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(Volume 19: Page 199)

DEAN THEODORE C. BLEGEN has been managing editor of the Norwegian-American Historical Association from its first year. His article is drawn from his most recent book, Land of Their Choice: The Immigrants Write Home.

DR. CLARENCE A. GLASRTUD is chairman of the departments of language and literature in Moorhead State Teachers College, Moorhead, Minnesota. The material for his article is drawn from his doctoral dissertation at Harvard University on “Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen: A Biographical and Critical Study.”

DR. WILLIAM MULDER is assistant professor of English and director of the Institute of American Studies at the University of Utah, and is also editor of the Western Humanities Review. He has published articles on the Scandinavian Mormons in the Mississippi Valley Historical Review and other magazines and will soon bring out a substantial volume based upon a dissertation prepared at Harvard University, to be published by the University of Minnesota Press.

DR. KENNETH BJORK is professor of history and chairman of the social science division of St. Olaf College. He has been a frequent contributor to Studies and Records. His current article is based on material gathered in preparation of his forthcoming history of the Norwegians on the Pacific coast.

DR. ARLOW W. ANDERSEN is professor of history in Jamestown College, Jamestown, North Dakota. In 1953 the Norwegian-American Historical Association published his book, The immigrant Takes His Stand: The Norwegian-American Press and Public Affairs, 1847-1872.

Miss TORA SANDAL BØHN is curator of the Nordenfjelske Kunstindustrimuseum in Trondheim, Norway. She is an authority in the field of arts and handicrafts and the author of many articles on these subjects.

DR. OYSTEIN ORE is Sterling professor of mathematics in Yale University and the author of many distinguished works in his field. He has previously contributed to volume 17 of the present series, is the author of Cardano, the Gambling Scholar (Princeton, New Jersey, 1953), and has written in Norwegian a biography of the mathematical genius Niels Henrik Abel (Oslo, 1954), which is to be brought out in an English version by the University of Minnesota Press.

DR. CLARENCE A. CLAUSEN is professor of history at St. Olaf College, and he has made many contributions to Studies and Records. With this volume Dr. Clausen takes over responsibility for the bibliographical report, the first fourteen installments of which were compiled by Jacob Hodnefield. The editors are glad to be able to continue this valuable feature of the series.



J. A. Aasgaard, Cokato, Minnesota, President
Lionel G. Thorsness, Chicago, Illinois, Vice-president
Marthinius A. Strand, Salt Lake City, Utah, Second Vice-president
Andrew E. Wigeland, Chicago, Illinois, Treasurer
J. Jørgen Thompson, Northfield, Minnesota, Secretary
S. J. Arnesen, Brooklyn, New York
Magnus Bjørndal, Weehawken, New Jersey
Mrs. Inga M. Frodesen, Seattle, Washington
David T. Nelson, Decorah, Iowa
Birger Osland, Chicago, Illinois, Honorary Member


Theodore C. Blegen, St. Paul, Minnesota, Managing Editor
Kenneth Bjork, Northfield, Minnesota
Clarence A. Clausen, Northfield, Minnesota
Einar Haugen, Madison, Wisconsin
Carlton C. Qualey, Northfield, Minnesota


Jacob Hodnefield, Glendale, California, Chairman
John Frohlin, Pluckemin, New Jersey
Karen Larsen, Northfield, Minnesota
Agnes Larson, Northfield, Minnesota
O. M. Norlie, Northfield, Minnesota


Carl E. Ahrahamson, Chicago, Illinois
Helmer Blegen, Sioux Falls, South Dakota
G. M. Bruce, Minneapolis, Minnesota
O. I. Hertsgaard, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Carl Moe, Seattle, Washington
Carl Søyland, Brooklyn, New York
Harry J. Williams, Kenilworth, Illinois
Arne E. Williamson, Chicago, Illinois

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