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Some Recent Publications
    Compiled by Beulah Folkedahl (Volume 23: Page 220)


Ander O. Fritiof, ed. In the Trek of the Immigrants: Essays Presented to Carl Wittke. Rock Island, 1964. 325 p.

This volume, dedicated to the eminent historian of immigration, contains essays by Carlton C. Qualey and Kenneth O. Bjork and discusses the contributions to immigrant history made by Marcus L. Hansen and Theodore C. Blegen. Reviewed in American Historical Review, October, 1964.

ANDERSSON, THEODORE M. The Problem of Icelandic Saga Origins: A Historical Survey. New Haven, 1964. 190 p.

Variations of opinion from the seventeenth to the twentieth century on the historic value of the Icelandic sagas.

ARDEN, G. EVERETT. Four Northern Lights: Men Who Shaped Scandinavian Churches. Minneapolis, 1964. 165 p.

Biographical sketches of clergymen, including Hans Nielsen Hauge.

BAYERSCHMIDT, CARL F., and FEllS, ERIK J., eds. Scandinavian Studies. Seattle, 1965. 458 p.

Essays by several scholars, including Richard Beck, Sverre Arestad, Harold Naess, and Erik J. Friis.

BECK, MAGNUS OLAF. Becks of Normanna. San Antonio, Texas, 1964. 198 p.

Family history interwoven with the story of the Norwegian settlement at Normanna, Texas, including a history of Our Saviour’s Lutheran Church.

BERG, MADS. Skolens sangbok. Oslo, 1964. 351 p.

A school songbook. Several English songs are included.

BRØNDSTED, JOHANNES. The Vikings. Baltimore, 1965. 347 p.

Included is a section on Viking expeditions to the Western Hemisphere. [221]

CHUBB, THOMAS CALDECOT. The Northmen. Cleveland, 1964. 125 p.

One in a series entitled Major Cultures of the World, this book is intended mainly for young people and includes a description of the Viking voyages to Vinland. Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review, Autumn, 1965.

DAHL, BORGHILD. Finding My Way. New York, 1962. 121 p.

A companion volume to the author’s I Wanted to See.

---------- This Precious Year. New York, 1964. 159 p.

Novel about a Norwegian-American girl in South Dakota during the 1930’s. Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review, Summer, 1965.

FORSYTHE, HILDA J. Grandeur in Simplicity. New York, 1963. 108p.

Recollections of the author’s farm childhood in Wisconsin and of her Norwegian-born father, Hans E. Nelson.

FOSSUM, GLADYS H. Rosemaling: History, Instructions, and Designs. Racine, Wisconsin, 1964.31 p.

FRIIS, ERIK J., ed. The Norwegian Club, Inc., 1904—1964. Brooklyn, 1964. 104 p.

History of Det Norske Selskab and its activities. Reviewed in American— Scandinavian Review, Spring, 1965.

GULLIXSON, THADDEUS F. In the Face of the West Wind. Minneapolis, 1963. 104 p.

Frontier men and women in difficult times. Reviewed in Lutheran Standard, December 29, 1964.

GUNHEIM, OLAV. Dikt, draum, og rim. Santa Rosa, California, 1963. 31p.

Poems, dreams, and rhymes, and an autobiographical sketch.

Hadelendings. Gamalt fra Hadeland, specialnummer: Hadeland i Amerika. (January, 1964).

Hadelendings in America, including items on pioneer life, personal sketches, and Hadelandslag (society of people from the Hadeland district), and an America letter dated September 8, 1850. A special number of Hadeland i Amerika.

HANSEN, MORTEN. Norske slektsbøker. Oslo, 1965. 198 p.

Bibliography of family histories, including those of several Norwegian-American families. Reviewed in Nordmanns-Forbundet, November, 1965.

HAUGE, ALFRED. Cleng Peerson: Landkjenning. Oslo, 1964. 350 p.

The second volume in the author’s trilogy, of which Hundevakt (1961) was the first, covers the Sloopers’ Atlantic crossing in 1825 and their pioneer years.

---------- Cleng Peerson: Ankerf este. Oslo, 1965. 335 p.

The third volume in the author’s trilogy includes the Norwegian-American settlements. Reviewed in Nordmanns-Forbundet, November, 1965. [222]

HAUGEN, EINAR, ed. Norsk-engelsk ordbok. Madison and Oslo, 1965.500 p.

This dictionary combines nynorsk and bokmål into one alphabet for the first time and gives information on grammar, pronunciation, and English meanings, as well as a history of the language, illustrative sentences, and idioms.

---------- and CHAPMAN, KENNETH G. Spoken Norwegian—Revised. New York, 1964.416 p.

INGSTAD, HELGE. Land under the Polar Star. New York, 1966. 381 p.

Naomi Walford’s translation of Landet under leidarstjernen (1959), an account of Ingstad’s expedition to Greenland in 1953. Reviewed in Times Literary Supplement (London), March 24, 1966.

---------- Øst for den store bre. Oslo, 1945. 157 p.

East of the big glacier; the author’s hunting expedition to eastern Greenland, Eirik Raude country, during the winter of 1932—33. First published in 1935.

---------- Vesterveg til Vinland. Oslo, 1965. 284 p.

A popular account of the author’s five expeditions to North America.

INGVOLDSTAD, ORLANDO. Rimes for Rusty. Pasadena, 1964. 21 p.

Short poems on assorted subjects.

JERSTAD, JOHAN. Fjøtland lesebok. Oslo, 1964.429 p.

A reader containing articles and poems about the Fjøtland district in Norway. The book includes America letters, 1878—1949, from New York and the Middle West.

JOHNSON, EINAR OSCAR. Soli Deo Gloria: A Study of the Philosophy and Problems of Higher Education among Norwegian Lutherans in the American Environment, 1860—1960.

A manuscript thesis; a microfilm is filed in the Concordia Historical Institute, St. Louis.

JONES, GWYN. The Norse Atlantic Saga: Being the Norse Voyages of Discovery and Settlement to Iceland, Greenland, America. London, 1964. 246 p.

KORT, HALVDAN. Driving Forces in History. Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1964. 217 p.

A translation by Einar Haugen of Drivmakter i historie (Oslo, 1959).

LARSEN, HENRY A. Henry med det store skipet. Oslo, 1964.276 p.

Henry with the big ship; an autobiography of a Norwegian-Canadian skipper, first to sail the Northwest Passage in both directions. Reviewed in Nordmanns-Forbundet, December, 1964.

LIESTØL, ASLAK. Runer frå bryggen. Bergen, 1964. 56 p. [223]

Runes from the quay; a survey of the latest runic research, including the Kensington stone.

LOKKE, L. Klondike Saga: The Chronicle of a Minnesota Gold Mining Company. Minneapolis, 1965.209 p.

A joint publication of the Norwegian-American Historical Association and the University of Minnesota Press.

MAGNUSSON, MAGNUS, and PALSSON, HERMANN. The Vinland Sagas: The Norse Discovery of America, Grænlendinga Saga and Eirik’s Saga. Baltimore, 1965. 124 p.

Translation from the Icelandic of the two sagas.

MOWAT, FARLEY. Westviking. Boston, 1965.494 p.

NESDAL, SIVERT. En misjonærs erindringer. Leon, Norway, 1965. 519p.

Reminiscences of a missionary: the biography of a Norwegian-born Lutheran clergyman.

NORWEGIAN-AMERICAN HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION. Norwegian-American Studies, vol. 22. Northfield, 1965.

Contents of this volume are listed individually in the section on articles.

OLESON, TRYGGVI J. Early Voyages and Northern Approaches, 1000—163g. London, Toronto, New York, 1964. 211 p.

The first volume in the Canadian Centenary Series.

OLMANSON, ALBERT, ed. and tr. Letters of Bernt Olmanson, a Union Soldier in the Civil War, 1861—1865. St. Peter, 1960.58 p.

Some sixty letters and a brief biographical sketch.

OXENSTIERNA, ERIC. The Norsemen. Greenwich, Connecticut, 1965, 320 p.

This volume, originally published in German under the title Die Wikinger and now translated and edited by Catherine Hutter, has a chapter on the discovery of America that includes the Ingstad findings in Newfoundland.

PEYTON, KAREN. The World So Fair. Philadelphia, 1963. 233 p.

A novel laid in Duluth that portrays Norwegian immigrant life.

POOL, WILLIAM C. Bosque Territory: A History of an Agrarian Community. Kyle, Texas, 1964.206 p.

History of the Bosque County area in Texas. A chapter is devoted to the Norwegian settlement at Norse.

PREUS, JOHAN CARL KEYSER. Herman Amberg Preus: A Family History. Minneapolis, 1966. 164 p.

The H. A. Preus family in America, and its immediate ancestors in Norway.

RØLVAAG, OLE E. Giants in the Earth. New York, 1964. 486 p.

Introduction by Einar Haugen. [224]

RUTH, ROY K. The Vinland Voyages: The Icelanders Discover America and Write the First Canadian History. Winnipeg, 1965. iii p.

Translation of the Aris Book of the Icelanders, the Saga of Erik the Red, and the Saga of the Greenlanders, with a chapter on immigrants from Iceland to Canada since 1855.

SCHNACKENBERG, WALTER C. The Lamp and the Cross. Tacoma, Washington, 1965. 183p.

History of Pacific Lutheran University.

SEMMINGSEN, INGRID, ed. Husmanns minner. Oslo. 1960. 230 p.

Cotter reminiscences; a study of the Norwegian cotter class, which furnished many of the emigrants to America. Mrs. Semmingsen is the first professor of American history at the University of Oslo. Reviewed by Carlton C. Qualey in Immigrant Research Digest, Spring, 1965.

SKELTON, R. A., MARSTON, THOMAS E., and PAINTER, GEORGE D. The Vinland Map and the Tartar Relation. New Haven, 1965. 291 p.

Two documents are published in this volume: A world map of about 1440 that includes Vinland, and an account of the Carpini Mission. The authors give descriptions and histories of the two documents.

STEFANSSON, VILHJALMUR. Discovery: The Autobiography of Vilhjalmur Stefansson. New York, 1964. 411 p.

STRAUS, LEONORE THOMAS. The Tender Stone. New York, 1964. loop.

Record of a voyage made from America to Norway by the author, the artist daughter of a Norwegian immigrant.

TAVUCHIS, NICHOLAS. Pastors and Immigrants: The Role of the Religious Elite in the Absorption of Norwegian Immigrants. The Hague and New York, 1963.84 p.

Norwegians in the United States, and the role of the Norwegian Synod.

Western Viking (Seattle) , May 15, 1964.

Seventy-fifth anniversary edition of Washington Posten and its successor, Western Viking. It contains articles on the history of various Norwegian-American institutions in the Pacific Northwest.

WITTKE, CARL. We Who Built America: The Saga of the Immigrant. Cleveland, 1964.550 p.

This first general revision of the 1939 edition contains little new material. There are bibliographical notes at the end of each chapter.


AABREKK, ANTON. Med "Valkyrien" over havet. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 58: 166 (August—September, 1965). [225]

The last voyage of Norwegian emigrants to America under sail, on the "Valkyrie" in 1873,

AGER, WILLIAM T. Incidents in the Early Life of Knut Hamsun. American Book Collector, 15:16—18 (September, 1964).

The author and Hamsun at Elroy, Wisconsin. First published in Kvartal-skrift, January, 1916.

ARESTAD, SVERRE, ed. Pioneering in Montana. Norwegian-American Studies, 22: 104—143 (1965).

AUSTAD, TORE. Report on Norwegian Studies at University of Chicago. Vinland (Chicago), February 4, 1965.

BJORNDAL, MAGNUS. Is There an Engineering Shortage? Or Is It Just a Shortage of Technicians? Norwegian American Technical Journal, 31—38 (January, 1965).

A study of American engineering education with a plea for the training of technicians.

BLEGEN, THEODORE C. Frederick J. Turner and the Kensington Puzzle. Minnesota History, 39: 133—140 (Winter, 1964).

Discussion and transcript of a letter from Frederick J. Turner to Gisle Bothne, February 10, 1910, about the Kensington runestone.

BRAATELEIN, TOMMIE. Outstanding Norwegians. Pacific Coast Viking (Montrose, California), May, 1965.

Included are Earl Warren, chief justice of the United States Supreme Court; Ole Bardahl, builder, contractor, and chemist, who produced an oil formula; and Ole Evinrude, inventor of the outboard motor.

BRONNER, HEDIN, and FRANZEN, GØSTA. Scandinavian Studies in Institutions of Learning in the United States: Sixth Report, 1963—64. Scandinavian Studies, 36:303—322 (November, 1964).

Business. Det norsk-amerikanske handels-kammer feirer 50 år.

Nordisk Tidende (Brooklyn), October 21, 1965.

History of the Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce.

Bygdelagene og norskdom. Decorah-Posten, November 18, 1965.

Evaluation of the current position of the bygdelag among Norwegians in America.

CARTFORD, GERHARD M. Music for Youth in an Emerging Church. Norwegian-American Studies, 22: 162—177 (1965).

CHRISTENSEN, BERNHARD. Augsburg Seminary and Luther Seminary Reunite. Luther Theological Seminary Review, 4—14 (May, 1964).

Church. De gråt av glede: Første norske julegudstjeneste i Arizona. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 57:36 (February, 1964). [226]

A Norwegian Christmas church service and festival in Tucson, Arizona, the first in that state. Henry O. Jaastad was one of the participants.

CUSTER, FRANK. Across the Years of the Capital Times. Capital Times (Madison) ,December 13, 1965.

A survey of the principles and struggles of the newspaper and its editor, William T. Evjue.

DAHLE, REGINE. A Recollection from the 1890’s. Minnesota Posten (Minneapolis), June 4, 11, 1964. Translated by Astrid Dahle Awes.

A sketch of pioneer life in northern Minnesota, written by the wife of Pastor Ole Dahle.

DE VRIES, CHARLES. Eielsen Synod Passing from Scene. Lutheran Ambassador, 5—7 (March 23, 1965).

The synod now has three pastors and fewer than five hundred members.

DOSEY, HERBERT WALTER. The Brig Sleipner. Inland Seas, 20:215— 226 (Fall, 1964).

Account of the 1862 voyage from Bergen to Chicago, and the plaque dedication in 1962.

DRAXTEN, NINA. Kristofer Janson’s Lecture Tour, 1879—80. Norwegian-American Studies, 22: 18—74 (1965).

EIDE, SVERRE. The N. E. S. History and the Outlook at the 40th Anniversary. Norwegian American Technical Journal, 5—9 (January, 1965).

History and prospects of the Norwegian Engineers’ Society of New York.

EKMAN, ERNST. The Teaching of Scandinavian History in the United States. Scandinavian Studies, 37:259—270 (August, 1965).

FJELDSAA, RUTH L. Hjelpende hender i Solskinnsstaten. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 57:37 (February, 1964).

Helping hands in the Sunshine State. A historical sketch of the thirty-five-year-old Norsk-Amerikanske Mission Club in Miami, Florida.

FOLKEDAHL, BEULAH. From the Archives. Norwegian-American Studies, 22:236-240 (1965).

---------- Marshall Academy: A History. Wisconsin Magazine of History, 47:249—260 (Spring, 1964).

Historical sketch of an academy during 1869—81, the period when Norwegian Lutherans operated the school.

---------- Some Recent Publications. Norwegian-American Studies, 22:210—235 (1965).

GRIFFITH, ROBERT. Prelude to Insurgency: Irvine L. Lenroot and [227] the Republican Primary of 1908. Wisconsin Magazine of History, 49: 16—28 (Autumn, 1965).

Parts played in the campaign by James O. Davidson, Nils P. Haugen, and Herman L. Ekern.

GVAALE, GUDRUN HOVDE. Cleng Peerson: Alfred Hauges romantrilogi. Syn og segn, vol. 71, no. 9, p. 482—492 (1965).

Survey and critique of Alfred Hauge’s trilogy of books on Cleng Peerson.

HAMBRO, JOHAN. Cleng Peerson, "Peer Gynt of the Prairies." Norseman, no. 3, p. 73—75 (1965).

--------- Norsemen in the New World. Norseman, no. 6, p. 175— 178 (1965).

Survey of Norwegians in America, from Leif Erikson to the arrival of the "Restauration"; it includes individual immigrants before 1825.

HANSEN, ELLA. Norsk pige med drømmen "husjobb i Amerika," uten å kunne tale engelsk forteller om hvordan det gikk. Nordisk Tidende, January 9, 1964.

The language difficulties of a Norwegian immigrant in modern America.

Hauge. Alfred Hauge drar på ny ut i Cleng Peersons spor. Western Viking, July 2, 1965.

Alfred Hauge, author of a trilogy on Cleng Peerson, travels again in his footsteps.

HAUGEN, EINAR. Discovery of America 500 Years before Columbus, in Norse Sagas. Nordisk Tidende, October 8, 1964.

Leif’s discovery of America, as revealed in the Icelandic sagas, and an appraisal of its significance.

HEG, JAMES E. Commitment Commemorated. Sons of Norway Viking, 62: 126, 155 (May, June, 1965).

A great-grandson of Colonel Hans C. Heg stresses the sense of commitment of Norwegian soldiers in the Civil War.

---------- From the Saga of the 15th Wisconsin Regiment, Led by Col. Hans Chr. Heg in the Civil War, 100 Years Ago. Nordisk Tidende, April 8, 1965.

Captain Heg of the United States Army sketches the activities of the Fifteenth Wisconsin.

HERTSGAARD, O. I. Barndommens nybyggerliv. Hallingen, September, 1965.

Childhood on the North Dakota prairie.

HOLSTAD, RUTH. I Remember Grandma. Ebenezer, 30:24—27 (February, 1963).

Sketch about Mrs. Hans A. Hoistad of Northfield. [228]

HVAMSTAD, PER TH. Hadelendingenes "Brua." Nordmanns-Forbundet, 58:62 (March—April, 1965).

Hadelandlag’s magazine over forty years.

---------- Kubberulla. Bygdebrevet, second series, no. 11, p. 11 (June 8, 1965).

The kubberulla, the Norwegian immigrant’s wagon, and its predecessors in Norway.

Immigration. Hele 900,000 nordmenn utvandret på 135 år. Nordisk Tidende, November 18, 1965.

Statistics and causes of emigration from Norway, mostly to the United States, since 1825.

INGSTAD, HELGE. Vinland Ruins Prove Vikings Found the New World. National Geographic, 126:708—734 (November, 1964).

The author’s finds at L’Anse aux Meadow, Newfoundland, and the Viking expeditions that preceded his.

INNVIK, ERLING. Decorah-Posten’s historie gjennem 90 aar. Decorah-Posten, September 3, 1964.

Decorah-Posten through ninety years.

JORGENSON, THEODORE. Decorah-Posten og norsk literatur. Decorah-Posten, September 3, 1964.

Decorah-Posten and Norwegian literature.

KRISTOFFERSEN, HANS. Besøk i Kendall, hvor alle norske nå hviler glemte på kirkegården. Nordisk Tidende, November 12, 1964.

All that remain of the 1825 Norwegian settlement in western New York are the Norway Road, the Orsland and Stangland monuments in the cemetery, the Ole Orsland barn, and the Larsson house.

---------- Det Norske Selskab i New York som nå fyller 60 år. Nordisk Tidende, October 15, 1964.

A historical sketch of a Norwegian society.

---------- Jeg sov i ruinene etter Ole Bulls falne slot i Allegheny-fjellene. Nordisk Tidende, September 10, 1964.

A history of the Ole Bull settlement in northern Pennsylvania, with a description of the area as it is today.

---------- Over en halv million begravet på Potters Field; mange norske navn minner om immigrant-tragedier. Nordisk Tidende, July 8, 1965.

Names of forgotten Norwegian immigrants buried in mass graves on Hart’s Island, the potter’s field of the New York area, since 1869.

LEVORSEN, BARBARA. Our Bread and Meat. Norwegian-American Studies, 22: 178—197 (1965). [229]

Litterære Samfund. Sekretær Randi Bay’s utførlige 30 års— rapport, Januar 21, 1955. Vinland, January 14, 1965.

The secretary of Det Litteraere Samfund, Chicago, gives a report of its activities since its inception in 1925.

LOFTHUS, DOROTHY. Deerfield Landmark Sold: Started Out as Hauge Church a Century Ago. Capital Times, February 925, 1964.

MYKLEBUST, JOHAN. Emigrantskipet "St. Olaf." Nordmanns-Forbundet, 58:7—9 (January, 1965).

Historical sketch of the flagship of the Norwegian America Line, the first such line to carry emigrants to America.

NARVESTAD, CARL T. Bygdelagene i Amerika. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 57: 144 (July, 1964).

Historical sketch of the Valdres Samband, the pioneer bygdelag in America, as it celebrates its sixty-fifth anniversary.

NELSON, MARION JOHN. A Pioneer Artist and His Masterpiece. Norwegian-American Studies, 22:3—17 (1965).

NELSON, PEDER H. Hadelands nybyggere. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 57: 7 (January, 1964).

Hadeland pioneers; a sketch of the Glenwood settlement near Decorah, Iowa.

---------- Hallingerne paa Blooming Prairie, Minnesota. Hallingen, March, 1964.

Names, pictures, and biographical sketches of early settlers from Hailing in Blooming Prairie.

---------- Hallingerne på Blooming Prairie. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 58: 119 (June, 1965).

Historical items about the Hailing settlement at Blooming Prairie, Minnesota.

---------- Norsk-amerikansk folkelesning. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 58: 174—176 (August—September, 1965).

Books written by Norwegian Americans in the Norwegian language.

---------- Norsk museum ved Walcott, North Dakota. Hallingen, June, 1964.

Mrs. Clarence Christianson’s museum and its artifacts.

---------- Torvhus og jordhytter: Fra slitets liv på prærien. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 58:83 (February, 1965).

Life on the North Dakota prairie in pioneer days.

Newspapers. Den norske avisdød i Amerika. Decorah-Posten, August 26, 1965. [230]

The expiration of Norwegian newspapers in America, and the significance of the demise of Duluth Skandinav.

Norwegian-American Historical Association. Det norsk-amerikanske historielag fylder 40 aar. Decorah-Posten, September 2, 1965.

Evaluation of the book production, over forty years, of the Norwegian-American Historical Association, and a review of Norwegian-American Studies, volume 22.

Norwegian language. Harvard-Professor Einar Haugen om dagens norske Amerika, fremtids-prospekter, norsk ved Harvard. Nordisk Tidende, September 16, 1965.

The position of Norwegian in America’s academic world and the language controversy in Norway; an interview with Niels J. Murer of Aftenposten.

Norwegian societies. Den norske fiskeklub. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 57:249—9251 (December, 1964).

San Francisco’s Norwegian fish club through fifty years.

Old People’s Home. Det norske gamlehjem i Boston feirer 50-års jubileum. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 57:258 (December, 1964).

Home for the aged in Boston celebrates its fiftieth anniversary.

OLSEN, JOHN. Bethelship-Metodistkirke feirer 90 års jubileum den 28. og 24. mai. Nordisk Tidende, May 14, 1964.

Bethelship Methodist church in Brooklyn celebrates its ninetieth anniversary. It was organized by Scandinavians on a ship in New York harbor in 1845.

OPSAHL, O. K. Slekten Myhro. Hallingen, September, 1965.

A history of the Myhro family, from the early 1700’s to 1957.

Paulson family. The Best of Two Worlds. Bond, 42:4 (May, 1965).

Description of the Erling Paulson ranch near Dickinson, North Dakota, occupied by the family since 1896.

PETERSEN, EUGENE. Norge Ski Club’s historie. Vinland, April 9, 1964.

PREUTZ, ALEX E. A Group of Norwegians in Brooklyn at Turn of Century Created "Little Norway" in Rustic Rowland, Penn. Nordisk Tidende, June 3, 1965.

QUALEY, CARLTON C., tr. and ed. Seven America Letters to Valdres. Norwegian-American Studies, 22: 144—161 (1965).

[RØLVAAG, O. E.] MØRCK, PAAL, ed. Amerika-breve fra P. A. Smevik til hans far og bror i Norge. Vinland, April 20—December 10, 1964.

America letters from P. A. Smevik to his father and brother in Norway, [231] reprinted from the volume of the same name published in Minneapolis in 1912. Rølvaag occasionally used the pseudonym "Paa1 Mørck."

ROSHOLT, MALCOLM. Two Men of Old Waupaca. Norwegian-American Studies, 22:75—103 (1965).

Sanderson, Ole A. Fra Iowa til Nebraska i 1880. Hallingen, March, 1965.

From Iowa to Nebraska in 1880; included is Sanderson’s daybook kept on the journey.

SCHULTZ, VERNON F. Schuetzen Club Annual Shoot Is 73-Year Syttende Mai Tradition. Capital Times, May 13, 1965.

Norwegians, Germans, and Swiss in the Black Earth, Wisconsin, area.

SEHL, KARI. Oplevelser i Amerika. Hallingen, June, 1965.

Mrs. Torstein Sehl, wife of a merchant in Brocket, North Dakota, tells of experiences in America.

SØYLAND, CARL. Monument over "Utvandringens far." Nordisk Tidende, July 1, 1965.

A monument to Clang Peerson, the "Father of Emigration," was unveiled in Haugesund-Tysvær, Norway.

---------- Omkring et 60 års jubileum. Nordisk Tidende, October 22, 1964.

Sketch of the Norske Selskap, a club in Brooklyn, with an evaluation of past and current purposes and problems.

---------- Påstrømmende tanker ved avisjubileum i Seattle. Nordisk Tidende, May 28, 1964.

Historical sketch of Washington Posten.

STOEM, HENRIK. Fra Leksvik til S.-Dakota: Amerika-brev fra Henrik Stoem som reiste over havet i 1873. Bygdebrevet, series 2, no. 9, p. 18, 30 (May 11, 1965).

From Leksvik to South Dakota: an America letter written in 1950 from Volin, South Dakota, telling of life there from 1878 to 1950.

STOYLEN, SIGVALD. Streiflys over Marcus Thranes liv og omskriftende virke i Amerika. Nordisk Tidende, March 4, 11, 1965.

A sketch and evaluation of Marcus Thrane.

THORTVEDT, LEIF. A Journey across Minnesota in 1870. Gopher Historian, 29:15—20 (Spring, 1965).

A trip from Houston to the Red River Valley made by Norwegian immigrants.

TORGRIM, WILLARD. History of Luren Singing Society, Decorah, Iowa. Sanger-Hilsen, 54: 10—12 (May—June, 1964).

A few high lights about the oldest organization of its kind in America. [232]

Vinland the Good Emerges from the Mists. American Heritage, vol. 16, no. 6, p. 4—11, 99—106 (October, 1965).

Included are essays entitled "The Mapping of Vinland," "Was There a Lasting Colony?" and "Did Columbus or Cabot See the Map?"

VOLLO, I. N. Erindringer og oplevelser. Hallingen, September, 1965.

Recollections of a Norwegian Canadian.

WHITEHILL, WALTER MUIR. The Independent Historical Society. Norwegian-American Studies, 22: 198—209 (1965).

WOIWODE, LARRY. The Deathless Lovers. New Yorker, July 10, 1965.

The author’s visits with his Norwegian-American grandmother in North Dakota.



En merkelig emigrant-skikkelse: Hans Barlien fra Trøndelag. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 57: 15 (January, 1964).

A remarkable emigrant figure: Hans Barlien from Trøndelag.


Fra krambusvend til representanthuset. Hallingen, June, 1965.

From store clerk to house of representatives.


August Buschmann traff eventyret i pioner-dager på Alaska-kysten. Western Viking, June 5, 1964.

August Buschmann met adventure in pioneer days on the Alaska coast.


Per Th. Hvamstad. Hadelending i borgerkrigen. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 57:64 (March—April, 1964).

A Hadelander in the Civil War. Grinager was captain in the Fifteenth Wisconsin Regiment.


Einar Hammer, Sons of Norway Ex-Official, Dies. Minnesota Posten, August 26, 1965.


Fru Kristine Haugen død i Stoughton, Wisconsin. Nordisk Tidende, September 30, 1965.

Eyvind J. Evans. Penn-Skudd. Minnesota Posten, December 23, 1965. [233]


Arne Kildal. Norskættet lege minnes i Amerika. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 57:92 (May, 1964).

A Norwegian-American doctor commemorated in America. Hektoen was a prominent Chicago physician.


Rolf N. B. Haugen. Philip Hoff: Vermont Governor. Norseman, no. 2, p. 49—5 1 (1965).


Johan Hambro. Første norsk-amerikanske vice-president. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 57:246—248 (December, 1964).

The first Norwegian-American Vice-President.

Hans Kristoffersen. Hva med senator Hubert Humphreys norske bakgrund? Nordisk Tidende, September 3, 1964.

Sketch of Humphrey’s Norwegian background.


Peder H. Nelson. Henrik Ibsens bror. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 57: 63 (March—April, 1964).

Henrik Ibsen’s brother; Nicolai Ibsen’s life in America.


Norwegian Born "Mayor Jaastad," Tucson’s Great Friend, 93, Dead. Nordisk Tidende, December 30, 1965.

Henry Olson Jaastad, Ex-Mayor, Dies at 93. Tucson Daily Citizen, December 21, 1965.


R. Dahle-Melsæther. "Praeriens digter" 90 aar. Decorah-Posten, September 24, 1964.

Poet of the prairie, ninety years old.


Noted Utah Sculptor, 63, Dies. Minnesota Posten, June 24, 1965.


Prof.-Emeritus Paul Knaplund, Long-Time UW Historian, Dies. Capital Times, April 9, 1964.


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Canada to Erect Statue of Norwegian in Vancouver. Pacific Coast Viking, May, 1965.

Den berømte norsk-kanadiske kaptein som seilte nordvest passasjen østover og vestover død. Nordisk Tidende, November 5, 1964.

The renowned Norwegian-Canadian captain, who sailed the Northwest Passage both eastward and westward, is dead.

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Explorer of the Northwest Passage and superintendent of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.


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Lillehei’s career in heart surgery.


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Norwegian spokesman for America; a sketch of a Norwegian-born Unitarian clergyman and journalist.


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Former editor died in Oslo.

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Norsk immigrant-sønn president i verdens største firma, A. T. & T. Nordisk Tidende, February 4, 1965.

American Telephone and Telegraph Company president.


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Marthinius Strand død. Decorah-Posten, November 4, 1965.

Salt Lake City industrialist and former president of National Ski Association.


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"I have always felt drawn to you," referring to Norway. An interview with Robert Thrane in Oslo, with reminiscences of his grandfather, Marcus Thrane.


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Sketch based on Juul Dieserud’s account of 1923.



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Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, 1914—1964. 12 p.


Zion Lutheran Church, 75th Anniversary, 1887—1962. 392 p.

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