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    by Knut Gjerset and Ludvig Hektoen (Volume 25: Page 276)

Mr. Odd Sverre Løvoll, who is currently teaching Norwegian in St. Olaf College, is writing a doctoral dissertation in history at the University of Minnesota on the bygdelag movement. He earned a master of arts degree in the University of North Dakota.

The late Professor David T. Nelson was for many years chairman of the department of English in Luther College, where he also served for a time as acting president. He was a long-time member of the associationís executive board, which he served as vice president at the time of his death.

Mr. Arne Hassing, presently studying in Norway, is a candidate for the Ph.D. degree in religion (the history of Christianity) at Northwestern University. His contribution originated as a history seminar paper under Professor Franklin D. Scott.

Professor Kenneth O. Bjork is acting chairman of the department of history in St. Olaf College and editor for the Norwegian-American Historical Association. He is writing a history of Norwegian migrations in North America after 1893.

Dr. C. A. Clausen, emeritus professor of history in St. Olaf College and a member of the associationís board of publications, has contributed numerous articles to the Studies series and has edited several books for the NAHA. He is preparing a volume on Norwegian Americans in the Civil War.

Judge Derwood Johnson, a member of the associationís executive board, presides over the seventy-fourth district court in Waco, Texas. Intensely interested in the Norwegian element in his state, he has translated J. R. Reiersenís early description of Texas and has contributed many documents to our archives.

Dr. Richard L. Canuteson, professor emeritus of education, State University College in Brockport, New York, has completed a study of Lars Larson originally suggested to him by the late Theodore C. Blegen. He resides in Orleans County, near the site of the early Norwegian settlement at Kendall.

Professor Sverre Arestad teaches Scandinavian languages and Scandinavian and comparative literature in the University of Washington. He has contributed to previous volumes of Studies and is presently writing what we hope will be future association publications.

Dr. J. C. K. Preus, who was ordained into the ministry in 1905, served for a quarter-century as executive secretary of the Board of College Education of the former Evangelical Lutheran Church. He has written or edited a number of books about Norwegian immigrants and their pioneer church, sometimes in co-operation with his wife. He recently observed his ninetieth birthday.

Professor Gerhard B. Naeseth is associate director of the University of Wisconsin Library, Madison, and chairman of the Church Council of the American Lutheran Church. He has an active interest in the Norwegian immigrants before 1851 and is preparing a volume about them.

The late Miss Beulah Folkedahl was custodian of the associationís archives. She contributed to recent volumes of Studies and began the series "From the Archives." This volume is dedicated to her memory in appreciation of many years of devoted service to the organization.



Gunnar Gundersen, LaCrosse, Wisconsin, President

Roy N. Thorshov, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Vice President

Norman O. Olson, Chicago, Illinois, Treasurer

Lloyd Hustvedt, Northfield, Minnesota, Secretary and Archivist

Oscar A. Anderson, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Leonard W. Arentsen, Chicago, Illinois

Sverre Arestad, Seattle, Washington

Henning C. Boe, Seattle, Washington

John Christianson, Decorah, Iowa

Arthur O. Davidson, Staten Island, New York

Reidar Dittmann, Northfield, Minnesota

Truman Eddy, Chicago, Illinois

Richard W. Giere, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Gunnar E. Gunderson, Chicago, Illinois

Severin A. Haram, New York, New York

J. Bernard Jacobsen, Chicago, Illinois

Derwood Johnson, Waco, Texas

Norma Arnesen Knutson, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ole G. Landsverk, Glendale, California

Rolf A. Syrdal, Decorah, Iowa

Norman Wigeland, Evanston, Illinois

Harry J. Williams, Kenilworth, Illinois

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