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Some Recent Publications
    compiled by Beulah Folkedahl (Volume 22: Page 210)


ANDERSEN, ARLOW W. The Salt of the Earth: A History of Norwegian- Danish Methodism in America. Nashville, Tennessee, 1962. 338 p.

Baalson Centennial 1861—1961. Glenwood, Minnesota. 38 p.

History of a Norwegian-American family group.

BECK, BENNETT A. Brief History of the Pioneers of the Cromwell, Minnesota, Area. Cromwell, 1962. 177 p.

Included are biographical sketches of early Finnish settlers. Reviewed in Minnesota History, March, 1963.

BIRKELAND, TORGER. Echoes of Puget Sound: Fifty Years of Logging and Steamboating. Caldwell, Idaho, 1960. 251 p.

Reviewed in Pacific Northwest Quarterly, October, 1961.

BLEGEN, THEODORE C. Minnesota: A History of the State. Minneapolis, 1968. 688 p.

Photographs and maps add to the value of this comprehensive history.

BOLAND, CHARLES MICHAEL. They All Discovered America. New York, 1961. 884 p.

A review of nineteen alleged discoveries of America before Columbus. Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review, June, 1962.

BORCHERT, JOHN R. A Quarter Century of Change in the Finland Community of Northeastern Minnesota. Duluth, 1960. 16 p.

A sociological study.

BRATRUD, OTTO. Beating to Windward: Afloat and Ashore. Seattle, 1961. 242 p. [211]

An autobiography of a Seattle skipper who sailed the Pacific Ocean. Foreword by Kenneth O. Bjork. A condensed version of this book appeared in Norwegian-American Studies and Records, vol. 20.

BRØNSTED, JOHANNES. The Vikings. Baltimore, 1960. 320 p.

The Viking age, including the expeditions to the New World. Translated by Estrid Bannister-Good. Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review, Summer, 1961.

CARTFORD, GERHARD M. Music in the Norwegian Lutheran Church. 384 p.

The development of choral music, 1825—1917; a manuscript dissertation submitted at the University of Minnesota in 1961 and filed there.

CLAUSEN, C. A., ed. The Lady with the Pen: Elise Wærenskjold in Texas. Northfield, 1961. 183 p.

These sixty-two letters, translated from the Norwegian, cover the period 1851—95. Reviewed in Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, April, 1962.

COLE, WAYNE S. Senator Gerald P. Nye and American Foreign Relations. Minneapolis, 1962. 293 p.

A study of American isolationism. Reviewed in Mississippi Valley Historical Review, June, 1963.

COMMAGER, HENRY STEELE, ed. Immigration and American History: Essays in Honor of Theodore C. Blegen. Minneapolis, 1961. 166 p.

Contributors include Henry Steele Commager, Oscar Handlin, Ingrid Semmingsen, Philip D. Jordan, John T. Flanagan, Carlton C. Qualey, Henry A. Pochmann, Franklin D. Scott, Colman J. Barry, and Theodore C. Blegen.

CULTER, CARL C. Queens of the Western Ocean. Annapolis, 1961. 673 p.

History of the American sailing packet. Reviewed in Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, January, 1962.

DAHL, BORCHILD. A Minnetonka Summer. New York, 1960. 125 p.

The story of a Norwegian family in Minnesota. Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review, September, 1961.

DAVIS, ELEANOR H. and CARL. Norwegian Labor in Hawaii: The Norse Immigrants. Honolulu, 1962. 89 p.

Early life on the sugar plantations.

DOWIE, JAMES IVERNE. Prairie Grass Dividing. Rock Island, Illinois, 1959. 262 p.

Swedish settlements in the Platte River Valley of Nebraska. [212]

DOWIE, JAMES IVERNE, and ESPELIE, ERNEST M., ed. The Swedish Immigrant Community in Transition: Essays in Honor of Dr. Conrad Bergendoff. Rock Island, 1963. 246 p.

ENGBERG, EMMER, BERCENDOFF, CONRAD, and CARLSON, EDGAR M., ed. Centennial Essays, 1860—1960. Rock Island, 1960. 268 p.

Twelve articles honoring the Augustana Lutheran Church.

FOSS, HANS ANDERSON. The Cotter’s Son. Alexandria, Minnesota, 1963. 127 p.

A popular Norwegian-American novel, translated by Joel G. Winkjer.

FOSS, THEA HOKENSTAD. The Story of Ole Hokenstad, a Norwegian Immigrant, and His Family. 48p.

A typescript filed in the archives of the Norwegian-American Historical Association.

FRIIS, ERIK J. The American-Scandinavian Foundation 1910— 1960: A Brief History. New York, 1961. 135 p.

GARA, LARRY. A Short History of Wisconsin. Madison, 1962. 286 p.

GLASRUD, CLARENCE A. Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen. Northfield, 1963. 245 p.

Study of a Norwegian-American author and scholar.

GLAZER, SIDNEY. The Middle West: A Study of Progress. New York, 1962. 135 p.

GOL, NORWAY. Boka om Gol, vol. 2. Gol, Hallingdal, Norway, 1963. 500 p.

The period 1837—1940 is covered; included are pictures and sketches of emigrants from Gol to America.

GVAALE, GUDRUN HOVDE. O. E. Rølvaag: Nordmann og amerikanar. Bergen, 1962. 435 p.

Biography of the Norwegian-American author by a Norwegian scholar. Reviewed in Nordisk Tidende (Brooklyn), October 24, 1963.

HANSEN, MARCUS LEE. The Atlantic Migration 1 607—1860. New York, 1962. 386 p.

A paperback edition of Hansen’s study of immigration, first published in 1940. Reviewed in Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, July, 1962.

HAUGE, ALFRED. Cleng Peerson: Hundevakt. Oslo, 1961. 331 p.

The first of a projected four-volume historical novel on the life of the father of Norwegian immigration.

---------- Gå vest. Stavanger, Norway, 1963. 210 p.

The author’s experiences in America while he was gathering [213] material for his work on Peerson. Reviewed In Nordmanns-Forbundet, November, 1963.

HOGLUND, A. WILLIAM. Finnish Immigrants in America, 1880— 1920. Madison, Wisconsin, 1960. 213 p.

Emphasizes organizational life and the search for economic and political freedom. Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review, Summer, 1962.

HOLAND, HJALMAR R. A Pre-Columbian Crusade to America. New York, 1962. 203 p.

Holand’s fifth book on the Kensington Rune Stone. Reviewed in Sons of Norway, April, 1963.

HOLGER, ARBMAN. The Vikings. New York, 1961. 212 p.

Volume 21 of a series, Ancient Peoples and Places. Translated and edited by Alan Binns, it deals with colonization in several areas, including North America. Reviewed in Speculum, October, 1962.

HOLTAN, GEORGE T. and C. CARL, and BRACKEY, AGNES. Holtan Family History. Forest City, Iowa, 1950. 86 p.

INGSTAD, HELGE. Landet under leidarstjernen. Oslo, 1959. 592 p.

Research in the ruins of Norse settlements in Greenland. Reviewed in Sons of Norway, November, 1961.

International Summer School. Ambassador 1962. Oslo, 1960. 147 p.

JENSEN, JOHN M., LINDER, CARL E., and GIVING, GERALD. A Biographical Directory of Pastors of the American Lutheran Church. Minneapolis, 1962. 857 p.

Reviewed in Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly, July, 1963.

JOHANSEN, MARGARET ALISON. Voyagers West. New York, 1959. 237 p.

A juvenile about Eric the Red, Leif the Lucky, and Thorfinn Karlsefni. Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review, September, 1961.

JONES, GWYN, ed. and trans. Eirik the Red and Other Icelandic Sagas. New York, 1961. 318 p.

---------- The Norse Atlantic Saga. New York, 1964. 246 p.

The discovery and settlement of Iceland, Greenland, and Vinland by Norwegians, with translations of the sources of the account. Reviewed in Minnesota Posten, April 9, 1964.

JONES, MALDWYN ALLEN. American Immigration. Chicago, 1960. 359 p.

The newcomer as both emigrant and immigrant. Reviewed in Concordia Historical Institute Quarterly, July, 1963.

KNAPLUND, PAUL. Moorings Old and New: Entries in an Immigrant’s Log. Madison, 1963. 276 p. [214]

Autobiography of the late professor of British history at the University of Wisconsin. Reviewed in Norseman, Autumn, 1963.

LANDSVERK, O. G. The Discovery of the Kensington Runestone: A Reappraisal. Glendale, California, 1962. 77 p.

Based on data supplied by residents of Kensington, Minnesota. Reviewed in Nordisk Tidende, March 1, 1962.

LE BOURDAIS, D. M. Stefansson, Ambassador of the North. Montreal, 1963. 204 p.

Account of the career of the famous Icelandic-American explorer and author. Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review, Winter, 1963—64.

LUND, DONIVER A. Gustavus Adolphus College: A Centennial History, 1862—1962. St. Peter, Minnesota, 1963. 216 p.

Reviewed in Minnesota History, December, 1963.

MARSHALL, EDISON. West with the Vikings. New York, 1962. 444 p.

A novel whose main character is Leif Ericson. Reviewed in Sons of Norway, June, 1962.

Midboen Family Tree. N.p., n.d. 40 p.

Manuscript in the archives of the Norwegian-American Historical Association.

MOBERG, VILHELM. The Last Letter Home. New York, 1961. 883 p.

Last volume of a trilogy about the Swedish settlement in Chisago County, Minnesota. Reviewed in Minnesota History, March, 1962.

MORRIS, RICHARD B., and WOODRESS, JAMES, ed. The Westward Movement: 1832—1889. St. Louis, 1961. 58 p.

One of the series, Voices from America’s Past. It includes a description of homesteading by O. E. Rølvaag. Reviewed in Minnesota History, December, 1963.

MORTENSEN, ENOK. Seventy-five Years at Danebod. Tyler, Minnesota, 1961. 103 p.

A Danish settlement in Minnesota. Reviewed in Minnesota History, March, 1962.

MOSE, H. EINAR. Dania Society of Chicago: The Centennial History, 1862—1962. Chicago, 1962. 84 p.

MUUS, BERNT JULIUS T. and ALFRED. Niels Muus’s æt, Muusslegten i Snaasa 1642—1942. Trondheim, 1942. 123 p.

History of the family of Bernt Julius Muus, founder of St. Olaf College.

Nansen. Fridtjof Nansen liv og gjerning. Oslo, 1961. 287 p. A collection of essays interpreting the career of a great Norwegian explorer and humanitarian. [215]

NELSON, DAVID T. Luther College, 1861—1961. Decorah, Iowa, 1961. 429 p.

History of the famous educational institution founded by Norwegian pioneers. Reviewed by Kenneth O. Bjork in Minnesota History, March, 1962.

NORBORG, SVERRE. 60 selsomne år. Oslo, 1962. 284 p.

Autobiography of a Norwegian-American pastor and theologian.

Nordisk Tidende, October 5, 1961.

A seventieth anniversary issue; it contains a history of this distinguished Brooklyn newspaper.

NORWEGIAN-AMERICAN HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION. Norwegian- American Studies, vol. 21. Northfield, 1962. 811 p.

The contents of this volume are listed individually in the section on articles.

NYHOLM, PAUL C. A Study in Immigrant History: The Americanization of the Danish Lutheran Churches in America. Dubuque, Iowa, 1963. 480 p.

Reviewed in American Historical Review, July, 1964.

NYVALL, CARL JOHAN. Travel Memories from America: Among Swedish Pietists in America . . . 1875—1876. Chicago, 1959. 126 p.

Translated by E. Gustav Johnson. Reviewed in Scandinavian Studies, November, 1962.

OSTENSO, MARTHA. A Man Had Tall Sons. New York, 1958. 868 p.

Novel about a farm family. Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review, June, 1961.

OVERBY, OSCAR R. The Years in Retrospect. Northfield, 1963. 140 p.

Reminiscences of a prominent Norwegian-American musician and teacher. A mimeographed account, filed in the archives of the Norwegian-American Historical Association.

Pacific Coast Sognalag: Festkrift. Tacoma, 1962. 155 p.

Commemorating a fiftieth anniversary. Reviewed in Decorah-Posten, June 21, 1962.

POHL, FREDERICK J. Atlantic Crossings before Columbus. New York, 1961. 315 p.

Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review, December, 1961.

ROINESTAD, SOREN C. A Hundred Years with Norwegians in the East Bay. 82 p.

Biographical sketches of prominent Norwegian Americans and accounts of their activity in church, club, industrial, and cultural [216] life in the San Francisco area. Typescript; a copy is in the archives of the Norwegian-American Historical Association.

ROSDAIL, J. HART. The Sloopers: Their Ancestry and Posterity. Broadview, Illinois, 1961. 668 p.

The passengers aboard the "Restoration" in 1825, their forebears and descendants. The volume contains primary source materials, genealogical charts, and pictures. Reviewed in Nordmanns-Forbundet, March, 1962.

SEWELL, WILLIAM H., and DAVIDSEN, OLUF M. Scandinavian Students on an American Campus. Minneapolis, 1961. 134 p.

Reviewed in Scandinavian Studies, May, 1962.

SHIPPEN, KATHERINE. Leif Eriksson: First Voyager to America. New York, 1962. 150 p.

Reviewed in Scandinavian Studies, May, 1968.

SKARD, SIGMUND. The American Myth and the European Mind: American Studies in Europe 1776—1960. Philadelphia, 1961. 112 p.

Reviewed in Scandinavian Studies, May, 1963.

SOLHEIM, OSWALD J. It Happened in Hudson. Hudson, Wisconsin, 1962. 89 p.

Personal reminiscences of early St. Croix Valley life by an eighty-year-old pioneer. Reviewed in Minnesota History, March, 1963.

STRØMME, PEER. Halvor: A Story of Pioneer Youth. Decorah, Iowa, 1960. 236 p.

Peer Strømme’s popular Hvordan Halvor blev prest (How Halvor Became a Minister), translated and edited by Inga B. Norstog and David T. Nelson. Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review, Summer, 1962.

TURNGREN, ELLEN. Hearts Are the Fields. New York, 1961. 183 p.

A novel about a Swedish farm family in Minnesota in the early 1900’s. Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review, Autumn, 1962.

WINGER, BARNEY. No Return Ticket. Ottumwa, Iowa, 1958. 55 p.

Biography of a packing-house engineer.


AGER, TRYGVE. Neste romfarer, Major Donald Slayton. Nordisk Tidende (Brooklyn), March 8, 1962.

ALCORN, ROWENA L. and GORDON D. The Nylund Family, Pioneers of Old Ozette. Pacific Northwest Quarterly, 53:151—156 (October, 1962). [217]

America letters. Første brev hjem. Hallingen, December, 1963. A letter written by Ole Jodock, Williston, North Dakota, May, 1890.

ANDER, O. FRITIOF. Reflections on the Causes of Emigration from Sweden. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 13:143—154 (October, 1962).

ANSTENSEN, ANSTEN. Leif Erikson i Saskatoon. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 56:228 (October, 1963).

ARESTAD, SVERRE. Questing for Gold and Furs in Alaska. Norwegian- American Studies, 21:54—94 (1962).

AWES, ASTRID DAHLE. As I Remember It. Minnesota Posten (Minneapolis), November 14, 1963—January 17, 1964.

A clergyman’s daughter recalls her father’s pastoral activities in northern Minnesota.

BECK, RICHARD. Leif Erikson and His Discovery of America. Sons of Norway, 60:172 (September, 1963).

BERG, GUNNAR. Inntrykk fra midt-vesten. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 56:224 (October, 1963).

Impressions gained on a trip to Wisconsin and Minneapolis.

BERG, KNUT. Sven Skaar har bygget eget wild west museum i Nevada City. Nordisk Tidende, January 11, 1962.

BJORK, KENNETH O. A Covenant Folk, with Scandinavian Colorings. Norwegian-American Studies, 21:212—251 (1962).

Mormons of Scandinavian origin.

CALKIN, HOMER L. The Coming of the Foreigners. Palimpsest, 43:145—208 (April, 1962).

Includes an account of Scandinavian settlement in Iowa.

CHRISTENSEN, P. S. De skandinaviske aviser i øststatene. Nordisk Tidende, October 24, 1963.

Chronicle of the Norwegian press in the East, written in 1914.

CUSTER, FRANK. Syttende Mai Was Greatest Ever; Ole Bull Concert Topped Fete. Capital Times (Madison, Wisconsin), May 17, 1963.

DAVENPORT, STEPHEN A. The Delicate Seed of Understanding. Norseman, no. 2, p. 21 (1962).

The Oslo International Summer School.

DE PILLIS, MARIO S. Cleng Peerson and the Communitarian Background of Norwegian Immigration. Norwegian-American Studies, 21:136—157 (1962).

Early Norse Settlements. Sons of Norway, 58:149 (August, 1961). [218]

EGGAN, B. R. The Norwegian Language Camp. Vinland (Chicago), September 26, 1963.

Eielsen. Modell av det første norske forsamlingshus i Amerika bygget av arendalitten H. Halvorsen på L.I. Nordisk Tidende, April 25, 1963.

Elling Eielsen’s first meetinghouse; the sketch includes an illustration of a replica presented to the Bygdøy Folkemuseum in Oslo.

Storartet gave til udflyttermuseet. Decorah-Posten, June 6, 1963.

The replica of Eielsen’s Fox River meetinghouse.

Emigrantfamilie som reiste tilbage til Norge. Decorah-Posten, March 7, 1963.

An immigrant family that returned to Norway.

ERICKSON, EDWARD. Rueslekten fra Hol. Hallingen, March, 1963.

A Halling family in America.

EVANS, EYVIND J. Penn skudd. Minnesota Posten, December 12, 1963, January 24, 31, 1964.

Comments about Martha Ostenso, Jon Norstog, and the Norwegian-American press.

Evinrude Outboard Boom: A Melted Ice Cream Triggered. Norwegian American Commerce, no. 3—4, p. 13—15 (March—April, 1963).

An account of the origin and development of the outboard motor.

FLATEBO, TomÆrv. Prospecting in the North Wilderness. Norwegian American Technical Journal, 21—24 (July, 1960).

FOLKEDAHL, BEULAH. From the Archives. Norwegian-American Studies, 21:289—292 (1962).

Norwegians Become Americans. Norwegian-American Studies, 21:95-135 (1962).

A group of America letters.

FORDE, AGNES. Christmas in the Mid-West. Nordisk Tidende, December 21, 1961.

GIERE, ARTHUR F. Willmar Seminary 1902. Minnesota Posten, August 22, 1963.

Great Lakes. Pioner i lake-farten. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 55: 95 (April, 1962).

Centennial of Norwegian shipping on the Great Lakes.

Gulbrandson. Norskdommens forkjemper ved St. Olaf College. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 56:149 (June, 1963).

Eulogy of Esther Gulbrandson, retired professor of Norwegian at St. Olaf. [219]

GUNDERSON, CARL M. Leif Erikson’s Ancestry. Pacific Coast Viking (Montrose, California), October, 1963.

HALSWICK, LOUIS. En Amerika reise i gamle dage. Nord-Norge, 188:27—31 (June, 1963).

An early trip to America.

HAMBRO, JOHAN. Norsk-amerikanerne i politikken. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 55:284 (December, 1962).

Norwegian Americans in political life.

---------- The Centennial of Luther College. American-Scandinavian Review, 49:272—278 (September, 1961).

HAMSUN, KNUT. On the Prairie: A Sketch of the Red River Valley. Minnesota History, 37:265—270 (September, 1961).

Fictional account of a threshing season on the Dalrymple farm, translated by John Christianson.

HASÅS, SIGURD. Waldemar Ager: Avholdssakens og norskdommens dikter i Amerika. Norsk Tidsskrift om Alkohol-Spørsmalet, 14:193—214 (December, 1962).

Biography of the well-known author and prohibitionist.

HATLEN, L. CARSTEN. San Francisco-klubben er 65 år. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 56:119 (May, 1963).

The Norwegian Club in San Francisco.

HAUGEN, EINAR. Hvilken form og stavemåte bør Leiv Eirikssons navn få i engelsk språk? Nordisk Tidende, July 19, 1962.

Why the discoverer’s name should be spelled "Leif Ericson."

---------- J. R. Reiersen’s "Indiscretions." Norwegian-American Studies, 21:269—277 (1962).

---------- Notes on a Dictionary: John Brynildsen’s Norsk-engelsk ord bok. Scandinavian Studies, 35:295—306 (November, 1963).

Haugen. Kristine Haugen 85 aar. Norsk Ungdom (Minneapolis), August, 1963.

Hawaii. Fra Drammen til Hawaii. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 55: 274—277 (December, 1962).

The experiences of Norwegian contract laborers on Hawaiian sugar plantations.

Heg. Helten fra Chickamauga. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 56:232 (October, 1963).

Account of Colonel Hans Christian Heg.

Holand. Noted Historian Receives Sons of Norway Recognition. Sons of Norway, 59:65 (April, 1962).

Festivities honoring Hjalmar Rued Holand.

---------- Hjalmar Rued Holand: He Kept Alive Our History. Capital Times, August 10, 1963. [220]

HOLBO, PAUL S. The Farmer-Labor Association: Minnesota’s Party within a Party. Minnesota History, 38:301—309 (September, 1963).

HUMPHREY, HUBERT. Leif Eriksons opdagelse av Amerika maa bli anerkjent. Decorah-Posten, June 13, 1963.

Speech to the Congress introducing a joint resolution recognizing Leif Ericson’s discovery of America.

INGSTAD, HELGE. Fra Grønlands norrøne bygder til de nye landene i vest. Minnesota Posten, November 21, 1963.

A news article on the background of Ingstad’s recent North American expeditions.

Ingstad discovery. Dig Up Village Believed Once Vikings’ Home. Chicago Tribune, November 6, 1963.

An article on Helge Ingstad’s findings on Newfoundland.

---------- Evidence of Norse Settlement Explored in Recent Newfoundland Expeditions. Sons of Norway, 60:196 (October, 1963).

---------- Ingstad Finds Sites of Viking Settlements. Sons of Norway, 58:212 (November, 1961).

---------- Nå endelig godtatt: Vikingen her før Columbus. Nordisk Tidende, November 14, 1963.

---------- Nordmændenes opdagelse av Amerika godkjendes av amerikanske autoriteter. Decorah-Posten, November 14, 1963.

Ingstad’s Viking village recognized by scholars as authentic.

---------- Viking Settlement Unearthed in Newfoundland. News of Norway, 20:153 (November 14, 1963).

INNVIK, ERLING. 100 aar siden den grufulde indianer-opstand fandt sted i Minnesota. Decorah-Posten, July 26, August 2, 1962.

The Minnesota Indian uprising of a century ago.

JENSENIUS, BERTRAM. Glimpses from an Interview with Birger Osland. Vinland, August 8, 1963.

---------- Glimpses of Some Men Who Helped Build and Beautify Chicago. Vinland, July 25, 1963.

---------- Redaktørskifte i Nordisk Tidende. Vinland, January 10, 1963.

Evaluation of Carl Søyland and Karsten Roedder as editors.

---------- Two Busy and Interesting Days. Vinland, August 1, 1963. Karsten Roedder’s tour of Norwegian institutions in Chicago.

JOHNSON, DERWOOD. Reiersen’s Texas. Norwegian-American Studies, 21:252—268 (1962). [221]

Johnson. Simon Johnsons manuskripter som gave til Oslo. Nordmanns- Forbundet, 55:121 (May, 1962).

Manuscripts of a prominent Norwegian-American author given to the University of Oslo.

JOHNSON, WALTER. American Scandinavian Bibliography for 1960. Scandinavian Studies, 33:82—105 (May, 1961).

---------- American Scandinavian Bibliography for 1962. Scandinavian Studies, 34:120—136 (May, 1962).

---------- American Scandinavian Bibliography for 1962. Scandinavian Studies, 35:132—156 (May, 1963).

JOHNSON, WILLIAM A. Methodism and the Swedish Immigrant:

The Life of Olof Gustaf Hedström. American Swedish Historical Foundation Yearbook, 1962, 46—48 (Philadelphia, 1962).

KARLSBORG, FRED H. Luther College bands norgesferd. Nordmanns- Forbundet, 54:202 (August—September, 1961).

Luther College band tours Norway.

KILDAL, ANNE. Boken om Minnesota: Nytt imponerende verk av Theodore C. Blegen. Minnesota Posten, January 24, 1964.

A lengthy review of Blegen’s Minnesota.

KINGERY, KENNETH. Did Stoughton Man Originate Safety Belt? Wagonmaker Targe Mandt Gets the Credit. Capital Times, August 22, 1963.

KLAMMER, PAUL W. Building with Logs. Gopher Historian, 18:13—17 (Fall, 1963).

Minnesota log buildings that are open to the public, with illustrations.

KOLDERUP, DINA. Privatskole og musikk-aftener hos Jansons. Western Viking (Seattle), October 4, 1963.

Kristofer Janson in America.

LARSEN, ANNY. Haardt liv i skogene. Decorah-Posten, December 28, 1961.

Henning Frisvoll’s experiences in the American forests.

LARSEN, ESTHER LOUISE. The Voyages of the Ancient Norsemen to America. American Swedish Historical Foundation Yearbook, 1962, 56—67.

Leiv-statuen i Seattle avslørt på Norway Day. Nordisk Tidende, June 28, 1962.

Unveiling of Leif Ericson statue in Seattle.

LEVORSEN, BARBARA. Early Years in Dakota. Norwegian-American Studies, 21:158—197 (1962). [222]

Levorson museum. Nybyggermuseum ved Lake Mills, Iowa. Hallingen, September, 1961.

A family museum on the Levorson farm.

LLOYD, TREVOR. Vilhjalmur Stefansson. American-Scandinavian Review, 51:410—414 (Winter, 1963-64).

Luren Singing Society. Sangkoret "Luren" i Decorah har fyldt 95 aar. Decorah-Posten, March 28, 1963.

A well-known men’s chorus in Decorah, Iowa.

MAMEN, HANS CH. Presteutveksling Norge-U.S.A. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 54:118 (May, 1961).

An exchange program of Lutheran pastors.

Memorials. To merkesager for norsk-amerikanere. Decorah-Posten, August 22, 1963.

Editorial promoting a Leif Ericson day and a Snowshoe Thompson stamp.

Methodist Church. Et metodisternes mindesmerke paa Washington Prairie. Decorah-Posten, May 18, 1961.

A Norwegian Methodist church in Iowa.

MIDTLIEN, J. N. En jul i Coon Valley gamle prestegård. Nordisk Tidende, December 20, 1962.

Christmas, 1903, when Halvard Roalkvam was pastor in Coon Valley.

Muskego Church. Minnesota History, 38:231 (March, 1963).

MYKLEBUST, JOHAN. De første Hardanger-emigranter: "Ægirs" dramatiske ferd i 1837. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 56:84—87 (April, 1963).

The voyage to America of the emigrant ship "Ægir" in 1837.

---------- Pionerer i lake-farten. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 55:170-173 (July, 1962).

The brig "Sleipner" and its journey to Chicago in 1862.

NELSON, MARION J. Scandinavian Romanticism in American Decorative Art. American-Scandinavian Review, 50:286—292 (Autumn, 1962).

NELSON, PEDER H. Indianerblodbadet i Minnesota 1862. Nordmanns- Forbundet, 55:175 (July, 1962).

Indian massacre in Minnesota in 1862.

---------- Kaptein Asgrim Skaro og Skaroslekten i Amerika. Hallingen, September, 1963.

Genealogy of the Skaro family, with pictures.

----------Norske fortidsminner i Amerika. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 56:235 (October, 1963).

Objects in the Norwegian-American Museum at Decorah, Iowa. [223]

---------- Norsk studier i Nord-Dakota. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 55:151 (June, 1962).

Norwegian studies in North Dakota.

---------- Ola regimentet er 100 år gammelt. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 54:222 (October, 1961).

The Fifteenth Wisconsin Regiment in the Civil War.

---------- Snestorm i nybyggerdagene. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 56:147 (June, 1963).

A Minnesota snowstorm of 1873.

NORBORG, SVERRE. Det større Norge som heter utilytter-Norge. Nordisk Tidende, July 27, 1961.

An address about Norwegian Americans given at Gjøvik, Norway.

---------- 100 års minnet for pionerseilskuten "Sleipners" ankomst til Chicago. Nordisk Tidende, August

16, 1962.

The first Norwegian ship to arrive in Chicago.

Norseman Creek. En gammel, merkelig beretning fra "Norseman Creek" på Newfoundland. Nordisk Tidende, November 7, 1963.

A Massachusetts fisherman tells of his grandfather’s finding Viking ruins at Norseman Creek.

Norsk-amerikansk mannskor fra Sioux Valley har vært på vellykket norgestur. Nordisk Tidende, July 25, 1963.

Interview with Erling Stone, vice-president of the Norwegian Singers’ Association of America.

Norsk er populær: Voksenundervisning i Los Angeles-forstad. Decorah-Posten, August 1, 1963.

Evening course in Norwegian at Van Nuys, California.

Norske-kirken i San Pedro jubilerer. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 54:280 (December, 1961).

Twentieth anniversary celebration of a church in San Pedro, California.

Norwegian-American dictionary. Ny norsk-amerikansk ordbog. Decorah-Posten, October 10, 1963.

From a news story in Aftenposten (Oslo) about Einar Haugen’s projected Norwegian dictionary.

Norwegian-American Historical Association. Hatten av for historielaget. Nordisk Tidende, January 9, 1964.

Evaluation of the Norwegian-American Historical Association.

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