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    (Volume 23: Page 241)

Professor Carlton C. Qualey, editor of the present volume, is chairman of the department of history in Carleton College, North-field, Minnesota. He was recently appointed Laird Bell Professor of History.

Dr. Eugene L. Fevold is professor of church history in Luther Theological Seminary, St. Paul. He is the author, with E. Clifford Nelson, of The Lutheran Church among Norwegian-Americans: A History of the Evangelical Lutheran Church (Minneapolis, 1960). Dr. Millard L. Gieske is assistant dean of the graduate school in the University of Minnesota. He has done book reviews for Minnesota History, and is presently working on a history of the evolution of the Democratic—Farmer-Labor party in Minnesota.

Miss Nora O. Solum, professor emeritus of English, St. Olaf College, has done a number of Rølvaag translations and was collaborator with Theodore Jorgenson on O. E. Rølvaag: A Biography (New York and London, 1989).

Professor C. A. Clausen recently retired as professor of history in St. Olaf College, Northfield. He is the editor of The Lady with the Pen: Elise Wærenskjold in Texas, published by the association in 1961, and of various articles and translations in the present series.

Miss Beulah Folkedahl is curator of archives for the Norwegian-American Historical Association. Besides several articles and translations, she has compiled three of the "Some Recent Publications" series for Norwegian-American Studies.

Miss Nina Draxten, assistant professor of literature and writing the general college, University of Minnesota, is engaged in completing her book on Kristofer Janson’s years in America.

Dr. Arlow W. Andersen is professor of history in Wisconsin State University, Oshkosh. He is the author of The Immigrant Takes His Stand: The Norwegian-American Press and Public Affairs, 1847—1872 (Northfield, 1953) and The Salt of the Earth: A History of Norwegian-Danish Methodism in America (Nashville, Tennessee, 1962).

Dr. Marc L. Ratner is professor of English in California State College at Hayward. He is the author of a number of critical articles in periodicals and will publish a book on William Styron next year.



Lionel G. Thorsness, Chicago, Illinois, President

David T. Nelson, Decorah, Iowa, Vice-President

Magnus Bjorndal, Weehawken, New Jersey, Vice-President

Andrew E. Wigeland, Evanston, Illinois, Vice-President

Norman O. Olson, Chicago, Illinois, Treasurer

Lloyd Hustvedt, Northfield, Minnesota, Secretary

Sverre Arestad, Seattle, Washington

Henning C. Boe, Seattle, Washington

Reidar Dittmann, Northfield, Minnesota

Gunnar Gundersen, La Crosse, Wisconsin

Gunnar E. Gunderson, Chicago, Illinois

Sevrin A. Haram, New York, New York

Derwood Johnson, Waco, Texas

Ole G. Landsverk, Glendale, California

Rolf A. Syrdal, Decorah, Iowa

Roy N. Thorshov, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Harry J. Williams, Kenilworth, Illinois


C. A. Clausen, Northfield, Minnesota

Erik J. Friis, New York, New York

Einar Haugen, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Peter A. Munch, Carbondale, Illinois

Carlton C. Qualey, Northfield, Minnesota

Kenneth O. Bjork, Northfield, Minnesota, Editor

Theodore C. Blegen, St. Paul, Minnesota, Advisory Member

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