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Some Recent Publications Relating to Norwegian-American History
Compiled by Jacob Hodnefield (Volume V: Page 122)

The editorial board has had under consideration for some time a plan to publish each year in STUDIES AND RECORDS a list of recent writings in the Norwegian-American historical field. The project as inaugurated in the present volume by Mr. Hodnefield of the James J. Hill Reference Library of St. Paul is tentative as regards both content and form; and suggestions of methods by which such an annual checklist can be made more useful will be welcomed. It would be especially helpful in forwarding this enterprise if copies of books, pamphlets, and articles in the field indicated were sent to the managing editor by authors and publishers.

In the main the publications listed herewith were issued in 1929 and 1930, but a few items from 1928 are included.

T. C. B.

Anderson, Rasmus B. Leif Erikson dagen, 9de Oktober. SØNNER AF NORGE, 26:296-298 (October, 1929).

A brief exposition of Leif Ericson's discovery of America and related events, issued in connection with the establishment of Leif Ericson Day, October 9, in Wisconsin. An English edition was issued in pamphlet form for distribution to Wisconsin schools.

Bache, Søren. Søren Baches dagbokoptegnelser under sit ophold i Amerika aarene 1839-1842 og 1843-1847. 15:185-187; 16:6-7, 22-23, 38-39, 51-53, 69-70, 83-85, 99-100, 115-116, 148-150, 164-165; 17:4-6, 21-23, 38-39, 55-56, 71-72, 87, 103 (December, 1927; January---August, October, November, 1928; January---July, 1929).

The diary of Søren Bache is one of the most important diaries of Norwegian observers in the pioneer period. An English translation is to be published by the Norwegian-American Historical Association.

Baensch, Emil. Thorvald Solberg, register of copyrights. WlSCONSIN MAGAZINE, 6:39-40 February, 1928).

A biographical sketch accompanied by a portrait.

Belsheim, E. O. Det norsk-amerikanske skoleværk. NAVEN ALMANAK OG KALENDER, 1930, p. 43-45.

A survey of the educational efforts of Norwegian-Americans.

Bjorge, Hans P. Article in FERGUS FALLS DAILY JOURNAL, February 26, 1929.

An account of emigration from Norway in 1868 and settlement in Otter Tail County, Minnesota.

Bjorge, Paul. Jordbrug her og hinsides Atlanteren. NORDMANDS FORBUNDET, 22:147-151 (May, 1929).

A comparison of agricultural processes in Norway and in America.

Blegen, Theodore C. Den norske utvandring sore den gjenspeiler sig i sange og digte: utdrag av et foredrag. NORDMANDS FORBUNDET, 22: 109-122 (April, 1929).

An account of Norwegian emigration as reflected in contemporary songs and poems.

---------- The "America letters." Avhandlinger utgitt ay det Norske Videnskaps-Akademi i Oslo. II. Hist.-Filos. Klasse, 1928, no. 5-Oslo, 1928. 25 p.

A revision of a paper read at a session of the Sixth International Congress of Historical Sciences in Oslo, August 16, 1928.

---------- Guri Endreson, frontier heroine. MINNESOTA HISTORY, 10: 425-430 (December, 1929).

A letter of 1866 by Guri Endreson.

---------- Norwegian-American Historical Association publications and publication plans; report of the

managing editor, presented at the triennial meeting of the association held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on January 7, 1930. [Northfield, Minnesota] 1930. 15p.

Bygdelagenes Fællesraad. Aarbok og julehilsen, 1929. P. L. Slagsvold, ed. Minneapolis, Lund Press [1929]. 188 p.

The year book and Christmas greeting of the federation of bygdelags, with short sketches of member societies. The volume contains obituaries of N. T. Moen and O. J. Kvale and an article on the origin of the bygdelag movement by A. A. Veblen.

Clark, J. M. Thorstein Bundy Veblen, 1857-1929. AMERICAN ECONOMIC REVIEW, 19:742-745 (December, 1929).

A short biographical sketch and an estimation of Veblen as an economist.

Dieserud, Juul. "Skandinavia" ikke "Nordlyset" var det første norsk-danske blad i Amerika. NORDMANDS FORBUNDET, 22:14-17 (January, 1929).

The author contends that Skandinavia and not Nordlyset was the first Norwegian-Danish paper in America.

Eckers, H. A. Congressman Michaelson. NORDEN, I: 15-16 (December, 1928).

A sketch of M. A. Michaelson, who represents a Chicago district in Congress.

---------- Doktor Ludvig Hektoen. NORDEN, I:10-11 (December, 1928).

A biographical sketch of this well-known pathologist.

---------- Gymnastik og idrett. Norwegian-American athletic association. NORDEN, I:15-16 (February-March, 1929).

An account of the activities of the Norwegian-American Athletic Association.

Carl Ben Eielson. CONGRESSIONAL RECORD), 71 Congress, 2 session, vol. 72, no. 86, p. 6398-6399 (March 26, 1930).

A biographical sketch and eulogy.

Eleva Lutheran Church. History, 1893-1929. Eleva, Wisconsin, Committee on history [1929]. 15 p.

Elim Lutheran Church, Randall, Iowa. History, 1868-1929. Randall, Iowa, Committee on history, 1929. 29 p.

A short historical sketch, with illustrations and portraits, the constitution, and a list of members.

Fremmegaard, A. "Little Norway" i Wisconsin. NORDMANDS FORBUNDET, 22:418-420 December, 1929).

An account, with illustrations, of "Little Norway," a model of a Norwegian gaard constructed by Mr. Isak Dahle of Chicago at Mount Horeb, Wisconsin.

Gimmestad, L. M. Bygdelagsbevægelsen. SKANDINAVEN ALMANAK OG KALENDER, 1929, p. 97-103.

A summary of the bygdelag movement, followed by a list of forty-seven bygdelags now active.

Gjerset, Knut. Den nyere tid i det norske Amerika; utdrag av et foredrag holdt i Decorah. NORDMANDS FORBUNDET, 22:75-77 (March, 1929).

An abstract of an address given at Decorah, Iowa, on conditions among the Norwegian immigrants and their descendants in America.

---------- Det norsk-amerikanske museum i Decorah, Ia. SØNNER AF NORGE, 25:380-386 (December, 1928).

A sketch of the Norwegian-American museum in Decorah, with illustrations.

---------- A Norwegian-American Landnamsman: Ole S. Gjerset. Norwegian-American historical association, STUDIES AND RECORDS, 3:82-100 (1928); reprinted in MINNESOTA HISTORY, 10: 273-293 September, 1929).

An account of emigration from Norway and settlement in Minnesota was experienced by an educated Norwegian farmer and his family.

Grevstad, Nicolay A. Norwegian-American hospital, Chicago. [Chicago] 1930. 23 p.

Contains a concise historical sketch.

Hall, J. O. En julekvæld i nybyggerhytten par praerien i Nord Dakota; en sand beretning fra syttiaarene om en norsk farmer-families frygtelige oplevelser. SKANDINAVEN, 63:5 (December 22, 1929).

Relates the experiences of a Norwegian farmer family in the seventies on the Dakota prairies in conflict with Indians and bad weather.

Hansen, Carl G. O. Glimt fra livet i det norske Amerika. MINNEAPOLIS TIDENDE, January 3-April 18, November 7-December 26, 1929; January 2-March 13, 1930.

A series of historical articles, continued from 1928, based largely upon contemporary newspaper material. The installments from January 3 to April 18, 1929, deal primarily with pioneer settlements in Rock County, Wisconsin. The installments beginning November 7 tell about Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson's visit to America, 1880-81.

Haugen, Nils P. Pioneer and political reminiscences. [Madison, Wisconsin Historical Society, 1930] 198 p. Reprinted from WISCONSIN MAGAZINE OF HISTORY, vols. II, 12, 13.

Haugen, Nils P. Pioneer and political reminiscences. [Madison, Wisconsin Historical Society, 1930] 198 p. Reprinted from WISCONSIN MAGAZINE OF HISTORY, vols. II, 12, 13.

The autobiography of a prominent Norwegian-American, beginning with an account of imigration from Norway in 1854. Contains the following subdivisions: Getting a start in Wisconsin; Lawyer, legislator, and railroad commissioner; Career in Congress; The years 1895 to 1901; State tax commissioner; Taxation under the La Follette régime; Under McGovern and Philipps and in Montana; Concluding observations.

Hobson, J. A. Thorstein Veblen. SOCIOLOGICAL REVIEW, 21:342-345 (October, 1929).

An appraisal of the economic and sociological work of Thorstein Veblen, with biographical information.

Hodne, Halvor. Rev. Carl Johan Eastvold, D. D. LUTHERAN CHURCH HERALD, 13:1165-1167 (August 13, 1929).

A biographical sketch and encomium of a prominent pastor and former president of the Hauges Synod.


An unsigned article dealing with a noted engineer.

Holand, Hjalmar R. Coon Valley: en historisk beretning om de norske menigheter i Coon Valley. Skrevet i anledning av kaldets 75-aarsfest i 1928. Minneapolis, Augsburg publishing house, 1928, 272 p.

An historical account of the Norwegian Lutheran churches of Coon Valley, Wisconsin. The book opens with a descriptive chapter on Coon Valley, which is followed by others on the first settlers, pioneer days, commnual affairs, and Coon Valley soldiers in the Civil War. Eleven chapters (p. 63-159) are devoted to accounts of churches and pastors. Chapter 18, on some of the sons and daughters of Coon Valley, contains twenty-one short biographical sketches of contemporaries, with portraits. Perhaps the most valuable portion of the book is chapter 19 (p. 172-263), consisting of pioneer biographies. There are sketches of some 450 individuals, in many cases accompanied by photographs.

---------- ed. Early days in Ephraim; a collection of sketches prepared for the occasion of the seventieth anniversary of the dedication of the Ephraim Moravian church. Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, The Door County historical society, 1929. 40 p. (PENINSULA HISTORICAL REVIEW, vol. 3, no. 1.)

The fact that Ephraim was largely settled by Norwegian immigrants lends interest to this item. The pamphlet includes articles on "Ephraim in the making," by Clement Houler; "A brief account of the Ephraim Moravian church," by George Westphal; and "Reminiscences of a pioneer," by Carl Nelson.

---------- Norway House i Canadas skoger. NORDMANDS FORBUNDET, 22; 377-381 (November, 1929).

A description and account of Norway House on Lake Winnipeg.

Horde, Brynjolf J., transl, and ed. Three civil war letters from 1862. Norwegian-American historical association, STUDIES AND RECORDS, 4: 74-91 (1929).

The first two of these letters are devoted mainly to a description of the battle between the "Monitor" and the "Merrimac," and the third describes certain aspects of the peninsular campaign of 1862 under General McClellan. The letters were printed in the Norwegian newspaper Morgenbladet (Christiania), under date of May 27 and July 24, 1862.

Høverstad, Helge. De norsk-amerikanske bygdelags indflydelse paa vort land og paa vort folks kultur. SKANDINAVEN ALMA-NAK OG KALENDER, 1929, p. 70-75.

Considers the influence of the Norwegian-American bygdelag, especially on the culture of the Norwegian-Americans.

Innes, Harold A. A bibliography of Thorstein Veblen. SOUTHWESTERN POLITICAL AND SOCIAL SCIENCE QUARTERLY, 10: 56-68 (June, 1929).

Jacobsen, Clara. Fra bedstemors ungdom. DECORAH-POSTEN, July 12, 19, 1929.

An account of the writer's grandmother, Gro Gjermundsdatter, who, with her husband, Jacob Abrahamsen, came to the Muskego settlement in Wisconsin in 1848.

---------- Fra mots unge dage. DECORAH-POSTEN, July 26, August 2, 1929.

The author continues her account of pioneering, telling in this case the story of her mother.

Jacobson, Abraham. Chapter of Dakota history in the early days. HILLS [Minnesota] CRESCENT February 6, 13, 20, 1930.

This account, translated into English by J. N. Jacobson, tells of a missionary trip made by the author into Dakota Territory in 1861. With a party of eight settlers traveling in covered wagons drawn by oxen, the Reverend Mr. Jacobson started west from Decorah, Iowa, reaching Vermillion three weeks later.

Josephsen, Einar. Norske kræfter i amerikansk politik. NORDMANDS FORBUNDET, 23: 9-11 (January, 1930).

Brief mention of Norwegian-Americans in politics at the present time and of the offices they hold.

Kittelson, Thor. Article in MILAN [Minnesota] STANDARD, September 20, 1929.

An account of emigration from Norway in 1850 and of settlement in Dane County, Wisconsin.

Knudsen, Dina. Nordmænds virke i Amerika. SKANDINAVEN ALMANAK OG KALENDER, 1929, p. 45-48.

A brief survey of the activity of Norwegians in America.

Lake, Ivan Clyde. Knute Reindahl, maker of violins. WISCONSIN MAGAZINE, 6:357-358 (December, 1928).

Larsen, Karen. The adjustment of a pioneer pastor to American conditions: Laur. Larsen, 1857-1880. Norwegian-American historical association, STUDIES AND RECORDS, 4:1-14 (1929).

A study of a prominent church leader's reactions to the American environment, with special attention to the language problem.

Larson, Henrietta, transl, and ed. The sinking of the "Atlantic" on Lake Erie; an immigrant journey from Quebec to Wisconsin in 1852. Norwegian-American historical association, STUDIES AND RECORDS, 4:92-98 (1929).

Part of a letter written by Erik Thorstad from the "Town of Ixonia, Jefferson County Wisconsin], November 9, 1852," published in Christiania-Posten, February 11, 1853.

Linnevold, Wm. Totningsettlementet i Glenwood Township, Winneshiek County, Iowa, 1853. TOTENLAGETS AARBOK, 1929,p. 39-46.

Account of an Iowa settlement of Norwegians from Toten. Printed also in Decorah-Posten, May 24, 31, 1929.

Little Cedar Congregation. 1959-1929. Souvenir of the seventieth anniversary celebration of the Little Cedar Congregation, Adams, Minn., November 22-24, 1929. [Minneapolis, Augsburg publishing house, 1929] 16 p.

[Lomen, G. J.] comp. Genealogies of the Lomen (Ringstad), Brandt, and Joys families. Northfield, Minnesota, Mohn printing company, 1929. 361p.

Reviewed in Minnesota history, II:89-90 (March, 1930).

Lund, Hans E. Litt om de første settlere fra Toten i Harmony og omegn, Minnesota. TOTENLAGETS AARBOK, 1929, p. 46-48.

An account of the first settlers from Toten in and about Harmony, Fillmore County, Minnesota.

Lundquist, G. A. Potential Lutherans in the United States. THE FRIEND, 6: 4-6 (August, 1929).

A statistical survey.

Lutheran Churches of the World. Edited by Alfred T. Jørgensen, F. Fleisch, and Abdel Wentz. Minneapolis, Augsburg publishing house [1929]. 432 p.

This work, published for the executive committee of the Lutheran world convention, includes an account of Norwegian-American Lutheran churches.

Main, Angie Kumlien. Annals of a Wisconsin thresherman. WISCONSIN MAGAZINE OF HISTORY, II: 301-308 (March, 1928).

The simple story of Ole Christian Olson, 1848-1927, farmer and thresherman.

Malmin, C. K. Den første lutherske kirke i Amerika. NORSK UNGDOM, 16:192-193 (December, 1928).

A brief description and history of the famous Muskego church.

Minder fra nybyggertiden. DECORAH-POSTEN, March 15-June 14, 1929. A series, containing "'Little Norway' i Amerika, et slegtens mindested red Mount Horeb, Wisconsin," March 15; an account by Onon Bjørnson Dale of Wisconsin pioneering and California gold digging, March 22, 29, April 5, 12; Johan Storseth, "En pioner red Puget Sound," April 19, 26; Mrs. Elsie Wilson, "Nybyggerdage i Minnesota" [Rock Prairie to Fillmore County in 1855], May 3; H. O. Knutson, "Pionerdage i Redwood County, Minnesota," May 10; Mrs. H. T. Hoven, "Pionerdage i Goodhue County, Minnesota," May 17; Wm. Linnevold, "Totnings-settlementet i Winneshiek County, Iowa," May 24, 31; Wm. Linnevold, "Fra det ældste norske settlement paa Washington Prairie," June 7, 14; Wm. Linnevold, "Om Company E, 38th Iowa Infantry Volunteers" (based on diary and reminiscences of George M. A. Linnevold), June 21, 28, July 5, 1929.

Mitchell, W. C. Thorstein Veblen, 1857-1929. NEW REPUBLIC, 60: 66-68 (September 4, 1929).

Mjøsenlaget. Mjøsenlagets aarbog, 1928-1929. Olay A. Kvisgaard, ed. Decorah, Iowa, Anundsen publishing company, n. d. 143 p.

A year book. Contains biographical sketches of prominent members.

Naumdøla Samband. Naumdøla, no. 1. Einar Hilsen, ed., n. p., 1929. 333 P.

A year book. Contains as a supplement (p. 305-333) "Snaasingen," edited for Snaasalaget by P. O. Bugge.

Nessa, J. T. En biografi. VISERGUTTEN, 36:6 (March 28, 1929).

An autobiography of an immigrant of 1877, outlining a trek from Nerstrand, Norway, terminating in Portland, Oregon.

Nordfjordlaget. Nordfjordlagets aarbok, 1929. Carl D. Kolset, ed. Decorah, Iowa, Posten press [1929]. 60 p.

A year book.

Norfjor, H. M. Historiske minder. TRØNDERLAGETS AARBOK, 1929, p. 55-58.

Chicago recollections relating to Norwegian-American interests, written in 1926.

Nornborg, John. Balgaardslegten fra Verdalen. TRØNDERLAGETS AARBOK, 1929, p. 44-52.

A genealogy of the Balgaard family.

Norwegian-American Historical Association. Studies and Records, vol. 4. Northfield, Minnesota, 1929. 159 p.

---------- Travel and Description Series, vol. 3. See Ræder, Ole Munch.

Numedal, Kongsberg og Omegn Lag. Aarbok no. I for Numedal, Kongsberg og Omegn Lag for 1929.

[Decorah, Iowa, Anundsen publishing company, 1929] 94 P.
The first year book of this new society.

Odland, Martin W. The love between Knute Nelson and his mother. THE FRIEND, 6: 6-7 (May, 1929).

Opdal Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Church, Florence, Minnesota. Golden anniversary, 1879-1929. October 20, 1929. n. p., n. d. p.

A brief historical sketch and description.

Opdalslaget. Opdalslagets aarbok, 1929. Kristine Haugen, ed. Minneapolis, Augsburg publishing house [1929]. 74 P.

A year book. Contains a number of biographical sketches.

Peterson, Guy A. Normanna Sangerkor of La Crosse, oldest Norwegian singing society in America. WISCONSIN MAGAZINE, 6: 242-243 (September, 1928).

Pond, Alonzo W. Primitive methods of working stone, based on experiments of Halvor L. Skavlem . .. Beloit, Wis., Logan museum, Beloit college [1930]. 143 p. (LOGAN MUSEUM BULLETIN, ŽO1. 2, no. I.)

Relates the methods employed by Mr. Skavlem in the working of stone, including the making of arrowheads. Mr. Skavlem belongs to a pioneer Norwegian family of southern Wisconsin.

Preus, J. C. K., comp. Widening the frontier; sketches and incidents from the home mission field. Second edition. Minneapolis, Augsburg publishing house, 1929. 229 p.

A large number of sketches by Lutheran churchmen and others relating to frontier experiences and incidents connected with the expansion of the Lutheran church among Norwegian immigrants.

Ræder, Ole Munch. America in the forties; the letters of Ole Munch Ræder, translated and edited by Gunnar J. Malmin. Minneapolis, published for the Norwegian-American historical association by the University of Minnesota press [ 1929]. 244 P. (Norwegian-American historical association. Travel and description series, vol. 3.)

Travel letters, 1847-1848, of a Norwegian scholar who was sent by his government to study the American jury system. Reviewed in Minnesota history, II :82-33 (March, 193o), by Joseph Schafer; and in the New York Times for December 16, 1929.

Rohne, J. Magnus. Clausen, Claus Lauritz (Nov. 3, 1820-Feb. 20, 1892). DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN BIOGRAPHY, 4: 166-167.

A short biographical sketch of a Dane who did pioneer church work among the Norwegian Lutherans in the early settlements in the West.

---------- transl, and ed. Report of the annual meeting of the Haugean churches held at Lisbon, Illinois, in June, 1854. Norwegian-American historical association, STUDIES AND RECORDS, 4:15-42 (1929).

A report of the first meeting, 1854, under the chairmanship of Elling Eielsen, of the followers of Hans Nilsen Hauge in this country. This group organized, in the following year, the synod which is known by Eielsen's name, out of which sprung later also the Hauges Synod.

Rølvaag, O. E. Vikings of the middle west. AMERICAN MAGAZINE, 108:44-47, 83, 86 (October, 1929).

Heroic aspect of the conquest of certain portions of the Middle West by descendants of the Vikings.

Rønning, N. N. The founding of Red Wing Seminary: address. . . .at the fiftieth anniversary. THE FRIEND, 6:4-5 (September, 1929); LUTHERAN CHURCH HERALD, 13:1372-1374 (September 24, 1929).

The story of the founding of Red Wing Seminary in 1879 by the Hauges Synod of the Norwegian Lutheran Church.

Sandro, Gustav O. The immigrants' trek; a detailed history of the Lake Hendricks colony in Brookings County, Dakota Territory, from 1873-1881. [Sioux Falls, South Dakota, Sessions printing company, 1929] 47 P.

Schafer, Joseph. Immigration and social amelioration. Norwegian-American historical association, STUDIES AND RECORDS, 4: 54-62 (1929).

Sigdalslaget. Oplysninger om Sigdøler, Eggedøler og Kryllinger i Amerika. Martin T. Braatelien, comp. [Decorah, Iowa, Anundsen publishing company] 1929. 191 p.

A year book.

Simonson, Joseph C. Some men of our church in public life. LUTHERAN CHURCH HERALD, 13:330-331 (March 5, 1929).

This article is accompanied by portraits of Henrik Shipstead, Peter Norbeck, G. N. Haugen, and L. S. Swenson.

Smedal, G. Normaends virke i Amerika. SKANDINAVEN ALMANAK OG KALENDER, 1930, p. 40-43.

A short survey of the activities of Norwegian-Americans.

Solum, Reidar. Norsk indvandring til Brasil. NORDMANDS FORBUNDET, 23: 3-6 (January, 1930).

A brief account of Norwegian immigration to Brazil.

Stabæk, Tosten Kittelsen. An account of a journey to California in 1852, translated by Einar I. Hangen. Norwegian-American historical association, STUDIES AND RECORDS, 4: 99-124 (1929).

This account was written some forty years after the date of the journey. The Norwegian original of this paper was published in Aarbok no. 14 for Numedalslaget, 62-85 (1928).

Stephenson, George M. The mind of the Scandinavian immigrant. Norwegian-American historical association, STUDIES AND RECORDS, 4: 63-73 (1929).

A study of the mental attitudes of Scandinavian newcomers especially towards American institutions.

Stølen, Thor Kittleson. En banebryders tilbageblik. DECORAH-POSTEN, October 4, 11, 1929.

Reminiscences of a pioneer who emigrated from Norway to America in 185o.

Swansen, H. Fred. The attitude of the United States toward Norway in the crisis of 1905. Norwegian-American historical association, STUDIES AND RECORDS, 4: 43-53 (1929).

Based in part on documents in the archives of the department of state that have not heretofore been used by historical scholars.

Swanson, Roy W. Scandinavian place-names in the American Danelaw. SWEDISH-AMERICAN HISTORICAL SOCIETY BULLETIN, 2:5-17 (August, 1929).

The "American Danelaw" is Minnesota.

Totenlaget. Totenlagets aarbok, 1929. Utgit av bokkomiteen for Totenlaget. n. p. [1929] 143 p.

A year book. Contains list of members and short biographical sketches.

Trønderlaget. Trønderlagets aarbok, 1929. John Nornberg, ed. [Minneapolis, Augsburg publishing house, 1929] 93 P.

A year book. Contains articles, biographical sketches, and list of members.

Ueland, Andreas. Recollections of an immigrant. New York, Minton, Balch and Company, 1929. 262 p.

Reviewed in Minnesota history, 10: 186-192 (June, 1929), Reform, 44:4 (February 14, 1929), and numerous other periodicals and newspapers.

Ulvestad, Martin. Norsk-Amerikaneren. Vikingesaga, samt pioneer-historie, statistik og biografiske oplysninger om nordmænd i Amerika. Seattle, Washington, 1928. p. 191-314.

Sketches and accounts of various Norwegian settlements in the United States. Apparently a republication in the main of material that has appeared earlier in other publications by the same author.

Ustrud, Hans A. A brief history of Nidaros Lutheran congregation, Minnehaha County, South Dakota.

SOUTH DAKOTA HISTORICAL. COLLECTIONS, 14:563-577. [Pierre, S. D.] 1928.

Veblen, A. A. Fra bygdelagsbevægelsens begyndelse. Bygdelagenes Fællesraad, AARBOK OF JULEHILSEN, 1929, p. 32-36.

A short account of the origin of the bygdelag movement.

Vestfoldlaget. Aarbok no. 1. Vestfoldlaget. Laget for Vest-foldinger i Amerika, 1929. M. A. Kalleberg, ed. n. p., n. d. 48 p.

A year book.

Who's who among pastors in all the Norwegian Lutheran synods of America, 1843-1927. Third edition of Norsk lutherske prester i Amerika. Translated and revised by Rasmus Malmin, O. M. Norlie, and O. A. Tingelstad. Minneapolis, Augsburg publishing house, 1928. 662 p.

When the first Viking settler came to Wisconsin almost 100 years ago. WISCONSIN MAGAZINE, 7:6-7 (February, 1929).

This brief historical account is accompanied by portraits of Ole K. and Ansten Natesta [Nattestad] and illustrations of early churches.

Wright, Ernest H. Boyesen, Hjalmar Hjorth (Sept. 23, 1848---Oct. 4, 1895). DICTIONARY OF AMERICAN BIOGRAPHY, 2:530-532.

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