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Some Recent Publications
    compiled by C. A. Clausen (Volume 26: Page 242)


ALBRECHT, ESTHER A. Riders of the North Star. New York, 1970. 210 pp.

A fictionalized story of Swedes migrating to America during and after the mid-nineteenth century.

ANDERSON, CHARLES H. White Protestant Americans: From National Origins to Religious Group. Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, 1970. xx, 188 pp.

A volume in the Ethnic Groups in American Life Series published by Prentice Hall.

BEIJBOM, ULF. Swedes in Chicago: A Demographic and Social Study of the 1846—1880 Immigration. Chicago, 1971. 381 pp.

BJORK, KENNETH O., ed. Norwegian-American Studies, vol. 25. Northfield, 1972. 293 pp.

Published by the Norwegian-American Historical Association. The contents of the volume are listed individually by authors in the section on articles.

BROMWELL, WILLIAM J. History of Immigration to the United States Exhibiting the Number, Sex, Age, Occupation and Country of Birth of Passengers Arriving from Foreign Countries by Sea, 1819 to 1855. New York, 1969. 225 pp. A reprint.

CARLSSON, STEN. Skandinaviska politiker i Minnesota 1882—1900: En studie rörande den etniska faktorens roll vid politiska vat i en immigrantstat. Uppsala, Sweden, 1970. 58 pp.

The role played by the ethnic factor in Minnesota politics during the period 1882—1900.

CHRISLOCK, CARL H. The Progressive Era in Minnesota, 1899— 1918. St. Paul, 1971. 242 pp.

Though not directly concerned with the subject of immigration, this book deals extensively with the participation of various ethnic groups (Norwegians, Swedes, Germans) in Minnesota politics.

DINNERSTEIN, L., and JAKER, F. C. The Aliens: A History of Ethnic Minorities in America. New York, 1970. 347 pp.

Included is an essay by the late George M. Stephenson on the Scandinavians in the United States.

DRACHE, HIRAM M. The Challenge of the Prairie: Life and Times of Red River Pioneers. Fargo, North Dakota, 1970. xiii, 360 pp.

An economic and social history of the pioneers who settled in the Red River Valley of Dakota and Minnesota.

FRANK, LOUIS F., and ANDERSON, HARRY H., eds. German-American Pioneers in Wisconsin and Michigan: The Frank-Kerler Letters, 1849—1864. Milwaukee, 1971. xxiv, 600 pp.

A treasure house of "America letters" which throws light on German immigration to various parts of Wisconsin and Michigan. Translated by Margaret Wolff.

HILLBRAND, PERCIE V. The Norwegians in America. Minneapolis, 1967. 80 pp.

A survey of the contributions made by Norwegian immigrants and their descendants to American life. Intended for young readers.

HVIDT, KRISTIAN. Flugten til Amerika: Eller drivkræfter i masseudvandringen fra Danmark 1865—1914. Aarhus, Denmark, 1971. 557 pp.

A thorough analysis of the "push and the pull" influencing Danish migration to America and other countries. Reviewed by Kenneth 0. Bjork in American Historical Review, February, 1973.

IORIZZO, LUCAINO J., and MONDELLO, SALVATORE. The Italian-Americans. New York, 1971. 273 pp.

An attempt to give a comprehensive survey of the history of Italians in America.

JALKANEN, RALPH J., ed. The Faith of the Finns. East Lansing, Michigan, 1972. 360 pp.

A history of the Finnish-American church.

JENSEN, RICHARD. The Winning of the Midwest: Social and Political Conflict, 1888—1896. Chicago, 1971. xviii, 357 pp.

Emphasizes ethnic and religious forces in Midwestern politics.

KLEPPNER, PAUL. The Cross of Culture: A Social Analysis of Midwestern Politics, 1850—1900. New York, 1970. x, 402 pp.

An analysis which stresses the "immigrant vote."

LINDMARK, STURE. Swedish America, 1914-1932: Studies in Ethnicity with Emphasis on Illinois and Minnesota. Chicago, 1971. 360 pp.

An analysis of forces working for and against the Americanization of Swedish immigrants in the United States during the period 1914—1932.

LINDQUIST, EMORY. An Immigrant’s Two Worlds: A Biography of Hjalmar Edgren. Rock Island, Illinois, 1972. x, 97 pp.

The biography of a famous Swedish linguist who divided his time between his native land and the United States.

LJUNGMARK, LARS. For Sale: Minnesota. Gothenburg and Chicago, 1971. 304 pp.

An account of the organized promotion of Scandinavian immigration, especially during the period 1866—1873.

MANNSAKER, JØRUND. Emigrasjon og dikting: Utvandringa til Nord-Amerika i skjønlitteratur. Oslo, 1971. 358 pp.

Norwegian migration to America as reflected in Norwegian literature.

MATTILA, WALTER. Finns and Finnicans: An Oregon Finntown Novel. Portland, Oregon, 1972.

A novelized account of the Finnish Americans in Astoria, Oregon.

NÆSS, HAROLD S., and SKARD, SIGMUND, eds. American Norvegica, Vol. 3: Studies in Scandinavian-American Interrelations. Oslo, 1971. 390 pp.

A series of essays published in honor of Professor Einar Haugen. The pertinent contributions are listed individually by authors in the section on articles.

NILSSON, FRED. Emigrationen från Stockholm til Nordamerika 1880—1893: En studie i urban utvandring. Uppsala, Sweden, 1970. 392 pp.

Emigration from Stockholm to North America, 1880—1893. A study in urban emigration.

NOVOTNY, ANN. Strangers at the Door. Riverside, Connecticut, 1972. 160 pp.

A vivid account of immigrant arrivals at the old Castle Garden and at Ellis Island in New York.

PRPIC, GEORGE J. The Croatian Immigrants in America. New York, 1971. xiii, 519 pp.

REIGSTAD, PAUL. Rølvaag: His Life and Art. Lincoln, Nebraska, 1972. 160 pp.

RØLVAAG, OLE E. The Third Life of Per Smevik. Minneapolis, 1971.

A translation of Rølvaag’s "Amerika breve" by his daughter and granddaughter.

SCHELBERT, LEO. New Glarus: The Making of a Swiss American Town. Glarus, Wisconsin, 1970.

SHEPPERSON, WILBUR S. Restless Strangers: Nevada’s Immigrants and Their Interpreters. Reno, 1970. xiv, 287 pp.

Immigration as reflected in literature.

SHIELDS, JAMES M. Mr. Progressive: A Biography of Elmer A. Benson. Minneapolis, 1971. 346 pp.

A study of the controversial political leader who played an important part in Minnesota public life during the 1930s and 1940s.

SMITH, GEORGE T. A Young Dane Finds His Promised Land. New York, 1970. 117 pp.

The autobiography of a Danish immigrant who left his native country in 1883 and settled in the Midwest to become a banker and businessman in Minnesota’s Twin-City area.

STINE, THOMAS O. Scandinavians on the Pacific Puget Sound. [Seattle?], 1900.

Reproduced by R and E Research Associates, San Francisco, 1968. 208 pp.

TAYLOR, PHILIP. The Distant Magnet: European Emigration to the U.S.A. New York, 1971. xvi, 326 pp.

A good general survey by an English scholar.

VANDERHILL, C. WARREN. Settling the Great Lakes Frontier: Immigration to Michigan, 1837—1924. Lansing, 1970. ix, 96 pp.

Deals with Canadian, German, Cornish, Irish, and Scandinavian migration to Michigan from the beginning of statehood to the era of national restrictive immigration policies.

WEFALD, JON. A Voice of Protest: Norwegians in American Politics, 1890—1917. Northfield, 1971. 94 pp.

An attempt to prove that Norwegian Americans stood consistently left of center in their political outlook and action during the period studied.

WESTBY, GEORGE, and WESTBY, MILDRED GJERDRUM. "Chronicles of the Jacob and Marit Elefson Ancestors and Descendants, 1600—1972." Cresskill, New Jersey, 1971. 160 pp.

A typed paperback book dealing with the family of the Elefsons who came to the United States about 1850.

WHEELER, THOMAS C., ed. The Immigrant Experience. New York, 1971. 212 pp.

Chapter 3, by Eugene Boe, is entitled "Pioneers to Eternity: Norwegians on the Prairie."

ZIELONKA, DAVID M., and WECHMAN, ROBERT J. The Eager Immigrants: A Survey of the Life and Americanization of Jewish Immigrants to the United States. Champaign, Illinois, 1972. iii, 103 pp.

This slender volume is listed as "a primer."


ARESTAD, SVERRE. Ibsen in Seattle. Norwegian-American Studies, 25:167—85 (1972).

A discussion of the interest in Ibsen among Norwegian Americans and other citizens of Seattle.

BERG, GUNNAR. Forbundet i Canada. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 65:173—74 (August—September, 1972).

BERGENDOFF, CONRAD. On the Fortieth Anniversary of the Augustana Historical Society. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 4:202—11 (1971).

An account of the aims and activities of a well-known Swedish-American historical society.

BJORK, KENNETH O. Bella Coola. Americana Norvegica, 3:195—222 (1971).

A Norwegian settlement in British Columbia.

---------- The Founding of the Quatsino Colony. Norwegian-American Studies, 25:80—104 (1972).

A discussion of the founding of a Norwegian "colony" in British Columbia in the late 1890s.

BUROKER, ROBERT L. From Voluntary Association to Welfare State: The Illinois Immigrants’ Protective League, 1908—1926. Journal of American History, 58:643—60 (December, 1971).

A discussion of an organization giving aid to immigrants in the state of Illinois during the period indicated.

CARLSSON, STEN. Scandinavian Politicians in Minnesota around the Turn of the Century. Americana Norvegica, 3:237—71 (1971).

CHRISTIANSEN, ALFRED. Scandinavians and the New Zion in the West. American-Scandinavian Review, 60:263—71 (September, 1972).

A discussion of the Scandinavian migration to Utah both from the "old countries" and from settlements in the Middle West.

CLAUSEN, C.A., and JOHNSON, DERWOOD. Norwegian Soldiers in the Confederate Forces. Norwegian-American Studies, 25:105— 41 (1972).

A collection of letters written by Norwegian soldiers serving in various Texas regiments during the "War between the States."

EITINGER, LEO. Immigranters psykologiske problemer. Samtiden, 81:483—95 (1972).

An analysis of the psychological problems of immigrants.

ELOVSON, HAROLD. August Strindberg and Emigration to America until ca. 1890. Americana Norvegica, 3:129—52 (1971).

FOLKEDAUL, BEULAH, and CLAUSEN, C.A. From the Archives. Norwegian-American Studies, 25:270—75 (1972).

Brief descriptions of materials acquired by the archives of the Norwegian-American Historical Association during the years 1970—1972.

---------- Some Recent Publications. Norwegian-American Studies, 25:258—69 (1972).

List of books, pamphlets, and articles published during 1967—1970.

FRIIS, ERIK J. The Cleng Peerson Memorial Institute. Scandinavian-American Bulletin, No. 11, 1—2 (November, 1972).

An institute honoring Cleng Peerson has been founded under the auspices of George Joa in Stavanger for the purpose of gathering all available material dealing with emigration from Norway.

GAGE, GENE G. Scandinavian Studies in the United States. American-Scandinavian Review, 60:153—56 (June, 1972).

Studies at American colleges and universities.

GALLAWAY, LOWELL E., and VEDDER, R. Emigration from the United Kingdom to the United States: 1860—1913. Journal of Economic History, 31:885—97 (December, 1971).

GLASS, DUDLEY, Norge "Down Under." Nordmanns-Forbundet, 64:207—209 (October, 1971).

Some Norwegian contributions to Australian development.

---------- Scandinavian Builders of Australia. American-Scandinavian Review, 60:28—36 (March, 1972).

HAHN, HARLAN. Ethnic Politics and Racial Issues: Voting in Los Angeles [1969]. Western Political Quarterly, 29:719—30 (December, 1971).

HANSEN, H. N. An Account of a Mormon Family’s Conversion to the Religion of the Latter Day Saints and of Their Trip from Denmark to Utah. Annals of Iowa (Fall, 1971).

HASSING, ARNE. Norway’s Organized Response to Emigration. Norwegian-American Studies, 25:54—79 (1972).

A study of Norwegian reaction to emigration from about 1866 to 1914.

HATLEN, L. CARSTEN. Samlingssted ved Golden Gate. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 65:199-200 (October, 1972).

A Norwegian club in San Francisco is seventy-five years old.

HAUGEN, HELLICK O. Pioneer of the West. The Norseman, no. 8, 72—75 (1972).

A festival honors Snowshoe Thompson, one of Telemark’s legendary sons as a highlight in a colorful program during July and August, 1972.

---------- Telemark-festivalen hylder Snowshoe Thompson. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 65:118—21 (June, 1972).

The legendary Snowshoe Thompson is honored in Telemark, in his native valley.

HEDBLOM, FOLKE. Place-Names in Immigrant Communities. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 33:246—60 (October, 1972).

Deals especially with Swedish place-names but also touches on those left by other ethnic groups.

HUSTVEDT, LLOYD. The Norwegian-American Historical Association and Its Antecedents. Americana Norvegica, 3:294—306 (1971).

Kan du glemme? Nordmanns-Forbundet, 64:251—52 (December, 1971).

An article about Norwegian-American "national songs."

KOPAS, CLIFF. The Bella Coola Norwegians. Sons of Norway Viking, 69:298-99 (October, 1972).

Story of a Norwegian colony in British Columbia.

LANG, HELMER. Moberg, the Emigrant Saga and Reality. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 33:3—24 (January, 1972).

An analysis of Vilhelm Moberg’s famous novels about immigrants.

LØVOLL, ODD S. North Dakota’s Norwegian-Language Press Views World War I, 1914—1917. North Dakota Quarterly, 39:73—84 (Winter, 1971).

An analysis of the attitude of the papers Fram and Normanden toward the belligerents prior to America’s entry into the war.

---------- The Bygdelag Movement. Norwegian-American Studies, 25:3—26 (1972).

An introductory chapter to a prospective general study of the bygdelag movement among Norwegian Americans.

MILLER, A. H. Ethnicity and Political Behavior: A Review of Theories and an Attempt at Reformation. Western Political Quarterly, 24:483—500 (September, 1971).

MILLER, KENNETH E. Louis Pio and Danish Settlements in America. American-Scandinavian Review, 59:278—85 (September, 1971).

An account of the Danish socialist leader’s attempt to found settlements in the American West during the 1870s.

NAESETH, GERHARD B. The 1842 Immigrants from Norway. Norwegian-American Studies, 25:225—57 (1972).

A careful search for the identity of Norwegian immigrants listed with ships arriving in American harbors in 1842.

NELSON, PEDER. Gran Kirke i Minnesota. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 64:86—87 (May, 1971).

The story of a Norwegian church in Clay County, Minnesota.

---------- Menighet pa prærien Nordmanns-Forbundet, 65:204—205 (October, 1972).

The Aal church near Hillsboro, North Dakota, the oldest Norwegian congregation in the state, celebrates its centennial.

---------- Norges ambassadør fra Wisconsin. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 64:210—11 (October, 1971).

Introducing the famed folk dancers from Stoughton, Wisconsin.

---------- Pionerene ved Lake Hendricks. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 64:70—71 (March—April, 1971).

One of the first Norwegian settlements in South Dakota.

---------- Skandinavisk hus ved universitetet i Nord Dakota. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 64:139—40 (July, 1971).

A Scandinavian cultural center founded at the University of North Dakota.

---------- "Vesle Norge" i Wisconsin. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 65:38— 40 (February, 1972).

An article about the famed "Little Norway" near Mount Horeb, Wisconsin.

PETERSON, D. A. From Ostergotland to Iowa. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 3:136-52 (July, 1971).

The reminiscences of a prominent Swedish immigrant who, as a young boy, came to America with his parents in 1849. A continuation of these reminiscences is found in the October, 1971, issue of Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly on pages 22 1—35.

PREUS, J. C. K. From Norwegian State Church to American Free Church. Norwegian-American Studies, 25:186-224 (1972).

A discussion of the problems encountered by Norwegian Lutheran immigrants in setting up congregations and denominations independent of the state.

QUALEY, CARLTON C. Diary of a Swedish Horticulturist, 1855— 1898. Minnesota History, 43:63-70 (Summer, 1972).

Analysis of a remarkable diary kept by a many-sided Swedish immigrant who settled in Carver County, Minnesota.

Reindeer from Norway to Rescue Miners in Alaska. Sons of Norway Viking, 69:48—49 (February, 1972).

Reindeer, gold, and Scandinavians in Alaska.

RISCHIN, MOSES. Immigration, Migration, and Minorities in California: A Reassessment. Pacific Historical Review, 41:71—90 (February, 1972).

SCOTT, FRANKLIN D. The Dual Heritage of the Scandinavian Immigrant. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 3:119—35 (July, 1971).

This article was also published in Americana Norvegica, 3:25—37 (1971).

SEYERSTED, PER. The Drooping Lily: H. H. Boyesen as an Early American Misogynist. Americana Norvegica, 3:74-87 (1971).

Certain ideas of a Norwegian novelist and educator who played a part in American literary life during the 1880s and 1890s.

SEMMINGSEN, INGRID. Family Emigration from Bergen 1874—82. Americana Norvegica, 3:38—63 (1971).

SVEINO, PER. Kristofer Janson and His American Experiences. Americana Norvegica, 3:88-104 (1971).

The experience of a Norwegian novelist and Unitarian pastor in America during the 1880s and 1890s.

SINDING-LARSEN, HENNING. Famous Member of a Famous Clan. The Norseman, No. 4, 9 1—93 (1972).

A second Gundersen clinic in the U.S.A.

THORKELSON, WILMAR. World Travelling Church Leader. The Norseman, No. 3, 63—65 (1971).

Dr. Fredrik Schiotz of the American Lutheran Church.

TOMASKE, J. A. The Determinants of Intercountry Emigration: 1881—1900. Journal of Economic History, 31:840—52 (December, 1971).

Torsk og stipendier. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 64:84—85 (May, 1971).

The Torskeklubb (Cod Club) in Minneapolis eats torsk, drinks akkevitt, and grants scholarships to Norwegian graduate students.

VAN CLEEF, EUGENE. The Finnish Immigrant: An American View. American-Scandinavian Review, 60:403—406 (1972).

Ygdrasils grønne ask i Wisconsin. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 65:34— 35 (February, 1972).

A Norwegian literary society in Madison, Wisconsin, celebrates its seventy-fifth anniversary.

Ygdrasil. Sons of Norway Viking, 69:73—74 (March, 1972). A Norwegian literary society in Madison, Wisconsin.



Alice Benson. Simon Benson: Northwest Lumber King. Sons of Norway Viking, 69:72 (March, 1972).

A poor Norwegian became the Northwest lumber king.


Larry Altman. Ben Eielson. Sons of Norway Viking, 69:296 (October, 1972).

The Norwegian-American "Lone Eagle of the North" opened Alaska for air traffic.


David T. Nelson. Knut Gjerset. Norwegian-American Studies, 25:27—53 (1972).

A biographical sketch of a leading Norwegian-American historian.


William W. Phillips. Growing Up with the Country. North Dakota Quarterly, 39:18—28 (Summer, 1971).

The early years of Asle Jorgenson Gronna, Norwegian-American political leader in North Dakota.


Erik J. Friis. The Scandinavian of the Month: Professor Einar Haugen. Scandinavian-American Bulletin, No. 10, 10—12 (October, 1971).

A brief biographical sketch of a prominent Norwegian-American linguist.


Erik J. Friis. The Scandinavian of the Month: B. John Heistein. Scandinavian-American Bulletin, No. 4, 10—12 (April, 1971).

Vice-president and general manager of the North American division of the Scandinavian Airlines System.


Arne Kildal. Torstein Jahr: A Norwegian-American Scholar. Americana Norvegica, 3:223—34 (1971).

A Torstein Jahr bibliography assembled by Thor M. Andersen is found on pages 135—36 of the same publication.


Olaf Kringhaug. The Colorful Story of Olaus Jeldnes. Sons of Norway Viking, 69:170 (May, 1972).

Deals with the Norwegian who introduced skiing in Canada.


Richard L. Canuteson. Lars and Martha Larson: We Do What We Can for Them. Norwegian-American Studies, 25:142—66 (1972).

The story of a "Slooper" couple whose home in Rochester, New York, aided countless Norwegian immigrants on their way west.


Erik J. Friis. The Scandinavian of the Month: John Litell. Scandinavian-American Bulletin, No. 9, 10—12 (September, 1972).

An article about a prominent engineer and leader in Norwegian-American relations.


Peder Nelson. Bernt Muus. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 65:147-48 (July, 1972).

The prairie pastor who founded St. Olaf College.


The Unelected President. The Norseman, No. 1, 14—17 (1971). A sketch of the life of Senator Knute Nelson.


Erik J. Friis. The Scandinavian of the Month: Dr. Kaare K. Nygaard. Scandinavian-American Bulletin, No. 6, 10—13 (June, 1971).

A Norwegian American who has gained prominence in the disparate fields of medicine and sculpture.


Nils Otto Tank. Sons of Norway Viking, 69:266—67 (September, 1972).

Probably the richest Norwegian immigrant in America. As a Moravian he had a great dream.


C. A. Clausen. The Lady with the Pen. Sons of Norway Viking, 69:11.

A brief biographical sketch of Elise Tvede Wærenskjold, famed pioneer woman in Texas.


Sigvald Stoylen. Dr. Mathilde Wergeland. Sons of Norway Viking, 69:368—69 (December, 1972).

A significant Norwegian-American professor and poetess.


Erik J. Frils. The Scandinavian of the Month: Aksel O. Winje. Scandinavian-American Bulletin, No. 7, 10—12 (July, 1972).

A leader in cultural and charitable activities among Norwegians in New York.

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