Gudbrandsdal Laget, circa 1916

Gudbrandsdal Laget, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, circa 1916 June 29-30

Physical Dimensions: 6.50 x 36.25 inches
Photographer: Aanes Studio, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Identifier: naha_panorama_00002

This photograph itself is not dated. There is handwriting on the backing in the frame of the photo that reads: ‘In Eau Claire, Wis In 20’s probably.’ Research in the collections contained in the archives NAHA provides evidence that the photo is from the stevene in Eau Claire June 29-30, 1916.

  • The NAHA Bygdelag collections include numerous documents from the Gudbrandsdal Lag, includs a listing of stevne dates and locations. Stevnes were held in Eau Claire, Wisconsin in 1916, 1921 and 1927.
  • The collection of documents for the 1916 stevne* includes a photocopy of a newspaper clipping, part of which is an image which shows the right-hand section of this panorama. Though most of the printing on the clipping page outside of the image is illegible, the lower left part of has the month (June). The upper right of the clipping contains the number (year – 1916).

*Gudbrandsdal Laget National Stevner and History, 1909-1958.

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