Saga in Steel and Concrete: Norwegian Engineers in America


No student of American immigration has hitherto made a thoroughgoing investigation of the migration of technical leadership from Europe to America.

Dr. Kenneth Gjork, exploring the story of engineers and architects born in Norway and educated in the schools of Europe, has contributed new meaning to the phrase “transit of civilization.” Saga in Steel and Concrete is a novel chapter in the enlarged interpretation of our European heritage.

Here, for the first time, is recorded the history of a body of educated European immigrants who responded to the call for technical leadership in the building of America.

The story that Dr. Bjork tells is as broad in its sweep as it is original in concept. It is the story of the role of Norwegian engineers in the development of bridges, tunnels, skyscrapers, machines, chemical processes, and industrial techniques that have shaped the life of the New World and modified that of the Old. It is a research study in the migration of skills to meet American opportunity and challenge.

In this book the authors presents the results of eight years of research on a theme and in materials never before exploited by historians. though he has neglected no printed or manuscript materials available, he has had to seek out much of his information at first hand from the profession whose contributions he records.

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