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Some Recent Publications
    compiled by Beulah Folkendahl and C.A. Calusen (Volume 25: Page 258)


ARDEN, G. EVERETT, tr. and ed. The Journals of Eric Norelius. Philadelphia, 1967. 200 p.

Journals of a prominent Swedish-American church leader, 1850—1916.

AWES, LEIF H., tr. The Pioneer Pastor. Minneapolis, 1970. 343 p.

The autobiography of Elias Aas, well-known pastor in the Lutheran Free Church, translated by his son.

BERGENDOFF, CONRAD. Augustana: A Profession of Faith. A History of Augustana College, 1860—1935. Rock Island, Illinois, 1969. 210 p.

By the former president of Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois.

Bjerke Family History, 1818—1967. Hatton, North Dakota, n.d. 111 p.

The story of the family of Erik and Berthe Marie Bjerke, who emigrated from Norway to Hatton in 1880.

BJORGEN, GEORGE R. "The Success Story of an Immigrant." Minneapolis, 1967.

An unpublished doctoral dissertation at the University of Minnesota.

BJORK, KENNETH O., ed. Norwegian-American Studies, vol. p24. Northfield, 1970. 300 p.

Published by the Norwegian-American Historical Association. The contents of the volume are listed individually by authors in the section on articles.

BRONSTAD, ALVIN L. Harmony: A Typical Rural School District. Clifton, Texas, 1969. 16 p.

A history of a school district that was in existence from 1890 to 1989 in a portion of the Norwegian settlement in Bosque County, Texas. [259]

---------- The C. O. Bronstad Family Story. Clifton, Texas, 1970. 26 p.

The history of the family of Christian O. Bronstad and Martha Christine Colwick Bronstad, pioneers in Bosque County, Texas.

BULL, INEZ. Cross Forks Tales. New York, 1970. 60 p.

Stories from Potter County, Pennsylvania, site of Ole Bull’s luckless Oleana settlement of the 1850’s.

CHRISTLOCK, CARL H. From Fjord to Freeway: 100 Years. Augsburg College. Minneapolis, 1969. 262 p.

Centennial history of a college in Minneapolis founded by Norwegian-American Lutherans.

DAHL, BORGHILD. My Window on America. New York, 1970. 64 p.

A popular Norwegian-American author writes in praise of the United States.

DAHLIE, JORGEN. "A Social History of Scandinavian Immigrants, Washington State, 1895—1910." Pullman, Washington, 1968.

An unpublished doctoral thesis at Washington State University.

EISEMAN, ALBERTA. From Many Lands. New York, 1970.

Immigrant life and contributions in the United States. For younger readers.

GUNDERSON, THELMA PLADSON. Pladsen Family History. Northwood, North Dakota, n. d. 96 p.

HAGEN, INGEBORG REFLING. Jeg vii hem att. Oslo, 1970.

Contains all the poems bearing on emigration by one of Norway’s most noted writers. Illustrated by Olav Bjørgum.

HANSON, RICHARD D. "An Analysis of Selected Choral Works by F. Melius Christiansen."

A thesis in typescript submitted for the degree of doctor of education in music education at the University of Illinois, 1970.

HANSON, T. S. The Hanson-Schanche Family Tree. n. p., 1969. 41 p.

A record of the family of Thomas S. Hanson and Ida K. H. Schanche.

HARVEY, RICHARD. Earl Warren: Governor of California. Jericho, New York, 1969. 219 p.

An appraisal of Earl Warren’s service as governor.

HELLAND, MELVIN, tr. The Heritage of Faith: Selections from the Writings of Georg Sverdrup. Minneapolis, 1969. 140 p.

Articles by a well-known Norwegian-American church leader and president of Augsburg College. [260]

JIERRON, EDWARD B. Wings over Alaska. New York, 1967. 217 p.

The story of Carl Ben Eielson, who was the first aviator to cross the top of the world and to establish air-mail service in Alaska.

ISAKSSON, OLOV. Bishop Hill: A Utopia on the Prairie. Stockholm, 1969. 183 p.

An account of Sweden’s first major settlement in the Midwest. Richly illustrated with photographs by Sörn Hallgren.

Lake Campbell Lutheran Church, 1870—1970. Volga, South Dakota, 1970. 86 p.

A centennial history of the congregation.

LINDQUIST, EMORY. Vision for a Valley: Olof Olsson and the Early History of Lindsborg. Rock Island, Illinois, 1970. xiii, 138 p.

The biography of a prominent religious leader who migrated to the United States in 1869 and was largely instrumental in founding the Swedish community in Smoky Valley, Kansas. A translation, Drömmen om en dal, by Henry Bengston, was published in Karlstad, Sweden, in 1970.

LUEBKE, FREDERICK C. Immigrants and Politics: The Germans of Nebraska, 1880—1900. Lincoln, Nebraska, 1969. viii, 220 p.

Reviewed in the American Historical Review, December, 1970.

MALMBERG, CARL. America Is Also Scandinavian. New York, 1970. 128 p.

One of a series published by Putnam’s, this volume deals with Scandinavians in the United States.

Midboe Family History. Hatton, North Dakota, 1969. 64 p.

The family of Torger O. and Sigrid Midbo, immigrants from Telemark, Norway, in 1859.

MUNCH, HELENE AND PETER A., trs. and eds. The Strange American Way: Letters of Caja Munch . . . Carbondale, Illinois, 1970. 288 p.

The letters of Caja Munch and her husband, the Reverend Johan Storm Munch, minister of the Lutheran church in Wiota, Wisconsin, 1855—1859, translated by their grandson and his wife. The volume also includes excerpts from Pastor Munch’s autobiography and an essay by Professor P. A. Munch entitled "Social Class and Acculturation."

NAESS, HAROLD. Knut Hamsun og Amerika. Oslo, 1969. 282 p.

A discussion of Hamsun’s attitude toward the United States and of possible American influences upon the Norwegian author. [261]

NILSEN, FRIDA R., tr. and ed. Letters of Longing: The Story of a Trans-Atlantic Courtship. Minneapolis, 1970. 135 p.

Love letters of the Reverend Ole Nilsen of Northwood, Iowa, and his future wife, who was still in Europe, 1881—1882.

NlLSSON, FRED. Emigrationen från Stockholm till Nord Amerika 1830—1893. Stockholm, 1970. 391 p.

This volume deals with emigration from Stockholm to the United States in the nineteenth century. It is the first volume to be published in a research program, Sweden and America after 1860. Included is a summary in English.

NORGORG, SVERRE. An American Saga. Minneapolis, 1970. 232 p.

A history of the Sons of Norway Association on the occasion of its seventy-fifth anniversary.

---------- Hans Nielsen Hauge 1804—1814. Oslo, 1970.

The second volume of a biography of the famous Norwegian religious leader. His followers founded Hauge’s Synod, 1875—1917, one of the largest church organizations established by Norwegians in America.

Nordic Emigration. Uppsala, Sweden, 1970.

A report of a research conference held at Uppsala in September, 1969, containing a review of problems related to sources, statistics, and theories of migration, especially in Sweden.

Norwegian Texans, The. San Antonio, 1970. 32 p.

This pamphlet is one of a series published by the University of Texas Institute of Texan Cultures. Illustrated.

OLSSON, NILS WM. Swedish Passenger Arrivals in New York, 1820—1850. Chicago, 1967. xix, 391 p.

A carefully documented work analyzing the entry of more than 4,000 Swedish immigrants into the United States during the first half of the nineteenth century.

RIPPLEY, LA VERN J. Of German Ways. Minneapolis, 1970. 301 p.

A discussion of the pattern of life of the German people, both in Europe and America. This book is one of a series including Of Norwegian Ways by Bent Vanberg and Of Swedish Ways by Lilly Lorénzen.

RUNEBY, NILS. Den nya världen och den gamla: Amerikabild och emigrationsuppfattning i Sverige 1820—1860. Uppsala, Sweden, 1969. 501 p.

A study of Swedish views of the United States and of emigration during the four decades preceding the Civil War.

SMITE, GIBBS M. Joe Hill. Salt Lake City, 1969.

Biography of a famous Swedish-born labor leader and song writer for the International Workers of the World. [262]

SVARE, BJARNE. Thorstein B. Veblen: Em norsk-amerikansk pioneerimoderne samfundsvitskap. Oslo, 1970. 111 p.

A discussion of the life and theories of the famous Norwegian-American social philosopher.

VANBERG, BENT. Of Norwegian Ways. Minneapolis, 1970. 221 p.

A lighthearted discussion of Norwegians on both sides of the Atlantic. This volume is one in a series including Of Swedish Ways by Lilly Lorénzen and Of German Ways by La Vern J. Rippley.

WIDEN, ALBIN. Amandus Johnson, Svenskamerikan: En levnadsteckning. Stockholm, 1970.

The biography of a man who spent most of his life working in the field of Swedish immigrant history, from the founding of New Sweden on the Delaware River in 1638 to the present.


ANDERSON, HARRY H. Gustav Unonius and the Episcopal Mission to the Scandinavians. Milwaukee County Historical Society, Historical Messenger, June, 1970.

Treats of the work of the famous Swedish pioneer pastor among his countrymen at Pine Lake, Wisconsin, and among the Norwegians at Ashippun, Wisconsin.

Andrew Rowberg, Former Minnesota Newspaper Editor, Dies. Minnesota Posten, December 11, 1969.

The obituary of a journalist from Northfield, Minnesota, who did valuable work for the Norwegian-American Historical Association, especially in the field of genealogy.

ARESTAD, SVERRE. Hamsun and America. Norwegian-American Studies, 24: 148—192 (1970).

A translation, with introductory essay, of five short stories setting forth in fictional form some of Kant Hamsun’s experiences in the United States.

BENSON, THOMAS I. Gold, Salt Air, and Callouses. Norwegian-American Studies, 24: 193—220 (1970).

Norwegians in California in the period between 1850 and 1900.

Borlaugs "revolusjon" mot hunger-spøkelset. Minnesota Posten, November 5, 1970.

Among many articles which have appeared about Norman Borlaug, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, this one, published first in the New York Times, was later printed by Aftenposten in Oslo. [263]

Borlaug som fredsprisvinner. Vinland (Chicago), October 29, 1970.

Reprint of an article first appearing in Nationen, Oslo newspaper, in which the Nobel prize winner is eulogized for his work in promoting peace.

CLAUSEN, C. A. AND HVANSTAD, PER, eds, and trs. The Letters of Mons H. Grinager: Pioneer and Soldier. Norwegian-American Studies, 24:29—77 (1970).

The experiences of a young American immigrant from the time of his arrival in America in 1853 until ten years later, when he is a captain in the Union army.

DAHLIE, JORGEN. Old World Paths in the New. Pacific Northwest Quarterly, 61:65—71 (April, 1970).

Scandinavian immigrants to the state of Washington found a familiar environment on the farms, in the forests, and on the sea.

ECKSTEIN, NEIL T. The Social Criticism of Ole Edvart Rølvaag. Norwegian-American Studies, 24:112—136 (1970).

Ett århundrede i sang. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 63: 136—137 (July, 1970).

The Norwegian Singers Union, the oldest Norwegian chorus in America, celebrated its centennial in October, 1970.

Etter 60 Ar i Winnipeg flytter avisen Norrøna til Vancouver B.C. Nordisk Tidende, July 23, 1970.

After being published for sixty years in Winnipeg, Norrøna, the only extant Norwegian-Canadian newspaper, has been moved to Vancouver.

EVANS, EYVIND J. Lynvisitt hos Simon Johnson. Minnesota Posten, December 25, 1969.

A visit with Simon Johnson, "the prairie poet," one of the best-known Norwegian-American literary figures. The interview took place just before Johnson died at the age of ninety.

---------- Norsk-amerikanske lyrikere: Kjente og minder kjente. Minnesota Posten.

The corresponding editor of Minnesota Posten has recently contributed nearly every week an article about a Norwegian-American author who has won some degree of acceptance as a lyric poet. The series began with the October, 1969, issue of the paper.

FJELDE, PAUL. The Sculpture of Paul Fjelde. National Sculpture Review. Fall, 1969.

A discussion of the sculpture of a noted Norwegian-American artist.

FOLKEDAHL, BEULAH. From the Archives. Norwegian-American Studies, 24:278-283 (1970). [264]

---------- Some Recent Publications. Norwegian-American Studies, 24:9235-277 (1970).

HAMBRO, JOHAN. The Norsemen’s Federation. American-Scandinavian Review, 57:393-396 (Winter, 1969—1970).

A report of the work of Nordmanns-Forbundet, the association which serves as a bond among Norwegians in all parts of the world.

HAMRE, JAMES S. A Thanksgiving Day Address by Georg Sverdrup. Norwegian-American Studies, 24: 137—147 (1970).

Translation of a sermon by a famous Norwegian-American church leader and one-time president of Augsburg College.

---------- Georg Sverdrup Concerning Luther’s Principles in America. Concordia Historical Institute, Quarterly, 43: 15—22 (St. Louis, February, 1970).

A discussion of theological and political views held by Georg Sverdrup, noted theologian.

HATLEN, L. CARSTEN. Et kirkejubileum. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 63: 109—110 (June, 1970).

An article about the centennial celebration of church services among Norwegians in San Francisco.

HAUGEN, EINAR. Thor Helgeson: Schoolmaster and Raconteur. Norwegian-American Studies, 24:3-28 (1970).

Account of a gifted teacher, storyteller, and folklorist of the early Norwegian settlement in Waupaca, Wisconsin.

HOOVER, KNIGHT. Norwegians in New York. Norwegian-American Studies, 24:221-234 (1970).

The origin, present status, and possible future of the Norwegian colony in New York City and Brooklyn.

HVAMSTAD, PER. Pioneren Peder Borderud og hans "log cabin." Aarbok for Glaamdalen, 11—22 (Elverum, Norway, 1967).

The story of Peder Borderud, whose North Dakota log cabin forms the nucleus of the pioneer division at the outdoor museum on Bygdøy, near Oslo.

ISAKSSON, OLOV. Bishop Hill. American-Scandinavian Review, 58: 117—128 (June, 1970).

An article about the communal settlement of Bishop Hill, Illinois, founded by Swedish immigrants in 1846.

KNAPLUND, PAUL. H. Tambs Lyche: Propagandist for America. Norwegian-American Studies, 24: 102—111 (1970).

Deals with a young civil engineer, magazine editor, and Unitarian minister, who was instrumental in improving the image of America in Norway. [265]

KILDAL, ARNE. Nordmenn jeg møtte i Amerika: Kirkeledere. Minnesota Posten, December 4, 1969.

A discussion of the work of two prominent church leaders: Johan Arnd Aasgaard and Hermann E. Jorgensen.

---------- Nordmenn jeg møtte i Amerika: Vitenskapsmenn. Minnesota Posten, November 20, 1969.

An appraisal of the scholarly contributions of Theodore C. Blegen and Einar Haugen.

LØVOLL, ODD SVERRE. The Norwegian Press in North Dakota. Norwegian-American Studies, 24: 78—101 (1970).

A digest of an unpublished master’s thesis in 1969 at the University of North Dakota, this article discusses the fortunes of the more than fifty Norwegian-American newspapers published in North Dakota between 1878 and 1955.

MALLACHY, STANLEY. Red Kate O’Hare Comes to Madison: The Politics of Free Speech. Wisconsin Magazine of History, 53:204—222 (Spring, 1970).

Governor John J. Blame and William T. Evjue strike a blow for freedom of speech.

NARVESTAD, CARL T. AND AMY. The Bygdelags of Norse America. American-Scandinavian Review, 58:376—379 (Winter, 1970— 1971).

The history of the bygdelag among Norwegian Americans and the prospect for their future.

NELSON, PEDER H. Den lange veien over prærien. Decorah-Posten, December 31, 1970.

Founding the first Norwegian settlement in South Dakota in 1873.

---------- Hadelendinger i Canada. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 63:62— 63 (March-April, 1970).

Tells the story of the first Norwegian settlement in the province of Saskatchewan by immigrants from Hadeland.

---------- Immigrantdikteren: Ole E. Rølvaags norske nybyggerromaner ble klassisk litteratur. Nord-Norge, 212: 16—18 (December, 1969).

Rølvaag’s Norwegian pioneer novels have become classics.

---------- Norge i Nord Dakota: PA Oppdagerferd med Erik Bye og hans TV-team. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 63:87—97 (May, 1970).

Account of a trip by Erik Bye and his assistants to Norwegian communities in North Dakota for the purpose of gathering material for the Norwegian television network. [266]

OLEKSY, WALTER. Old Norway in the Midwest. New York Times, May 10, 1970.

An article about Nissedal, "Little Norway," a folk museum near Mount Horeb, Wisconsin.

Settlementet i Bella Coola: En norsk bygd i Canada grunnlagt i 1894. Nord-Norge, 212:8-10 (December, 1969).

Story of the foundation of an early Norwegian settlement in British Columbia.

SØYLAND, CARL. Dypt rinner fedrenearven i de norsk-amerikanske slekter i U.S. Nordisk Tidende, January 15, 1970.

An interview with Dr. O. Myking Mehus, educator and president of Hallinglaget, including a discussion of the culture and traditions of Norwegian Americans.

---------- Sons of Norway er 75 Ar. Nordisk Tidende, January 15, 1970.

Historical sketch of the Sons of Norway lodges founded seventy-five years ago.

VECOLI, RUDOLPH J. The Immigration Studies Collection of the University of Minnesota. American Archivist, 32:139—145 (April, 1969).

The collection concentrates on materials from central and eastern European countries, with some records from Finland.



Erik J. Friis. The Scandinavian of the Month: Richard Beck. Scandinavian-American Bulletin, December, 1970.

A tribute to the Icelandic-American professor and poet who served as head of the Scandinavian department at the University of North Dakota, 1929—1967.


Erik J. Friis. The Scandinavian of the Month: Magnus Bjorndal. Scandinavian-American Bulletin, March, 1970.

An article about the late founder of Tech Laboratories, Palisades Park, New Jersey, and president of the Norwegian-American Historical Association.


Johan Waage. Emigrantfartens skarpseilere. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 63:239—240 (December, 1970).

The story of a Norwegian shipbuilder, who helped revolutionize emigrant transportation with his full-rigged ships. [267]


Erik J. Friis. The Scandinavian of the Month: Oscar J. Falnes. Scandinavian-American Bulletin, May, 1970.

Sketch of a professor emeritus of history at New York University, who has written extensively in the field of Scandinavian history and who performed distinguished service for the relief and rehabilitation program of the United Nations.


Chicago's Rasmus Harr. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 63: 163—164 (August-September, 1970).

A brief article about a man who has been an influential leader among Norwegian Americans in Chicago.


C. W. Schevenius. John Heitman. Minnesota Posten, September 17, 1970.

Tribute to a man who gained fame as a poet and leader among Norwegian Americans.


Lars Kleivan. Sagn-Omsust Canada-nordmann. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 63: 161—163 (August-September, 1970).

Sketch of an almost legendary figure who was largely instrumental in bringing the sport of skiing to Canada.


Erik J. Friis. The Scandinavian of the Month: Arthur Landfors. Scandinavian-American. Bulletin, August, 1970.

Treats of a Swedish-American poet who is widely admired both in America and in his homeland.


Eyvind J. Evans. Penn Skudd: Torkjel Landsverk. Minnesota Posten, April 9, 1970.

An article about a farmer in southern Minnesota who achieved fame among Norwegian Americans as a poet, sculptor, and painter.


Nancy Eubank. The Lindberghs: Three Generations. Gopher Historian, Spring, 1970.

Charles A. Lindbergh and his forefathers.


Erling Innvik. Peder H. Nelson fylder 70 aar. Decorah-Posten, April 16, 1970.

A tribute to the editor of Hallingen. [268]


Peder H. Nelson. 71 aars prestegjerning. Decorah-Posten, August 20, 1970.

A brief account of the work of a centenarian who has served as pastor, editor, and director of charities in Northwood, North Dakota.


Carl Søyland. Lege og billedhugger. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 63: 133—134 (July, 1970).

Sketch of a prominent New York surgeon who has won laurels as a sculptor.


Arne Kildal. Nordmenn jeg møtte i Amerika. Minnesota Posten, January 29, 1970.

The life and literary works of a distinguished Norwegian-born author.


Erik J. Friis. The Scandinavian of the Month: Per Prag. Scandinavian-American Bulletin, February, 1970.

The career of the director of the Norwegian Travel Association, New York.


Centennial Article. F. A. Schmidt. Luther Theological Seminary Review, 8: 19—27 (November, 1969).

The work of a theologian who played a prominent part in Norwegian-American Lutheranism during the latter part of the nineteenth century.


Trønderen som ble mester-tunnelbygger. Decorah-Posten, December 18, 1969.

Article about an immigrant from Trondheim who became a world-famous builder of tunnels.


Arne Kildal. Nordmenn jeg møtte i Amerika. Minnesota Posten, October 30, 1969.

An appreciative account of a Norwegian American who served with distinction as American minister to Norway for eleven years.


Lawrence M. Stavig. A Giant in the Earth. Augustana College Alumnus, November, 1969.

Tribute to the man who served as president of Augustana College, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, from 1892 to 1918. [269]


Arne Kildal. Nordmenn jeg møtte i Amerika. Minnesota Posten, January 22, 1970.

Sketch of a well-known Minneapolis lawyer and judge.


Johan Waage. Pioneer i Alaska. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 63: 158—160 (August-September, 1970).

An account of the Alaskan aviator who started as a bush pilot and became one of the founders of Wien Alaska Airways.

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