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(Volume I8)

DR. EINAR HAUGEN, Torger Thompson professor of Scandinavian languages in the University of Wisconsin, has recently completed his great two-volume work on The Norwegian Language in America. He has long served as a member of the Association's Board of Editors and has contributed many papers to the present series.

DR. PAUL KNAPLUND, professor of history in the University of Wisconsin, is internationally known as an authority on the history of the British Empire and on Anglo-Scandinavian relations. His publications include Gladstone and Britain's Imperial Policy (1927), Gladstone's Foreign Policy (1935), and The British Empire, 1815-1939 (1941). He has also edited several volumes of original sources and published numerous articles in the fields of his special interests.

DR. KENNETH BJØRK, professor of history and chairman of the social science division in St. Olaf College, is widely known as the author of Saga in Steel and Concrete and as a frequent contributor to the present series. At present he is engaged in the preparation of a comprehensive historical treatise dealing with Norwegians on the West coast. Dr. Bjork is also a member of the Association's Board of Editors.

DR. RICHARD CANUTESON is professor of education in the State University Teachers College, Brockport, New York. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin, with a doctor's degree from Michigan State College, he has had wide teaching experience in history and education, and as a by-product of his historical interests he has made a new and original study of the records pertaining to the "sloop folk."

DR. PETER A. MUNCH is professor of sociology and head of the department of sociology and anthropology in the Uni-versity of North Dakota. A native of Norway, he received his doctorate from the national university of that country in 1946 and two years later came to the United States. He has been a research associate in the University of Wisconsin and has served on the staff of St. Olaf College. His publica-tions include Sociology of Tristan da Cunha (1946) and Landhandelen i Norge (The Country Trade in Norway), published in 1948.

PROFESSOR GERALD THORSON is the chairman of the de-partment of English in Augsburg College, Minneapolis. Readers of the present series will recall his article in volume 17 on "First Sagas in a New World." Professor Thorson is writing a large work on the Norwegian-American novel.

MR. JACOB HODNEFIELD, well known for his many listings of writings in the Norwegian-American field, served for many years on the staffs of the Minnesota Historical Society and the Hill Reference Library in St. Paul. He has now retired and is living in Glendale, California.


J. A. Aasgaard, Minneapolis, Minnesota, President
Lionel G. Thorsness, Chicago, Illinois, Vice-President
Marthinius A. Strand, Salt Lake City, Utah, Second Vice-President
Andrew E. Wigeland, Chicago, Illinois, Treasurer
J. Jørgen Thompson, Northfield, Minnesota, Secretary
S. J. Arnesen, Brooklyn, New York
Magnus Bjørndal, Weehawken, New Jersey
David T. Nelson, Decorah, Iowa
Birger Osland, Chicago, Illinois, Honorary Member
Frederic Schaefer, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Honorary Member


Egil E. Krogh, Rochester, New York
Thorsten Y. Olsen, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


Theodore C. Blegen, St. Paul, Minnesota, Managing Editor
Kenneth Bjork, Northfield, Minnesota
Clarence A. Clausen, Northfield, Minnesota
Einar Haugen, Madison, Wisconsin
Carlton C. Qualey, Northfield, Minnesota


Jacob Hodnefield, Glendale, California, Chairman
John Frohlin, Pluckemin, New Jersey
Karen Larsen, Northfield, Minnesota
Agnes Larson, Northfield, Minnesota
O. M. Norlie, Northfield, Minnesota


Carl E. Abrahamson, Chicago, Illinois
Helmer Blegen, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
G. M. Bruce, Minneapolis, Minnesota
O. I. Hertsgaard, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Carl Moe, Seattle, Washington
Carl Søyland, Brooklyn, New York
Harry J. Williams, Keuilworth, Illinois
Arne E. Williamson, Chicago, Illinois


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