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Some Recent Publications
(Volume 24: Page 235)


Aliens in the United States. Washington, D.C., 1965. 487 p.

Lists the number of aliens by states, counties, and nationalities.

ANDERSON, JOHN R. L. Vinland Voyage: The Guardian Expedition to Vinland 1966. London and New York, 1967. 278 p.

The story of the author’s voyage in 1966 on the 44-foot cutter "Griffin" from England via Iceland, Greenland, and Newfoundland to Cape Cod, following Leif Ericson’s course. Reviewed in Swedish Pioneer Historical Society, Quarterly, April, 1968, American-Scandinavian Review, Summer, 1968, and Minnesota History, Spring, 1969.

ASH, VIRGINIA HELLAND. The Genealogical Record of the Helland-Kringle Families. Sun City, Arizona, 1967. 78 p.


ASKER, RANDI. Rose-Painting in Norway. Oslo, 1966. 50 p.

Profusely illustrated. Reviewed in Sons of Norway, Viking, November, 1966.

BECK, RICHARD. A Sheaf of Verse. Grand Forks, North Dakota, and Winnipeg, 1966. 51 p.

A new edition containing several additional poems. Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review, Summer, 1967.

BECKER, ETHEL. Klondike ‘98: E. A. Hegg’s Gold Rush Album. Portland, Oregon, 1967. 96 p.

Revised edition.

BERRY, ERICK. Mr. Arctic. New York, 1966. 185 p.

Biography of Vilhjalmur Stefansson for young readers. Erick Berry is the pseudonym of Allena Champlin Best. Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review, Autumn, 1967. [236]

BERULFSEN, BJARNE AND SVENKERUD, HERBERT, eds. Store engelsk-norske ordbok. Oslo, 1968. 1,400 p.

An English-Norwegian dictionary containing 140,000 words and an extensive selection of expressions and phrases.

BJORN, THYRA FERRE. This Is My Life. New York, 1966. 181 p.

An anecdotal autobiography by the author of Papa’s Wife and Papa’s Daughter covering the period from 1954 to the present.

BLEGEN, THEODORE C. The Kensington Rune Stone: New Light on an Old Riddle. St. Paul, 1968. 220 p.

A re-examination of the authenticity of the Kensington stone in the light of new sources. Reviewed in Minnesota History, Spring, 1969, Journal of American History, June, 1969, and Speculum, January, 1969.

BLINDHEIM, JOAN TINDALE, tr., Vinland the Good: The Saga of Leif Erikson and the Viking Discovery of America. Oslo, 1966. 80 p.

A translation of Anna Holstmark’s work, with a foreword by Helge Ingstad. Reviewed in Vinland, September 15, 1966.

BROOK, MICHAEL. Scandinavians in the United States and Minnesota: A Selection of Books and Articles in English. St. Paul, 1967. 5 p.

A mimeographed bibliography.

CAMERON, IAN. Lode Stone and Evening Star: The Epic Voyages of Discovery, 1493 B.C.—1896 A.D. New York, 1966. 288 p.

Contains a chapter on the Norwegian explorations in America. Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review, Summer, 1967.

COAN, OTIS W. AND LILLARD, RICHARD G. America in Fiction: An Annotated List of Novels That Interpret Aspects of Life in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Palo Alto, California, 1967. Fifth edition. 232 p.

The list includes O. E. Rølvaag’s Giants in the Earth, Their Fathers’ God, Peder Victorious, and Boat of Longing.

COX, ARCHIBALD. The Warren Court: Constitutional Decision as an Instrument of Reform. Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1968. 144 p.

Reviewed in Journal of American History, December, 1968.

DAHL, A. E. Banker Dahl of South Dakota. Rapid City, South Dakota, 1965. 277 p.

An autobiography.

DAHL, BORGUILD. Good News. New York, 1966. 160 p.

The story of a journalistic project, conducted by Marit Ellestad and her [237] Negro college classmate, in a Midwestern town in the 1920’s. Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review, Spring, 1968.

---------- Rikk of the Rendal Clan. New York, 1968. 64 p.

A troll story for children. Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review, Winter, 1968—1969.

DOWD, DOUGLAS F. Thorstein Veblen. New York, 1966. 205 p.

A volume in the Great American Thinkers series. Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review, Summer, 1968.

DOWIE, J. IVERNE AND TREDWAY, J. THOMAS, eds. The Immigration of ideas in the North Atlantic Community. Rock Island, Illinois, 1968. 214 p.

Includes an essay by Theodore C. Blegen about O. E. Hagen and the Kensington runestone. Reviewed in Journal of American History, December, 1968, Scandinavian Studies, February, 1969, and American Historical Review, December, 1968.

EVJUE, WILLIAM T. A Fighting Editor. Madison, Wisconsin, 1968. 873 p.

The autobiography of the editor of the Capital Times, of Madison. Reviewed in Wisconsin Magazine of History, Winter, 1968—1969, and the Progressive, March, 1969.

Festskrift til Odd Dahl. Bergen, 1968. 103 p.

A volume published in honor of Odd Dahl of the Carnegie Institute on the occasion of his seventieth birthday. Contains chapters by Carl Søyland, Merle A. Tuve, and L. R. Hafstad.

FEVOLD, EUGENE L. The Lutheran Free Church: A Fellowship of American Lutheran Congregations, 1897—1968. Minneapolis, 1969. 342 p.

FISHMAN, JOSHUA A., ET AL. Language Loyalty in the United States: The Maintenance and Perpetuation of Non-English Mother Tongues by American Ethnic and Religious Groups. The Hague, 1966. 478 p.

Summary of a report to the language research section of the United States office of education. Reviewed in the Times (London) Literary Supplement, September 8, 1967.

GARNETT, EVE. To Greenland’s icy Mountains. New York, 1968. 190 p.

Story of Hans Egede and his missionary work in Greenland. Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review, Autumn, 1969.

GAUSTAD, EDWIN SCOTT. A Religious History of America. New York, 1966. 421 p.

Reviewed in Pacific Northwest Quarterly, April, 1967. [238]

GIAMBABBA, PAUL. Early Explorers of America. Centerville, Massachusetts, 1967. 95 p.

Treats of the explorers from the Phoenicians to John Cabot and includes the Vikings.

HANDLIN, OSCAR, ed. Children of the Uprooted. New York, 1966. 551 p.

An anthology giving a historical perspective for the understanding of acculturation. Included among the writers are Marcus L. Hansen and Thorstein Veblen. Reviewed in Illinois State Historical Society, Journal, August, 1968.

HAUGEN, EINAR. Language Conflict and Language Planning: The Case of Modern Norwegian. Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1966. 381 p.

The author looks at the efforts to fuse riksmål and landsmål. Reviewed in Sons of Norway, Viking, December, 1966, and American-Scandinavian Review, Winter, 1967—1968.

---------- The Norwegians in America: A Student’s Guide to Localized History. New York, 1967. 40 p.

A pamphlet in the Localized History Series, edited by Clifford L. Lord.

HECKMAN, HAZEL. Island in the Sound. Seattle, 1967. 287 p.

Life on Anderson Island in Puget Sound as experienced by people of Scandinavian descent. Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review, Spring, 1968.

HILLBRAND, PERCIE V. The Norwegians in America. Minneapolis, 1967. 80 p.

Sketches of Norwegian Americans for young folk.

HOLBERT, SUE E. AND HOLMQUIST, JUNE D. A History Tour of 50 Twin City Landmarks. St. Paul, 1966. 64 p.

Includes the Muskego Church on the campus of Luther Theological Seminary, St. Paul.

HOLLAND, RUTH ROBINS. Vikings of the West: The Scandinavian immigrants in America. New York, 1968. 61 p.

HUSTON, LUTHER A. Pathway to Judgment: A Study of Earl Warren. Philadelphia, 1966. 197 p.

HUSTVEDT, LLOYD. Rasmus Bjørn Anderson: Pioneer Scholar. Northfield, Minnesota, 1966. 381 p.

A biography of a prominent Norwegian-American author and editor. Reviewed in American Historical Review, April, 1967, Journal of American History, September, 1967, and Minnesota History, Fall, 1967. [239]

INGSTAD, HELGE. Westward to Vinland. London and New York, 1969. Translated by Erik J. Friis.

A description of Ingstad’s discovery of Norwegian settlements in Newfoundland.

JONES, GWYN. A History of the Vikings. London and New York, 1968. 504 p.

Reviewed in Scandinavian Studies, May, 1969.

KASER, DAVID, ed. Books in America’s Past: Essays Honoring Rudolph H. Gjelsness. Charlottesville, Virginia, 1966. 279 p.

A volume recognizing the work of the long-time librarian at the University of Michigan. Reviewed in Journal of American History, March, 1967.

KATCHER, LEO. Earl Warren: A Political Biography. New York, 1967. 502 p.

Reviewed in Saturday Review, November 18, 1967.

KENDRICK, THOMAS DOWNING. A History of the Vikings. New York, 1968. 412 p.

A new edition of a book first published in 1980. Reviewed in Scandinavian-American Bulletin, November, 1968.

LANDSVERK, OLE G. Ancient Norse Messages on American Stones. Glendale, California, 1969. 138 p.

A defense of writings on stones in Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, and Minnesota. Reviewed in News of Norway, July 7, 1969, Nordisk Tidende, July 17, 24, 1969, Sons of Norway, Viking, August, 1969.

LANGLAND, HAROLD S. Samuel S. Langland, Attorney at Law, Seattle. Minneapolis, 1968. 34p.

An account of the fusion of the Pacific coast and Midwest lodges of the Sons of Norway; includes a sketch of the career of Langland.

LARSON, AGNES M. John A. Johnson: An Uncommon American. Northfield, Minnesota, 1969. 312 p.

A biography of a Madison, Wisconsin, industrialist and immigrant leader.

LAWRENCE, CARL GUSTAVUS. Ramblings of a Pioneer Pedagogue. Berkeley, California, 1969. 168 p.

Autobiography of a South Dakota educator and father of John H. and Ernest O. Lawrence.

LEE, INGMAR A., JR. Lie Descendants. Minneapolis, 1968. 120 p.

LEHNER, ERNST AND JOHANNA. How They Saw the New World. New York, 1966. 160 p.

Contains reproductions of scenes and engravings of old maps, including the Vinland map. Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review, Summer, 1967. [240]

LYTLE, CLIFFORD M. The Warren Court and Its Critics. Tucson, Arizona, 1968. 233 p.

Organizes criticisms of the court. Reviewed in American Political Science Review, June, 1969, and Midwest Journal of Political Science, May, 1969.

MCCALLUM, JOHN B. Everest Diary. New York, 1966. 213 p.

Diary of Lute Jerstad, who conquered the world’s highest peak in May, 1963.

MEYER, ROY W. The Middle-Western Farm Novel in the Twentieth Century. Lincoln, Nebraska, 1965. 265 p.

Ole Edvart Rølvaag’s Giants in the Earth is one of the novels considered. Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review, Summer, 1967.

MOEN, ROBERT ASHTON. The Sailing of Leif the Lucky and Other Poems. New York, 1965. 64 p.

Deals with ships, sea, nature, and the Norwegian heritage. Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review, Summer, 1967.

MOHBERG, NORA FLADEBOE. A Home for Agate. Grafton, North Dakota, 1966. 135 p.

Reminiscences of the Ole O. and Agatha Fladeboe family.

MONGÉ, ALF AND LANDSVERK, O. G. Norse Medieval Cryptography in Runic Carvings. Glendale, California, 1967. 224 p.

Attempts to prove through calendrical cryptograms that Norwegians explored in Minnesota and Oklahoma from the eleventh to the fourteenth century. Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review, Spring, 1968.

MORGAN, MURRAY. One Man’s Gold Rush: A Klondike Album. Seattle, 1967. 213 p.

Includes photographs by E. A. Hegg, a Swedish-born Wisconsinite who pursued the gold diggers with a camera in the 1890’s. Reviewed in the New Yorker, August 19, 1967.

MORGRIDGE, BARBARA GORDON, ed. and tr. The Cultural Life of Modern America. Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1969. 166 p.

A translation of Knut Hamsun’s controversial Fra det moderne Amerikas aandsliv (Copenhagen, 1889).

NELSON, LOWRY AND DONOHUE, GEORGE. Social Change in Goodhue County, 1940—65. St. Paul, Minnesota, 1966. 67 p.

A bulletin of the agricultural experiment station, University of Minnesota. A study of the changes in individual and collective behavior in an area with a large Norwegian population.

NODTVEDT, MAGNUS. Rebirth of Norway’s Peasantry: Folk Leader Hans Nielsen Hauge. Tacoma, Washington, 1965. 305 p.

Reviewed in Decorah-Posten, November 9, 1967. [241]

NORBORG, SVERRE. Hans Nielsen Hauge. Oslo, 1966. 309 p.

A fresh interpretation of Norway’s great religious and lay leader.

NORWEGIAN-AMERICAN HISTORICAL ASSOCIATION. Norwegian-American Studies, vol. 23. Northfield, Minnesota, 1967. 256 p.

Contents of this volume are listed individually in the section on articles.

NYSTEL, OLE T. From Bondage to Freedom: Three Months with the Wild Indians. Clifton, Texas, 1968. 40 p.

Facsimile reproduction of the first edition published in 1888. The story of the author’s captivity in 1867 at the hands of the Comanche Indians. Reviewed in News of Norway, January 22, 1968.

PANNKOKE, O. H. A Great Church Finds Itself: The Lutheran Church between the Wars. Quitman, Georgia, 1966. 253 p.

Sketches the part played by the author in changing the outlook of Lutheran ethnic groups, including the Norwegian.

Passenger Arrivals, 1819—1820. Baltimore, 1967. 342 p.

A reprint of the 1821 edition, with an index. Reviewed in Immigration Research Digest, Spring, 1968.

PERRIN, RICHARD W. E. Historic American Buildings Survey. Wisconsin Architecture. Washington, D. C., 1966. 79 p.

Text and illustrations concerning the John Bergen house in Muskego, the Hauge Lutheran Church in western Dane County, and the Tank cottage in Green Bay.

---------- The Architecture of Wisconsin. Madison, Wisconsin, 1967. 175 p.

A survey of architectural styles, including those influenced by ethnic and national origins. Treats of John Bergen’s log house at Muskego and the Gangstad and Christianson barns at Deerfield. Reviewed in the Capital Times, Madison, January 25, 1968, and Illinois State Historical Society, Journal, Winter, 1968.

POHL, FREDERICK J. The Viking Explorers. New York, 1966. 246 p.

A study of early Norse voyages in the Cape Cod area. Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review, Spring, 1967.

QUALEY, CARLTON C., ed. Thorstein Veblen: The Carleton College Veblen Seminar Essays. New York, 1968. 170 p.

A collection of the papers presented in 1966 at the American Studies Seminar, Carleton College, with an introduction by the editor. Reviewed in Minnesota History, Winter, 1968, and the Journal of Economic History, June, 1968.

REASKE, HERBERT E. Rølvaag’s Giants in the Earth. New York, 1965. 108 p.

Notes and study guides. [242]

REEVES, ARTHUR MIDDLETON. The Finding of Wineland the Good: The History of the Icelandic Discovery of America. New York, 1967. 205 p.

Reprint of the 1895 edition.

ROBINSON, ELWYN B. History of North Dakota. Lincoln, Nebraska, 1966. 599 p.

The influence of geography in the state’s development. Reviewed in American Historical Review, April, 1967.

ROEDDER, KARSTEN. Av en utvandrer-avis saga. Brooklyn. Vol. 1 (1891—1940), 1966. 302 p. Vol. 2 (1940—1967), 1968. 367 p.

History of the Brooklyn Norwegian colony as it is reflected in Nordisk Tidende. Reviewed in Nordisk Tidende, December 12, 1968, and Scandinavian-American Bulletin, March, 1969.

RUTT, ANNA HONG. Our Norwegian Ancestors and Their Siblings and Descendants. Baton Rouge, Louisiana, 1968. 332 p.

Records of the descendants of Knud Knudsen Sæbu and Elling Holdal.

SAUER, CARL O. Northern Mists. Berkeley, California, 1968. 204 p.

Seafaring from western Europe during the Middle Ages. Three chapters are devoted to Viking expeditions. Reviewed in Scandinavian Studies, November, 1968.

SAYLER, RICHARD H., BOYER, BARRY B. AND GOODING, ROBERT E., JR., eds. The Warren Court: A Critical Analysis. New York, 1969. 262 p.

Reviewed in Saturday Review, August 2, 1969.

SCHAFF, LOUISE E. Skald of the Vikings. New York, 1966. 192 p.

A story of the adventures of Thrain of Brattahlid on his expedition with Thorfinn Karlsefni to North America in 1007.

SCHILLER, BARBARA. The Vinlander’s Saga. New York, 1966. 69 p.

The story of Bjarne Herjolfson and Leif Ericson and his brothers, for young readers. Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review, Autumn, 1967.

SHANK, MARGARETHE ERDAHL. The Coffee Train. Garden City, New York, 1968. 285 p.

Reprint of a book first published in 1953. The story of a Norwegian family in North Dakota in the 1920’s.

---------- Call Back the Years. Minneapolis, 1966. 273 p.

A historical novel dealing with Norwegian immigrants in North Dakota.

SIGURJONSSON, JOHANN, STEFANSSON, DAVID AND TEORDARSSON, AGNAR. Fire and Ice: The Icelandic Plays. Madison, Wisconsin, 1967. 266 p. [243]

A general introduction and introductions to each play. Reviewed in Scandinavian Studies, August, 1968.

SKARD, SIGMUND AND WASSER, HENRY H., eds. Americana Norvegica: Norwegian Contributions to American Studies, vol 1. Philadelphia and Oslo, 1966. 340 p.

Contains studies of American culture. Reviewed in Scandinavian Studies, November, 1967, American Historical Review, October, 1967, Journal of American History, December, 1967.

---------- Americana Norvegica, vol. 2, Philadelphia, n.d. 368 p.

Pays particular attention to Norwegian-American relations. Reviewed in American Quarterly, Spring, 1969.

SOLUM, NORA O., tr. Norway’s New Saga of the Sea. New York, 1969. 251 p.

Translation of Lise Lindbæk’s Tusen norske skip, the story of Norway’s merchant marine in World War II.

STURLUSON, SNORRI. From the Sagas of the Norse Kings. Oslo, 1967. 390 p.

Selections translated into English by Erling Monsen. Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review, Spring, 1968.

SVARLIEN, OSCAR. The Eastern Greenland Case in Historical Perspective. Gainesville, Florida, 1969. 74 p.

Includes a history of Greenland since the time of Eric the Red. Reviewed in American-Scandinavian Review, Summer, 1969.

The Viking. Greenwich, Connecticut, 1967. 288 p.

Scientists and specialists from several European countries examine the more credible Viking voyages, including those to North America. Reviewed in Times (London) Literary Supplement, December, 1966, and Speculum, January, 1968.

TORNØE, J. KR. Columbus in the Arctic? And the Vineland Literature. New York, 1965. 92 p.

Discusses the problem of whether Columbus knew of America before 1492. Reviewed in Journal of American History, June, 1966.

---------- Early American History: Norsemen before Columbus. New York, 1965. 127 p.

A study of the voyages of Bjarne Herjolfson and Leif Ericson. Reviewed in Journal of American History, June, 1966.

VEBLEN, THORSTEIN. Absentee Ownership and Business Enterprise in Recent Times: The Case of America. Boston, 1967. 445 p.

A reprint. [244]

VIGNESS, DAVID M. The Revolutionary Decades: The Saga of Texas, 1810—1836. Austin, 1965. 214 p.

VIRKUS, FREDERICK A., ed. Immigrants to America before 1750: An Alphabetical List of Immigrants to the Colonies before 1750. Baltimore, 1965. 220 p.

A reprint. Compiled from official sources.

WAHLGREN, ERIK. Fact and Fancy in the Vinland Sagas. Austin, Texas, 1969. 80 p.

An account of the first known visits to America by Europeans.

Watford City Golden Jubilee, Watford City, North Dakota: 50 Years of Progress, 1914—1964. Watford City, North Dakota, 1964. 303 p.

A history of the community.

WEAVER, JOHN D. Warren: The Man, the Court, the Era. Boston, 1967. 406 p.

A sympathetic portrait. Reviewed in American Historical Review, April, 1968.

WELSCH, ROGER L. Sod Walls: The Story of the Nebraska Sod House. Broken Bow, Nebraska, 1968. 208 p.

Reviewed in North Dakota Quarterly, Spring, 1968.

WIEDERAENDERS, ROBERT C. AND TILLMANNS, WALTER G. The Synods of American Lutheranism. St. Louis, 1968. 209 p.

Includes names, dates, and other data, together with a bibliography of every Lutheran body above the congregational level.

WILSON, DAVID M. AND KLINDT-JENSEN, OLE. Viking Art. Ithaca, New York, 1966. 173 p.

Covers the period from 800 to 1100 and includes the Viking colonies. Reviewed in Book List, October 15, 1966.

WOLF, RICHARD C. Documents of Lutheran Unity in America. Philadelphia, 1966. 672 p.

YOUNGDALE, JAMES M., ed. Third Party Footprints: An Anthology from Writings and Speeches of Midwest Radicals. Minneapolis, 1966. 357 p.

Refers to Marcus Thrane. Reviewed in Agricultural History, January, 1969.


ASE, OLAV. Marcus Thrane og Chicago anarkistane. Syn og Segn, vol. 71, no. 7, 413—414 (1965). [245]

A Battle in Britain. The Manifest (Minneapolis), May, 1966.

A discussion of criticisms of the Vinland map of 1440.

ABRAMOSKE, DONALD J. Victor Lawson and the Chicago Weekly

News: A Defeat. Journalism Quarterly, Spring, 1966.

ACREA, KENNETH. The Wisconsin Reform Coalition, 1892 to 1900: La Follette’s Rise to Power. Wisconsin Magazine of History, 52: 132—157 (Winter, 1968—1969).

George Borchsenius, Nils P. Haugen, and John Mandt Nelson were members of the reform coalition.

Amerikansk professor om norsk sprogstrid: soleklart at nynorsk og bokmål må holdes adskilt. Frisprog, Oslo, February 5, 1966.

Views on Norway’s language problem, by Sverre Arestad.

ANDERSEN, ARLOW W. American Politics in 1880: Norwegian Observations. Scandinavian Studies, 40: 233—247 (August, 1968).

Observations by Kristofer Janson and Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, together with others from the Norwegian press.

---------- Knut Hamsun’s America. Norwegian-American Studies, 23: 175—203 (1967).

ANDERSON, HARRY H. Early Scandinavian Settlement in Milwaukee County. Milwaukee County Historical Society, Historical Messenger, March, 1969.

ANDERSSEN, ANDERS. Spelemann i vesterveg. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 61: 246—247 (November, 1968).

Violinist Sigbjørn Osa at the Nordic festival in Seattle.

A Nordic Congress on Migration Research. American Studies in Scandinavia, 1:22—24 (Summer, 1968).

Report of a conference on migration in Sweden in 1967.

ARNESON, GEORGE. Om nybyggerlivet på Dakota-prairien. Nord-Norge, March, 1967—June, 1968.

A serial about pioneer life in North Dakota in the early twentieth century.

Avisjubileum i New York, Nordisk Tidende — En imponerende norsk institusjon i USA fyller 75 år. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 59:213—214 (November, 1966).

Sketches of the history of Nordisk Tidende, Brooklyn, celebrating its seventy-fifth anniversary.

BACKER, J. E. Norwegian Migration 1856—1960. International Migration, vol. 4, nos. 3—4, p. 172—182 (1966). [246]

BERG, ANNE BERIT. De første norske indbyggere som dro til Texas var overbevist om at de hadde funnet "den gode jord." Nordisk Tidende, January 6, 1966.

Sketch of pioneer settlements in Texas.

BERGER, A. H. Nogle av Isak P. Strindens erfaringer. Nord-Norge, September, 1966.

Pioneer experiences near Pelican Rapids, Minnesota.

BESSASON, HARALDUR. New Light on Vinland from the Sagas. Mosaic (Winnipeg), 1:1, 52—65 (October, 1967).

---------- Some Notes on Leifr Eiriksson’s National Origin and the Sources on Greenland and Vinland. Icelandic Canadian (Winnipeg), 24:2, 13—19.

Bevis for Helge Ingstads teorier gjemt i Vatikanets arkiv. Decorah-Posten, November 10, 1966.

There may be documentary evidence in the Vatican archives of Leif Ericson’s expedition in 1000 AD.

BJORK, KENNETH O. Literature in Its Relation to Norwegian-American History. Scandinavian Studies, 38:18—19 (February, 1966).

BOE, HENNING C. Leif Erikson i forskjellige utgaver. Western Viking (Seattle), March 14, 1969.

Leif Ericson statues in America.

---------- På besøk hos norsk kunstner i Hawaii. Western Viking, March 1, 1968.

Concerns Alf Hurum, artist and composer in Honolulu.

---------- Publisher’s Corner. Western Viking, August 29, 1969.

The present status of the Norwegian-American press.

BØEDE, HAAKON. First North American Foreign Trade Handled by Norsemen 1,000 Years Ago. Norwegian American Commerce, November-December, 1968.

Borgund — Black Hills: Stave Church Replica for South Dakota. Sons of Norway, Viking, 65:206 (August, 1968).

Description of the stave church at Mt. Rushmore in the Black Hills, a replica of the one at Borgund, Norway.

BRAATELIEN, BOTOLV. llaakon Hermanson Sires slekt. Hallingen, March, 1967.

Genealogy of the Haakon Hermanson Sire family.

BRONNER, HEDIN AND FRANZEN, GOSTA. Scandinavian Studies in [247] Institutions of Learning in the United States. Seventh Report: 1966—67. Scandinavian Studies, 39:345—367 (November, 1967).

BULL, COATES P. Corn-husking and Sweeping Out. Ramsey County History, 3: 18—21 (Spring, 1966).

Author’s career at the agricultural school of the University of Minnesota, as student and teacher.

BURKS, EDWARD C. Pioneer Designer of Tunnels Here Bemoans All Those Cars. New York Times, July 19, 1967.

A discussion of Ole Singstad, chief engineer of the Holland Tunnel.

BURNELL, J. B. Elitism or Equality — Future Directions in Immigration Legislation. Social Studies, 60: 20—23 (January, 1969).

Outlines changes in American immigration policy.

BUSCH, RAGNER. En livskraftig S. av N. losje som greier a holde sin aktivitet hemmelig for resten av det norske Amerika. Nordisk Tidende, February 3, 1966.

Treats the Sons of Norway in Philadelphia.

---------- Gutten tok fjellene med. Nordisk Tidende, November 2, 1967.

Snowshoe Thompson and skiing.

---------- Illuminert monument av Leif Ericson som den store navigator. Nordisk Tidende, August 22, 1968.

About Arnold Tveten and his effort to place a bronze statue of Leif Ericson in the Chicago harbor.

---------- Inez Bull. Oleana-kolonistene et svart kapitel i utvandrersagaen. Nordisk Tidende, January 5, 12, 1967.

Account of Ole Bull’s Oleana.

---------- Riksmål, Landsmål og slagsmål. Nordisk Tidende, March 27, 1969.

Discussion of the language controversy in Norway and among Norwegian Americans.

---------- Ved en bokhylle. Nordisk Tidende, January 16, 1969.

Discussion of causes and effects of immigration.

CHRISTIANSON, JOHN. John Hans fra Hansonville 1848—1926. Decorah-Posten, September 7, 1967.

Early days in Hendricks, Dakota Territory.

---------- Sangforeningen Lurens opprinnelse. Decorah-Posten, April 25, 1968.

Sketch of a singing society in Decorah, Iowa. [248]

CINEL, DEAN. Ethnicity: A Neglected Dimension of American History. The International Migration Review, 3:58—63 (Summer, 1969).

Ethnic consciousness is experiencing a new life.

CLARK, WILLIAM. Japanese Turn to Brad Foote in Cicero for Gears. Vinland, February 8, 1968.

Success story of Chicago’s Brad Foote Gear Works, Incorporated, and its president, Gunnar E. Gunderson.

CLAUSEN, C. A., tr. and ed. The Gasmann Brothers Write Home. Norwegian-American Studies, 23:71—107 (1967).

Den atlantiske rune-krigen. Verdens Gang, March 26, 1968.

Aslak Liestøl and O. G. Landsverk debate the authenticity of the Kensington runestone.

Did Norsemen Explore the Great Lakes Region Centuries before Columbus "Discovered" the New World? Sons of Norway, Viking, 63:283 (October, 1966).

Eber Russell, Chautauqua, New York, claims to have evidence to prove early Norse visits.

DITTMANN, ERLING. Norsk spraak er igjen blitt populært i Amerika. Decorah-Posten, January 13, 1966.

Gives evidence of a revival of interest in the Norwegian language in the United States.

---------- "Profeten" fra Fjotland tenner norske lys i USA. Stavanger Aftenblad, February 10, 1966.

An appreciation of Dr. Theodore Jorgenson’s contribution to the study of Norwegian literature in America.

DOE, AUSTEN, SR. Vinland Map and Egyptian Hieroglyphs. Vinland (Chicago), February 17, 1966.

A discussion of the date of the Yale Vinland map.

DRAXTEN, NINA. Kristofer Janson’s Beginning Ministry. Norwegian-American Studies, 23: 126—174 (1967).

Early Beginnings of the Society. Scandinavian American Fraternity, Journal (Eau Claire, Wisconsin), September, October, 1968.

Early Paintings of Norwegian-American Artist, Herbjørn Gausta, Shown for First Time at University of Minnesota. Nordisk Tidende, February 3, 1966.

Includes biographical sketch.

ECKERSON, HELEN F. Immigration and National Origins. Annals [249] of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 367:4—14 (September, 1966).

Traces the development of legislation concerning immigrants and maintains that the laws have not achieved their purpose.

Eger Aldershjem feirer 50 års jubileum med bankett, konsert, fest og store byggeplanner. Nordisk Tidende, November 10, 1966.

Home for the aged on Staten Island celebrates its fiftieth anniversary.

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The story of the strike at several lumber mills in 1881.

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Professor at Newark College of Engineering is elected vice-president of the American Society of Engineering Education.

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Interview with Kenneth O. Bjork concerning investments in East Africa.

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Norwegians are decreasing in number in Alaska.

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Østen O. Pladson and his sculpture in the Betania Lutheran Church, Hatton, North Dakota.

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Historical sketch and present plans for enlargement of the Norwegian-American Museum in Decorah, Iowa.

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Historical sketch of the Norwegian Turner Club, the Norseman Cycle Club, and the Skytterlaget Tordenskiold in Brooklyn.

---------- Stor kulturformidling tapt når Fjellangers Bokhandel på 8th Avenue legges ned. Nordisk Tidende, January 23, 1969.

A center of culture was lost when Fjellanger’s Book Store on 8th Avenue in Brooklyn closed.

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Norman Borlaug, farmer’s son from Cresco, Iowa, is world famous for his research in grain production.

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A museum and other attractions for tourists may be erected at the site of the remains of a Viking settlement at L’Anse Aux Meadows, Newfoundland.

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An interview with Ingstad reprinted from Aftenposten.

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Reports more sensational finds by Ingstad.

Helge Ingstad har funnet fiere hustufter på en siste og avsluttende ekspedisjon. Nordisk Tidende, August 25, 1966.

Ingstad found several remains of Viking houses on his latest expedition to Newfoundland.

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New finds in Newfoundland.

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Boyesen’s career in America as author, lecturer, literary critic, teacher, and translator.

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Report of meetings of the Hallinglag in the period from 1957 to 1966.

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The author of an America letter, written in Racine County, Wisconsin, later became a captain in the Civil War.

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Two America letters by Mons Grinager, 1854.

Ingstadfunnene skal leveres tilbake til Canada. Decorah-Posten, March 20, 1969.

Viking remains in Newfoundland will be given to Canada.

Ingstad på Newfoundland for 7. gang. Finner flere hustufter. Nordisk Tidende, October 8, 1967. [254]

Ingstad party has excavated the eighth Viking site at L’Anse Aux Meadows.

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A history of Decorah-Posten.

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The story of a singing society founded in Decorah, Iowa, in 1868.

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Tribute to the honorary president of the Norwegian Singers of America.

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Based on articles in Vor Tid, March, 1905.

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A description of the replica of the Gogstad Ship that sailed the Atlantic in 1893.

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United States Ski Association honors a well-known sportsman.

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Correspondence between Norwegians and Norwegian Americans could strengthen cultural relations.

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A tribute to Carl Søyland, editor of Nordisk Tidende.

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Makes special reference to the Kensington runestone.

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Landsverk’s response to Aslak Liestøl’s criticism of his book, Norse Medieval Cryptograms in Runic Carvings.

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The historical value of letters written by immigrants to their relatives and friends in Germany and the Scandinavian countries.

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A co-operative venture between Twayne Publishers, Incorporated, and the American-Scandinavian Foundation.

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Norwegian folk dancers at the Stoughton, Wisconsin, High School are ambassadors of good will and interpreters of Norwegian culture.

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Historical sketch of the Norwegian Lutheran church in America.

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Sketch of Methodism among Norwegian Americans. [258]

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The story of Asgrim K. Skaro, a Civil War soldier.

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Hamsun’s social philosophy should be measured by his images of America and by his reactions to his characters.

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Posten, August 3, 1967.

Address by the late Dr. David T. Nelson at the dinner meeting of the Norwegian-American Museum at Decorah’s Nordic Fest.

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Sketch of the Norwegian-American Historical Association.

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Pioneer life in eastern Dane County and the genealogy of the Hendrik Lien family.

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Introduces a Chicago artist and author.

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Episodes from the life of Ole Brørby, Northwood, North Dakota.

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Norwegians from Hallingdal have become prominent in American political and professional life.

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A historical sketch.

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The early settlers near Rushford, Minnesota, came from Hardanger, Norway.

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History of Husmannsgutten and a sketch of its author. [259]

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The beginnings of the bygdelag movement, including publications.

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Goodhue County was the most thoroughly Norwegian community in Minnesota.

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Immigrant life in the Goose River settlement in North Dakota.

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Pioneer life in south central Minnesota.

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Shadows in the pioneer life of Ole and Gro Svendsen in Iowa and North Dakota.

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Account of Ole Bull’s part in the Seventeenth of May celebration in Moscow, Wisconsin, 1873.

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The Skjervem family in the New World.

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The Storlie family in America.

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People from Voss, Norway, settled in early Chicago.

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George Washington’s ancestry traced to Trond Haraldson, who was born in Trøndelag, Norway, in 661.

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This article questions the validity of the Vinland map. [260]

Nordisk Tidende, October 6, 1966.

This diamond jubilee issue includes stories about persons, institutions, and organizations among Norwegian Americans in New York.

Nordmenn i Canada. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 61:76-77 (March-April, 1968).

Some 150,000 Norwegian immigrants have settled in Canada, mainly in the western provinces.

Norseman Nobel Chemist. Norseman, no. 6, p. 172—174 (1968).

Dr. Lars Onsager of Yale University is the first Norwegian-born scientist to be given the coveted award.

Norsk-amerikaner hedret for enestàende biografisk arkiv. Nordisk Tidende, March 13, 1969.

Andrew A. Rowberg was presented the first Distinguished Service Award by the Norwegian-American Historical Association.

Norsk-amerikaner skal bygge verdens største sivile jetfly. Decorah-Posten, March 23, 1967.

Sketch of Sofus Torget, production director at the Boeing plant, Everett, Washington.

Norsk-amerikaner, som har "struck oil" i California, vil sikre seg noen blokker for boring etter olje i Nordsjøen. Nordisk Tidende, July 21, 1966.

Johann Peder Rinde, president of an oil company in California, is confident of finding oil in the North Sea.

Norsk-amerikaner styrte lunar orbiter paa ferden rundt maanen. Decorah-Posten, April 6, 1967.

Bjarne Slind (Kjøsmess) is an engineer with Boeing and a photographer of the surface of the moon.

Norskfødt Nobelprisvinner: Kjemikeren Lars Onsager. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 61: 254 (November, 1968).

Norsk runeekspert tar avstand fra Alf Monges og Landsverks teorier. Nordisk Tidende, January 11, 1968.

Aslak Liestøl, a runologist at the University of Oslo, attacks the authenticity of the Kensington runestone.

Norway’s Food Exports to USA Gain by Successful Merger. Norwegian American Commerce, November-December, 1966.

The Haram-Christensen Corporation in New York is the largest distributor in the United States of specialty foods from Norway. [261]

Norwegian-American Engineers Celebrate. Minnesota Posten, January 16, 1969.

Account of a fortieth anniversary celebration by a technical society.

Norwegian Baker’s Son Heads World’s Largest Utility Service: Haakon Ingolf Romnes. Sons of Norway, Viking, 64:74 (April, 1967).

Sketch of the chief executive of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company.

Nye funnsensasjoner fra Ingstad—Hans viktigste Vinland-bevis. Western Viking, October 4, 1968.

The Ingstads may have found the most valuable evidence of Viking occupation on their eighth expedition.

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Torger M. Torgersen was a pioneer in the early trade union movement in Chicago.

---------- Norsk lege pa Maimonides Hospital utvikler ny metode som kan redde i kritiske hjertetilfeller. Nordisk Tidende, September 14, 1967.

Steinar Tjønneland at the Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn develops methods which can be effective in critical heart cases.

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History of the Norwegian Old People’s Home and Charitable Association in Boston.

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The Ole Giselrud family’s pioneer days in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and North Dakota.

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Øystein Ore, mathematics professor at Yale University, dies at a scientific congress in Oslo.

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På kongeferd i vesterveg. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 61: 120—123 (June, 1968).

King Olav’s tour in the United States, April 24 to May 11, 1968, was a success.

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Ethnic groups can be acculturated without being assimilated.

Patron Saint of the Seafarers: Andrew Furuseth. Vinland, July 11, 1967.

Andrew Furuseth made a successful effort to influence Congress to pass legislation freeing seamen from bondage.

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Tribute to J. A. Aasgaard, president of the Norwegian Lutheran Church of America, 1925—1954.

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The author claims Cape Cod as the location of Ericson’s campsite in Vinland.

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Examination of Holand’s interpretation of the inscription named for an island off northern Greenland.

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Professor Einar Haugen har betydd meget for det norske sprogs bevarelse og utbredelse i Amerika. Decorah-Posten, January 5, 1967.

A tribute to and an evaluation of Haugen’s contribution to Norwegian studies.

Professor Øystein Ore gir en orientering om Vinlandskartet, sensasjonen det skapte og dets uløste gater. Nordisk Tidende, March 23, April 6, 1967.

Ore reviews the history of the Vinland map and defends its authenticity.

Prof. Theodore Blegen død. Nordisk Tidende, July 31, 1969.

Professor Theodore Blegen runder de i fin form. Minnesota Posten, July 28, 1966. [263]

Tribute to Dr. Theodore C. Blegen for his contributions to Norwegian immigrant history.

Prof. Theodore Blegen runder 75 aar. Decorah-Posten, July 28, 1966.

Salute to immigration’s "grand old man" on his seventy-fifth birthday.

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Carl Søyland, former editor of Nordisk Tidende, discusses relations of Norwegian Americans to the United States.

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Diary of the author’s trip across the Atlantic in 1892.

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An account of Paul Hjelm-Hansen as Norwegian pathfinder to the Red River Valley.

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Tells of the author’s visit to O. E. Ravage's ancestral home in Norway.

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The first stop for immigrants from 1892 to 1954 is now a part of the Statue of Liberty National Monument.

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Tribute to Carl Søyland on his seventy-fifth birthday by his successor as editor of Nordisk Tidende.

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History of Nordisk Tidende.

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Includes a biographical sketch.

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A history of Norwegian settlements in Waupaca County, Wisconsin. [264]

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Trends in immigration since colonial days and the relationship between immigration and population.

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Frontier days in Minnesota.

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Episodes from pioneer life in Minnesota.

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St. Olaf College orchestra on an interim music project in Norway, January, 1967.

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Excerpt from an account of Norwegian immigration into Texas in the 1840’s.

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Sketch of a professor of music at the University of Washington, 1931— 1964.

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Scandinavian Air Lines now has six North American gateways.

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Corporation restores Ole Bull estate in Pennsylvania.

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Sketch of Knut Hamsun in the New World.

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Both Leif Ericson and Christopher Columbus sought to transform and extend the world in which they lived. [265]

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This article sketches the history of the Kensington runestone.

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Historical sketch of a Norwegian settlement in British Columbia.

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Former publisher of Nordisk Tidende dies.

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The Heavener runestone in Oklahoma has carvings identified as belonging to the runic alphabet.

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A review of the writings of an immigrant author.

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A review of Helge Ingstad’s book, Vesterveg til Vinland.

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A study in assimilation, based on material from the Minnesota iron range.

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Sketch and tribute by the book editor of the Gary (Indiana) Post Tribune.

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Unveiling of a plaque at the grave in Denbigh, North Dakota, of Sondre Norheim, father of skiing as a modern sport.

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South Dakota’s Unique ‘Stavkirke.’ Minneapolis Sunday Tribune, August 3, 1969.

Replica of the 800-year-old Borgund stave church in Norway.

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A letter by Knut Hamsun dated October 30, 1907, discovered in Brooklyn Heights. [266]

-------- Han tok doktorgraden på den norske koloni. Nordisk Tidende, July 31, 1969.

Christen T. Jonassen, professor of sociology at Ohio State University, continues research on Norwegian-American sociological problems.

---------- Hvor mange? Nordisk Tidende, February 1, 1968.

Statistical data on the number of Norwegian-born persons in each state in 1960.

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A history of Norwegian book stores in America.

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Deals with the Kensington runestone.

---------- Nok et jubileum i norsk-amerikansk presse. Nordisk Tidende, September 18, 1969.

Decorah-Posten celebrates its ninety-fifth anniversary.

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Norwegians in Alaska.

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Controversy in the press and on television between New York Italians and Norwegians about the discovery of America.

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The effects of emigration on family ties and traditions.

Spor etter nordisk bosetning er funnet av kanadiske arkeologer. Nordisk Tidende, February 3, 1966.

Archeologists find evidence of a Norwegian settlement in the Ungava River Valley of northern Quebec.

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Skulls in Greenland and burial practices of the Vikings.

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Defense of Alf Monge and of the authenticity of the Kensington stone. [267]

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Eger Nursing Home on Staten Island is being enlarged and modernized.

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Sketches of twenty-five major ethnic groups, including the Norwegians, that have contributed to the development of Texas.

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The value of an ombudsman in America.

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A review of Haugen’s published works in the field of the Norwegian language.

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In 1893 Magnus Andersen, in a replica of the Viking’s ship, retraced Leif Ericson’s voyage.

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John Anderson of Skandinaven, B. Anundsen of Decorah-Posten, and Thorvald Guldbrandsen of Minneapolis Tidende.

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A defense of the authenticity of the Kensington runestone.

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---------- Alle norrøne ferder til Amerika gikk om kolonien Leivsbudir. Nordisk Tidende, October 10, 1968.

All Norwegian expeditions to America landed in the grape-growing area. [268]

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Luther College choir makes successful tour in Norway.

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Mons Grinager’s letter to his mother from Iowa, May 15, 1854.

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Pioneer experiences of the Nils Haagenson family.

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Sketch of the life and political beliefs of Elise Boulding, wife of Kenneth Boulding and Norwegian-born peace candidate for Congress from Michigan.

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Introduces world-renowned meteorologist and professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Bergenslaget was organized May 17, 1907, in Minneapolis.

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Critique of the map and essays about it.

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Ib Kejibo, chief of the map collection at the royal library in Copenhagen, declares the Vinland map of 1440 to be genuine.

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Explains the reason for the controversy concerning the Kensington runestone. [269]

---------- Some Further Remarks on Vinland. Scandinavian Studies, 40:26—35 (February, 1968).

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Norwegian life on the Gulf of Mexico.

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The first seamen’s church in America, at Pensacola, Florida.

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Report by Per Westad, president of the Norwegian American Chamber of Commerce, 1966.

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An account of Ole G. Landsverk and his study of runestones.

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Interview with Joakim Lehmkuhl, Norwegian-born president and chairman of the U.S. Time Corporation.

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Scandinavian solidarity in Minnesota’s first congressional district helped elect Sidney Anderson in the Republican primary of 1910.

---------- Wisconsin Ethnic Groups and the Election of 1890. Wisconsin Magazine of History, 51:269—293 (Summer, 1968).

Includes the story of the part played in politics by Congressman Nils P. Haugen and the Norwegians.

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Notes the role of Olaf A. Tveitmoe of the San Francisco Building Trades Council.

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J. Kr. Tornøe declares that the Yale map confirms his theories regarding the Vikings in America.

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A review of Viking explorations in America.

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Item about "the only fully assorted Norwegian bookstore in the land," located in Brooklyn.



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An obituary.

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A sketch of the professor of comparative and international education at Brooklyn College and lecturer in Norwegian language and culture.


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Sketch of the founder of the Fjellanger Book Store in Brooklyn.


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Norwegian-born Rolf Floberg is president of E. Quist, Incorporated, a dock-building firm.


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Success story of Sigurd Golten, engineer and manufacturer of engine parts in Brooklyn. [272]


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Sketch of a Chicago bookkeeper and man of letters and his daughter, Mrs. Gudrun Rom.


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A sketch of the General Motors vice-president in charge of research laboratories.


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Sketch of the president of Haram-Christensen Corporation, Incorporated.


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Profile of the one-time president and chairman of the board of United States Time Corporation.


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Concerns the dean of student work at the School of the Ozarks.


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Sketch inspired by the plaque placed at Nelson’s childhood home in Voss, Norway, by the Minnesota Historical Society.


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Sketch of Amandus Norman, minister in the Nora Free Christian Church, Hanska, Minnesota.


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Sketch of a Nobel prize winner in chemistry and professor at Yale University.


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Inventor of the airbrush and founder of the Jens A. Paasche Airbrush Company, Chicago.

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Norwegian-born immigrant became the director of the American Museum of Natural History. [274]


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Sketch of C. O. Pedersen, Lutheran clergyman and administrator of the Norwegian Hospital in Brooklyn.


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The life and business philosophy of the president of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company.

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Sketch of Ralph Rotnem, vice-president of Harris, Upham, and Company, New York.


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Sketch of the "king" of the dog-sled drivers in Alaska, 1900-1925.

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Sketch of the late Ole Singstad.


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Sketch of the president of the Scandinavian American Business Association. [275]


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Carl Søyland joined the editorial staff of Nordisk Tidende in 1926 and was editor from 1940 to 1962. This article also appears in the Scandinavian-American Bulletin, May, 1969.


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Provost and dean of the faculty at Colgate University, Hamilton, New York.


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The career of Elise Wærenskjold, based on The Lady with the Pen.


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Sketch of the chairman of the department of surgery at the University of Minnesota for thirty-seven years.

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