288 p.
The story of Luther Academy and Business College at Albert Lea, Minnesota.

NELSON, PEDER H. Belmont-settlementet ved Red River. Hallingen, 161:3-6 (December, 1952).
---------- Gjerdeslekten i Amerika og Hemsedal. Hallingen, 164:22-26 (September, 1953.)
A Gjerde family genealogy.
---------- Hallingpioner ved McLeod, North Dakota. Hallingdølen (Hallingdal, Norway), December 4, 1951.
Biography of Syver Ulsaker.
---------- Norskdom og slektfølelsen blant hallinger i Amerika. Hallingdølen, September 6, 1951.
---------- Nybyggere ved Goose River. Hallingen, 163:4-14 (June, 1953).
Pioneers of Goose River, North Dakota.
---------- Pionerkvinden Ingeborg Grønli. Telesoga, series 2, no. 4, p. 27-30 (1952).
Ingeborg Grønli immigrated in 1863 to Iowa, then to Northwood, North Dakota.

NORLIE, OLAF MORGAN. Norliana Reserved. Northfield, 1951. 334 p. Mimeographed.
Norlie genealogy.

NORTHWOOD, NORTH DAKOTA. Ebenezer Lutheran Church. Golden Anniversary, 1900-1950. Northwood, North Dakota, 1950. 52 p.

NORWEGIAN-AMERICAN HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION. Norwegian American Studies and Records, vol. 17. Northfield, 1952. 185 p.
The contents of this volume are as follows: The Struggle over Norwegian, by Einar Haugen; Brother Ebben in His Native Country, by Oystein Ore; Norwegian Gold Seekers in the Rockies, by Kenneth Bjork; Søren Jaabæk, Americanizer in Norway, a Study in Cultural Interchange, by Franklin D. Scott; First Sagas in the New World, a Study of the Beginnings of Norwegian-American Literature, by Gerald H. Thorson; Controlled Scholarship and Productive Nationalism, by Franklin D. Scott; The Second Twenty-five Years, by Theodore C. Blegen; Some Recent Publications relating to Norwegian-American History, XIII, compiled by Jacob Hodnefield.

NORWEGIAN SYNOD OF THE AMERICAN EVANGELICAL LUTHERAN CHURCH. Faith of Our Fathers: A Centennial Volume. Mankato, Minnesota, 1953. 207 p.
This Norwegian Synod separated from the Norwegian Lutheran Church of America in 1918. The book contains an introduction; Biographical Sketches; Doctrinal Articles; Historical Articles.

OLESON, JOHN Y. The Early Discovery of America by Leif Erikson. St. Petersburg, Florida, 1952. 48 p.

OLSON, PAUL A. Panorama of Forty-three Years as a Country Editor. Historical Supplement to Story City (Iowa) Herald, April 8, 1948. 160 p.
Life in a Norwegian settlement in Story and Hamilton counties of central Iowa, 1908-48.

ORE, OYSTEIN. Brother Ebben in His Native Country. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 17:36-46 (1952).

POHL, FREDERICK J. The Lost Discovery: Uncovering the Track of the Vikings in America. New York, 1952. 346 p.
Reviewed in Minnesota History, 33: 216 (Spring, 1953).

PREUS, J. C. K., ed. Norsemen Found a Church. Minneapolis, 1953. 438 p.
A series of articles by a number of prominent Lutheran clergymen presenting a history of Norwegian-American Lutheranism, especially the Norwegian Synod, which was organized in 1853 and amalgamated in 1917 with other church bodies to form the Norwegian Lutheran Church of America. The latter changed its name in 1946 to the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

PREUS, LINKA KEYSER. Linka's Diary on Land and Sea, 1845- 1864. Translated and edited by Johan Carl Keyser Preus and his wife, Diderikke Margrethe, nee Brandt. Minneapolis, 1952. 288 p.
Linka Preus (1829-1880) was the wife of Herman Amberg Preus. She immigrated in 1851. H. A. Preus was one of the founders of Luther College in Decorah, Iowa, and was president of the college, 1902-21.

RAAEN, AAGOT. Hol menighet ved Goose River. Hallingen, 162:4-10 (March, 1953).
The Hol congregation of the Lutheran church in the Goose River region of North Dakota.
---------- Measure of My Days. Fargo, North Dakota, 1953. 323 p.

REA, MARJORIE. Before Columbus. Kiwanis Magazine, 37:19 (July, 1952).
A review of facts known concerning the Kensington rune stone, and an account of the placing of a replica of the stone at Alexandria, Minnesota.
RENDARL, SENA A. Amdahl Family Records. Fillmore, North Dakota, 1951. 6 p.

ROLFSRUD, ERLING NICOLAI. Brother of the Eagle. Alexandria, Minnesota, 1952. 181 p.
The story of Carl Ben Eielson. Reviewed in North Dakota History, 20:114-116.
---------- Lanterns over the Prairies. Brainerd, Minnesota, 1949-50. 2 vols.
"Goose River Giant," the story of Fingal Enger, appears in volume 2.

RØNNING, NILS N. Pastor H. N. Rønning, Teacher, Minister, Missionary, Founder of a Norwegian Settlement in Canada. Telesoga, series 2, no. 4, p. 33-36 (1952).
Halvor N. Rønning (1862-1950) immigrated in 1883.
---------- Peer O. Strømme, en meget begavet og alsidig tele. Telesoga, series 2, no. 4, p. 3-7 (1952).
Peer O. Strømme, who was born in 1856, was a minister, teacher, journalist, lecturer, traveler.
---------- Rev. Even Johnson Homme: A Boy's Dream Became a Wonderful Reality. Telesoga, series 2, no. 4, p. 22-24, 41 (1952).
Even Johnson Homme (1843-1903) founded an orphanage and an old people's home in Wittenberg, Wisconsin.

ROPPE, SYDNEY L. History of Spring Grove: An Abridged History of Spring Grove, the Evangelical Lutheran Church, and the School, by Sydney L. Roppe and Blayne Onsgard. Spring Grove, Minnesota, 1952. 29 p.

ROWBERG, A. A. The Aaker Saga: A Family History. North field, 1951. 206 p.

SCOTT, FRANKLIN D. Søren Jaabæk, Americanizer in Norway: A Study in Cultural Interchange. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 17: 84-107 (1952).
Controlled Scholarship and Native Nationalism. Norwegian-American. Studies and Records, 17: 130-148 (1952).

SEMMINGSEN, INGRID. Agnes Mathilde Wergeland. Nordmanns-forbundet, 45:102-104 (May, 1952).
Agnes Mathilde Wergeland came to the United States in 1890, and taught at Bryn Mawr and the University of Wyoming. She published a volume of poems in 1912.
---------- Ole Bull og Oleana, et hundreårs-minne. Nordmanns forbundet, 45:32-34 (February, 1952).
---------- Utvandringen og det utflyttede Norge. Oslo, 1952. 78 p.
History of Norwegian emigration to America, a general survey. See also AAMLAND, TOLV.

THORSON, GERALD H. First Sagas in the New World: A Study of the Beginnings of Norwegian-American Literature. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 17: 108-129 (1952).

TILDERQUIST, EVA C. Descendants of Bengt Nilsson, Son of Nils and Wife Ingrid, and of Ola Pehrson. Duluth, Minnesota, 1952. 64 p.

TJERNAGEL, NEHEMIAS. Immigrants' Trying Experiences. Annals of Iowa, 31:64-71 (July, 1951).
An ocean voyage from Norway to Illinois in 1851; and a journey to Story County, Iowa, in 1858.
---------- Pioneer Animal Lore. Annals of Iowa, 31:595-611 (April, 1953).
---------- Pioneer Iowa Soil Subjugation. Annals of Iowa, 31:417- 443 (October, 1952).
An excellent description of farm life and farming methods in Story and Hamilton counties, Iowa, during the century beginning with the 1850's.
---------- Pioneer Foods and Water Supply. Annals of Iowa, 31:276-299 (April, 1952).
The daily bread of pioneer Norwegians in central Iowa.
---------- Pioneer Iowa Homes. Annals of Iowa, 31:146-151 (October, 1951).
Looking back to the 1850's in Story and Hamilton counties, Iowa.
---------- Prairie Fires Menace Settlers. Annals of Iowa, 32:32-37 (July, 1953).
---------- Variable Iowa Weather. Annals of Iowa, 31:9205-9214 (January, 1952.)

TORVIK, INGVALD. Jon Norstog, landsmålsdiktaren på prærien i Nord-Dakota. Syn og segn, 58:165-174 (1952).
Jon Norstog, who was born in 1877, immigrated in 1902. He was a resident of North Dakota and became a writer.

VALLEY LUTHERAN. 75th Anniversary, Souvenir Edition, 1877-1952. Horace, North Dakota, June, 1952. 48 p.
Seventy-fifth anniversary, Horace Lutheran Church, July 4-6. A brief history of the church by I. A. Lorentzen is included.

VEE, STEINAR. Spredte minder om dage som svandt. Hallingen, 162: 11-15 (March, 1953) and succeeding issues.
Steinar Vee immigrated in 1887. He presents here recollections of bygone days.

WILKINSON, N. B. New Norway. American Heritage, 4:12-15 (December, 1952).
The Ole Bull venture in Pennsylvania.

WISH, HARVEY. Society and Thought in Modern America. New York, 1952. 2 vol.
Includes material relating to Norwegians and Swedes, Thorstein Veblen, O. E. Rølvaag and others, skiing in America, etc.

XAN, ERNA OLESON. Home for Good. New York, 1952. 276 p.
East Central Wisconsin material of the 1910-12 period.


An "American-Scandinavian Bibliography" for 1951 and 1952 appeared in Scandinavian Studies in the May issues of 1952 and 1953.
Norsk biografisic leksikon, vol. 11, 1952, contains the following biographies of Norwegian Americans: Cleng Peerson (1782- 1865); Ole Peter Petersen (1822-1901); Christopher Andreas Ravn (1849-1922).
A Biographical Directory of Pastors of the Evangelical Lutheran Church, compiled by John Peterson, Olaf Lysnes, and Gerald Giving, was published in 1952 by the Augsburg Publishing House, Minneapolis.
A chart showing the Aaker Family Tree, 1587-1951, was printed in Northfield, Minnesota, in 1951.
Christian Liberty, a new serial publication edited by Theodore Jorgenson, has appeared in two numbers: October, 1952 and March, 1953.
A shift to English in the publications of the bygdelags is indicated in Telesoga, series 2, no. 4 (1952), edited by N. N. Rønning. This number has articles in both English and Norwegian.
Recent fiction dealing with Norwegian-American subjects includes: High Threshold, by Nicoline Kildahl Allen; Hverdags folk, by Bertine Støver Carlsen; Tansy for Short, by Ruth Langland Holberg; They Sought a Country, by Norman E. Nygaard; Defend My Mother, by Agnes Roisdal; White Angakok: Hans Egede and the Greenlanders, by Erling Nicolai Rolfsrud; Leif Ericson, Explorer, by Ruth Cromer Weir; Home coming, by Borghild Dahl; The Coffee Train, by Margarethe Erdahl Shank.


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