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 (Volume 26: Page 253)

Kenneth O. Bjork, professor of history in St. Olaf College, is president and editor of the Norwegian-American Historical Association.

Eva Lund Haugen of Belmont, Massachusetts, daughter of a former editor of Decorah-Posten and wife of Professor Einar Haugen, assisted in the preparation of her husband’s Norwegian-English dictionary.

Arvid Sandaker, a teacher at Slemmestad, Norway, has completed a history of emigration from Land, 1839—1915, which will be published as part of a work called Boka om Land.

Clarence A. Clausen is professor emeritus of history in St. Olaf College. He has translated and edited several books and written many articles for the Association.

Malcolm Rosholt of Rosholt, Wisconsin, a frequent contributor to Studies, translated J. W. C. Dietrichson’s "Travel Narrative," which recently appeared in A Pioneer Churchman.

Raychel A. Haugrud, a member of the department of English in Texas A and I University, Kingsville, has a special interest in American Studies.

Ethel J. Odegard has had a distinguished and varied career in nursing, most recently as executive secretary of the Nurses’ Examining Board, District of Columbia. She retired in 1957.

James S. Hamre of the department of religion in Waldorf College, Forest City, Iowa, is preparing a volume on Georg Sverdrup, prominent theologian and one-time president of Augsburg Seminary in Minneapolis.

Torben Krontoft, a graduate of the University of Copenhagen, is preparing a doctoral dissertation on the assimilation of Dutch and German immigrants in Michigan. He is currently studying at the University of Michigan.

Frank C. Nelsen is historian of cultural foundations in the School of Education at the University of Wisconsin—Milwaukee. He has a special interest in ethnic studies.

Helge Seljaas, a student at the University of Utah, is writing a master’s thesis on Mormon migration from Norway.

Rodney Nelson is a poet and novelist currently completing work for a B. A. degree at Mankato State College, Minnesota. He has written a novel, as yet unpublished, titled "The Informal Saga of Boots Brevik."




Kenneth O. Bjork, Northfield, Minnesota, President

Roy N. Thorshov, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Vice President

Leonard W. Arentsen, Chicago, Illinois, Treasurer

Lloyd Hustvedt, Northfield, Minnesota, Secretary and Archivist

Oscar A. Anderson, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sverre Arestad, Seattle, Washington

Henning C. Boe, Seattle, Washington

John Christianson, Decorah, Iowa

Arthur O. Davidson, Staten Island, New York

Reidar Dittmann, Northfield, Minnesota

Gunnar Gundersen, La Crosse, Wisconsin

J. Bernard Jacobsen, Chicago, Illinois

Derwood Johnson, Waco, Texas

Andrew A. Kindem, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Norma Arnesen Knutson, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Ole G. Landsverk, Rushford, Minnesota

Norman O. Olson, Chicago, Illinois

Rolf A. Syrdal, Cedar Falls, Iowa

Norman Wigeland, Evanston, Illinois

Harry J. Williams, Kenilworth, Illinois

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