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Some Recent Publications Relating to Norwegian-American History, XVI
    Compiled by Clarence A. Clausen (Volume 20: Page 213)

A. C. M.” Luren sangforening er 90 år. Nordmanns-forbundet, 51:111 (May, 1958).
The Norwegian-American choir, Luren, of Decorah, Iowa, celebrates its ninetieth anniversary.

AHLSTROM, SYDNEY E. The Lutheran Church and American Culture. Lutheran Quarterly, 9:321-342 (November, 1957).

American Economic Association. Papers and Proceedings of the Seventieth Annual Meeting of the American Economic Association, Philadelphia, December 28-30, 1957 (American Economic Review, vol. 48, no. 92-May, 1958).
The first thirty-four pages are devoted to the Veblen Centenary Round Table, with the following papers: Source and Impact of Veblen, by Joseph Dorfman; The Influence of Veblen on Mid-Century Institutionalism, by Allan G. Grundy; Veblen’s Critique of the American Economy, by Paul M. Sweezy; Discussion, by Peter N. Vukasin and George W. Zinke.

ANDER, FRITIOF. The Cultural Heritage of the Swedish Emigrant. Rock Island, Illinois, 1956. 191 p.
This volume contains a selected but comprehensive bibliography of books and articles relating to all aspects of Swedish immigration.

ANDERSEN, ARLOW WILLIAM. Norwegian-Danish Methodism on the Pacific Coast. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 19:89-115 (1956).

APSLER, ALFRED. “Little Norway” on the Columbia River. American-Scandinavian Review, 44:63-68 (Spring, 1956).
An account of a Norwegian settlement on Puget Island in the Columbia River.

ARNEBERG, JOHN G. From Mountains to Prairies. Minneapolis, 1958. 215 p.
The autobiography of a Norwegian-American doctor.

BALCHEN, BERNT. Come North with Me: An Autobiography. New York, 1958. 318 p.
The autobiography of the famous Norwegian-American aviator and explorer. This book was published in Norwegian under the title Kom nord med meg (Oslo, 1958). [214]

BERGMANN, LEOLA NELSON. A Century of Immigration. Palimpsest, 37:129-133 (March, 1956).
---------- Immigrants in Iowa. Palimpsest, 37: 134-144 (March, 1956).
---------- The Scandinavians Come to Iowa. Palimpsest, 37: 145- 155 (March, 1956).

BJORK, KENNETH O. “Snowshoe” Thompson: Fact and Legend. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 19:62-88 (1956).
---------- West of the Great Divide: Norwegian Migration to the Pacific Coast, 1847-1893. Northfield, 1958. xvi, 671 p.
Reviewed in Mississippi Valley Historical Review, 45:505 (December, 1958).

BLEGEN, THEODORE C. America brev. Oslo, 1958. xii, 408 p.
This volume of selections from hundreds of America letters was published in English under the title Land of Their Choice: The Immigrants Write Home (Minneapolis, 1955). The Norwegian edition has a foreword by Ingrid Semmingsen. Reviewed in Nordmanns-forbundet, November, 1958.
---------- The Immigrant Image of America. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 19:1-14 (1956).

BOEWE, CHARLES. Rølvaag’s America: An Immigrant Novelist’s Views. Western Humanities Review, 11:3-12 (Winter, 1957).

BØHN, TORA. A Quest for Norwegian Folk Art in America. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 19 : 116-141 (1956).

BRONNER, HEDIN. Norge in Virginia. American-Scandinavian Review, 45 :258-263 (Autumn, 1957).
The story of a Norwegian settlement in Virginia.
---------- Scandinavian Studies in the United States - and Great Britain? Norseman, 15 :372-374 (November-December, 1957).
---------- Student Motivation in Scandinavian Courses in the United States. Scandinavian Studies, 28:99-108 (August, 1956).
---------- and Franzen, Gösta. Scandinavian Studies in Institutions of Learning in the United States. Scandinavian Studies, 30:157-177 (November, 1958).

CLANCY, C. S. The Saga of Leif Ericsson. New York, 1956. 223 p.
A fictionalized biography of the saga hero. [215]

CLAUSEN, CLARENCE A. Some Recent Publications Relating to Norwegian-American History. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 19:189-198 (1956).
---------- The Trials of an Immigrant: The Journal of Ole K. Trovatten. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 19 :142- 159 (1956).

DAHL, ODDVAR. Han har satt sitt preg på Chicago. Nordmanns-forbundet, 51:90 (April, 1958).
A sketch of the Norwegian-American architect, Sigurd E. Næss of Chicago.

DAVIS, R. B. American Studies in Norway. American-Scandinavian Review, 44:348-353 (Winter, 1956).

DICKERSON, INGA HANSEN. Trina. New York, 1956. 204 p.
The story of a Danish couple who came to the United States in 1872 and experienced the hardships of immigrant life in New York and Chicago and on the plains of Dakota Territory.

DITHMER-VANBERG, EVA. Knut Rockne fra Voss. Nordmanns-forbundet, 50:283-286 (December, 1957).
An article about the famous football coach.
---------- Sæbjørn Buttedahl-en allsidig norsk kunstner i California. Nordmanns-forbundet, 51 :40 (February, 1958).
A Norwegian artist in California.

DJUPEDAL, REIDAR. Vinje og Amerika. Syn og segn, vol. 64, nos. 9-10, p.427-438 (1958).
A discussion of the Norwegian poet Vinje’s plans to go to America.

DORFMAN, JOSEPH. Source and Impact of Veblen. American Economic Review, 48:1-10 (May, 1958).

DR. J. A. Aasgaard 80 år. Nordmanns-forbundet, 49:101 (May, 1956).
A biographical sketch of the famous Norwegian-American church leader.

ELTOR, INGOLF. Red River-Dalens pioner. Nordmanns-forbundet, 50:98-100 (May, 1957).
An article about Paul Hjelm-Hansen, who led numerous Norwegians into the Red River Valley.

ERICKSON, CHARLOTTE. American Industry and the European Immigrant, 1860-1885. Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1957. 269 p.

Faste punkt i San Francisco. Nordmanns-forbundet, 51 :61 (March, 1958).
The Norwegian Club in San Francisco celebrates its sixtieth anniversary. [216]

FINDAHL, THEO. En norsk-amerikansk polarforsker. Nordmanns-forbundet, 49:262-264 (December, 1956).
An article about the famous Norwegian-American polar explorer, Captain Finn Rønne.

FLYNN, ANDREA K. Tom Tellepsen, Builder and Believer: A Biography. Salado, Texas, 1956. 193 p.

FOLKEDAHL, BEULAH. A Dream Come True: The Homme Homes at Wittenberg. Wittenberg, Wisconsin, 1956. 184 p.
An account of the life work of the Reverend Even Johnson Homme and the homes he founded for orphans and the aged. Reviewed in Wisconsin Magazine of History, Autumn, 1957.

FORFANG, H. G. “Symra”: et femtiårsminne. Nordmanns-forbundet, 49:5-7 (January, 1956).
A historical sketch of the society Symra in Decorah, Iowa, on the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary.

Fredericks, Marshall. Fra Risør til Rock Island. Nordmanns-forbundet, 51:130 (June, 1958).
A sketch of the Norwegian-American sculptor, Marshall Fredericks, of Rock Island, Illinois.

GABRIELSEN, THOR. Et norsk kulturfremstøt i USA. Nordmanns-forbundet, 49: 188-191 (September, 1956).
An account of Norwegian studies at the University of Chicago.

GARMANN, CARL. På fremmed, men fri grunn. De tok et Norge med seg, 138-146 (Oslo, 1957).
The work of the League of Norsemen during World War II.

GARNAAS, STEN P. Paa tømmerhugst i Whatcom County, Washington, i 1903. Hallingen, 181:5-9 (December, 1957).
Lumbering in Whatcom County, Washington, in 1908.

GJÆVENES, MARTIN. Utvandringen frå Sykkylven. Oslo, 1957. 227 p.
An account of the emigration from the district of Sykkylven in Møre, Norway.

GLASRUD, CLARENCE A. Boyesen and the Norwegian Immigration. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 19:15-45 (1956).

GOMSRUD, ARTHUR E., ed. Scandinavia in U.S.A. Norwalk, Connecticut, 1959. 80 p.
A handbook containing data about official Scandinavian organizations in the United States, Scandinavian imports to the United States, travel in the Scandinavian countries, and so forth. [217]

GRUNDY, ALLAN G. The Influence of Veblen on Mid-Century Institutionalism. American Economic Review, 48:11-20 (May, 1958).

GUNDERSEN, IRENE. Emma-Lou. New York, 1958. 139 p.
A novel about Norwegian immigrants in Brooklyn during the depression years. Reviewed by Carsten Roedder in Nordisk tidende (Brooklyn), December 11, 1958.

GUTTORMSEN, BJARNE. Utflytterdagen. Nordmanns-forbundet, 51:231 (November, 1958).
A brief analysis of the emigration from Norway.

HAMBRO, C. J. Et flagg i det fremmede. Nordmanns-forbundet, 50:188-191 (August, 1957).
C. J. Hambro’s address at the fiftieth anniversary banquet of the League of Norsemen in Oslo, June 21, 1957.
---------- Nordmanns-Forbundet blir til. De tog et Norge med seg, 13-25 (Oslo, 1957).
The League of Norsemen comes into being.

HAMBRO, JOHAN. A Golden Anniversary. Sons of Norway, 54:45 (March, 1957).
A brief history of the League of Norsemen through fifty years.
---------- La oss gjøre oss flere. De tog et Norge med seg, 258-289 (Oslo, 1957).
The activities of Norwegian organizations in foreign lands.
---------- The World League of Norsemen. Norseman, 14: 43-46 (January-February, 1956).
The story of Nordmanns-Forbundet (The League of Norsemen).
---------- ed. De tok et Norge med seg. Oslo, 1957. 302 p.
This volume deals with the history of Nordmanns-Forbundet (The League of Norsemen) on the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary, and with Norwegian migration to all parts of the world. The contents are as follows: “Evig må æren være,” by Jacob Worm-Müller; Nordmanns-Forbundet blir til, by C. J. Hambro; 50 års virke, by Arne Kildal; På fremmed, men fri grunn, by Carl Garmann; Norge over alle grenser, by Oddm. Ljone; Kirken og utflytterfolket, by J. C. K. Preus; “Den hellige utferdsbølge,” by Olav G. Mykiebust; Talt og skrevet i Amerika, by Einar Haugen; Utflytterpressens saga, by Einar Lund; “La oss gjøre oss flere,” by Johan Hambro; Kan fedrearven bevares? by Wilhelm Morgenstierne.

HAMMER, EINAR O. Pioneer in Nuclear Research. Sons of Norway, 55:85 (May, 1958).
Dr. Ernest O. Lawrence, Nobel prize winner in physics. [218]

HANDLIN, OSCAR. Race and Nationality in American Life. Boston, 1957. xiii, 300 p.
A series of essays tracing the growth and decline of racial attitudes toward ethnic minorities in the United States.

HANSEN, CARE G. O. My Minneapolis. Minneapolis, 1956. 405 p.
The autobiography of a well-known Norwegian-American editor. Reviewed in Nordmanns-forbundet, January, 1958.

HAUGEN, ANDERS. Skiveteranen fra Telemark. Nordmanns-forbundet, 51:237 (November, 1958).
Anders Haugen, the “ski veteran” from Telemark, who helped make skiing popular in America.

HAUGEN, EINAR. Bilingualism in the Americas: A Bibliography and Research Guide. University [Tuscaloosa], Alabama, 1956. 159 p.
Reviewed in Scandinavian Studies, August, 1958.
---------- Ibsen in America. Edda, vol. 56, no. 4, p. 270-288 (1956).
---------- Language Contact. Proceedings of the VIII International Congress of Linguistics, 772-785 (Oslo, 1958).
---------- Norske bøker i norsk-amerikanske hyller. Festskrift til Arne Kildal, 55-63 (Oslo, 1956).
Norwegian books on Norwegian-American bookshelves.
---------- Nordiske studier i Amerika. Proceedings of the First International Conference on Scandinavian Studies, 9-20 (Cambridge, England, 1958).
Scandinavian studies in America. This article was reprinted in Nordisk tidende (Brooklyn), November 6, 13, December 4, 11, 1958.
---------- Ole Edvart Rølvaag and the Norwegian Immigrants. Minnesota posten (Minneapolis), July 10, 17, 1958.
---------- Talt og skrevet i Amerika. De tok et Norge med seg, 224-242 (Oslo, 1957).
Norwegian language and literature in the United States.

HENDRICKSEN, NORMAN. Bitter Conquest. New York, 1957. 405 p.
A story dealing with the life of a Norwegian family which settled in northern California about the turn of the century.

Herschel, Alf. Fra Fana til Filadelfia. Nordmanns-forbundet, 51:88 (April, 1958).
A biographical sketch of the Norwegian-American engineer. [219]

HERTSGAARD, O. I. Torskeklubben i Minneapolis. Nordmannsforbundet, 49: 122 (June, 1956).
An account of the “Codfish Club,” a social organization.

HIGHAM, JOHN. From Immigrants to Minorities: Some Recent Literature. American Quarterly, 10:83-88 (Spring, 1958).
---------- Strangers in the Land: Patterns of American Nativism, 1860-1925. New Brunswick, New Jersey, 1957. 431 p.
Reviewed in Wisconsin Magazine of History, Autumn, 1956.

HJORTH-SØRENSEN, ODD. Fra umulius til altmuligmann. Nordmanns-forbundet, 50:6-8 (January, 1957).
A sketch of the famous polar explorer, Bernt Baichen.

HOLAND, HJALMAR R. My First Eighty Years. New York, 1957. 256 p.
The autobiography of the intrepid champion of the Kensington rune stone.
---------- Norway’s Most Remarkable Emigrant to America. Sons of Norway, 55 :5 (January, 1958).
An article about Nils Otto Tank, who tried to found a socialist community in the wilds of Wisconsin.
---------- Explorations in America before Columbus. New York, 1955. 381 p.

HOVDE, GUDRUN. Snowshoe Thompson. Arbok for Telemark, 54-64 (Skien, Norway, 1958).

“I. B.” Guttorm Brekke fyller år. Nordmanns-forbundet, 49:103 (May, 1956).
A biographical sketch of a famous Norwegian-American engineer.

JOHNSON, LENORE I. History of Ada, Minnesota, 1876-1952. Ada, 1957. 68 p.
A history of the county seat of Norman County, Minnesota.

JOHNSON, WALTER, et at. American Scandinavian Bibliography for 1956. Scandinavian Studies, 29:59-93 (May, 1957).
An annotated list of the noteworthy books, articles, and reviews dealing with the Scandinavian languages and literatures that appeared in the United States and Canada during 1956; the tenth of a series.
---------- American Scandinavian Bibliography for 1957. Scandinavian Studies, 30:53-84 (May, 1958).
The eleventh in the series.

KILDAL, ARNE. 50 års virke. De tok et Norge med seg, 26-127 (Oslo, 1957).
The League of Norsemen through fifty years. [220]

KONGA, TYNE E. I Remember. New York, 1955. 269 p.
The story of a Finnish-American girl who grew up in an immigrant milieu in Minnesota.

LANDE, SVEIN T. Bergstadens æresborger. Nordmanns-forbundet, 50:48-50 (March, 1957).
A biographical sketch of the famous Norwegian-American engineer, Tinius Olsen.

LARSEN, KAREN. Ingeborg Astrup Larsen: Her Family and Her Girlhood in Norway. Northfield, 1958. 81 p.
Ingeborg Astrup Larsen was the wife of Professor Laurentius Larsen, well-known churchman and educator. This narrative of her early years gives an intimate picture of the social and cultural life of a Norwegian official family during the middle decades of the nineteenth century. Multilithed.

LAWSON, MURRAY G. The Foreign-born in Congress, 1789-1949. American Political Science Review, 51 : 1183-1189 (December, 1957).

LEACH, HENRY GODDARD. My Last Seventy Years. New York, 1956. 232 p.
The autobiography of an American who has played a significant role in heightening American awareness of the culture of the Scandinavian countries.

LEE, A. O. Ole O. Lees livshistorie. Hallingen, 182: 11-15 (March, 1958).
The life story of a Norwegian immigrant from Hallingdal.

Leif Erikson i Duluth. Nordmanns-forbundet, 49:220 (October, 1956).
A statue to Leif Erikson is unveiled in Duluth.

LEIRACH, PETER. Valdrisen som sloss for kirken. Nordmanns-forbundet, 51 : 156 (July, 1958).
A brief sketch of the Norswing (Nordsveen) family from Valdres.

LEVORSEN, SELMER. Levor Levorsen (Rueslaaten) og hans slekt. Hallingen, 183:25-30 (June, 1958).
An article about a Norwegian immigrant who came to the United States in 1849, and his descendants.

LINDAL, W. J. The Saskatchewan Icelanders: A Strand of the Canadian Fabric. Winnipeg, 1955. 363 p.
“This is a thorough study of the impact of the Icelandic immigrants on their environment and vice versa.”

LISETH, DANIEL. Mannen på Mississippi. Nordmanns-forbundet, 51 :285 (November, 1958).
A Norwegian pilot on the Mississippi. [221]

LJONE, ODDM. Norge over alle grenser. De tok et Norge med seg, 147-177 (Oslo, 1957).
Norwegians in all parts of the world.

LJONES, BJARNE. Druene i Vinland. Syn og segn, vol. 64, no. 8, p. 350-355 (1958).
Another attempt to locate Leif Erikson’s Vinland.

LOWENTHAL, DAVID. G. P. Marsh and Scandinavian Studies. Scandinavian Studies, 929:41-592 (May, 1957).
An article about an American scholar who did much to introduce Scandinavian literature to Americans during the generation following 1830.

LUND, EINAR. Symra 50 år. Nordmanns-forbundet, 50:217 (September, 1957).
A noted Norwegian-American literary society, Symra, in Decorah, Iowa, celebrates its fiftieth anniversary.
---------- Utflytterpressens saga. De tok et Norge med seg, 242- 257 (Oslo, 1957).
The immigrant press.

Lutheran Church. County-by-County Church Distribution Study Related to Lutheran Churches. New York, 1956.
A series of pamphlets, collected in one volume, covering all the States in the Union, prepared by the Division of American Missions of the National Lutheran Council on the basis of data gathered by the National Council of Churches.

MEHUS, O. M. Lat oss inkje forfedrane gløyma. Nordmanns-forbundet, 50:53 (March, 1957).
Hallinglaget celebrates its fiftieth anniversary.

MOBERG, VLLHELM. Nybyggarna. Stockholm, Sweden, 1956. 627 p.
The third volume in Moberg’s famous saga about Swedish immigrants. It takes the story up to “the great day when the territory became a state [Minnesota] and the settlers became American citizens.” A fourth and final volume is planned.

MORGENSTIERNE, WILHELM. Kan fedrearven bevares? De tok et Norge med seg, 290-296 (Oslo, 1957).
Can our cultural heritage be preserved on foreign soil?

MULDER, WILLIAM. Homeward to Zion: The Mormon Migration from Scandinavia. Minneapolis, 1957. xii, 375 p.
“A study of the Mormon migration from Scandinavia to Utah in the latter part of the nineteenth century, of the faith and principles prompting it, and of the hardships endured by the immigrants.” [222]

MULDER, WILLIAM. Image of Zion: Mormonism as an American Influence in Scandinavia. Mississippi Valley Historical Review, 43:18-38 (June, 1956).
---------- Immigration and the “Mormon Question”: An International Episode. Western Political Quarterly, vol. 9, no. 2, p. 416-433 (June, 1956).
---------- Norwegian Forerunners among the Early Mormons. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 19:46-61 (1956).

NELSON, KNUTE. En hard og lang livsvei. Nordmanns-forbundet, 49 :240-243 (November, 1956).
An autobiographical letter written by Senator Knute Nelson in 1915.

NELSON, PEDER H. De norske bygdelagene i Amerika i dag. Nordmanns-forbundet, 49 :267 (December, 1956).
The Norwegian bygdelags in America as they are today.
---------- Hallinglaget gjennem 50 aar. Hallingen, 179 : 9-43 (June, 1957).
The association of Hallings through fifty years.
---------- Hallinglaget i Amerika feirer 50-års fest. Nordmannsforbundet, 50: 170 (July, 1957).
The Hallinglag in America celebrates its fiftieth anniversary.
---------- “Halling-minne” - “Hallingen.” Hallingen, 179 :47-53 (June, 1957).
The publications of the Hallinglag (Association of Hallings).
---------- Norsk nybygging i Winneshiek, Iowa. Nordmanns-forbundet, 49:222 (October, 1956).
The Norwegian settlement in Winneshiek County, Iowa.
---------- Norsk nybyggerhus i Minnesota. Nordmanns-forbundet, 51: 157 (July, 1958).
A Norwegian pioneer house in Freeborn County, Minnesota.
---------- Nybyggerstua som ble til museum. Nordmanns-forbundet, 50:75 (April, 1957).
A pioneer cabin near Witman, North Dakota, has been turned into a museum.
---------- Pionerer på Amerikas vestkyst. Nordmanns-forbundet, 51:89 (April, 1958).
Norwegian pioneers on the west coast.
---------- Utvandringen til Canada. Hallingen, 179 : 114-121 (June, 1957).
The migration of Hallings to Canada. [223]
---------- Veien vestover: Litt om den tidligere utvandring fra Hallingdal. Hallingen, 179:56-113 (June, 1957).
The early migration from Hallingdal.

NOBLE, DAVID W. The Paradox of Progressive Thought. Minneapolis, 1958. viii, 272 p.
Thorstein Veblen is one of the progressives whose ideas are examined in this book.

NORBORG, SVERRE. Det nye Amerika. Oslo, 1958.
A series of lectures about the “new America” by a Norwegian-American theologian and writer.

Nordmanns-Forbundet. Energisk avdeling - Nordmanns-Forbundet i New York 10 år. Nordmanns-forbundet, 51:72 (March, 1957).
Nordmanns-Forbundet (The League of Norsemen) in New York celebrates its tenth anniversary.
---------- Femti års saga. Nordmanns-forbundet, 50: 129-156 (June, 1957).
The history of Nordmanns-Forbundet through fifty years. This entire issue is dedicated to the fiftieth anniversary celebration of the society.

NORLIE, OLAF M. Six Generations of Gunder A. Bonhus. Northfield, 1958. 258 p.

Norse Folk Songs in America. Sons of Norway, 53 : 193 (October, 1956).
A brief review of an unpublished doctor’s thesis done at the University of North Dakota by Olav E. Eidbo, dealing with Norse folk songs.

“Norse Home” i Seattle. Nordmanns-forbundet, 50 :243-247 (October, 1957).
An old people’s home is built by Norwegians in Seattle.

Norstad, Lauris. Fra Stavanger via Red Wing til NATO. Nordmanns-forbundet, 49: 128 (June, 1956).
An article about General Norstad and his ancestors.

Norwegian-American Historical Association. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, vol. 19. Northfield, 1956.
The contents of this volume are as follows: The Immigrant Image of America, by Theodore C. Blegen; Boyesen and the Norwegian Immigration, by Clarence A. Glasrud; Norwegian Forerunners among the Early Mormons, by William Mulder, “Snowshoe” Thompson: Fact and Legend, by Kenneth Bjork; Norwegian-Danish Methodism on the Pacific Coast, by Arlow William Andersen; A Quest for Norwegian Folk Art in America, by Tora Bøhn; The Trials of an Immigrant: The Journal of Ole K. Trovatten, translated and [224] edited by Clarence A. Clausen; Norwegian Emigrants with University Training, 1830-1880, by Oystein Ore; Some Recent Publications Relating to Norwegian-American History, XV, compiled by Clarence A. Clausen.

Norwegian-American Historical Museum Observes 80th Anniversary. Sons of Norway, 54: 165 (September, 1957).
A brief historical sketch of the museum at Decorah.

NYKL, A. R. K R S-The Death of a Myth. Madison, Wisconsin.
“Most of the arguments against the authenticity of the Kensington Stone are summarized” in this pamphlet.

“O. D.” 35 år blandt mumier og hieroglyfer. Nordmanns-forbundet, 51:134 (June, 1958).
An interview with Johanne Vindenes, head librarian at the Oriental Institute in Chicago.

OEHLERTS, DONALD E. Guide to Wisconsin Newspapers, 1883- 1957. Madison, 1958. xiv, 338 p.
Information about the foreign-language press that once flourished in Wisconsin is to be found in this guide. Reviewed in Wisconsin Magazine of History, Summer, 1958.

OLSSON, NILS WILLIAM. Three Swedish Pioneer Letters from Minnesota. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 9 :93-103 (July, 1958).

ORE, OYSTEIN. Norwegian Emigrants with University Training. Norwegian-American Studies and Records, 19: 160-188 (1956).

ØSTVEDT, EINAR. Utvandringen over Skien. Nordmanns-forbundet, 51 :692-66 (March, 1958).
Emigration by way of Skien, Norway.

Pionerklubben i Chicago. Nordmanns-forbundet, 51 : 188 (September, 1958).
The Norwegian Pioneer Club of Chicago celebrates its eightieth anniversary.

Pionerstaten jubilerer. Nordmanns-forbundet, 51 : 104-106 (May, 1958).
Norwegian participation in the celebration of Minnesota’s centennial.

POHL, FREDERICK J. The Vikings on Cape Cod: Evidence from Archeological Discovery. Brooklyn, 1957. 64 p.

POTTER, JEAN. Flying Frontiersmen. New York, 1956. 212 p.
This book about famous aviators contains articles about the Norwegian-American flyers, Carl Ben Eielsen and Noel Wien, “one of the three Wien brothers who are known as the greatest aviation pioneers in Alaska.” [225]

PREUS, J. C. K. Kirken og utflytterfolket. De tok et Norge med seg, 178-223 (Oslo, 1957).
The church and the immigrants.

REINTON, LARS. Utvandrings- og innvandringshistorie og Amenrikabrev. Heimen, 10:433-441 (June, 1957).
An article about emigration, immigration, and America letters, occasioned by the publication of Theodore C. Blegen’s Land of Their Choice.

REINTON, SIGURD S. Tale av Sigurd S. Reinton. Hallingen, 183:10-19 (June, 1958).
A speech delivered at the fiftieth anniversary meeting of Hallinglaget at Moorhead, Minnesota, in June, 1957. Sigurd Reinton is a well-known Norwegian folklorist and local historian who represented Hallingdal at the meeting.

ROMNES, BJARNE. Rosemaling in America. Sons of Norway, 53:47 (March, 1956).
About Per Lysne, the father of Norwegian rosemaling in America. This was a type of peasant art that flourished in Norway during the eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries.

RØNNING, N. N., ed. The Story of Ebenezer Home, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Minneapolis, 1957. 48 p.
The story of the Ebenezer Home for old people through forty years, 1917- 1957.

ROSOK, INGEVALD. Retrospect. Bisbee, Arizona, 1957. 323 p.
The autobiography of a Norwegian-American electrical engineer.

ROTNEM, CLARA NYHUS. Tollef og Kari Nyhus og deres slekt. Hallingen, 182 :25-30 (March, 1958).
Tollef and Kari Nyhus and their descendants.

Seksti-fem års norskundervisning. Nordmanns-forbundet, 50:8 (January, 1957).
Scandinavian studies at the University of North Dakota.

SORTEBERG, EDVARD. Hallinglaget i Canada. Hallingen, 179 : 44- 46 (June, 1957).
The association of Hallings in Canada.

STANFORD, DEREK. Thorstein Veblen (1857-1929). Norseman, 16:120-124 (March-April, 1958).

STOUTENBURG, ADRIEN, and BAKER, LAURA NELSON. Snowshoe Thompson. New York, 1957. 216 p.
A book about the famous hero of the Sierras. “The writers have used their imagination to round out the character they present.” [226]

SWEEZY, PAUL M. Veblen’s Critique of the American Economy. American Economic Review, 48:21-29 (May, 1958).

Thompson, John A. The Saga of John A. “Snowshoe” Thompson. Sons of Norway, 53 :91, 107 (May, June, 1956).
Brief articles about the famous mail carrier of the Sierras.

TURNGREN, ELLEN. Listen, My Heart. New York, 1956. 194 p.
A story of Swedish pioneer life in Minnesota.

Utflytterstevnet 1958. Nordmanns-forbundet, 51:185 (August, 1958).
Emigration-day celebrations in various Norwegian cities during the summer of 1958.

Vista, 1856-1956. Vista, Minnesota, 1958. 138 p.
“An unusually complete record of a small Scandinavian community in Waseca County” is available in this centennial history. “The booklet is largely composed of genealogical data on families of the area.”

WAHLGREN, ERIK. The Kensington Stone: A Mystery Solved. Madison, 1958. xiv, 228 p.
Another attempt to lay the ghost of the famous stone.

WENTZ, ABDEL Ross. A Basic History of Lutheranism in America. Philadelphia, 1955. 430 p.
A history of the various Lutheran churches in America, among them those of Norwegian background.

WERNER, HARALD. Sjømannskirken i New Orleans 50 år. Nordmanns-forbundet, 49 :266 (December, 1956).
The Norwegian Seamen’s Church in New Orleans during fifty years.

WESTIN, GUNNAR. Emigration and Scandinavian Church Life. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, vol. 8, no. 2, p. 35-49 (1957).

WILLIAMSON, ARNE E. Erling A. Normann gått bort. Nordmanns-forbundet, 50: 17 (January, 1957).
A brief sketch about a prominent Norwegian engineer in Chicago.

WORM-MÜLLER, JACOB S. Utvandringen fra “den eventyrverden som heter Telemark.” Nordmanns-forbundet, 51: 172-174 (August, 1958).
Professor Worm-Müller’s address at the pioneer day celebration in Skien, Norway, paying honor to prominent emigrants from Telemark.

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