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Some Recent Publications
    compiled by C.A. Clausen (Volume 27: Page 280)


ANDERSEN, ARLOW W. The Norwegian-Americans. Boston, 1975. 274 pp.
The varied experiences of the Norwegians in America since their first arrival in 1825. A volume in the Immigrant Heritage of America Series issued by Twayne Publishers, Inc.

ANDERSON, JAMES R. The Anderson Family, 1839-1973. Dodgeville, Wisconsin, 1973. 35 pp. Illustrated.
A genealogy tracing the family from its Norwegian roots to present-day life in Iowa County, Wisconsin.

BARTON, ARNOLD H. Letters from the Promised Land: Swedes in America, 1840-1914. Minneapolis, 1975. vi, 344 pp.
A wide variety of letters from Swedish immigrants in all parts of the United States, also some letters from immigrants who returned to Sweden.

BJORK, KENNETH O. and LOVOLL, ODD S. The Norwegian-American Historical Association, 1925-1975. Northfield, 1975. viii, 72 pp.
Brief history and appraisal of the Association during its first fifty years.

BJORK, KENNETH O., ed. Norwegian-American Studies, vol. 26. Northfield, 1974. 269 pp.
Published by the Norwegian-American Historical Association. The contents are listed individually by authors in the following section on articles. [281]

BRATTNE, BERIT. Bröderna Larsson: En studie i svensk emigrantverksamhet under 1880-talet. Uppsala, 1973. 298 pp.
A volume in the series of emigration studies at the University of Uppsala. It draws upon a variety of sources, but its core is furnished by the private archives of the five Larsson brothers who operated an emigration agency in Sweden during 1873-1914.

CLARK, DENNIS. The Irish in Philadelphia: Ten Generations of Urban Experience. Philadelphia, 1973. 246 pp.

COLEMAN, TERRY. Going to America. New York, 1972.317 pp.
Discussion of immigrant passage between English and North American ports during the years 1846-1855.

COOMBS, NORMAN. The Black Experience in America. Boston, 1972. 250 pp.
A comprehensive and sympathetic treatment of the Negro in America from colonial times to the present: his efforts at self-improvement and his struggle for civil rights; his achievements in music, literature, and art. A volume in the Immigrant Heritage of America Series issued by Twayne Publishers, Inc.

DAHLLOF, TELL G. I utvandrarnas spdr. Stockholm, 1975. 110 pp.
In the Footsteps of the Emigrants is a book dealing with all aspects of Swedish-American life. It is designed as a guide for study circles.

DAVIS, LAWRENCE. Immigrants, Baptists, and the Protestant Mind in America. Urbana, Illinois, 1973. 230 pp.

DE JONG, GERALD FRANCIS. The Dutch in America, 1609- 1974. Boston, 1975. 326 pp.
Traces the history of Dutch Americans, discussing why each wave of immigrants came, where they settled, their way of life, and their contributions to American development. A volume in the Immigrant Heritage of America Series issued by Twayne Publishers, Inc.

DIESETH, JOHN. The Life and Times of John Dieseth. Decorah, Iowa, 1974. Illustrated, privately printed. 247 pp.
The Norwegian boyhood and immigrant experiences of a road builder.

DINNERSTEIN, LEONARD and REIMERS, DAVID M. Ethnic Americans: A History of Immigration and Assimilation. New York, 1975. 184 pp.

DRAXTEN, NINA. Kristofer Janson in America. Boston, 1976. xii, 401 pp.
The third volume in the Norwegian-American Historical Association’s Authors Series. [282] It describes the labors of a Norwegian writer, Unitarian minister and lecturer among the Norwegian Americans of the Middle West during the 1880s and early 1890s.

ERICKSON, CHARLOTTE. Invisible Immigrants: The Adaptation of English and Scottish Immigrants in Nineteenth-Century America. Coral Gables, Florida, 1972. vi, 531 pp.

FEINGOLD, HENRY L. Zion in America. Boston, 1974, 357 pp.
History of American Jewry from colonial times to the present, “How the reciprocity between America and its Jews originated, developed, and progressed is the subject of this interesting new synthesis of American Jewish history.” A volume in the Immigrant Heritage of America Series issued by Twayne Publishers, Inc.
FOSS, PAUL E., ed. Norwegian-American Sesquicentennial, 1825-1975. Minneapolis, 1975. 64 pp.
A souvenir book containing articles and historical photographs relating to the sesquicentennial.

FRIIS, ERIK J., ed. The Scandinavian Presence in North America. New York, 1976. 266 pp.
Record of a conference of specialists in Scandinavian-American life, Minneapolis, May 2-3, 1973. Program concentrated on an analysis of Scandinavian and Finnish institutions and their likely future.
---------- They Came from Norway: A Sesquicentennial Review. New York, 1975. 112 pp.
Includes articles by Odd S. Lovoll, Peter A Munch, Kenneth O. Bjork, Einar Haugen, Carl Soyland, Kjell Jordheim, Sigurd Daasvand, Einar Bergh, and Knight E. Hoover.

GRIPENBERG, ALEXANDRA. Ett halvår i Nya Varlden: Strödda resbilder från Förenta Staterna. Helsingfors, 1973. 198 pp.
Haifa year in the New World: scattered travel impressions from the United States, as viewed by a Swedo-Finnish visitor in 1888. Edited by Olav Panelius.

HANDLIN, OSCAR. A Pictorial History of Immigration. New York, 1972. 352 pp.
A profusely illustrated history from the earliest times to the present.

HANSON, CORA MAEHLE. Family Trails. Muskegon, Michigan, 1973. 162 pp.
The story of the Kleven, Lexvold, Fossum, and Maehle families who emigrated from Trøndelag, Norway, to America. [283]

HASSELMO, NILS. Amerikasvenska: En bok om språkutveklingen i Svensk-Amerika. Stockholm, 1974. 324 pp.
A book about linguistic developments among Swedish Americans.

HASSING, ARNE. Methodism and Society in Norway: 1853- 1918. Ann Arbor, Michigan, 1974. 523 pp.
Xerox copy of a doctoral dissertation at Northwestern University.

HAUBERG, CLIFFORD A. Puerto Rico and the Puerto Ricans. Boston, 1974. 211 pp.
A discussion of life in Puerto Rico which led to the “Great Migration” to the United States; the many problems the Puerto Ricans faced upon their arrival in this country. A volume in the Immigrant Heritage of America Series issued by Twayne Publishers, Inc.

HAUGEN, EINAR. Norsk i Amerika. Oslo, 1975. 124 pp.
A revised edition of a study of Norwegian in America first published in 1939.

HENDRICKSON, MAGDA. This Land Is Our Land. Calgary, Alberta, 1972. 199 pp.
A novel built largely on pioneer experiences in Bardo, Alberta, one of the earliest Norwegian settlements in Western Canada. The author is a granddaughter of the prominent pastor, Bersvend Anderson.

HEIKEL, FELIX. Fran Förenta Staterna: Nitton brefjemte bihang. Helsingfors, 1973. xix, 184 pp.
From the United States: nineteen letters (plus an appendix) written by a Swedo-Finnish journalist, who traveled in the United States during 1872-1873.

HOLMES, FREDERICK L. Old World Wisconsin: Around Europe in the Badger State. Madison, 1974. 368 pp.
A discussion of the European ethnic groups, both large and small, that settled in Wisconsin. Originally published in 1944.

HOWE, IRVING. World of Our Fathers. New York, 1976. 714 pp.
A sociocultural history of the approximately two million Jews who left Russia for the United States between 1881 and 1921.

JARCHOW, MERRILL E. Private Liberal Arts Colleges in Minnesota: Their History and Contributions. St. Paul, 1973. Illustrated. xiii, 345 pp.
A discussion of Minnesota’s sixteen private, accredited, four year liberal arts colleges, including St. Olaf, Gustavus Adolphus, Augsburg, Concordia, and Bethel. [284]

JOHANSSON, SOLOMON. En svensk-amerikan berättar. Vãxjö, Sweden, 1975. 124 pp.
This account by a Swedish immigrant tells of his experiences as a farmer in Iowa during the years 1920-1930.

JONES, MALDWYN A. Destination America. New York, 1976.
The story of the mass migration between 1820 and 1930 of thirty-five million people to the United States. Profusely illustrated.

KÄLVEMARK, ANN-SOFIE. Reaktionen mot utvandringen: Emigrationsfrågan i svensk debatt och politikk 1901 -1904. Stockholm, 1972. 252 pp.
The Reaction Against Emigration: The Emigration Question in Swedish Discussion and Politics, 1901-1904.

KASTRUP, ALLAN. The Swedish Heritage in America. St. Paul, 1975. 863 pp.
The experiences and achievements of the Swedes in America from the founding of the Delaware Colony in 1638 to the present.

KERO, REINO. Migration from Finland to North America in the Years Between the United States Civil War and the First World War. Turku, Finland, 1974. 260 pp.

LARSON, BRUCE. Lindbergh of Minnesota: A Political Biography. New York, 1973. xix, 363 pp.
The political activities of Charles A. Lindbergh, Sr., who played a prominent part in the Progressive, Nonpartisan, and Farmer-Labor movements in state and national affairs.

LEE, ART. The Lutefisk Ghetto. Bemidji, Minnesota, 1975. 150 pp.
A humorous reminiscence of the author’s life in Scandinavia, Wisconsin, around 1945. A mimeographed booklet.

LINDBERGH, CHARLES A. Boyhood on the Upper Mississippi. St. Paul, 1972. xiii, 50 pp.
Reminiscences of the famous aviator.

LINDQUIST, EMORY. An Immigrant’s American Odyssey: A Biography of Ernst Skarstedt. Rock Island, Illinois, 1974. 240 pp.
Biography of a prominent Swedish-American journalist, poet, and historian.

LOVOLL, ODD SVERRE. A Folk Epic: The Bygdelag in America. Boston, 1975. 326 pp.
The bygdelag were social organizations which brought together people from the same communities in Norway for feasting and [285] reminiscing. They flourished particularly between the years 1910-1940 and played an important role in the social life of the immigrants.

LUNDE, EMILY. Uff Da. Grand Forks, North Dakota, 1974. 50 pp.
A humorous Scandinavian pioneer history containing numerous anecdotes and illustrations, plus a pioneer cookbook.

MILLER, SALLY M. The Radical Immigrant. Boston, 1974. 212 pp.
A study of the impact on American life of radical immigrants, especially during their period of greatest activity, 1820-1920. A volume in the Immigrant Heritage of America Series published by Twayne, Inc.

MOE, JON. Akamai-Sagaen om den norske utvandringen til Hawaii. Oslo, 1975.
A historical novel dealing with Norwegian migration to Hawaii.

MYRHMAN, ANDERS. Finnlandssvenskar i Amerika. Helsinki, 1972. 566 pp.
The Swedish Finns in America.

NEIDLE, CECYLE S. America’s Immigrant Women: Their Contribution to the Development of a Nation from 1609 to the Present. New York, 1975. 312 pp.
---------- Great Immigrants. Boston, 1973. 295 pp.
The life stories of twelve outstanding immigrants, among them O. E. Rølvaag and Julius Carlson, a Swede. Foreword by Kenneth O. Bjork.

NELSON, E. CLIFFORD, ed. A Pioneer Churchman: J. W. C. Dietrichson in Wisconsin, 1844-1850. New York, 1973. xvii, 265 pp.
This volume consists of three main parts: (1) An introduction by the editor; (2) a translation of Dietrichson’s “Travel Narrative” by Malcolm Rosholt; (3) a translation of Dietrichson’s “Koshkonong Parish Journal” by Harold E. Kaasa. This book is Volume VIII of the Travel and Description Series published by the Norwegian-American Historical Association.
---------- The Lutherans in North America. Philadelphia, 1975. 576 pp.
A co-operative work by six prominent historians giving the history of American Lutheranism from colonial times to the present.

NORBORG, SVERRE. Norge i vesterled. Oslo, 1974. 100 pp.
A popular, profusely illustrated folkebok about Norwegians in America. [286]

NORELUS, THEODORE A. ln the Land of Kichi Saga. Stillwater, Minnesota, 1973. 172 pp.
A series of brief narratives or recollections of life in and about Lindstrom, Minnesota, the scene of Vilhelm Moberg’s great pioneer epic.

NORRÖNA SKETCHBOOK: Drawings and Poems on Subjects from the Norse Mythology. Decorah, Iowa, 1974. 52 pp.
Drawings by Bev Ulsrud Van Berkom, poems by Sonja Ulsaker Peterson, calligraphy by Pamela Kay Nerhus. The book was published by the Norwegian-American Museum.

RIPPLEY, LA VERN J. The German-Americans. Boston, 1976. 271 pp.
The volume treats immigration from Germany to the United States from the pre-Revolutionary War period to the present, with emphasis on the twentieth century. The main thrust concerns the average immigrant. There are chapters on the Russian Germans, the German-language newspapers, schools, churches, and on well-known individuals who made special contributions to American society. A volume in the Immigrant Heritage of America Series published by Twayne, Inc.

RONDAHL, BJÖRN. Emigration folkomflytning och säsongarkete i ett sdgverksdistrickt i södra Halsingland 1865-1910. Uppsala, n.d. 288 pp.
Emigration, population movements, and seasonal employment in a lumbering district in southern Hãlsingland, Sweden.

ROSENBLOOM, GERALD. lmmigrant Workers: Their lmpact on American Labor Relations. New York, 1973. vi, 189 pp.

SALLET, RICHARD. Russian-German Settlements in the United States. Fargo, North Dakota, 1974. Illustrated. 250 pp.
This book, published by the North Dakota Institute for Regional Studies, originally appeared in German in 1931. It is translated by Dr. La Vern J. Rippley and Dr. Armand Bauer. In addition to the original text, it contains a long introduction to the history of the Germans from Russia by Dr. Rippley, an essay on Russian-German architecture and many notes added by the translators to update the text.

SANDE, LARS CHR. De som dro ut. Stavanger, Norway, 1975. 320 pp.
A profusely illustrated volume written by various authorities about Norwegian migration, especially from Rogaland. It throws [287] light on all aspects of life, both in the “old country” and in the New World.

SCOTT, FRANKLIN D. The Peopling of America: Perspectives on Immigration. Washington, D. C., 1975. 72 pp.
No. 241 in the American Historical Association’s Pamphlet Series.

SEMMINGSEN, INGRID. Drøm og dad: Utvandringen til Amerika. Oslo, 1975. xviii, 167 pp.
The dreams and deeds of Norwegian immigrants analyzed by Norway’s leading authority on emigration history.

SEVERSEIKE, LESTER, ed. The Fox Valley Norwegian-American Sesquicentennial, 1825-1975. Ottawa, Illinois, 1975.
A miscellany of articles, poems, memoirs, and pictures dealing with Cleng Peerson, the “Sloopers,” and the Fox Valley Settlement in Illinois.

SHAW, JOSEPH M. History of St. Olaf College. Northfield, 1974. xv, 694 pp.
A centennial history of the college.

SKÅRDAL, DOROTHY BURTON. The Divided Heart: Scandinavian Immigrant Experience through Literary Sources. Lincoln, Nebraska, 1974. 394 pp.
The experiences and emotions of Scandinavian immigrants as mirrored in their literary productions. Introduction by Oscar Handlin.

TEDEBRAND, LARS-GÖRAN. Västernorrland och Nord Amerika 1875-1913 utvandring och återvending. Uppsala, 1972. 314 pp.
Emigration from Vãsternorrland, Sweden, to the United States and the return to the home district during the years 1875-1913.

THORSON, GERALD, ed. Ole Rølvaag: Artist and Cultural Leader. Northfield, 1975. 74 pp.
Papers presented at the Rølvaag Symposium held at St. Olaf College, October 28-29, 1974. Articles by Robert Scholes, Einar Haugen, Robert L. Stevens, Raychel Haugerud Reiff, Barbara
Meldrum, Kristoffer Paulson, and Neil Eckstein.

WIDEN, ALBIN. Nybyggarliv i svensk-Amerika: Minnesbilder och kultur traditioner. Stockholm, 1972. 227 pp.
Pioneer Life in Swedish America: Memoirs and Cultural Traditions. Reminiscences and letters collected and annotated by a prominent authority on Swedish-American history. [288]


ANDERSON, CLIFFORD N. The Spirit of Self-Reliance. The Norseman, No. 6, 161-165 (1972).
An article about the village of Scandinavia, Wisconsin, settled by Norwegians more than a century ago.

ANDERSON, JUDITH. Hilsen til Teler i Norge fra Teler og Venner i Milan, Minnesota. Arbok for Telemark, 126-130 (1972).
This greeting from a Telemark community in Minnesota to Telemarkings in Norway contains considerable information about the Norwegian settlement around Milan, Minnesota.

ANSTENSEN, ELIZABETH. 50 àrs kulturarbeide i Canada. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 67:216 (1974).
A brief account of the work in behalf of Norwegian culture in Western Canada by Dr. Knut Bergsagel and his wife Josephine.

BAKKEN, ORVILLE. Tragetonslekten ved Goose River. Hallingen, 66:4-12 (June, 1973).
A family saga from North Dakota.

BARTON, ARNOLD H. Scandinavian Immigrant Women’s Encounter with America. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 25:37-42 (1974).

BJORK, KENNETH O. Scandinavian Migration to the Canadian Prairie Provinces, 1893-1914. Norwegian-American Studies, 26:3-30 (1974).

CARLSSON, STEN. From Mid-Sweden to the Midwest. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 25:193-207 (1974).
Migration from Dalarna, Sweden, to the United States and Canada during the period 1850-1930.

CLAUSEN, C. A. Some Recent Publications. Norwegian-American Studies, 26:242-252 (1974).
A bibliography of books and articles of interest to readers of Norwegian-American Studies and other students of immigrant history.

DAASVAND, SIGURD, ed. Nordisk Tidende, October 9, 1975.
A sesquicentennial souvenir edition (100 pages) of one of the leading Norwegian-American newspapers. It contains numerous articles, letters, and illustrations dealing with Norwegian migration to America and the life of the Norwegian Americans during the past 150 years. [289]

EATON, CONAN BRYANT. The Icelanders in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Magazine of History, 56:3-20 (1972).

ECKSTEIN, NEIL T. Peer Strømme’s Memoirs. The Round Table, 1:17-24 (1975).
A translation of Part 1 of the Erindringer of Peer Strømme, well-known Norwegian-American author, journalist, and public speaker. Later installments follow in subsequent issues.

ENGEN, ARNFINN. Utvandringshistorie og amerikabrev. Heimen, 16:563-572 (1975).
Immigration history and America letters.

ERICKSON, SELMA I. My Family Record with Emphasis on the Hailing-side. Hallingen, 66:18-30 (September, 1973).

FRAM, FRAM, KRISTMENN, KROSSMENN. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 67:86-89 (1974).
St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, celebrates its centennial.

GALBRAITH, JOHN KENNETH. A New Theory of Thorstein Veblen. American Heritage, 24:32-40 (April, 1973).

Gamle amerikabrev. Hallingen, 68:24-29 (June, 1975.)
America letters from Ole Nilsen Gudmundsrud to relatives in Hallingdal. They were written from Estherville, Iowa, in 1868. More letters from Gudmundsrud are in Hallingen, 68:27-30 (September, 1975) and 68:27-29 (December, 1975).

Gamle amerikabrev. Hallingen, 68:18-22 (March, 1975).
Letters from Mrs. Ole Nilsen Gudmundsrud to her parents in Hallingdal.

HAMRE, JAMES S. Georg Sverdrup and the Augsburg Plan of Education. Norwegian-American Studies, 26:160-183 (1974).
The educational policies of one of the early presidents of Augsburg Seminary, now Augsburg College.

HANDLIN, OSCAR. Progress Key to American Dream. Minneapolis Star, October 15, 1973.
A discussion of the hopes, dreams, and longings which inspired generation after generation of old-world immigrants to America.

HASSELMO, NILS. Language and the Swedish Immigrant Writer: From a Case Study of G. N. Malm. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly 25:241-253 (1974).
An examination of the linguistic problems confronting a Swedish-American writer. [290]

HATLØY, ODD. Pionér-ånd i midt-vesten. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 67:11-12 (1974).
A discussion of Augsburg College in Minneapolis.

HAUGEN, EVA L., ed. and tr. The Story of Peder Anderson. Norwegian-American Studies, 26:31-48 (1974).
The reminiscences of an educated Norwegian who arrived in the United States in 1830, well before the mainstream of Norse migration set in. He settled in the eastern states, where he gained some fame as an artist and associated with many prominent Americans.

HAUGEN, HELLICK O. World of Bygone Days. The Norseman, No. 6, 165-168 (1975).
“The Norwegian Folk Museum is a treasury of old traditions, art, and culture.”

HAUGRUD, RAYCHEL A. Rølvaag’s Search for Soria Moria. Norwegian-American Studies, 26:103-117 (1974).
The author contends that the main theme of Rølvaag’s authorship was not the advancement and preservation of Norwegian culture among the immigrants, but that in his works “he examined what every man in his own way, consciously or unconsciously, is primarily seeking: the source and nature of happiness.”

HAWKINSON, LORRAINE A. Searching Cemeteries for Clues to the Past. Sons of Norway Viking, 71:277 (1974).
Professor Gerhard B. Naeseth’s untiring search for clues about early Norwegian immigrants.

HESKESTAD, SVERRE. Stavangerskuter i emigrant-farten. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 67:275-277 (1974).
Sailboats from Stavanger were engaged in the transportation of emigrants.

HVIDT, KRISTIAN. Utvandringen fra Skandinavien før 1914: Et nordisk forsknings prosjekt. Nordisk Tidsskrift, 275-281 (1972).
A comparative study to reveal similarities and differences in emigration from the Scandinavian countries before 1914.

KRONTOFT, TORBEN. Factors in Assimilation: A Comparative Study. Norwegian-American Studies, 26:184-205 (1974).
The acculturation and assimilation processes affecting Danish and Norwegian settlers in the United States.

LARSON, BRUCE L. Little Falls Lawyer, 1884-1906: Charles A. Lindbergh. Minnesota History, 43:158-174 (1973).
An article dealing with the senior Charles A. Lindbergh’s development of a law practice, his business affairs, and his family life before entering politics. [291]

LOVOLL, ODD SVERRE. The Bygdelag Movement in America. Sons of Norway Viking, 69:364-365 (1972).
This story of the bygdelag movement among Norwegians is completed in the January, 1973, issue.

MORTENSEN, JAN. Camrose - et norsk Canada. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 69: 12-15 (1976).
An article about Camrose, Alberta, which is a prominent center for Norwegian interests in Western Canada.
---------- Tall som talen. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 68:158-161 (1975).
“Figures which speak” about migration from Norway. During the period 1825-1960, about a million people left the country for various parts of the world.

NAESETH, GERHARD B. Hvor kom slekten fra? Nordmanns-Forbundet, 69:16-19 (1974).
The leading authority on Norwegian-American genealogy discusses his work and tells about the Vesterheim Genealogical Center recently organized by the Norwegian-American Museum at Decorah, Iowa.

NAESS, HARALD. Ygdrasil Literary Society, 1896-1971. Americana-norvegica, 4:31-45 (1973).
The story of a prominent literary society in Madison, Wisconsin.
---------- Wisconsin Came First. The Norseman, No. 6, 169-171 (1975).
“100 years ago, the first Department of Scandinavian Studies in the U.S.A. was founded at Madison.” This article, in Norwegian, also appears in Nordmanns-Forbundet, 66:212-214 (1974).

NELSEN, FRANK E. The School Controversy among Norwegian Immigrants. Norwegian-American Studies, 26:206-2 19 (1974).
An analysis of the “common school” controversy among Norwegian Americans, especially before 1880.

NELSON, BERSVEN. Notes of a Civil War Soldier. Norwegian-American Studies, 26:118-145 (1974).

NELSON, PEDER H. De norske bygdelagene i Amerika før og nu. Hallingen, 68:17-20 (June, 1975).
The bygdelag, past and present.
---------- De fønste settlementer. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 66:64- 66 (1973).
A brief account of the founding of the first Norwegian settlements in the United States. [292]
---------- Fra indianerkrigens dager. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 67:217-218 (1974).
The Indian attack on the Norway Lake Settlement in Minnesota, 1862.
---------- Nybyggere i Wild Rice. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 67:90-91 (1974).
An account of the founding of the Wild Rice Settlement in Norman County, Minnesota.
---------- Vesle-Norge pa prærien. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 67:3-4 (1974).
The article deals with a Norwegian settlement in oil-rich Williams County, North Dakota.
---------- Sand Prairie settlement. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 68:44-45 (1975).
A brief account of a settlement in Wisconsin by people from Numedal.
---------- Fra pionértiden i Midvesten. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 68:127-129 (1975).
Deals with the earliest Norwegian settlements in the Midwest.
NELSON, RODNEY. Breidablik. Norwegian-American Studies, 26:229-241 (1974).
A “lyric prose account of the friendship of two American boys whose grandparents were Norwegian and who themselves retained a measure of old-country culture.”

NICPON, PHILIP. Scandinavian Americans in Alaska. American-Scandinavian Review, 62:271-284 (1974). Achievements of individuals like Leonhard Seppala, Ben Eielsen, Dr. Ivar Skarland, and the Wien brothers.

NORDBO, HALVOR. Coon Valley i Wisconsin. Arbok for Telemark, 89-100 (1972).
An account of the settling of a large Norwegian community in Wisconsin.
---------- Dei settlement som dei første Telemarkingar slo seg ned i. Arbok for Telemark, 74-88 (1972).
A discussion of the areas where the earliest immigrants from Telemark settled.
---------- Settlinga i omràdet omkring Park River, Walsh County, North Dakota. Arbok for Telemark, 101-111 (1972).
An account of the founding of a Norwegian community in North Dakota. [293]
---------- Telemark I U.S.A. Arbok for Telemark, 46-56 (1972).
About Telemarkings in America.

Norwegian-American Civil War P.O.Ws. Sons of Norway Viking, 70:304-305, 324 (1973).
The experience of P.O.W.s in Confederate prisons.

Norwegian Immigrants . . . in the Confederate Army. Sons of Norway Viking, 71:362-363 (1974).

ODEGARD, ETHEL J. Farewell to an Old Homestead. Norwegian-American Studies, 26:146-159 (1974).
Community life during past generations in Merrill, Wisconsin; the nostalgia and the heartaches of recalling small-town neighborliness in days gone by.

OLSSON, NILS WILLIAM. The Swedish Brothers: An Experiment in Immigrant Mutual Aid. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 25:220-229 (1974).
An account of one of the numerous mutual-aid societies founded by Swedish immigrants. The Swedish Brothers flourished in Minneapolis between 1876 and 1884.

OSTERGREN, ROBERT C. Cultural Homogeneity and Population Stability among Swedish Immigrants in Chisago County. Minnesota History, 43:255-269 (1973).

ØSTVEDT, EINAR. Flukten fra Telemark. Arbok for Telemark, 11-31 (1972).
Migration from the area of Telemark in Norway.

Pionérhytta har fàtt sift hjem. Nordmanns-Forbundet , 66:12-13 (1973).
A pioneer log house from North Dakota forms a part of an emigrant museum on the grounds of the cathedral ruins in Hamar, Norway. The same subject is discussed in Nordmanns-Forbundet, 66:137-139 (1973).

REIARSDALEN, ANNE TORINE. Emigrant vise frà Drangedal. Arbok for Telemark, 32-34 (1972).
Reprint of an emigrant poem written about 1890 on the eve of leaving Drangedal, Telemark, Norway. It can be sung to the tune of an old Drangedal folk melody. It was submitted to the Arbok by Knut Hansson Kaasa.

RØED, JAN ERIK. Sigmund Skard Bibliography. Americananorvegica, 4:223-237 (1973).
Bibliography of the writings of a prominent scholar who for many years was professor of American literature at the University of Oslo. [294]

ROSHOLT, MALCOLM. The Brothers Week. Norwegian-American Studies, 26:75-102 (1974).
The story of John Riber Week, who made a fortune in the lumber business in Wisconsin after his arrival from Norway in 1839, and of his older brother, Andrew Week, who vainly sought for the “pot of gold” in the California diggings.

SANDAKER, ARVID. Emigration from Land Parish to America, 1866-1875. Norwegian-American Studies, 26:49-74 (1974).
SELJAAS, HELGE. Norwegians in “Zion” Teach Themselves English. Norwegian-American Studies, 26:220-228 (1974).
A study of the methods adopted by the Norwegian Mormons in Utah to learn English.

SEMMINGSEN, INGRID. A Shipload of German Emigrants and Their Significance for the Norwegian Emigration of 1825. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 25:183-192 (1974).
---------- Emigration from Scandinavia. Scandinavian Economic History Review, 20:45-60 (1972).

SWANSON, ALAN, ed. and tr. Some Cried and Some Sang. The Emigrant Journal of Johan Jönsson, 1866. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 26: 157-183 (1975).

TELNES, JØRUND. Utvandrarens farvel til baaneheimen. Arbok for Telemark, 57-60 (1972).
Reprint of a poem written in 1870 by one of Telemark’s best-known bygdediktere. It tries to express the emigrant’s emotions on leaving his childhood home.

The Strange Story of the Emigrant Ship Pontecorvo. Sons of Norway Viking, 71:160 (1974).
What became of the 274 Norwegian immigrants after landing in Quebec in May, 1874.

The Strange Story of the Sugar-Working Norwegian-Hawaiians. Sons of Norway Viking, 71:230-231(1974).
Account of some 400 Norwegians who went to Hawaii in 1880 to work in the sugar fields. The story is concluded in the August, 1974, issue of the Viking.

VEKA, JOHAN. Kvekerne i Røldal. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 67:8-9, 180-181 (1974).
Brief account of a group of Quakers from Røldal, Telemark, who migrated to Iowa in 1869 by way of Quebec. [295]


Ivar Aus. Fra legdegutt til pionérprest. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 67: 13-14 (1974).
An account of the imposing church work of a still active centenarian, Anders O. Aasen, who has founded congregations in Minnesota, Alaska, California, New York, and Canada.

Eva L. Haugen and Ingrid Semmingsen. Peder Anderson of Bergen and Lowell: Artist and Ambassador of Culture. Americana-norvegica, 4:1-29 (1973).
Peder Anderson came to America in 1830 and gained considerable fame as an artist and friend of prominent people in New England and Washington, D.C.

Bjarne Guttormsen. Lærer i Norsk i Amerika. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 68:224-225 (1975).
Sketch of Ben Eggan, who has taught Norwegian for fifty years in the Minneapolis area.

Norseman Nobel Physicist. The Norseman, No. 6, 155-157 (1973).
The Norwegian-American scientist Ivar Giæver shared the Nobel Prize in physics for experimental discoveries regarding tunneling phenomena. This article, in Norwegian, also appeared in Nordmanns-Forbundet, 66:255-257 (1973).

Erik Bye. Gudmund Gudmundson: Et borgerkrigs portrett. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 66:259-263 (1973).
A sketch and a poem inspired by a picture of the Civil War veteran Gudmund Gudmundson.

Esther Gulbrandson hedres: St. Olaf professor har virket I 42 år for Forbundet. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 67:38-39 (1974).
A brief account of the work of Professor Esther Gulbrandson in behalf of the preservation of Norwegian culture in America.

“Hallingkongen” Still Going Strong. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 67: 121-123 (1974).
Review of the work of O. I. Hertsgaard, the “king of the Hallings,” in behalf of Norse interests in America. [296]

Erik J. Friis. The Scandinavian of the Month: George Joa. The Scandinavian-American Bulletin, No. 4, 10-13 (April, 1974).
An article about the prime promoter of the Cleng Peerson Memorial Institute in Stavanger.

50 àrs brobyggervirke. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 67:244-246 (1974).
Sketch of a man who has worked with Nordmanns-Forbundet for half a century.

Jærbu til topps. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 68: 168 (1975).
Deals with the American Secretary of the Interior, whose father emigrated from Jæuren, Norway, in 1903.

Leif Sjöberg. Arthur Landfors in Retrospect. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 25:141-144 (1974).
In appreciation of the work of a prominent Swedish-American poet and artist.

Gerda Mortensen gall bort. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 68:16- 17 (1975).
“The Grand Old Lady of Augsburg College” has passed away. A brief account of her energetic work in behalf of Norwegian culture in America - especially in connection with Nordmanns-Forbundet.

Kjell B. Haanshuus. Cleng Peerson og sluppefolket. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 68:58 (1975).
Account of the “Father of Norwegian Emigration.”

Willmar Thorkelson. Norsemen Church Leaders in the U.S.A. The Norseman, No. 2, 30-32 (1974).
Dr. David W. Preus and Dr. J. A. O. Preus, first cousins, are presidents of the American Lutheran Church and the Lutheran Missouri Synod, respectively. This article, in Norwegian, also appeared in Nordmanns-Forbundet, 67:56-58 (1974).

Kjell Rosenberg. Fra Agder til Texas. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 68:40-43 (1975). [297]
Sketch of the leader of Norwegian migration to Texas. The article also contains information about Elise Wærenskjold and other prominent Norwegian pioneers in that state.

Gudrun Hovde Gvàle. Arbok for Telemark, 61-73 (1972).
The story of the legendary “Snowshoe Thompson” from Tinn, Telemark, who for about a dozen winters after 1856 carried mail across the Sierra Nevadas on his home-made skis.

Ray Allan Billington. Franklin D. Scott, Teacher, Scholar, and Ambassador of International Good Will. Swedish Pioneer Historical Quarterly, 25:169-192 (1974).
This issue of the Quarterly contains essays presented to Franklin D. Scott, prominent historian, who has done extensive work in Swedish emigration history and in other fields.

En ungdom i Brooklyn. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 67:124-125 (1974).
The work of Carl Søyland, “journalist, author, editor, photographer, vagabond” - now 80 years of age.

Ole Askim. Always an Actress. The Norseman, No. 2, 35-38 (1973).
Liv Ullmann, star of stage and screen, who was once turned down as a drama student, is now internationally famous.

Gunvold Lindsøe. Earl Warren - En av de store Norsk-Amerikanere. Nordmanns-Forbundet, 67:182-183 (1974).
An appraisal of Chief Justice Earl Warren.

Erik Aanonsen. Pioneer Professor in Wyoming. The Norseman, No. 1, 15-19 (1974).
Agnes M. Wergeland, first Norwegian woman to earn a Ph. D. degree, made her career as a poet and scholar in the New World.

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