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Some Recent Publications Relating to Norwegian-American History
    Compiled by Clarence A. Clausen (Volume 19: Page 189)

ARNEBERG, C. Litt av mine erindringer fra nybyggerlivet i Canada. Hallingen, 169:3-7 (December, 1954).
Reminiscences from pioneer days in Alberta.

BECK, RICHARD. Icelandic Anniversary in North Dakota. American-Scandinavian Review, 41: 245-249 (Autumn, 1955).
---------- Rølvaag. Interpreter of Immigrant Life. North Dakota Quarterly, 24: 26-30 (Winter, 1956).

BERGGRAV, EIVIND. Mer enn kirke. Kirke og kultur, 60:5-27 (January, 1955).
“More than church,” an estimate of the Evangelical Lutheran Church.

BJORK, KENNETH. Early Norwegian Settlement in the Rockies. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 18:44-81 (1954).
---------- Scandinavian Experiment in California. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 5:67-78, 100-116, 6: 26-36 (July, October, 1954, January, 1955).
Accounts of various co-operative undertakings by Danes, Norwegians, and Swedes in California during the last decades of the nineteenth century.

BLEGEN, THEODORE C. Adventures in Historical Research. Wisconsin Magazine of History, 3-8, 47 (Autumn, 1955).
Adventures and discoveries, notably in the field of immigrant history.
---------- Land of Their Choice: The Immigrants Write Home. Minneapolis, 1955. xix, 463 p.
Norwegian immigrants and observers give their impressions about America. Reviewed in the New York Times Book Review, October 25, 1955.

BONDERUD, O. and LUTZ, C., ed. America’s Lutherans. Columbus, Ohio, 1955. 63 p.
Included is “The Norsemen on the Prairies,” a sketch of the Evangelical Lutheran Church by Professor C. Clifford Nelson.

BRONNER, HEDIN AND FRANZEN, GOSTA. Scandinavian Studies in the Institutions of Learning in the United States. Scandinavian Studies, 27: 173-195 (November, 1955).

BRØNSTED, JOHANNES. Norsemen in North America before Columbus. Smithsonian Institution, Annual Report of the Board of Governors, 367-405 (Washington, D.C., 1953).
A famous Danish archeologist, director of the Danish national museum in Copenhagen, discusses such vexed problems as the Newport Tower, the Kensington rune stone, finds and mooring stones in Minnesota.

BURAAS, ANDERS. Typisk amerikansk. Oslo, 1955.
Impressions and reflections of a Norwegian journalist, made after a nine-month tour of the United States.

BYFIELD, ARTHUR F. Ephraim, 1853-1953. Ephraim, Wisconsin, 1953.
A centennial history of a Norwegian Moravian community in Wisconsin.

CANUTESON, RICHARD. A Little More Light on the Kendall Settlement. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 18:82- 101 (1954).

CHAMBERS, CLARK. Immigrasjonen i amerikansk framvokster. Samtiden, 64:524-537.
A discussion of immigration as a factor in the growth of America.

CHRISTENSEN, T. P. Study of the Kensington Stone. Annals of Iowa, 32:297-301 (April, 1954).

CONRAD, JOHN. Fra mine reiser i Alaska. Nord-norge, 156: 17- 20, 157:21-24, 158:40-44 (June, September, December, 1955).
An account of recent travels in Alaska.

CORBETT, ELIZABETH. Sagaman of Wisconsin: Julius Emil Olson. American-Scandinavian Review, 41: 338-342 (Winter, 1953).

GUSHING, MARY WATKINS. The Rainbow Bridge. New York, 1954. 318 p.
The life of Olive Fremstad, the famous Metropolitan Opera star.

DAHL, BORGHILD. Homecoming. New York, 1953. 251 p.
An account of the efforts of a young Norwegian-American girl to disassociate herself from the customs and traditions of the Old World and to accept and adopt the way of life of the New World. Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review (Summer, 1954).

EGILSRUD, JOHN. My Thinking Heart. New York, 1954. 55 p.
A book of verse by a Norwegian-born poet and professor of comparative literature at Finch College in New York City.

ELWICK, ANDREW. Challenge of Tomorrow. Sons of Norway, 52: 15, 20 (January, 1955).
A review and a challenge in connection with the sixtieth anniversary of the Sons of Norway lodge.

En emigrantkontrakt fra 1868. Nordmanns-forbundet, 47:77 (April, 1954).
An emigrant contract from 1868.

ENDRESEN, FRIDTJOF. Norskættede i Alaska. Nordmanns-forbundet, 59-64 (Christmas, 1955).
Norwegians in Alaska.

ERDAHL, MARGARET. The Coffee Train. Garden City, New York, 1953. 285 p.
Recollections of a childhood in a Norwegian-American community in the Midwest.

EVANS, SONYA LOFTNESS. The Seattle Fishermen’s Festival. American-Scandinavian Review, 42:43-47 (Spring, 1954).
FJELDSAA, RUTH L. Nordmenn i solskinns-staten. Nordmanns-forbundet, 48: 62 (April, 1955).
Norwegians in Florida.

GODFREY, WILLIAM S. Vikings in America: Theories and Evidence. American Anthropologist, 57 :35-43 (February, 1955).
An attempt to summarize the evidence pro and con concerning viking discovery and settlement in North America.

GOMSRUD, A. S. Scandinavia-U. S. A. East Norwalk, Connecticut, 1956.
A directory of Scandinavian official, commercial, and social organizations in the United States.

GRIMSTAD, A. F. Et norsk settlement i Oregon. Nordmanns-forbundet, 46: 274 (December, 1953).
A sketch of the Norwegian settlement near Astoria, Oregon.

GROTH, ANTON. Groth Family History. Hallingen, 171:15-19 (June, 1955).

HANSEN, CARL G. O. My Minneapolis. Minneapolis posten, beginning October 6, 1955.
The memoirs of a famous Norwegian-American editor and cultural leader; a series that is still running.
---------- Our New Supreme President. Sons of Norway, 51:187 (October, 1954).
A statement about Mr. Gerhard N. Sonnesyn, new supreme president of the Sons of Norway lodge.
---------- 17th of May during the Years in America. Sons of Norway, 50:83-87, 89, 93 (May, June, 1953).
A brief history of Seventeenth-of-May celebrations among Norwegian Americans.
---------- The Ole Bull Monument in Loring Park, Minneapolis. Sons of Norway, 51:158-160 (August,
About Ole Bull, the monument, and Seventeenth-of-May celebrations in Minneapolis.

HAUGEN, EINAR. Agder og Amerika. Wisconsin Magazine of History, 38:120 (Winter, 1954-55).
A review of the book Agder og Amerika (Oslo, 1953), a collection of “America letters” edited with introductions by Tolv Aamland and Ingrid Semmingsen.
---------- Norway and America: The Ties that Bind. Wisconsin Magazine of History, 38: 139-144 (Spring, 1955).
---------- Norwegian Migration to America. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 18: 1-22 (1954).
This essay comprises the second chapter of Professor Einar Haugen’s two-volume work on The Norwegian Language in America: A Study in Bilingual Behavior (Philadelphia, 1953).

HERTSGAARD, O. I. Nybyggerhus fra Kindred sendes til Folke museumet paa Bygdøy. Hallingen, 170:30-32 (March, 1955).
A pioneer house from Kindred, North Dakota, is sent to the folk museum at Bygdøy, Oslo.

HODNEFIELD, JACOB. Norwegian-American Bygdelags and Their Publications. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 18:163-222 (1954).
---------- Some Recent Publications relating to Norwegian-American History. Norwegian-American
Studies and Records, 18: 223-232 (1954).
---------- The Story County Colony of 1855. Annals of Iowa, 33:34-43 (July, 1955).
An account of the founding of a Norwegian settlement in Iowa.

KERR, JACK. Ski Club Celebrates Fifty Years in Air. Duluth News-Tribune, January 30, 1955.
A history of the Duluth ski club.

KNAPLUND, PAUL. Rasmus B. Anderson, Pioneer and Crusader. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 18:23-43 (1954).

KOREN, ELISABETH. The Diary of Elisabeth Koren, 1853-1855, translated and edited by David T. Nelson. Northfield, 1955. xviii, 381 p.
Memoirs from a frontier parsonage.

KUHNS, FREDRICK I. Danish and Norwegian Baptists. Palimpsest, 36 : 370-372 (September, 1955).
A brief article about Danish and Norwegian Baptists in Iowa.

LJONE, ODDIM. Carl Søyland 60 år. Nordmanns-forbundet, 47:92 (May, 1954).
An article about the editor of Nordisk tidende in Brooklyn.
---------- Decorah-postens redaktør 75 år. Nordmanns-forbundet, 48:42 (March, 1955).
An article about Einar Lund, editor of Decorah-posten.
---------- Et portrett av en kollega. Nordmanns-forbundet, 46: 112 (June, 1953).
A brief sketch of the activities of Ingvald H. Ulsaker, well-known Norwegian-American editor, who has been connected with a number of Norwegian publications in the Midwest.
---------- Sjøens Abraham Lincoln. Nordmanns-forbundet, 47:25- 27 (February, 1954).
“Abraham Lincoln of the Sea,” an article about Andrew Furuseth and his struggles in behalf of seamen.

LOMEN, CARL J. Fifty Years in Alaska. New York, 1955. 302 p.
Memoirs of the man who introduced the reindeer industry into Alaska. Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review (Summer, 1955).

MORGAN, NINA HERMANNA. Prairie Star. New York, 1955. 189 p.
The adventures and emotions of a Norwegian boy who was transplanted to North Dakota during pioneer days.

MULDER, WILLIAM. Mormons from Scandinavia, 1850-1900: A Shepherded Migration. Pacific Historical Review, 23:227- 246 (August, 1954).
---------- Utah’s Ugly Ducklings: A Profile of the Scandinavian Immigrant. Utah Historical Quarterly, 23:233-259 (July, 1955).

MUNCH, PETER A. Segregation and Assimilation of Norwegian Settlements in Wisconsin. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 18: 102-140 (1954).

NASS, ALMAR. Hvor lå Vinland? Oslo, 1954. 246 p.
“Where Was Vinland?” another attempt to solve this intricate question. Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review (Winter, 1954).

NELSON, P. H. Av slitets saga. Nordmanns-forbundet, 48:197- 199 (October, 1955).
Life and labor among Norwegian immigrants in the Thief River Falls region of Minnesota.
---------- Belmont-settlementet ved Red River. Nordmanns-forbundet, 46:87 (May, 1953).
A brief article about the Belmont settlement on the Red River.
---------- Det norske settlement i Wild Rice, Minnesota. Nordmanns-forbundet, 47:54 (March, 1954).
The Norwegian settlement in Wild Rice, Minnesota.
---------- Norsk nybyggerliv i Canada. Nordmanns-forbundet, 47:204 (October, 1954).
Norwegian pioneer life in Canada.
---------- St. Ansgar settlementet i Iowa. Nordmanns-forbundet, 48:22 (February, 1955).
---------- To hundreårsjubileer som er verd å minnes. Nordmanns-forbundet, 46: 164 (August, 1953).
A brief account of the founding of Norwegian settlements in Worth County, Iowa, and Freeborn County, Minnesota, in 1853.

NORWEGIAN AMERICAN CHAMBER OF COMMERCE. Forty Years of NACC, 1915-1955. (Norwegian American Commerce, vol. 17, no. 10-October, 1955).
This special issue of the chamber’s regular monthly periodical contains several articles on the history of the organization.

NORWEGIAN-AMERICAN HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, vol. 18. Northfield, 1954. 252 p.
The contents of this volume are as follows: Norwegian Migration to America, by Einar Haugen; Rasmus B. Anderson, Pioneer and Crusader, by Paul Knaplund; Early Norwegian Settlement in the Rockies, by Kenneth Bjork; A Little More Light on the Kendall Colony, by Richard Canuteson; Segregation and Assimilation of Norwegian Settlements in Wisconsin, by Peter A. Munch; The Novels of Peer Strømme, by Gerald Thorson; Norwegian-American Bygdelags and Their Publications, by Jacob Hodnefield; Some Re cent Publications relating to Norwegian-American History, XIV, compiled by Jacob Hodnefield.

OLESEN, T. J. The Vikings in America. Canadian Historical Association, Annual Report, 1954, p. 52-60.
An examination of recent writings dealing with the vikings in America and an attempt to summarize the present state of knowledge on the subject.
---------- The Vikings in America: A Critical Bibliography. Canadian Historical Review, vol. 36, no. 2, p. 166-173 (June, 1955).
This bibliography is actually an appendix to the article mentioned immediately above. Most of the items listed and discussed were published 1939-54.

OLSETH, O. H. Mama Came from Norway. New York, 1955. 159 p.
Memories from a pioneer settlement in South Dakota.

PEATTIE, DONALD CULROSS. They Found the New World. Reader’s Digest, 33: 132-136 (December, 1954).
The Norse discovery of America.

PREUS, J. C., GULLIXSON, T. F., and REINERTSON, E. C. Norsemen Found a Church. Minneapolis, 1953. x, 427 p.
An account of the founding of the Norwegian Lutheran church in the Midwest.

RAAEN, AAGOT. Aal menighet. Hallingen, 171:9-14 (June, 1955).
A history of Aal parish, Steele County, North Dakota.
---------- Guri Settungsgaard Sondreaal. Hallingen, 166:4-13 (March, 1954).

Redaktør i Amerika gjennom 30 år. Nordmanns-forbundet, 47:73 (April, 1954).
An article, signed “O.M.,” about the Norwegian-American editor, Tryggve Monsen, who served various publications through a period of thirty years.

REINTON, LARS. Hallingane i Norge og i Amerika. Hallingen, 168: 10-17 (September, 1954).
---------- Litt om historie og lokalhistorie i Amerika. Heimen, 2:480-486 (June, 1954).
An article about historical writing, especially local history, in America by the chairman of the national society for local history in Norway.
---------- Litt om historiegransking i Amerika. Syn og segn, vol. 61, no. 5, p. 206-212 (1955).
Reflections about historical research in America, including some comments about the Norwegian-American Historical Association.
---------- Norsk historie i Amerika og lokalhistoria i Noreg. Heimen, 10:106-114 (September, 1955).
“Norwegian History in America and Local History in Norway,” a survey of Norwegian-American historical research and a plea for closer co-operation between students working in the Norwegian-American field and Norwegian local history.

REISHUS, MARTHA. The Rag Rug. New York, 1955. 252 p.
The author “writes ... about several generations of her family, its origin in Norway, followed by emigration to the New World, and subsequently homesteading in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota.”

REISMAN, DAVID. Thorstein Veblen: A Critical Interpretation. New York, 1953. xv, 221 p.
A volume in the Twentieth Century Library, which aims to give the intelligent layman a basic understanding of those thinkers of the last hundred years who have most influenced the intellectual currents of our time. Reviewed in Minnesota History (Winter, 1953).

RICE, GEORGE. Kensington Rune Stone: Hoax or History? Minneapolis Star, April 11-16, 1955.
A series of six articles analyzing this much-debated question. “Prior to the time of his assignment Rice had been convinced the rune stone was authentic. The investigation and research which he carried out now has him equally convinced that the stone is not authentic.” Replies to these articles by R. S. Thornton, John Obert, and Harold Langeland were published in the Minneapolis Star, May 18-20, 1955.

ROSHOLT, T. L. Life Histories of the Descendants of Peder and Gjertrud Sandager. Decorah, Iowa, 1954. 156 p.

St. Ansgar settlementet i Iowa. Hallingen, 167: 13-17 (June, 1954).

SCHERECK, WILLIAM J. The Peoples of Wisconsin. Madison, 1955.
Information about the various ethnic groups which have contributed to the culture of the state of Wisconsin.

SCHILLING, FREDRICK. Slekten Schilling. Oslo, 1955.
A history of the Norwegian branch of the Schilling family, whose ancestors came from Germany to Norway in 1799. Also listed are a number of representatives of the family in the United States.

SCHILLING, WILLIAM F. My First Eighty Years. Northfield, 1952. 244 p.
An autobiography that deals in large part with the author’s home town of Northfield, Minnesota, where he came in touch with many Norwegians and with St. Olaf College.

SEIP, DIDRICK ARUP. Norsk språk i Amerika. Nordmanns-forbundet, 47:207-209 (October, 1954).
A review of Professor Einar Haugen’s two-volume work, The Norwegian Language in America.

SEMMINGSEN, INGRID. Linkas dagbok. Nordmanns-forbundet, 46:116 (June, 1953).
A review of Linka’s Diary on Land and Sea, 1845-1864 (Minneapolis, 1952), the diary of Mrs. Herman Amberg Preus, whose husband was a famous Norwegian-American pioneer pastor. The diary was translated by J. C. K. Preus.

SEVRE, INGEBRIGT. Hallinger i Amerika. Hallingen, 170:10 (March, 1955).
A brief article about immigrants from Hallingdal and their descendants in America.

SNOW, CLARA J. Over the Edge of the World. New York, 1955. 167 p.
A historical novel dealing with the Norse discovery of America during viking times.

SONNESYN, GERHARD N. First Statement to the Membership by the Supreme President, Gerhard N. Sonnesyn. Sons of Norway, 51:185-187 (October, 1954).

SORTEBERG, EDW. Hallinglaget i Canada. Hallingen, 166:923 (March, 1954).
People from Hailing took the lead in organizing bygdelags in Canada. This is a brief history of the Hallinglag there, written by a man who has been a leading spirit in the movement.

SØYLAND, CARL. Skrift i sand. Oslo, 1954. 291 p.
“Writing in Sand,” reminiscences by a well-known Norwegian-American editor. Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review (Spring, 1955).

STANGERUP, HAKON. Amerika og kulturen. Copenhagen, 1954.
A Danish literary historian discusses contemporary American cultural and social developments. The last two chapters deal with the status and future of Scandinavian culture in the United States.

STOCKTON, ERIC. Thorstein Veblen as an Icelandic Scholar. Scandinavian Studies, 926: 1-11 (February, 1954).

TELLEVIK, MARCUS, ed. Festskrift for Nordhordlandsiaget i America. Minneapolis, 1953. 65 p.
Published on the fortieth anniversary of Nordhordlandslaget.

THORSON, GERALD. The Novels of Peer Strømme. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 18:141-1692 (1954).

VANBERG, BENT. Handelskammeret i New York jubilerer. Nordmanns-forbundet, 48: 175-177 (September, 1955).
Fortieth anniversary of the Norwegian-American chamber of commerce in New York.
---------- The Norwegian Club of New York. New York, 1954.
Fiftieth anniversary publication of the club.

Viserguttens saga er slutt. Nordmanns-forbundet, 48: 114 (June, 1955).
A brief article about the Norwegian-American newspaper Viser gutten whose “saga” has come to an end after sixty years of circulation.

WALTERS, THORSTINA. Modern Sagas. Fargo, North Dakota, 1953. vii, 229 p.
The story of the Icelanders in America. Reviewed in Wisconsin Magazine of History (Autumn, 1954).

WILLAND, MRS. MINA. Nybyggerdage i nordre Minnesota. Hallingen, 173:6-14 (December, 1955).
Pioneer days in northern Minnesota.

WITH, NANNA. Da den Norske Amerikalinje ble til. Nordmanns-forbundet, 47: 117-119 (June, 1954).
“When the Norwegian-America Line Was Organized.”


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